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Pubblicato il 12 ott 2021
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The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

“Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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  • RIFTZz


    50 secondi fa

    cant wait to see this flop u cant improve a already perfect film

  • 4everpku


    16 minuti fa

    i feel sorry for the people in this horrible money grab of a movie, shameless really, cant believe this is happening, ffs these people need to be put in check xD

  • Spooderman


    27 minuti fa

    This is just not the same

  • Aarux


    Ora fa

    Why tf are they British thet ruins if even more

  • Drew Mercer

    Drew Mercer

    2 ore fa

    The movie nobody wants or asked for. This movie will not be good at all you can tell by the tralier. plus Home alone can not work in 2021 all kevin needs to do is call a freind or family member who did not go on the trip on his cell phone and movie is over.

  • TheMicahPeterson


    2 ore fa


  • IceMan


    3 ore fa

    No thanks. Sorry but bringing Buzz in as a cop is no where near a good enough tie in to the originals to make this acceptable. I really thought they would have learned their lesson with 3, and those other two made for TV abominations. Unless it follows an adult Culkin as a father defending his house once again against Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, I’m not interested.

  • prithwiraj dutta

    prithwiraj dutta

    3 ore fa

    Disney plus is rocking !

  • sus


    3 ore fa

    Bri’ish home alone

  • ilahe M.

    ilahe M.

    4 ore fa

    Amerikan xalqı şişib🤣🤣

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    4 ore fa

    Сняли ремейк кадр в кадр с "актёрами", которые первый раз в жизни камеру видят. Этот мир сошёл сума

  • Marwood Withnail

    Marwood Withnail

    4 ore fa

    This is just wrong on so many levels of film making.

  • Shilonious Monk

    Shilonious Monk

    4 ore fa


  • James Noble

    James Noble

    4 ore fa

    Professional suicide



    5 ore fa


    • Ptao Tom

      Ptao Tom

      4 ore fa

      Alone movie that might either beat or get close to beating the first two. My ideas would be a something to connect ALL 6 movies together. Give it a female protagonist.

  • Gabriel DC

    Gabriel DC

    5 ore fa

    🥲 horrible

  • Ace_NX


    6 ore fa

    Is it me or does his mom sound like a Karen?

  • james phillips

    james phillips

    7 ore fa

    So the mum is Irish the dad is American yet the boy is English? What?

  • Super Feather Dude

    Super Feather Dude

    8 ore fa

    I don't know what to say😠

  • Ken McNeil

    Ken McNeil

    8 ore fa

    Hey look another shitty home alone sequal

  • Kernelcz


    10 ore fa

    Why just why....

  • Godsgirl9 Stevens

    Godsgirl9 Stevens

    11 ore fa

    i feel sick now

  • NO_WINDOW5412


    11 ore fa

    no no no no no no no

  • mentalplayground


    12 ore fa

    Leave the classic alone.

  • Illimar Kahar

    Illimar Kahar

    12 ore fa

    Why this movie portrays Kevin´s dad like he is "geh" / weak man and so is the robber? Also why mother says to dad: "MY SON", like its not his son? This movie looks so bad, also they had to make it politically correct so no one is offended?

  • Amir Baraki

    Amir Baraki

    12 ore fa

    Going to be woke. Who likes to bet?

  • Makaron Tushniak

    Makaron Tushniak

    12 ore fa

    At least he is not colored

  • merek53


    12 ore fa

    No no no....... 😢

  • SML Nerd Fan

    SML Nerd Fan

    14 ore fa

    If they make a seventh one, what would YOUR ideas be? Kevin would be likely to decline a role, so think of some other ideas so that we can convince them to make a Home Alone movie that might either beat or get close to beating the first two. My ideas would be a something to connect ALL 6 movies together. Give it a female protagonist.

  • joshua challender

    joshua challender

    15 ore fa


  • James


    15 ore fa

    Wot de bloody 'ell is this?! Ooo arsked for this?!

  • Ferndogg89


    15 ore fa

    stop making home alone movies!!... don't compare this to the OG home alone 1 & 2

  • Carl Ridlon

    Carl Ridlon

    16 ore fa

    Why are you bri'ish?

  • Will Woodbury

    Will Woodbury

    16 ore fa


  • Jaden Bartley

    Jaden Bartley

    16 ore fa

    They... made a sixth one!?

  • Katrina Kee

    Katrina Kee

    17 ore fa

    Yuck! And I thought that Home Alone 3 was bad !!!! This movie just stole lines from Home Alone 1!!! how pathetic ! And it's coming straight to Disney + ???!!!??? Even Disney knows it's so bad that they don't want to waste money by trying to put it in theatres!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!

  • Minecraft Buildz

    Minecraft Buildz

    18 ore fa

    Looks Legit

  • Spartan Warrior

    Spartan Warrior

    18 ore fa

    THIS FILM IS BETTER: https://youtu.be/vl0yU_oohvk

  • LewAshby


    18 ore fa

    Yikes that's bad

  • Isaac Satar

    Isaac Satar

    19 ore fa


  • Peter Panda

    Peter Panda

    19 ore fa

    Because of the thumbnail I thought the movie was a horror movie... Look at that demon possessed kid. That family ran away from him.

  • Leonardo N.R.

    Leonardo N.R.

    19 ore fa

    I always feel like in new movies men act like women used to, and women act way men should to. This trailer endorse it
    Or men do submissive, or some "phobicness" adjective is on the way. That's why new movies will never match old ones

  • Teneluxio


    19 ore fa

    I saw this was getting dislikes en masse and figured I would give it the benefit of thr doubt and watch the full video before deciding. I greatly regret that decision. This looks like it will be horrendous.

  • Multi-Fan


    20 ore fa

    Bruh, really only on disney plus smh

  • Rao Umar Khan

    Rao Umar Khan

    20 ore fa

    Wow disgusting to the film industry ! Remove this trailer and the film 😩



    20 ore fa

    Și-au bătut joc de film

  • ricky peraza

    ricky peraza

    20 ore fa

    So this mean there is a possibility they re make jingle all the way...... What do you mean they did a second part..........
    Holy $#!+ They did a second part and are planing do a reboot, well at least they are not doing more unnecessary reboots right?

  • Skinny1234


    20 ore fa

    Cash grab

  • TheTipArrowNT


    20 ore fa

    when will these companies stop doing the same thing 4 times

  • Mattatron18


    21 ora fa

    please, just stop

  • jorge A. R

    jorge A. R

    21 ora fa

    Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja nms disney

  • Cristi Magda

    Cristi Magda

    21 ora fa

    This will probably have the same success as the Ghost busters remake

  • Freesmart


    21 ora fa

    So Home Alone 7?
    How many are you gonna make

  • Anime Freak

    Anime Freak

    21 ora fa

    Well I hope it's better then the 5th movie the heist one



    22 ore fa

    You know, I’m going to give this movie a chance because it’s on Disney+ at least.

  • XOtec


    22 ore fa

    Бред! Надеюсь Макалей в этом дерьме не снялся даже в комео!

  • LowManiac


    22 ore fa

    Everything is copied from the first movie, even the lines, the stupidest movie.
    Home alone 1 and 2 are legends
    Like to this comment if you think the same :)

    • robbie distasio

      robbie distasio

      22 ore fa

      only thing is copied and that is the vacation the rest is different

  • Borzymir Słowianin

    Borzymir Słowianin

    23 ore fa

    Please leave Home alone alone and don't destroy it!

  • Jw Smith

    Jw Smith

    23 ore fa

    I refused to watch this until I saw Pete Holmes... Now I'm going to recommend it.

  • mikoy huio

    mikoy huio

    Giorno fa

    I wouldn't even say this looks that bad but... literally who asked for this? Imo no home alone movie will ever beat the first two



    Giorno fa


  • FGY


    Giorno fa

    Why did you ruin my childhood? 😐

  • GG-joe.8


    Giorno fa

    i was gonna kill myself after christmas, but i don’t care about that anymore. Anyone joining

    • mikoy huio

      mikoy huio

      Giorno fa

      call the neighbours to check on the kid, it made more sense in the 80s now a day so many flags would be raised that even the army would appear

  • Daniel Rigdon

    Daniel Rigdon

    Giorno fa

    This just shows that Disney will do anything if they can make money even if that means you make the worst reboot that ZERO people wanted

  • Kusanagikaiser999


    Giorno fa

    Why...just WHY? stop adding new entries to this film series, nothing will ever beat Home Alone 1 and 2, that's it, JUST STOP....PLUS....we are in modern times, THE INTERNET EXIST.

  • Leenaa Gomes

    Leenaa Gomes

    Giorno fa

    Certain movies do not need remake or reboot. And Home alone 1 and 2 are definitely some of them. 😏😒😒. He can zoom call his parents in Japan and call the cops.

  • Sergiy Krakaram

    Sergiy Krakaram

    Giorno fa

    Oh. This is garbage. 😭

  • rentboy999


    Giorno fa

    why does it look more like a commercial than a movie?

  • Huy Nguyễn Minh

    Huy Nguyễn Minh

    Giorno fa

    Too bad ! the classic is too perfect

  • Palinda Sagara

    Palinda Sagara

    Giorno fa

    This is bad.

  • Laura shay

    Laura shay

    Giorno fa

    What is this-

  • Laura shay

    Laura shay

    Giorno fa

    We don't need a reboot. The original movies can never beat this one :l

    • robbie distasio

      robbie distasio

      23 ore fa

      its a sequel and its not areboot and it is way better than home alone 3 4 and 5 and

  • Super-Neat


    Giorno fa

    Even when they're not going obviously woke, they manage to create a hideous travesty!

    • robbie distasio

      robbie distasio

      Giorno fa

      no this far superior than home alone 3 4 and 5

  • Chevy Blue

    Chevy Blue

    Giorno fa

    Let's not call it "Home Sweet Home Alone" because that would be disrespectful to Home Alone. From now on we call it, the Disney Remake No One Wanted, or DRNOW for short.

  • LeEcHeR 1

    LeEcHeR 1

    Giorno fa

    1:41 “Only on Disney+”,
    Thank god, please keep it there in a dark corner so my kids will never see this garbage…

  • Chevy Blue

    Chevy Blue

    Giorno fa

    Stop making reboots and spin-offs. I guess "original idea" isn't in your vocabulary.

  • Kris B

    Kris B

    Giorno fa

    This ain’t it love

  • Marco Sousa

    Marco Sousa

    Giorno fa

    yes because the second they notice thew kid is missing they will not contact him on the cellphone, call the police or even go online to buy a ticket for the first flight home or try to call the neighbours to check on the kid, it made more sense in the 80s now a day so many flags would be raised that even the army would appear

    • Chevy Blue

      Chevy Blue

      Giorno fa

      Yup, in the age of technology, this just doesn't work. This falls apart in so many ways.



    Giorno fa

    BAD 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Noah Morningstar

    Noah Morningstar

    Giorno fa

    He is fat

  • Qwopis


    Giorno fa

    Why are they british?

  • Alexandru Stoica

    Alexandru Stoica

    Giorno fa


  • Adjie Kusuma

    Adjie Kusuma

    Giorno fa

    Sequel Home alone

  • Jaz z

    Jaz z

    Giorno fa

    Ellie Kemper doesn’t age 🥺

  • The Bullfrog

    The Bullfrog

    Giorno fa

    Oh no

  • King Of Love

    King Of Love

    Giorno fa

    Im sorry but this is not the same without Culkin... This looks like a sequel or a parody.

  • Frankie


    Giorno fa

    i was trying to be optimistic but this looks terrible

  • Bossk 117

    Bossk 117

    Giorno fa

    This looks like a trash honestly. A cheap nostalgia trip that's an insult to the originals

  • Lee Maiolo

    Lee Maiolo

    Giorno fa

    No...no..no..!!! Don't even try!!! Nothing can come close to the original!!! I'm sorry HORRIBLE!!

  • Duran Wilson

    Duran Wilson

    Giorno fa

    With Buzz in here, I can't wait to watch this.

  • Javier Almodovar

    Javier Almodovar

    Giorno fa

    You know what would have saved this movie? If it was a horror movie. Just imagine a psychopathic kid “accidentally left home alone”
    Who has an intellect at making traps that maim and kill his victims and understand how manipulate the empathy he gains from being a kid home alone to brutally lead the robbers into traps that maim and kill them and have the robbers be people down on their luck and likable so it’s heartbreaking to watch them be dispatched.

  • Julio Brian

    Julio Brian

    Giorno fa

    So...a copy-and-pasted version of the original Home Alone?

  • Courtney Haynes

    Courtney Haynes

    Giorno fa

    Absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  • AJ Is On The Highway

    AJ Is On The Highway

    Giorno fa

    0:46 omg Buzz is a cop now?

  • Brennan Myers

    Brennan Myers

    Giorno fa

    John Hughes is rolling the grave!!! Home Alone was my favorite Christmas childhood movies all the time!! The reboot ruined the original!!!

  • Zach Zavada

    Zach Zavada

    Giorno fa

    I hate this and I only watched it for until 0:07

  • Brian Michael Finn

    Brian Michael Finn

    Giorno fa

    I guess they learned absolutely nothing from the failed sequels after the second film.

  • Mahayla Huff

    Mahayla Huff

    Giorno fa

    No. No. And no. Never in my life will I watch this one. Macaulay Culkin should be the only Kevin for home alone.

  • Moonie 421

    Moonie 421

    Giorno fa

    This actually looks pretty cool

    I know this comment is probably going to get disliked to hell, but I've got my opinion, and you've got yours.

  • HOssAM HAssAN

    HOssAM HAssAN

    Giorno fa

    This is the moment when Erin become Pam