How Old Carpenter Make Wooden Hotpot in Fascinating Way || DIY Wood Project || Woodworking Skill

Pubblicato il 14 set 2021
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How Old Carpenter Make Wooden Hotpot in Fascinating Way || DIY Wood Project || Woodworking Skill
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Skill Footage
Skill Footage
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  • Just a thought

    Just a thought

    I love the craftsmanship involved in this and the finish is brilliant, as in so many of these videos what is achievable with simple tools by applying a learned craft is awesome.

  • Lisa Grabbe

    Lisa Grabbe

    I would love to purchase one directly from this Shoppe!

  • Wik Cze

    Wik Cze

    Pieknie wykonane! Brawo!!!

  • Michael Kivler

    Michael Kivler

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Carpentry skills are next to none!!! Would love to be able to have one of these!

  • Saad Ebrahimkutty

    Saad Ebrahimkutty

    They're making it in an amazing way, precisely through hard work! What you can do is not to bargain for price discount for such masterpieces. Respect 🙏

  • Garik Ezov

    Garik Ezov

    Удовольствие от просмотра! Парнишка с циркулем и его дед - потомственные профи. Их продукция больше всего подходит для музеев, национальных и международных выставок.

  • Bob Wallace

    Bob Wallace

    The skill and artistry never fails to impress me! To do so much with the most basic of tools is amazing! I hope shop teachers are showing these videos to their students!

  • Maria de Lourdes de oliveira neta Oliveira

    Maria de Lourdes de oliveira neta Oliveira

    🇧🇷Trabalhos perfeitos parabéns

  • maria luiza zambeli

    maria luiza zambeli

    Absolutamente sensacional… que trabalho espetacular..

  • David gustavo macedo

    David gustavo macedo

    Parabéns pelo esforço de serviço, que obra de arte genial parabéns pela união.👏👏👏👏

  • Натали Наташа

    Натали Наташа

    «Когда б вы знали из какого сора растут стихи не ведая стыда!» Из какой обычной банальщины делаются самые прекрасные вещи! Главное чтобы их делали золотые руки простых людей! Очень хочу такую шкатулку! Правда что положить в такую красоту даже и не знаю!

  • sheila spaulding

    sheila spaulding

    Oh my goodness! That is one of the prettiest things I’ve seen being made! This is spectacular!

  • margaret coote

    margaret coote

    Absolutely stunning . The skill to create something so beautiful fills me with awe and respect. Such efficient use of the minimum of tools and complete mastery of hands and feet . To apply pressure ,just stand on it!! Great Health and safety leave room for a few adjustments!!!

  • Mmm H

    Mmm H

    Absolutely beautiful work, I would love this in my home, truly a masterpiece

  • Rosana Pinheiro

    Rosana Pinheiro

    Maravilhoso!!!!! Talento de Deus!!!!

  • Mãe Solteira

    Mãe Solteira

    Que perfeição parabéns

  • Nik emko

    Nik emko

    I always wondered how the wire and little buttons were applied to some of my wooden Items. Very interesting! amazing !Thanks for your video! Beautiful hot pot!!! I wish I could buy one!!

  • Fatima Tata

    Fatima Tata

    Que trabalho maravilhoso. Fascinante. Parabéns...

  • Steve Gem

    Steve Gem

    I loved everything about this it appears that a father is teaching his sons a craft that they can use to support themselves. And the fact he shows up at the shop to keep his hand in it. They're efficient use of time and materials they generate very little waste. It's a beautiful thing.

  • Russ Jones

    Russ Jones

    I’m surprised that at