“No one wants a waist over nine inches” || GC meme || Kingdom AU || TW - talking about body

Pubblicato il 28 mar 2021
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  • Lonely Luna

    Lonely Luna

    13 giorni fa

    Remember that if you are using a corset in real life make sure to use it correctly, otherwise it could lead to injuries

    • •Anime•


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      Hah I got lashes no need a small hip also I’m skinny as fuck

    • Lonely Luna

      Lonely Luna

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      @Shyann Stigler ?

    • Shyann Stigler

      Shyann Stigler

      18 ore fa

      all people are pretty their selves in their ways but if you’re bullying that is not. Cute

    • •Darky angel•

      •Darky angel•

      23 ore fa

      True but don’t tie it Too much because it may lead to shortness of breathe,or Maybe rarely even death due to shortness of breathe

    • Bloomy Rin

      Bloomy Rin

      Giorno fa

      As a person who wears a corset, thank you for that reminder. 👁👁👍

  • Милена


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  • Itz_gummy playz

    Itz_gummy playz

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    Aww man
    Nice video

  • Xchu


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  • Bita Budiariani

    Bita Budiariani

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    This is the start of the series! Just noticed

  • Lexie Donner

    Lexie Donner

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    Bakugo mom ?!

  • The Raspberry

    The Raspberry

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    That's the best of this trend I saw

  • Ellie Jhonson

    Ellie Jhonson

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    Look at my first video

  • عاشقة الرعب I love animals

    عاشقة الرعب I love animals

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  • •Night z Føx•

    •Night z Føx•

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    She’s pretty sus with that look 😳

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    Kara Bilo

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    Congarats on having 7.1 million views in 1 week😄

  • xCrvinq x

    xCrvinq x

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    This is off tt-

  • Emilia_. c0m

    Emilia_. c0m

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    I saw this on tik tok idk why

  • - ̗̀yu'kka ֶָ֢bea'r 𖦹ᨳ ֶָ֢

    - ̗̀yu'kka ֶָ֢bea'r 𖦹ᨳ ֶָ֢

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  • Cloudii Skies

    Cloudii Skies

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  • Xx Pepita x Corações x Dicas xX

    Xx Pepita x Corações x Dicas xX

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    ;-; too cute =^='

  • Gacha Cat

    Gacha Cat

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  • KisuMisu 08

    KisuMisu 08

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    Uuh- I still haven't figured out how to make a skit in gacha club and I've been using it ever since it came out can someone help-

  • fruity_muchi


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    Diz is bootiful but- I only has 25 subs and I have 32 views on my first video o.o

  • ••Jewel Berry••

    ••Jewel Berry••

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    I literally stan the person who sang this

  • 36K_ Gabriella

    36K_ Gabriella

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    Not me standing here with 13 subscribers wondering how ill get more people to enjoy my videos

  • Pink ball

    Pink ball

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    This is so


    • Pink ball

      Pink ball

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      @Lavenderラベンダー I just think it's bad.

    • Lavenderラベンダー


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      @Pink ball you can express yourself the way you want as long as it's not rude.

    • Pink ball

      Pink ball

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      @Lavenderラベンダー Ands it's my opinion I think it's bad.

    • Pink ball

      Pink ball

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      @Lavenderラベンダー Lmfao I did.

    • Lavenderラベンダー


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      If you didn't like it you could just press the dislike button and leace honey. We don't want your hate here.

  • •-• Adrienne •-• Webber •-•

    •-• Adrienne •-• Webber •-•

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    Ok, but this is so underrated, This is the best one I think I've ever seen 🤯❤ Amazing job!!

  • Rhianna Akutagawa

    Rhianna Akutagawa

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    Why am I laughing- about the title-
    Because my mind is just- remembering about the royal high🤣

  • Plush Queen

    Plush Queen

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    My friends keep singing this in gym class and the way they use the accent is awesome

  • Madison Levine

    Madison Levine

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    i felt bad for her at first- I thought she was self conscious about herself— *BUT NOPE.*

  • Эв 0w-

    Эв 0w-

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    Можно пожалуйста перевод

  • Hot Pepper Sticks

    Hot Pepper Sticks

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  • Mars Void

    Mars Void

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    Me: wondering if she is the origin of all trends

  • Соня Тычкова

    Соня Тычкова

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  • bułka 80

    bułka 80

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    I'm from poland

  • Xian Liz Calma

    Xian Liz Calma

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    How do ya'll do that animation?

  • Yo Ta

    Yo Ta

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    No one wants a waits over

  • -Insomniac Dreams-

    -Insomniac Dreams-

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    it’s so smooth I’m mad

  • Cassie_playzYT Falloon

    Cassie_playzYT Falloon

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    WOULDNT THAT HURT?🤨-roses are red violets are blue I commented so late idk why I wanted to😌

  • Jelena Ostojic

    Jelena Ostojic

    2 giorni fa

    Me tiny waisted fool: i can say, that it is really not that speciala nd that this is torture.
    The meme was really smooth though well done!

  • •Bluekirai•


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  • Exzotic Cookie

    Exzotic Cookie

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    what is he planning

  • XxÃshłynñ MådisøñxX

    XxÃshłynñ MådisøñxX

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    Bro this is so cute-

  • Random Utlover

    Random Utlover

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  • A A J U N P E I

    A A J U N P E I

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    Me who wears a corset every night cuz its comfortable 🕳️🏃‍♀️

  • Neelima


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    finally a one where the maid ain’t evil

  • -narYTo &

    -narYTo &

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    4,9 million wtf 😳

  • [•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT

    [•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT

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    *0:06** Dat face though*

  • Axime_girl


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    Smoother than my skin 😌

  • Yris Prazeres

    Yris Prazeres

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    Faz um mini filme OwO pfv

  • •NotOffical•


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    4.8M people: *interesting..*

  • ꧁Alisha꧂


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    Aparently there are special corsets that actually keep young kids from hurting themselves, I don't know what they're called, because I'm dumb :')
    They need to have it tightened by a professional though, if normal adults do it, there's quite alotta chance they'll break the children's ribs.

  • Michelle Gryffindor

    Michelle Gryffindor

    3 giorni fa

    Hi! Could you do a tutorial on how to make this vid? Btw I’m subbed.

  • TOXIKTWINKY YouTube channel

    TOXIKTWINKY YouTube channel

    3 giorni fa

    Somebody copied this meme but in Spanish so other people could understand it I forgot the channel but whoever did thanks

    • Unknown


      21 ora fa

      Did they give credit?

  • Flur Animation

    Flur Animation

    3 giorni fa

    Lo habri por error y me dieron 3 tipos de cáncer y sida en el ano ayuda

  • Fluffy Foxes

    Fluffy Foxes

    3 giorni fa

    I have been looking for a full version of this without the “SKINNY”, this is amazing btw!

  • Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta

    3 giorni fa

    Why does this meme remind me of when willam from Rupauls drag race (SPOILER WARNING)

    Threw up on stage because she had a 24 inch waist because of a corset

  • *Lucy is a sushi 98*

    *Lucy is a sushi 98*

    4 giorni fa

    I love it but i didnt know the meaning of the meme😄😙

  • lisa_kpopeira 3

    lisa_kpopeira 3

    4 giorni fa

    Não foi ela q fez e vi isso no tiktok

  • Sleepy Weeb

    Sleepy Weeb

    4 giorni fa

    Can someone explain what’s going on

  • • Toxiq •

    • Toxiq •

    4 giorni fa

    But- like nobody wore corsets over a dress
    You put the dress over it I believe


  • Ryaan•Not•Found ._.

    Ryaan•Not•Found ._.

    4 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie idk if you have tik tok and posted it on there i didnt think you had tik tok cause the name of the person kinda wasnt like this but I think someone from tik tok like copied this or like stole it caise it looked so simaller to this-

    • Ryaan•Not•Found ._.

      Ryaan•Not•Found ._.

      4 giorni fa

      @LemeQ idk I think they mights have made somthing exactly like it like it looked almost exactly like yours but without the wayermarks and stuff

    • LemeQ


      4 giorni fa

      I don’t have TikTok 👀🤚

  • Honey_Cake :D

    Honey_Cake :D

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  • мıDηıgнт Uchiha

    мıDηıgнт Uchiha

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    Na minha época era só print :0

  • shivani kannan

    shivani kannan

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    Why does the maid look like female Liam

  • _Youmiko_


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  • _maddieplaysroblox_


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    Did you create this?😱

  • Ishvarii L. Saso Isha

    Ishvarii L. Saso Isha

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    Everytime i see this vid i always click on it-

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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  • Dereonna Coleman

    Dereonna Coleman

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    How many screenshots? I know it’s a lot I just want an exact number

  • Gacha_potato


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    How did she do the skirt animation

  • Officer Christopher Columbus UTTP

    Officer Christopher Columbus UTTP

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    scp-999 :)

  • ᄋ Wishful Child ᄋ

    ᄋ Wishful Child ᄋ

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    Nobody wants bad grammar

  • -Panda clouds-

    -Panda clouds-

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    Wouldn’t you have to get rid of your rib cage and organs for that

  • Rizuki_Røse 𓅷

    Rizuki_Røse 𓅷

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    I don’t understand this meme-

  • spook spook

    spook spook

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    please why is there a tw

  • Çaɱį' nɘĸo

    Çaɱį' nɘĸo

    5 giorni fa

    da creditos a skye sun u-u

    • melody kawai_ studio

      melody kawai_ studio

      2 giorni fa

      Pero si syke sun se inspiro de LemeQ.... No LemeQ de syke sun ademas como carajos va a conocerla si LemeQ habla ingles y syke español?

  • Butterfly Fluttershy

    Butterfly Fluttershy

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  • OfficialMehRoblox


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    Hi! I’m a small gacha maker! I make ocs from old creppy shows! I was hoping someone can go and support it! If not it’s ok! And if u do t want to it’s ok to! Just have a good day/night!! ☺️

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    Zain AlHasan

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  • —Bad Girl

    —Bad Girl

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    I've reviewed it 100 time!😳

  • Theo Pakma

    Theo Pakma

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    WHY WOULD you ever want boy's attention THAT DISGUSTING 🤢🤢🤮🤮 BUT I GUSSE OK. NOCE I like it I gusse tho

  • Jimmy Lou Geronimo

    Jimmy Lou Geronimo

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    Okay uwu

  • •bunny glitch•

    •bunny glitch•

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    Make moreeeeeeee its so cool

  • Fischl


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    welcome to the house!

  • / Eleo is Sleeping /

    / Eleo is Sleeping /

    5 giorni fa

    A fun fact about corsettes is that in the 18th century they were used to make women skinnier to the point where they were so tight that they couldn't eat or sit down while wearing it, and they died at really young age due to their spinal cord and organs being deformed or squished

  • SimpFor Cross

    SimpFor Cross

    5 giorni fa

    9 inches-

  • Dazzyril Dingcol

    Dazzyril Dingcol

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  • Undertale_roblox


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    I still dont know were this song come from

  • Busha :3

    Busha :3

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    Will bring all the boys...in...A WHITE VAN WITH CANDY

  • Yana Zazr

    Yana Zazr

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    This is so smooth!

  • Naomi Antoinette M. Serapio

    Naomi Antoinette M. Serapio

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    S m o o t h

  • Loulou Lim

    Loulou Lim

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    No one(totally no one):
    *Doesn't need corset cuz her waist is already over 9 inches* uvu

  • Liz Blinco

    Liz Blinco

    5 giorni fa

    Wait ro won't it like KIL U IF U HAVE A WASIT 9 INC

  • prescilla


    5 giorni fa

    Are corsets bad???

    • Sweetcha Angel

      Sweetcha Angel

      5 giorni fa

      No. If you wear them correctly, that is. If you wear corsets too tight it can damage your internal organs if I remember correctly

  • yeezy's newest [mhia]

    yeezy's newest [mhia]

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    wait your blood cells are having there claustrophobic nightmare

  • M & Artroom

    M & Artroom

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    Did you just start a trend or am I confused?

  • xGacha Freakx

    xGacha Freakx

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    Hi im a big fan!!! Can we maybe do a colab or something?

  • Isis .,.

    Isis .,.

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    Eu não entendo nada desse meme
    Esse é perfeito



    5 giorni fa

    YOU Plays the Conpets In these inches "No one WANTS a waist over.. 9 INCHES" Sofás When IT contains like poison at Least your complexion Will bring all the boys in...

  • WolfyGhost


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    Wow why i watching this video like... 20 times its just rly guud video❤️😄☕