GLUE GUN vs 3D PEN! What's Better? Cool DIY Ideas and Hacks

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2021
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00:01 - DIY headphones
02:30 - Renovate your keyboard with a 3D pen
02:45 - Hot glue beauty hacks and crafts
05:27 - How to decorate an old mirror
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5-Minute Crafts Tech
5-Minute Crafts Tech
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  • Hans Muro

    Hans Muro

    La gente que hace estos tutoriales vive en un mundo en que la silicona caliente es realmente un buen adhesivo

  • Fhatn Fhatn

    Fhatn Fhatn

    This is so cool and beautiful

  • Ka Man Leung

    Ka Man Leung

    I ❤ it !❤❤

  • 8215-Aishwarya Patil

    8215-Aishwarya Patil

    Me:you can't fix anything by using glue gun or 3d pen

  • A Flanigan

    A Flanigan

    Bruh how does changing the lipstick to nail polish bottles that are AT THE MOST an inch smaller make you instantly six inches shorter?! 😂✋🏼 JUST BUY A PAIR OF HEELS AT GOODWILL FOR GODS SAKE! YOU CAN FIND SOME FOR A DOLLAR! Or any other thrift/discount store. Or just buy them full price idk. And before y’all come at me saying “Not everybody can afford them!” Or “Not everybody can drive there!” If you have the money to waste perfectly good nail polish and makeup that costs more than that and get the ink for the 3D pen and put all the effort in, then you can drive/commute down the road to a local thrift/goodwill store. Plus: It looked like they were going out/on a date anyways! They have to have some sort of transportation or vehicle to get to where they’re going.

  • Somu


    Actually, Intelligents's says that work smart not hard and the team of 5 minute crafts says work hard not smart 😂😂😂

  • Sarah Augustus

    Sarah Augustus

    The match with hot glue is a good one

  • Dracing19


    Now I can use my 3d pen to make a stamp to lable my shirts with my name for offshore so much easier then a iron on tag and sharpie lmao the guys would love that

  • Snober Zargar

    Snober Zargar

    Trendy glasses was actually hilarious...😂😂😂

  • Marsxmallow


    Me: lays on bed and relaxes without socks

  • Harshith Chandra

    Harshith Chandra

    This channel is so addictive

  • Antonia Angerlandia Barbosa Santos

    Antonia Angerlandia Barbosa Santos

    É muito legal essas ideias

  • Rafaela dias

    Rafaela dias


  • nini_vidéos


    Les astuces sont toujours très WAW!😲si non super😄😊

  • quik sonik

    quik sonik

    It's impressive in the most absurd kind of way

  • 3nt3rUs3rH3r3


    We all know that these take more than five minutes also they reuse content often

  • Billie_fan


    My life got easier from now on, I'll always carry silicone with me

  • Mahek Sanghani

    Mahek Sanghani

    Is it only me wondering that since they don’t have any ideas they cover everything with epoxy or glue gun or 3D pen

  • Gurmeet Kaur Bambrah

    Gurmeet Kaur Bambrah

    Where did you get this 3-D pen from can you please tell me 🥺🥺

  • سعيد الهتمي

    سعيد الهتمي

    واو مبدع للغاية لذلك نستخدم أحمر الشفاه وطلاء الأظافر لصنع صندل الكعب