Alexis Kolbin feat. Amelie Eiding - The Autumn Song (This Is How I Know) UNOFFICIAL VIDEO

Pubblicato il 28 apr 2020
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Alexis Kolbin's new sentimental Trance track with Sweden singer Amelie Eiding devoted to the finished autumn.
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Released by Coastline Music / Midnight Coast - Midnight Aurora



I feel it now
The Autumn I was longing for
It's not the clouds
Their weeping doesn't grieve my soul
It's not the trees
Undressing quietly with grace
The Autumn's here
I'm feeling it with your embrace


This is how I know
My Autumn has come
This is how I know
That you are the one
For me
It’s like
I never had this feeling
And I look into your eyes
This is how I know
Our autumn has begun


Life took its toll
But now the Autumn's bringing peace
Into my soul
And I don't care what month it is
You hold my hand
This matters more than universe
The fall will end
But our feelings won't, because…


Video by : Cheewa Film -
Camera : ชีวา นิลประยูร
Assistant : วทัญญู หลวงทิพย์
Facebook : Cheewa Film

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