Ken Block’s All-GoPro Cossie V2 Raw Onboard Footage: Irish Tarmac Rally Madness, Stage 13: Knockalla

Pubblicato il 30 giu 2019
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Enjoy this raw, uncut onboard footage from Stage 13 of the Donegal Rally: Knockalla. One of the most famous stages of the rally itself. Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino tackle the tarmac stage starting with surreal ocean views, mixed in with wildly narrow sections and a jump or two in there. Enjoy.
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Ken Block
Ken Block
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  • Ken Block

    Ken Block

    2 anni fa

    Shout out if you'd like to see more in-car footage like this!

    • Jamie Wilson

      Jamie Wilson

      Mese fa


    • Nuke Tech

      Nuke Tech

      3 mesi fa

      The incar footage is my favorite, it shows the true insanity of the sport

    • SoyKills


      5 mesi fa

      Yes I shat my pants like Joe Biden.

    • Douglas Lamarre

      Douglas Lamarre

      6 mesi fa

      My 9 year old daughter loves this! Maybe I won’t give her my Subaru when she gets here license

    • magphilips magphilips

      magphilips magphilips

      6 mesi fa

      Jeremy not like eL, stupid games,!!!

  • WV Mtns

    WV Mtns

    2 anni fa

    Quite possibly the most dangerous underrated sport in the world. Props to all Rally car drivers.

    • ing wen Tsai

      ing wen Tsai

      Mese fa

      Crazy enough but not as mad as motorbike


      Mese fa

      so true

    • Boom You Looking for This?

      Boom You Looking for This?

      2 mesi fa

      @Unknownxv5 cap, both are insane.

    • Unknownxv5


      2 mesi fa

      I think you should look up Isle of Man tt rallying is like sitting at home on the couch compared 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Boom You Looking for This?

      Boom You Looking for This?

      4 mesi fa

      @abraham Aguilar unless you mean the prototype group c

  • Mihai Bolboceanu

    Mihai Bolboceanu

    Anno fa

    Not enough people appreciate how stable the footage is

    • PatrickSwayzeOnDbol


      4 mesi fa

      Maybe you are new to the world of action sport cameras

    • Ghost 1111

      Ghost 1111

      6 mesi fa

      Thanks computer technology for doing what you do. I think it's pretty normal for people to not thank objects

    • rodney carmichael

      rodney carmichael

      6 mesi fa

      it appears the camera or maybe the lense is mounted on some tricky suspension that stabilises the picture like a gyroscopic setup or something

  • James Karimi

    James Karimi

    Anno fa

    Co-Driver: *turns page* “Milk, eggs, cereal, bananas...”
    Ken Block: 👁👄👁

    • Reresh_Reza99


      5 mesi fa


    • PRLA


      5 mesi fa

      Speedrunning the supermarket

    • Jonn Alfaro

      Jonn Alfaro

      6 mesi fa

      @Co Dog James: we are in a shopping cart no?

    • John Akridge

      John Akridge

      10 mesi fa


    • Co Dog

      Co Dog

      11 mesi fa

      Ken block :, no supermarket right here 😂

  • Sam Vereschzagin

    Sam Vereschzagin

    Anno fa

    Watched rally for years in the 90’s and 2000’s. First time watching an entire leg in the car with narration. Amazing how calm you both seem. Funny how a few times notes say “4+” but you were 5+. Hands down rally guys are the best in racing. The crew being able to set up a car to take the punishment and a driver taking it to the limit. Mad props for all co-drivers for putting their lives in the drivers hands.

    • UsernameInboud


      Mese fa

      Props to the driver I don't know why people keep saying co-driver. Of course the co-driver has a very important job but the driver has more importance

    • Hotel Hyena

      Hotel Hyena

      5 mesi fa

      @GOD Trader absolutely agree here! It’s my favorite way to watch rally racing now

    • GOD Trader

      GOD Trader

      11 mesi fa

      One of the things that always put me off watch rallies in those days is the fact they only ever showed small parts of the track, it always just felt more like a news report/highlight reel, than actually a race. Rally POV is so much more interesting and gives a much better showcase of the skill of these drivers.

  • JC GO

    JC GO

    Anno fa

    Ken: My drive here wasn't perfect
    Me: I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life

    • M X L X V N I M E

      M X L X V N I M E

      5 mesi fa

      @Robert Taylor its like a ball freestyler They can't join the best team and play with best player But they can show us the beauty of that sports,they look amazing freestyling those ball

    • 0BlaiddDrwg0


      8 mesi fa

      @Robert Taylor yeah but Ken shows us the beauty of the sport, so we appreciate him.

    • Robert Taylor

      Robert Taylor

      8 mesi fa

      The thing is even ken is not in the top 20 rally driver in his prime

  • ScaleCrawling


    2 anni fa

    Rally difficulty levels:
    Driving the car: Medium
    Being a co-driver: Hard
    Understanding the co-driver: Impossible

    • Achmad Nurjaman Jatnika

      Achmad Nurjaman Jatnika

      2 mesi fa

      Bruh, i don't recognize all of his word 😭

    • Azrael FPV

      Azrael FPV

      4 mesi fa

      @saeed atenzi right 4 + probably means long or it opens up. Minus would mean tightens more than likely but my co drivers (I sim with life co drivers) never use + but that's just my experience

    • Jackson Boyer

      Jackson Boyer

      5 mesi fa

      Overall it's relatively simple you just need to know what the words mean. turns are rated from 1 to 6, 1 meaning very tight turn slow TF down, 6 means pretty much flat out. The number callouts such as 50 or 30 are denoting the relative distance until the next turn.

    • pepersao


      8 mesi fa

      Drivng the car and understanding the co-driver: god level

    • GooseTheSecond


      8 mesi fa

      I understood everything only thanks to playing DIRT Rally so much.

  • Taitorhead


    Anno fa

    "50 sleepy babies. Right 4. Short not impressed."
    "Flying orange bus over Fred"
    Got it

    • SCUBA_Draconis


      4 mesi fa

      Okay Caboose.

    • mi ku

      mi ku

      8 mesi fa

      @Tevii that's the word, thanks bro.

    • Tevii


      8 mesi fa

      @mi ku u mean underrated?

  • Tristan Phillips

    Tristan Phillips

    Anno fa

    They’re like two sides of a brain communicating it’s crazy, this takes unfathomable teamwork, practice and dedication. Props to you ken for being the best at it!

  • Light37


    Anno fa

    How is it even possible to drive so fast and understand all of that fast "Code language" rapping at the same time!
    Concentration level 💯
    Hats off man..

    • ran k

      ran k

      5 mesi fa

      Look up "speed runs"

    • arthur04ification


      5 mesi fa

      Why does the driver need his copilot ? Light bem a silly question bu t i santo to know.

    • Cactus StinG

      Cactus StinG

      7 mesi fa

      @GOD Trader yes its called a recce where im from idk if it’s officially called that

    • GOD Trader

      GOD Trader

      10 mesi fa

      @Hingus Leleh No problem :)

    • Hingus Leleh

      Hingus Leleh

      10 mesi fa

      @GOD Trader thank man for the explanation! It really helps.

  • Jesse Carstensen

    Jesse Carstensen

    8 mesi fa

    This was so satisfying. I love rally racing, seeing how the driver and co-driver are depending on one another and how much trust you have in one another is amazing to see.

  • liamaustenla


    2 anni fa

    Did the co-driver really just apologise for one late call after that whole performance that guy is incredible 👏

    • Jou t7

      Jou t7

      Mese fa

      Yes he apologized, when it was his only mistake, while everything else went good, when late mistake could cause crash, but Ken Block so good driver, that it didnt cause crash.

    • Escanor


      2 mesi fa

      When you’re going fast into an unknown turn, a late call can be dangerous. The co-pilot is basically giving an entire layout of what to expect and anything late can be unexpected which can lead to a slower time or even something dangerous. Luckily, it wasn’t anything major except for maybe a very slight difference in time. A very good co-pilot regardless 🤘🏽

    • MasterVZ


      4 mesi fa

      I’m a race. One late call could be costly n

    • Evan Janse

      Evan Janse

      Anno fa

      God bless, Jesus loves you

    • Ock 03

      Ock 03

      Anno fa

      Yea cause one wrong call can end both of there lives he should of apologized

  • Shane Gomez

    Shane Gomez

    Anno fa

    I love this shit. It's insane. Adrenaline rushing even just by watching it.

    • I killed that beard guy

      I killed that beard guy

      Anno fa


    • thomas


      Anno fa

      Ruben zeltner has some esp good onboards too

  • Tommy Fält

    Tommy Fält

    Anno fa

    Ken please make more videos like this, we all love to see the legend in action :D .. I'd rather watch this than any netflix show!

  • Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper

    Anno fa

    Bro, you guys rock. Fantastic professional cooperation and skill. Excellent experience! Thank you

  • Eric Guzman

    Eric Guzman

    3 mesi fa

    damn that is insane, the amount of timing to navigate the course at those speed is incredible.

  • parker


    Anno fa

    Now THIS, is what a driver test should look like.

  • Sharing the World

    Sharing the World

    Anno fa

    Ken, I love your channel brother! You give me that sweet real POV look that makes you really feel onboard. Your co-driver's calls were on point! 👏👏👏 to you both!

  • Ohnomatopoeia♫


    Anno fa

    10:00 that vibrato is amazing.

    • Straight Busta

      Straight Busta

      10 mesi fa

      Chic *aAaAaAa* Aane

  • Danny Seville

    Danny Seville

    Anno fa

    Amazing scenery, very well thought out uses of artificial chicanes to prevent crashes, superhuman driving all makes for a simply jaw dropping video

  • Davis The God

    Davis The God

    Anno fa

    The amount of anxiety I get just from watching this, so much respect to everyone who is capable of doing this 😬🙏🏼

  • Joe Thompson

    Joe Thompson

    19 giorni fa

    I love the shifts and the sound of the car taking flight at 4:15

  • Simon Vance

    Simon Vance

    17 giorni fa

    Outstanding driving and coordination from both, fun to watch! Thanks...

  • Chris813GSXR


    Anno fa

    I'd do this all day long. Looks like a blast and those straight-cut gears sound amazing

  • Slotmech


    2 anni fa

    Ken, you have skills... but your co-driver Alex getting the turns out on time while you guys are doing warp speed... damn. Just... damn. 😱🤯🤯

    • Janet Pettman

      Janet Pettman

      2 anni fa

      @Ken Block can u plz take me to school while drifting in the hoonicorn mk3

    • Sinbad WhiteLine

      Sinbad WhiteLine

      2 anni fa

      @John Brown pretty late BUT DUDE I hardly laugh at the best comedians but ur "one sneeze from ken and car goes atomic" almost killed me 😂

    • Monsalve


      2 anni fa

      @BurritoKid Thank you i appreciate the knowledge.

    • BurritoKid


      2 anni fa

      @Monsalve numbers tell you how tight the turn low numbers worse than high. caution means jump. no cut means "don't go inside there's a rock or something". plus means the turn is long. other numbers 20 80 300 mean distance to next turn. rest like bumpy wavy are just obvious

  • Liquid Mike

    Liquid Mike

    Anno fa

    PLEASE turn captions on, you won't be disappointed

    • luckystone


      5 mesi fa


    • Grispee Somie

      Grispee Somie

      5 mesi fa

      Interesting....I officially don't know English...I can't understand the message of the co-driver

    • Diego Flores

      Diego Flores

      5 mesi fa


    • Stefano Torella

      Stefano Torella

      6 mesi fa

      “deep throat”

    • toosas


      6 mesi fa

      "left right michael's overstressed"

  • scott mcpheron

    scott mcpheron

    Anno fa

    My wife and I were there the week this was happening but we couldn't make it to see you run. Watching this brings back a ton of memories of driving around the Irish county side. Beautiful country.

  • K N

    K N

    Anno fa

    Navigators are so underrated....
    Nice footage

  • Marianne Davis

    Marianne Davis

    11 mesi fa

    This countryside is absolutely beautiful!! The views are so serene!! What an additional treat!! ♡♡♡
    Yes to more like this!! My eyes are still glued to the road ahead!! ♡♡♡

  • BootsInShoes


    2 anni fa

    Can we all take a moment and give Alex a round of applause. That was a lot of notes to go through.

    • trinityproj3ct


      2 anni fa

      I-Love-CO Mountains Close. The corner/turn radius number usually corresponds to the gear used, one being hairpin, 6 being fast and straight.

    • I-Love-CO Mountains

      I-Love-CO Mountains

      2 anni fa

      @trinityproj3ct Sweet! I thought he was calling out gears!

    • trinityproj3ct


      2 anni fa

      Usually it’s meters until next turn, direction, and severity or turn, and any characteristics. Left 2, 100 into right 4 plus long would be a second gear left followed in 100 meters by a slightly wide fourth gear long turn.

    • André Ferreira

      André Ferreira

      2 anni fa


    • No0dLz


      2 anni fa

      @QlueIess basically, he was telling Ken what the road looks like ahead, which way the next turn is and its tightness, how long, how much speed, announcing crests, chicanes, (potential) jumps, etc...

  • MrBill


    11 mesi fa

    Wow! Amazing! I just started playing dirt rally 2.0 and I dont think I have gotten anywhere close to these speeds.

  • Matt Wix

    Matt Wix

    Anno fa

    2:54 "6 sudden chicane right hand turn"
    *Ken doesn't slow down*
    "Uhhhhh... 6 sudden chicane right hand turn? I'm going to die"

    • zachary johnson

      zachary johnson

      6 mesi fa

      beauty of rally notes. he knew he had 250 before he had to slow down

    • Behzad


      7 mesi fa

      It's right "entrance" not hand turn

  • Augusto Barbosa

    Augusto Barbosa

    Anno fa

    Muito bom !

  • Gregory Santone

    Gregory Santone

    Anno fa

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing cockpit cams! Love these.
    What diameter wheel is that? How deep is the dish?

  • TheGamerTim


    2 anni fa

    Would definitely like to see more, Rallying doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    • Caleb Duk

      Caleb Duk

      2 anni fa

      TheGamerTim what’s the guy saying the whole time? I don’t know much about rally and have always wondered

    • MD


      2 anni fa

      @SennaFan I'm 33 and have been watching formula 1 since 1992 also funnily enough. I didn't paste a single thing from Wikipedia. Until about 10 years ago I could list off the top 6 finishers in almost every race from 1996-2002. Thankfully I now have more interesting things taking up my memory space. It's funny that a guy claiming to be such a major fan of formula 1 won't engage someone else who lived through the same era as him. You haven't answered a single point anyone has made. You are a man child.

    • MD


      2 anni fa

      @SennaFan you are perfectly entitled to your opinion as is everyone else here. Don't get high and mighty about people calling you out though, as you were the first one to state that people who think formula 1 is crap now have a "bad opinion". You then pretended you wanted to hear reasons why we think it's crap and you ignored all of them and continued to insult people. Now I'm willing to engage again but it would be nice if you could act a little more mature. I think anyone who had a shallow love of formula 1 is less likely to think that it's crap nowadays. For someone like me who was obsessed with all aspects of the sport it is impossible to ignore that it hasn lost most of the things that made it interesting. All of the team owners have been replaced by corporate managers, that in itself takes away a huge element of interest in the sport. There are only a handful of engines now. My favourite season of all time is 1998. In 1998 there were 8 engine manufacturers! Now there are four and they cost huge amounts to develop. Some engines were fuel efficient and not that powerful, some were thirsty but had huge power and some were unreliable but fast. Some were heavy, some had a very low centre of gravity. It was fun knowing that at a track like Hockenheim cars such as the McLarens would be fast but highly likely to explode. It was fascinating. Now there are only four manufacturers and they are all very reliable, they are all very fuel efficient and only now, after 5 years of Mercedes domination are they of similar power outputs. Engine weight doesn't even matter as the cars are so damned heavy. Teams were able to make great progress within the year. For example Jordan, a team with 150 staff, introduced a B spec car and went from having zero points by race 8 to winning races and getting 4th in the championship by the end of the year. Now they are not even allowed introduce a B spec chassis so a team like Williams with almost 500 staff this year are stuck with a rubbish car for the entire season. It's costing an enormous amount of money just to stay rubbish with no hope of improvement. Even if you develop a good car, the regulations are so tight that it is unlikely to give you a huge boost. Hence most teams finishing in much the same championship position year after year. I consider DRS one of the worst things that has ever happened formula 1 but fans who just want to see brainless passing love it. To me it has removed the possibility of defensive driving totally from the sport. It's actually impossible to defend position anymore. I never found the on track action in formula 1 that great but all the other aspects more than made up for it. Now the on track action is actually pretty decent but they have lost almost everything else. To claim formula 1 is still as good as ever, suggests to me that you were never that interested in the behind the scenes aspects or engineering of the sport and only watched the racing.

  • Alexandr BESP

    Alexandr BESP

    Anno fa

    This video can be watching infinitely. Especially get adrenaline when the car accelerates on a straight road. Ken, many thanks for your video.

  • Austin A

    Austin A

    Anno fa

    I imagine this as a leisure tour. Having the tour guide point out something every second.

  • Hidden Infinity

    Hidden Infinity

    Anno fa

    Hell yea ken! Some awesome driving! Let’s see more!

  • Владислав Евсеев

    Владислав Евсеев

    Anno fa

    Очень крутой заезд✊🏻👍🏻

  • Henrik Nilsson

    Henrik Nilsson

    4 mesi fa

    Wow, that is impressive driving and an impressive camera. The vibration must be fierce.

  • The Mancalorian

    The Mancalorian

    9 mesi fa

    crazy speed in the narrow streets, big respect to ken and my favourite ford.

  • Pròchazka


    9 mesi fa

    when an American records way better footage than the WRC as a whole 🤣👌. God bless you Ken

  • Anton Hibl

    Anton Hibl

    Anno fa

    this sort of racing is insane and I love it

  • Adam Bauer

    Adam Bauer

    2 anni fa

    My dad on way to airport 9 hours before flight:

    • ACFAviator


      6 mesi fa

      You're running late, my dad would be dissapointed in you.

    • Evan Janse

      Evan Janse

      Anno fa

      @archimedes hackerman Jesus willingly took on the punishment for everyone’s sin so that if we have faith in Him (trust that Jesus is enough of a sacrifice for our sins) we can be saved and spend eternity with Him. Jesus didn’t have to take the torture of the cross and the punishment for our sin that we deserve but he chose to take the punishment so that we could be saved through Him.

    • Evan Janse

      Evan Janse

      Anno fa

      @archimedes hackerman Why do you think that?

    • Evan Janse

      Evan Janse

      Anno fa

      @James God bless, Jesus loves you

  • Aram Tapacian

    Aram Tapacian

    Anno fa

    This is amazing, my adrenaline pump like crazy! The tell the truth, I never knew Ken he's such a great rally driver, I thought he's doing only drifts!

    • el060248


      7 mesi fa

      He's not.

  • Mark Jolyon

    Mark Jolyon

    6 mesi fa

    Excellent driving! Exhausting to watch! 🌟

  • Scott Simons

    Scott Simons

    Anno fa

    You are incredible Ken! One hell of a driver

  • Creeps_869


    Anno fa

    Having someone give you instructions and you being able to understand while going 100 plus kph is insane

  • D-Ran Yatertots

    D-Ran Yatertots

    2 anni fa

    Ken: *driving*
    Alex: I'm beginning to feel like a rap god

    • Asher Skylark

      Asher Skylark

      8 mesi fa

      @JHF80 first, they need some sick beats then add some intro before reading their pacenotes

    • JHF80


      Anno fa

      Wonder how a actuall rapper would do as a pilot in a rally car?

    • Daniel Hall

      Daniel Hall

      2 anni fa

      Lol nice wun

    • Erkan ZH

      Erkan ZH

      2 anni fa

      @Alex Cheung just ketchup

  • Shane


    Anno fa

    Very nice!
    Reminds me of my holiday in Ireland last year, getting the hire car back to the airport in time.

  • Pulse the Trey

    Pulse the Trey

    3 mesi fa

    Phenomenal driving and spotting!

  • Jackson Mundia

    Jackson Mundia

    3 mesi fa

    can we just appreciate the gear shifts❤️

  • SnowRunner Marshall

    SnowRunner Marshall

    Anno fa

    Love it no music, no commentary, only pure engine noise

  • SAGiTTARiUS o4

    SAGiTTARiUS o4

    2 anni fa

    He's driving like 190mph and the navigator guy is talking 191mph

    • ToxicZebra


      10 mesi fa

      @WRC Clips Ken is a professional Rally driver. He shows off with drift videos but he always been rally racing

    • AVC


      Anno fa

      Nah. The navigator's reading great is attached to the final drive

    • PoofyLoof


      Anno fa

      Ryan Estes Jesus Christ lmaoooo



    Anno fa

    Love these vids ken keep them coming

  • Trevor Omondi

    Trevor Omondi

    19 giorni fa

    I'm just in awe as to how fast the driver is changing gears.

  • UndaKova Brotha

    UndaKova Brotha

    Anno fa

    Props the co-pilot!! Good driving Ken!

  • UFC 3 KO

    UFC 3 KO

    Anno fa

    Beautiful bit of driving man you’re fearless

  • Furkan Minen

    Furkan Minen

    2 anni fa

    I’ve crashed so many times while watching.

    • tSp289


      Anno fa

      @msftvsn Nope.

    • msftvsn


      Anno fa

      @tSp289 He didn’t mean literally lol. You missed the joke

    • John Kennedy

      John Kennedy

      2 anni fa

      It was as if I was right there holding on for my life lolz

  • Cody Sykes

    Cody Sykes

    Anno fa

    5:53 Good lord Mr Gelsomino has some pipes! Being able to rattle that off without taking a breath is awesome

  • richard D herewini

    richard D herewini

    Anno fa

    UNREAL!!! 😯 LOVE IT👍

  • Jesus Pastor

    Jesus Pastor

    Anno fa

    I love your videos, your talent and your passion for your fans 😎 please guide me on how to get those front aero discs ...thank you

  • Les Flynn

    Les Flynn

    Anno fa

    Hectic. Keeping up with the constant flow of important information is really impressive.

  • Yuki Tsunoda

    Yuki Tsunoda

    2 anni fa

    Ken: *puts key in ignition*
    Alex: * right 4 plus over 10 180, minus 2, slippy, slippy, mud 3 over 4 minus 2 plus 2 120,120, pastaalaforno minus 2*

    • Tiago Araujo

      Tiago Araujo

      2 anni fa

      Ahahaahhah... Remembered me playing dirt rally 2.0 for the first time

    • Lee Marcelino

      Lee Marcelino

      2 anni fa

      Bruhh!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • M J

      M J

      2 anni fa

      Peter Christian Bajuyo plus and minus is just making the number more accurate. So it would be 5, then 5+ is less acute, then 6-, then 6 and so on, you dong use it on every corner, jus ones where you think it really maters, you usually just round down so 3+ is 3 3- is 2. The machine that puts the notes together uses plus and minus on every corner along with a lot of extra stuff, it’s the driver and co driver’s job to simplify those instructions so the co driver can keep up.

    • Walter Knight

      Walter Knight

      2 anni fa

      Flying by the seat of your pants

    • Walter Knight

      Walter Knight

      2 anni fa

      Flying by the seat of your oantsu

  • red-eyed magister

    red-eyed magister

    Anno fa

    exemplary driving. outstanding!

  • Tim Mcfarland

    Tim Mcfarland

    Anno fa

    I love these videos, Watch everyone ! Makes me wish I could ride along

  • Rooster Cogburn

    Rooster Cogburn

    4 mesi fa

    Heck yeah I would love to see more video like that it's almost like being right there in the car with him

  • Felix Schlegel

    Felix Schlegel

    Anno fa

    that's insane skill and teamwork. great

  • Paul Rodsted

    Paul Rodsted

    7 mesi fa

    I have always said that rally drivers, that includes co-pilot, are the most talented car based motor sport drivers....
    This type of videos on this type of stage proves that statement

  • TheGrayBush


    Anno fa

    22 second improvement is incredible. Thats the difference from 20th place to podium.

  • Q M

    Q M

    Anno fa

    had goose bumps ............ love the sensation by just watching ........ Driver view is awesome ,,,,,,,,,,,, i would love if v had the driver & codriver conversations too ......... great drive

  • ghidfg


    Anno fa

    love the moral support from the co-driver at around 3:57

  • Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Peter Pumpkin Eater

    2 anni fa

    I like that the Co-driver repeats the dangerous turns, I don’t think that all of them do that.

    • Chris Riggs

      Chris Riggs

      Anno fa

      Block is kinda dangerous hence the repetition.

    • SIIVLE


      Anno fa

      TK93 but he says repeat before he says it

    • Miles McCue

      Miles McCue

      Anno fa

      Vladimir Melixetyan I’m sayin😂😂

    • Vladimir Melixetyan

      Vladimir Melixetyan

      2 anni fa

      because he wants to stay alive...

  • Mr. D

    Mr. D

    10 mesi fa

    Nice run! Would be great to see the speed

  • XINGLINGDINGDONG ' Le Créateur '

    XINGLINGDINGDONG ' Le Créateur '

    3 mesi fa

    I imagine that he s one of the most perfect getaway drivers in the world

  • ESP87


    Anno fa

    It's insane how good these are at driving.

  • Gustavo Melendrez

    Gustavo Melendrez

    Anno fa

    Bro I always heard of people talking about your work I just started watching hooni vs the world now I'm hooked on your work perfect driving🙏🏼🙏🏼💪🏼

  • Abs Kamo

    Abs Kamo

    Anno fa

    I would've crashed a million times in this run 😅

  • Luke Kinnaird

    Luke Kinnaird

    Anno fa

    It's great to see the big name drivers rallying through the small country roads of Ireland

    • Gary Rowe

      Gary Rowe

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      Back in the day we'd have the WRC's finest over for our rallies, back in the Group B days ... we were spoilt!

  • cputeq007


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    Awesome :D Was playing Dirt Rally on PC just now and even in a video game, I'm like......many less % as fast :D. But I understand the navigator calls :D What helps me (for others saying this is confusing) is that you build a mental image of the track as an 'overlay' almost like in a video game