How to get out of traffic jams with a G63 AMG

Pubblicato il 30 mar 2021
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Supercars Zone
  • James


    45 minuti fa

    Police is coming for the ticket

  • BruhMrBruhNess


    Ora fa

    I'm imagining him passing the cops on that path and they both exchange looks

  • Esteban Sequeira

    Esteban Sequeira

    Ora fa


  • Nicholas Green

    Nicholas Green

    2 ore fa

    This guy should get a cookie or gold sticker .... what a fuck boy

  • TheT F

    TheT F

    3 ore fa

    Daddies money and mommies song ....

  • Kerry Parks

    Kerry Parks

    5 ore fa

    Unknown to him, the bridge is out due to repairs. Well, that would be my luck!

  • Ali Alshammari

    Ali Alshammari

    6 ore fa

    My braincells can’t process why you would do that to a g63 lol

  • clement s

    clement s

    8 ore fa

    Guy: flexes his father's G wagon passing by the grass and normal road with 3 Diff lock and low4 on.
    Me: Interesting

  • Dresden Fanatic

    Dresden Fanatic

    8 ore fa

    Hoffentlich stande weiter vorn die Polizei

  • Armatige.23


    9 ore fa

    Imagine spending 80k on a car that’ll be irrelevant when tiktok decides it’s not cool anymore 💀

  • ernie


    11 ore fa


  • Joseph Ragosta

    Joseph Ragosta

    12 ore fa

    This is how you be a douche bag and you can do it fucking in any car you don’t need a Mercedes

  • Enzo Tulio

    Enzo Tulio

    13 ore fa

    i think an head gasket blown civic can do the same 😎

  • Bsmith.


    13 ore fa

    It amazes me how parents spoil their kids with nice things they didn't earn. guy is probably a pos.

  • n. NICK

    n. NICK

    14 ore fa

    All the comments be like, "I'm butthurt about my bank account balance" lol

  • EZE95


    15 ore fa

    So this is what’s going through some of these drivers heads.

  • [Balance]


    15 ore fa

    That ticket finna be gnarly

  • Jes V

    Jes V

    15 ore fa

    Omg wow so amazing omg omg omg

  • Duke


    16 ore fa


  • esan


    17 ore fa

    this in oregon?

  • Dash Camera

    Dash Camera

    18 ore fa

    A Prius could have done the same thing

  • ᕼOᑎᗪᗩ ᑕIᐯIᑕ ᖴK8 TYᑭᗴ-ᖇ

    ᕼOᑎᗪᗩ ᑕIᐯIᑕ ᖴK8 TYᑭᗴ-ᖇ

    18 ore fa

    Ewwwwwww fake carbon fiber

  • Thomas Gates

    Thomas Gates

    18 ore fa

    What happens when you hit some real terrain?

  • Viktor Vaughn

    Viktor Vaughn

    19 ore fa

    You could do this with many many vehicles

  • J Mfour4

    J Mfour4

    19 ore fa


  • Carter Stratton

    Carter Stratton

    20 ore fa

    How to prove that you’re an a-hole and are spoiled with daddy’s money

  • Zackkidi


    20 ore fa

    A slammed shitbox is the only car unable to do this

  • willo


    21 ora fa

    U cud do that in any car cos he didn't need the 6.3 cos he was doin about 20 mph the traffic was going quicker.drives like me nan

  • Alpha Bravo

    Alpha Bravo

    23 ore fa

    It’s okay if it breaks cos my daddy will fix it

  • Ifuaintfirsturlast


    23 ore fa

    Yaaa..wheel hubs will need replaced now after that

  • Akio


    Giorno fa

    Damn i wish i could be that cool

  • MTTs Grandfather

    MTTs Grandfather

    Giorno fa

    How to be a scumbag. It can be done in any car. This time it was done in daddy’s suv.

  • Walker Flores

    Walker Flores

    Giorno fa

    People on here hating cause he's got the amg they wish they had

  • Kevin Gatlin

    Kevin Gatlin

    Giorno fa

    I guess rules don't apply to a rover son

  • 2 Cracked

    2 Cracked

    Giorno fa

    What a great way to get a ticket

  • Mad Man

    Mad Man

    Giorno fa

    *his lawyer watching this cringing*

  • Ben Shawley

    Ben Shawley

    Giorno fa

    This video reeks of Florida

  • Faraz Iqbal

    Faraz Iqbal

    Giorno fa

    Oh wow he's such a savage because I can't drive over a small patch of grass in my 2009 XC90

  • helimx


    Giorno fa

    Rollin cross da grass like a 82 pushman golf cart...... Well done kiddo. Well done

  • Novus


    Giorno fa

    Totally won’t get arrested

  • the Truth

    the Truth

    Giorno fa

    Should be called “This is how you commit a moving violation”

  • Draghici Alin

    Draghici Alin

    Giorno fa

    I ll do it with a smart fortwo. U don t have such big balls lil boy

  • K ROS

    K ROS

    Giorno fa

    in my country there would have been another row of cars in that shortcut.😂

  • Mr. White

    Mr. White

    2 giorni fa

    Next video: Dad whooped my ass for taking his G63.

  • Ray Segura

    Ray Segura

    2 giorni fa

    All the hate this guy gets, this is why everyone else is stuck, they laugh but look at them wasting time and being afraid of “a little grass” haters

  • aaron abel

    aaron abel

    2 giorni fa

    That was GAY!

  • ­ ­

    ­ ­

    2 giorni fa

    Stop hating, he did what the video titled

  • Cxcv strvgixwski

    Cxcv strvgixwski

    2 giorni fa

    Thats how You are being a dick actually..

  • J Perry

    J Perry

    2 giorni fa

    Trespassing in Daddy’s expensive car has nothing to do with the type of car. And the “music” sucked.

  • 万お


    2 giorni fa


  • Beaverj420


    2 giorni fa

    Did you have to take a class to become a certified assclown?

  • DDavis


    2 giorni fa

    How to be a douchenozzle

  • Aditya Sathish Kumar

    Aditya Sathish Kumar

    2 giorni fa

    Engine: Why am I here just to suffer

  • Pedro Muñiz

    Pedro Muñiz

    2 giorni fa

    You can make this with everycar

  • Wild Wallis

    Wild Wallis

    2 giorni fa

    How to get out of a traffic in your dads merc

  • Megatronic48_Gaming YT

    Megatronic48_Gaming YT

    2 giorni fa

    Thank you for doing what The G 63 was ment to do

  • Merlion Sin

    Merlion Sin

    2 giorni fa

    G63? A decent poverty spec Wrangler will do the same thing

  • Richard Wyatt

    Richard Wyatt

    2 giorni fa

    Yeah, don't be this guy... For fucks sake.

  • Jonkus Mom

    Jonkus Mom

    2 giorni fa

    Bro I dare you to play that around me during traffic I’ll roast your goofy ass bro 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • That one guy from The movie megamind

    That one guy from The movie megamind

    2 giorni fa

    basically how you get arrested

  • Simo Lajustice

    Simo Lajustice

    2 giorni fa

    Now try to go back to the highway no one will give you the chance and this is how road rage start..

  • Daniel phelps channel not really

    Daniel phelps channel not really

    2 giorni fa

    For shure dont blame you one bit my bro we've all definently down that one

  • revaxiz


    2 giorni fa

    So savage 😳😳

  • Nazoo Alam

    Nazoo Alam

    2 giorni fa

    I hate it when people say daddy's money like if you're dad was rich you wouldn't use his money like whatt

  • Lejonet G99

    Lejonet G99

    2 giorni fa

    Swedes on camping: DE HÄR Ä JU RENA ASFALTEN JUUU

  • Ian Walsh

    Ian Walsh

    2 giorni fa

    I could have done that in any car 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Syed Nazeer

    Syed Nazeer

    2 giorni fa

    No big deal any suitable 4x4 can do it

  • MRjackelBox


    2 giorni fa

    Good for him

  • Miloš Srb

    Miloš Srb

    2 giorni fa

    I like the fact how half of the comments are complaining about how he did not buy this car rather his dad did. But it really doesn't matter because he is the one driving it and the commentators are just being jealous.

  • t Per

    t Per

    2 giorni fa

    So much hate

  • Bryce G

    Bryce G

    2 giorni fa

    When you're driving mommy's suv

  • Buzz A

    Buzz A

    3 giorni fa

    Awesome. Nearly bottomed out your "off road" vehicle in 6" of grass.

  • William Breeze

    William Breeze

    3 giorni fa

    Not sure why so many people are hating on this guy? Now posting anything on social media is "bragging"?

  • WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513

    WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513

    3 giorni fa

    There is some forreel haters in the comments! Ifk if this man has his own money or his hand in daddy or mommy's but to just assume based on this video is ignorant.

  • beiko


    3 giorni fa

    Or any other suv

  • screaming chivo

    screaming chivo

    3 giorni fa

    you can accomplish the same thing in a Subaru ... nothing special here

  • Catrina Farmer

    Catrina Farmer

    3 giorni fa

    Handsome white dude

  • Necor Vartem

    Necor Vartem

    3 giorni fa

    This is not intelligence. Others are dumb. Where's this? America?

  • Slow Sho

    Slow Sho

    3 giorni fa

    Plot twist it's a dead end road

  • Uma Shankar Sharma Rudra Enterprises

    Uma Shankar Sharma Rudra Enterprises

    3 giorni fa

    Come to India 😎 ye to Kuch bhi Nahi 😂

  • SlappyFN


    3 giorni fa

    Evebody gangster until there's a person on the pathway or whatever it is.

  • Anthony Trizza

    Anthony Trizza

    3 giorni fa

    How to be a rich spoiled douche in a nice car. Part one

  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    3 giorni fa


  • Caleb Hefner

    Caleb Hefner

    3 giorni fa

    How much did daddy pay for your lawyer ?

  • Mike schlicher

    Mike schlicher

    3 giorni fa

    What about the rest of us that dont live in the middle of Indiana

  • The Red Z Project

    The Red Z Project

    3 giorni fa

    The way he looked at the camera person was like they dared him to do it, and he was like “oh, you think I won’t?”

  • M Y

    M Y

    3 giorni fa

    Awesome bro u stupid

  • Austin Toole

    Austin Toole

    3 giorni fa

    I can do the same thing in a Camry

  • Ben_is_Jamin1227


    3 giorni fa

    How to get arrested 101

  • The Hugh Farff Channel

    The Hugh Farff Channel

    3 giorni fa

    Bro I’m pretty sure any motorized thing can do that

  • NullForceOne


    3 giorni fa

    Yeah except you deserve a ticket fairs fair on the road if you saw someone else doing it youd call them an idiot and wonder where the cops are

  • vsboy 25

    vsboy 25

    3 giorni fa

    He get pulled over for sure

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Naveed Ahmed

    3 giorni fa

    Title in my head was 'How to drive like a bellend'

  • Jazz


    3 giorni fa

    Lol this g63 rental tiktokers thinks they'll be admired. But get bullied all over internet instead

  • Forgiver SB

    Forgiver SB

    3 giorni fa

    I hope he knows that he could do it with any car

  • Kerāki


    3 giorni fa

    I did that with a fiat Punto,no problem, excited that you use your brain

  • Jaycluttsy05


    3 giorni fa

    This video is everything I don’t like about people, from the kid to the music it just has that ‘tiktok famous’ feeling.

  • Harry McGhee

    Harry McGhee

    3 giorni fa

    El duchess of wankersvillle

  • Dasmien R

    Dasmien R

    3 giorni fa

    Oh look a self entitled person that thinks he can do whatever he wants

  • Science & Entertainment

    Science & Entertainment

    3 giorni fa

    Yeah and he couldn't get back on lmao