iPhone! Every single one CNET has drop tested (2012 - 2020 supercut)

Pubblicato il 7 set 2021
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CNET has been drop testing iPhones since 2012, starting with the iPhone 4S. See our compilation over the years up to the iPhone 12.

Note: These are not scientific tests. But only real world demos and results may vary depending on the type of drop.

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  • Avarosa


    Mese fa

    Miss the good old days of CNET 😭

  • 333jas


    Mese fa

    Almost everyone I know that has an iPhone has a cracked screen but no one with an Android phone has a cracked screen!

  • lucio lucio

    lucio lucio

    Mese fa

    😵📱its not right! You drop the iPhone on the floor and i can only Dream to have One🙃