25 Greatest Natural Wonders of the World - Travel Video

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Massive glaciers, staggering mountains, plains dotted with wild animals: We sure live in a big, beautiful world. And while pinpointing all of Mother Nature's greatest hits could take a lifetime, we think these out-of-this-world landscapes and awe-inspiring wonders, from Arizona to Antarctica, need to move to the very top of your travel list.

  • annievoices


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    Only been to these four
    - Banff National Parks
    - Yellowstone National Parks
    - The Northern Lights
    - Grand Canyon

  • Thư Nguyễn

    Thư Nguyễn

    4 ore fa

    #3 Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 🇻🇳

  • Dan DaMan

    Dan DaMan

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    you missed 1 these ain't nuttin compared to these trees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfOExXXIXVw



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    Love the places

  • Smail Bouchair

    Smail Bouchair

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    I would like if you can add to your video « the city of sefar « the world biggest museum

  • Different places of Nepal

    Different places of Nepal

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    Heartly love u from county Nepal

  • David Charles

    David Charles

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    Tanzania my country Serengeti our Heritage

  • Samuel Chandrashaker

    Samuel Chandrashaker

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    Just pass time to view glimps of God's Creation.

  • Mo's Vlog

    Mo's Vlog

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    Wow very nice video

  • Pakki Srinivas

    Pakki Srinivas

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    Beautiful places.

  • Sagar


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    You missed Western Ghats of India, Great Rann of Kachchh, Ladakh Desert, Gangotri glacier , Nanda Devi National Park(Valley of Flowers actually), Meghalayan Cave system ( on which new geological time scale has been named)

  • DrKiransudama


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    Nice video, however you should list into the description box from each number to name of the countries

  • DUR मनोरञ्जन

    DUR मनोरञ्जन

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    hello I'm from NEPAL. Mt.everest located in NEPAL you didn't mention about it. its injustice

  • Tommy Boman

    Tommy Boman

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    I ticked 5 of these boxes. Sadly not seen more, but I still have time... unless this scamdemic goes on longer...



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  • Tengku Aidid

    Tengku Aidid

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    no.11..so beautiful place.

  • Travel And Food Hobbies

    Travel And Food Hobbies

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  • Travel And Food Hobbies

    Travel And Food Hobbies

    2 giorni fa


  • Van Nguyen

    Van Nguyen

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    Another greatest, beautiful cave in middle Viêt Nam is in Phong Nha is 25 km length.

  • Jorge Martinez

    Jorge Martinez

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    You are missing a lot of more beautiful places than the ones you are showing.

  • Cat Man

    Cat Man

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    There should be more armed patrols protecting these fabulous animals 🦥❤️

  • Cat Man

    Cat Man

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    I love the penguins, adorable ❤️🐧

  • Dave Cooke

    Dave Cooke

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    Funny how they call the flood an ice age

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    Denise Arch

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    You mean Father God! He is creator .

  • Rana Lachman

    Rana Lachman

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    Our CREATOR is a magnificent Artist, thank You for posting, God bless you~.~

  • Boom Boom

    Boom Boom

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    Wonderful ..but I think you never came to pakistan ??
    Pakistan have more wonderful and amazing land scape valleys beautiful natural lakes
    I m shocked when you not mention Pakistan's land scape thar desert...



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    I wish this beautiful nature should be preserved like that and it is amazing video 👏👏👏

  • Sam B.

    Sam B.

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    Genesis 1:31 "And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day"
    Psalm 24:1 "The earth is Jehovah’s, and the fulness thereof; The world, and they that dwell therein"
    Psalm 33:9 "For he spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast"

  • Nancy Thomas

    Nancy Thomas

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    Really sad that Great Barrier Reef is in such bad shape.

  • nh sw

    nh sw

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  • Virtual Travel

    Virtual Travel

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    mohd anwar ansari

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    Nice video. ..

  • THE OM

    THE OM

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    Earth itself is a wonder but Greedy Humans leaving no stone unturned to make it hell.

  • Padmanab mariyappa

    Padmanab mariyappa

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    God greatest gift to mankind to enjoy his stay in this world for a brief period. Be kind,humble, and helpful to others. Lead asimple life, be model to others. Praý God and thank him.

  • Oldgold1988


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    What a beautiful home we have. Breathtaking

  • Chaudhary


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  • Robert Handlong

    Robert Handlong

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    I appreciate that this video was made. The World is filled with many beautiful wonders. Being able to travel to see all these natural wonders is more than I can dream about at this time. Maybe one day, I'll see one of these magnificent landscapes.

  • Trramadas Das

    Trramadas Das

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    Super super video.....

  • Yishak Tsehay

    Yishak Tsehay

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    you should consider places in Ethiopia, like Dalol in Afar region.

  • niki agrawal

    niki agrawal

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  • Kristelle Friis

    Kristelle Friis

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    Well, I think no one should travel there. You've done it, we can see the pictures, that's fine. Let's leave those places alone so they can remain the way they are.

  • george areno jacildo jr

    george areno jacildo jr

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  • Warrene Palomer

    Warrene Palomer

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    Im surprised, no natural Wonders here in the PHILIPPINES??????

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    Tamil somasundaram

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    I really excited...

  • Nitin Vyas

    Nitin Vyas

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    Anyone knows the soundtrack at 07:35?
    Other soundtracks of the video are: Cody Martin (Synesthesia) and Cody Martin (Discovering Destiny)

  • Deric Brown

    Deric Brown

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    they're literally telling you who built it, GIANTS causeway .. stupid humans!.

  • Henry Tomlinson

    Henry Tomlinson

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  • margaret ogutu

    margaret ogutu

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    Wow! What an inspiring tour, but how come u missed the Rift Valley escarpment in my country Kenya? It always takes my breath away

  • Mark 433

    Mark 433

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    It's FEET! Not METERS!

  • Hank NVT

    Hank NVT

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    yesterday she told a completely different story.......

  • Miguel Montero

    Miguel Montero

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    Every Country of the Planet Earth has each own Beaty and Uniqueness there are Man made Beauty and by Nature. But I dis agree with some of the places you’ve been mentioned.

  • Hesty Yunara

    Hesty Yunara

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    From Indonesia 🇮🇩♥️

  • Mariya Naumova

    Mariya Naumova

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    11. is the best form me

  • Eric Githua

    Eric Githua

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    Great video, I have visited massai mara game reserve and the Victoria falls ,

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    Edilipin Agro

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    Good View

  • 中坑男


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  • Ryan Chin

    Ryan Chin

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    4:39. the location of Mt. Everest is as shown map on the border between Nepal and India. But as it is well known, the Mt. Everest is actually on the border between Nepal and China.

  • ernick nickor

    ernick nickor

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    I love your voice, love the video but sad theres no Philippines.. so many wonders here 😊😊😊😊

  • Maxwell Zulu

    Maxwell Zulu

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    #5 Victoria Falls made it to the top 5 in the world any Zedians around here 🇿🇲

  • Dave Mitchell

    Dave Mitchell

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    Go. Pick a # any number

  • Ketmony Kee

    Ketmony Kee

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    Incredible landscape....thanks for sharing!

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    Nico Caneba

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    Nothing from Philippines huh 🤔

  • Kaveesha Perera

    Kaveesha Perera

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    Gartmore Falls is situated in the Maskeliya town of Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka . It is 25 meters in height and is also known as “Sri Pada Falls” or “Adam's Peak Falls” since it is located close to the Sri Pada Holy Mountain world heritage . Gartmore waterfall, located inside the Gartmore Estate, falls on to the Maskeliya Reservoir.

  • Nature beauty

    Nature beauty

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  • Pablo Zoleta

    Pablo Zoleta

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  • Ajay Yadav

    Ajay Yadav

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    earth is beautiful. Why to go mars?

  • Pink Velvet

    Pink Velvet

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    Tubbataha Reef National Park in Sulu Sea, Philippines should have been included here.

  • Traveling Westbound

    Traveling Westbound

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    its wonderful, I am also trying to making some travel video like you.

  • Ima Weerasingha

    Ima Weerasingha

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    Beautiful switzerland

  • Elton Gjoni

    Elton Gjoni

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    wtf you put Kosovo in map with 🖕serbia🖕
    Kosovo it's Albanian territory 🇦🇱

  • geography Chandrasiri Bandara

    geography Chandrasiri Bandara

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    Great l like very satisfied සතුටුයි

  • Trang Nguyen

    Trang Nguyen

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    This list lacks Son Doong cave of Vietnam

  • mark angelo ruado

    mark angelo ruado

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    For me number 1 and number are boracay and coron in palawan in the philippines

  • Sihsi Slbnz

    Sihsi Slbnz

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    Omg this video is worth watching. All are very fascinating and beautiful but number 11 and 3, just wow😍

  • Mehar Gohar

    Mehar Gohar

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    This channel also contains nature related content

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    Rusli Din

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    Very amazing natural and beatiful scenes, thanksGod giving

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  • Himanshu Daharwal

    Himanshu Daharwal

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    not any place of india

  • Scott Hill

    Scott Hill

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    There is no "Mother Nature". Only "God".

  • Đài Huỳnh

    Đài Huỳnh

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    I'm a Vietnamese , when I saw Ha Long Bay in this video , I feels proud of that 🇻🇳, thank you for your mazing video

  • Stephen Sun

    Stephen Sun

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    how the hell Li Jiang of China was missed out on the list, it should be top 10 if not top 3.

  • OKIL Chimauriya

    OKIL Chimauriya

    12 giorni fa

    Mount Everest is in
    NEPAL one of the Beautiful country in Asia

  • Linda Schrump

    Linda Schrump

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  • Linda Schrump

    Linda Schrump

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  • Namra Azhar

    Namra Azhar

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    it's like I've traveled the whole world through this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Samuel Nimaful

    Samuel Nimaful

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    Imagine what heaven will look like.

  • Richard Elep

    Richard Elep

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    How about the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines?

  • Sandy


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    Top 10 Places in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
    Bike Tour 🛵 3 Days 🏕️

  • changdiar Shan

    changdiar Shan

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    Wow wonderful most of the places are really amazing, breathe taking that are not expected here on 🌍

  • Yooo


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    How come Mount Everest or K2 isn’t part of this list? I’m extremely disappointed….

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    ivan dunr

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    Vegas Sims

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    This would be far more amazing in 4k... missed opportunity.

  • Kim Gabronino

    Kim Gabronino

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    How about chocolate hills in the Philippines

  • Arpan Gupta

    Arpan Gupta

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    Yellow stone, banff and mount everest

  • nature in cambodia

    nature in cambodia

    15 giorni fa

    We must protect of nature because ​We live in a beautiful world

  • Emeka Isuochi

    Emeka Isuochi

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    Number 1 is mind-blowing
    Wow!!! God is really Great.

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