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boat crashing into shore - terrifying view from shore
ships being broken up for scrap, great views from shore. Best Ship beaching

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  • Freddy Besonia

    Freddy Besonia

    10 minuti fa

    The first one, oh man that caused like a dirt tsunami 😥😰 8.7/10

  • leslie ciao

    leslie ciao

    16 ore fa

    They really wanted that parking spot

  • Sajjad Akhtar

    Sajjad Akhtar

    Giorno fa

    The Turkuaz-8 was docking at a Pakistani ship breaking yard.

  • Midnight Rider

    Midnight Rider

    Giorno fa

    Great video, but it could have used more honking.

  • Rwesi Kashinze

    Rwesi Kashinze

    2 giorni fa

    C'est géant bateau à quel moteur

  • Madhur Pulekar Pictures

    Madhur Pulekar Pictures

    2 giorni fa

    good video

  • Gamecocks


    2 giorni fa

    Close to 5 minutes of my life CRASHED!!!

  • Vania Siviero

    Vania Siviero

    2 giorni fa

    Questi non riescono neanche a guidare una bicicletta

  • Christian S

    Christian S

    3 giorni fa

    I am missing the infamous Suez canal beaching...

  • Romeo Requierme

    Romeo Requierme

    3 giorni fa

    Charles: Alright here i come...

  • Michael Farrelly

    Michael Farrelly

    4 giorni fa

    Why they look ok?

  • extras82001c


    4 giorni fa

    Where's the Concordia?

  • Rowdy Bodine

    Rowdy Bodine

    4 giorni fa

    The only thing that crashed was my hopes of seeing something good.

  • Harris Bali

    Harris Bali

    4 giorni fa

    The Ship #4 was like Laging Bro

  • All Curiosities

    All Curiosities

    4 giorni fa

    Woodworking Tips and Tricks From Home.

  • pinkpantherer


    5 giorni fa

    First one was good,the rest were lame as fuck

  • waqas 123

    waqas 123

    5 giorni fa

    ya break kasa lagata ha Bech samandar ma ?

  • MYRADark 🅘︎

    MYRADark 🅘︎

    5 giorni fa

    1. Turkey

  • Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson

    5 giorni fa

    Sick whales beaching themselves. Save the whales

  • Joe Root

    Joe Root

    5 giorni fa

    The violet pediatrician curiously mend because yellow fundamentally chase off a bad plane. mysterious, gamy museum

  • Lori Meyers

    Lori Meyers

    5 giorni fa


  • Mike Mangieri

    Mike Mangieri

    5 giorni fa

    Great parking no 1

  • Simply Wonderful

    Simply Wonderful

    6 giorni fa

    I'd pay to go on that last ride, for posterity, history and a bit of a thrill - how often does a ship get intentionally beached? ONCE.

  • Jerry Snoor Jr

    Jerry Snoor Jr

    6 giorni fa

    It's unfortunate that some of these ships couldn't be repurposed for something useful. I can't imagine it's cheaper to pay for scrapping an entire ship and then building a whole new ship.

  • Andrew Lapkin

    Andrew Lapkin

    7 giorni fa

    These are NOT ships crashing....they are purposely being driven be scrapped !! Look at the ships next to them...already being scrapped. Nice try Mega..whatever...

  • David Schurr

    David Schurr

    7 giorni fa

    Why is this even legal?

  • siddharth Singh

    siddharth Singh

    7 giorni fa

    its not crashing bro its called parking

  • A B

    A B

    7 giorni fa

    Top 5 ship crashing that caught on cam

  • Finglesham


    7 giorni fa

    Das Ende der Straße für diese Schiffe

  • Murat Çevik

    Murat Çevik

    8 giorni fa

    burası Türkiye İstanbul Tuzla tersaneleri

  • Gary Morris

    Gary Morris

    8 giorni fa

    What "crashes" were there ?

  • Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man

    10 giorni fa

    Since this is the last time the last trip the ships ever make - why don't they bring them in at a much higher speed - just to give them that last thrill.

    • Simply Wonderful

      Simply Wonderful

      6 giorni fa

      They're likely hitting the shore at full speed as it is. These aren't modern ships, so they're probably not capable of higher speeds. In addition, they're dragging on the bottom as they approach the shore, long before the bow hits.

  • Цианистый Фикалий

    Цианистый Фикалий

    10 giorni fa

    думают, что их будут там ремонтировать. вот наивные

  • CCIC Construction group

    CCIC Construction group

    10 giorni fa

  • Ada V

    Ada V

    11 giorni fa

    A dangerous place to make a fire with all the big drums of combustible...what was the purpose of that fire by the way?

  • James Tiscareno

    James Tiscareno

    11 giorni fa

    Captain - " Are you going t.. ? "
    Ship owner - " Yep, you're fired. "

  • John Davis

    John Davis

    11 giorni fa

    just ending their lives..

  • 張鐵爐


    11 giorni fa


  • BobUrbanVideo


    12 giorni fa

    Single-handed OSTAR racer...

  • Doug P

    Doug P

    12 giorni fa

    Well that's four minutes and thirteen seconds I am never getting back!

  • Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

    12 giorni fa

  • Stephen Demeter

    Stephen Demeter

    12 giorni fa

    John ball

  • Jarl Ragnar

    Jarl Ragnar

    12 giorni fa

    0:45 daaamn is that dirty,,WE dont deserve this earth !!!!!!!!!

  • Bluebirdfalling


    13 giorni fa

    3:20 THIRD PERSON I'VE SEEN TODAY HOLDING THE PHONE RIGHT, THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WITH A BRAIN LEFT AFTERALL. p.s. thumbs down on the vid since they're not crashing.

  • Wyatt Bryan

    Wyatt Bryan

    13 giorni fa

    Turkish global nature:)

  • S S

    S S

    14 giorni fa

    it's gotta be Bangladesh

  • S S

    S S

    14 giorni fa

    you missed the one in Jurassic park

  • lochmarFiendhiem


    14 giorni fa

    I love how the ocean water cleans off that lovely concrete dock.
    The place looks spotless and totally not a third world polluting shithole.

    • Grimm


      3 giorni fa

      "Third world polluting shithole" as if it is the these developing countries doing the polluting and not the shipowners (largely Greece, Japan, China, and the US according to the UNIMO) polluting the developing countries.

    • RRaven


      11 giorni fa

      The most bizarre thing, is why you expect a place for the destruction of ships to be fucking clean. "Omg, why is this junk yard so dirty, it should be spotless!"

    • Ryall


      11 giorni fa

      nah man thats not pollution, its the plastic straws we gotta watch out for

  • JaxPlanet


    15 giorni fa

    Has know idea what the word "crash" means...

  • Stu Jones

    Stu Jones

    15 giorni fa


  • artur cardoso

    artur cardoso

    15 giorni fa

    That ocean water must be pristine

  • tiger claw gaming!

    tiger claw gaming!

    15 giorni fa

    where you get the clips

  • KNY //

    KNY //

    16 giorni fa

    The pollution in this video is depressing.

  • Ursel Barz

    Ursel Barz

    16 giorni fa

    Was the captains drunken?

  • B i l l L a n n a n

    B i l l L a n n a n

    16 giorni fa

    I'm just blown away that none of them use their brakes

  • Rabia Nur

    Rabia Nur

    16 giorni fa

    Türkiye'den sanırım 3 tane vardı. Yurdumun çılgın insanları :)

  • J SGG77

    J SGG77

    17 giorni fa

    Yo yo! Peace out!

  • Zaid Hasan

    Zaid Hasan

    17 giorni fa

    Why the first ship laying on the horn we can see you

  • David Rivero

    David Rivero

    18 giorni fa

    Not a Beach to swim in , much less BBQ . Polluted & noisy af. They gotta die, somewheres.

  • American Nobody

    American Nobody

    18 giorni fa

    2 & 3 are just really good parking.

  • American Nobody

    American Nobody

    18 giorni fa

    The first one reminded me of Jurassic Park 3! Or the end of Speed 2, either one really, it's basically the same thing. "Lllllika glove!" Nothing beats that guy directly in front of it's path though, just sitting there in the loader watching it race towards him & didn't even flinch as if that's just some normal, everyday crap!

  • M E Settle

    M E Settle

    18 giorni fa

    This is exactly why whales beach themselves...they're trying to evolve. They're tired of swimming and want to start walking. Then those "save the whales" people try to push them back in the water.
    These ships want to be made into electric cars.

  • Gerald Rilea

    Gerald Rilea

    18 giorni fa

    Thank you for this! Here’s a little something for you:

  • Fritz Gensheimer

    Fritz Gensheimer

    19 giorni fa

    Und dann werden die Schiffe unter Beachtung aller Umwelt- und Arbeitsschutzmaßnahmen abgewrackt... Einfach nur traurig.

  • Beetle Bayley

    Beetle Bayley

    19 giorni fa

    No5. Now THAT'S how you put out a camp fire....

  • Beetle Bayley

    Beetle Bayley

    19 giorni fa

    Captains' wife:"Honey, I'm ovulating now."
    Captain:" I'll be right there, darling"

  • Stephano Martinez

    Stephano Martinez

    19 giorni fa

    I was waiting for the t rex to jump out if the cargo deck

  • Jayjit Das Ray

    Jayjit Das Ray

    19 giorni fa

    No 4 ship was edited

  • Rob Leonard

    Rob Leonard

    19 giorni fa

    Scotty We Need More Power!!

  • Dolf Zeevogel

    Dolf Zeevogel

    20 giorni fa

    Docked on the beach for some 'enviromental friendly' demolishment. Meanwhile in the West people think they can save the world by drinking oat milk cappucinos.

  • Enes Eren

    Enes Eren

    20 giorni fa

    bunların türk olması

  • Optic shit scared

    Optic shit scared

    20 giorni fa

    Sure these are ship grave yards

  • Idiot UploadZ

    Idiot UploadZ

    20 giorni fa

    The ships are just bored being in the water 💦 they want to be on the beach just like us...

  • Henrik Evertsson

    Henrik Evertsson

    20 giorni fa

    Top five anticlimaxes.

  • I'm Me

    I'm Me

    20 giorni fa

    The white cruise ship looked like it was in very good shape for a ship that is about to be cur up for scrap. I have to wonder what the problem was with it that the owners would scrap it.

  • This is my reply →

    This is my reply →

    20 giorni fa


  • KAJI


    20 giorni fa


  • Snake Man

    Snake Man

    20 giorni fa

    Titanic driver will be piss off after watching this

  • Deno Moto

    Deno Moto

    20 giorni fa

    Some of these ships are to fat to crawl on to land and die. They dropped anchor in the US a just a few to many times.

  • Nevr CM3

    Nevr CM3

    20 giorni fa

    all salvage beachings

  • Kirk Lazarus

    Kirk Lazarus

    20 giorni fa

    Having too mucj fun at work

  • god laster

    god laster

    20 giorni fa

    that sucked

  • Crazie Pablo

    Crazie Pablo

    21 giorno fa

    reenactment of the penguins going back to madagascar

  • Glek


    21 giorno fa

    1:05 - перепутал педаль тормоза с гудком.

  • Alex Abadi

    Alex Abadi

    21 giorno fa

    It's not accidents, go back to school before posting a video on YouTube.

  • bahatiyouth group2020

    bahatiyouth group2020

    21 giorno fa

  • Surya Krishna mv

    Surya Krishna mv

    21 giorno fa

    Dr drive parking

  • tmm channel

    tmm channel

    21 giorno fa

  • Sir Nigel Thornberry

    Sir Nigel Thornberry

    21 giorno fa

    No wave break from the from of the ship, they miraculously slow to a crawl just before it “hits”, F physics, looks photoshopped. Need I go on? FAKE AF.

  • Dūm Dūm Brown

    Dūm Dūm Brown

    21 giorno fa

    That was pretty cool man - greetings from Oz 🇦🇺

  • Suraj Seepersad

    Suraj Seepersad

    21 giorno fa

    Where is that one Rich spoiler kid who is Reckless with his parent`s money and is constantly buying fancy yachts just to ruin it and hire a financial agency after crashing the yacht.

  • ankit dubey

    ankit dubey

    21 giorno fa

    🐧wave and smile

  • Lankster Price

    Lankster Price

    21 giorno fa


  • Kürşad Eyüpoğlu

    Kürşad Eyüpoğlu

    21 giorno fa

    All in Turkey :D

  • Logan Curran

    Logan Curran

    21 giorno fa

    y do they do this



    21 giorno fa

    How does YouTube know what I like before I do?

  • Steve


    21 giorno fa

    Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllike a glove!

  • Ida Cow

    Ida Cow

    21 giorno fa

    kinda reminds me of a story I heard a few years back, here's how it goes:
    Ship (on radio) "Vessel in the distance, please alter your course"
    Vessel in distance: "No you must alter your course"
    Ship: Please turn or we will run you over"
    Vessel in distance: "We will not turn, you MUST alter your course"
    Ship: "This is US Navy! We demand you alter your course!!"
    Vessel in distance: This is the Lighthouse.. turn or you will crash

  • Ida Cow

    Ida Cow

    21 giorno fa

    time for the demolishion crew, not crashing, intentional grounding

  • sweet okole

    sweet okole

    21 giorno fa

    stupid title