Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)

Pubblicato il 25 mar 2021
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Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)
#shorts #Minecraft
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  • Bread


    4 minuti fa

    Hey bro let me finish minecraft bro: that’s gonna take ag- me: done

  • yudhy Kenedhy ozawa

    yudhy Kenedhy ozawa

    5 minuti fa

    I hate the way he laughs

  • Wiktor Gołaś

    Wiktor Gołaś

    14 minuti fa


  • Stark2901


    15 minuti fa

    Dont understend

  • МоЙ ХаРоШиЙ

    МоЙ ХаРоШиЙ

    17 minuti fa

    Bloodbath ok

  • GdWiktor PL

    GdWiktor PL

    17 minuti fa


  • Sm¡Le .̆̈

    Sm¡Le .̆̈

    17 minuti fa

    A la vergaa, se lo mato en dos segundos xd

  • Chibi -chan

    Chibi -chan

    25 minuti fa

    Everyone knows this is fake 😂😂

  • Frosty


    27 minuti fa

    To be extremely Honest.
    This is a fake speedrun.

  • Michael Kemp

    Michael Kemp

    28 minuti fa

    He sounded like a rubber chicken toy for dogs😂

  • Tangy EU-

    Tangy EU-

    29 minuti fa

    Full on real that is isn’t it

  • Nikita 21

    Nikita 21

    30 minuti fa

    Повезло повезло

  • Ryan Fox

    Ryan Fox

    33 minuti fa


  • mango the wolf.offical

    mango the wolf.offical

    33 minuti fa

    That kid is playing something else look at his glasses and the light that would be reflecting from the PC to his face

  • Owen Niven

    Owen Niven

    34 minuti fa

    Slender man the best speed runner for minecraft..... damn

  • deadpoolio wolverine

    deadpoolio wolverine

    36 minuti fa

    That guy has to get some fucking sleep those circles under his eye is dark af get some fucking sun light my guy

  • Max P-M

    Max P-M

    43 minuti fa

    I miss when Minecraft was just mining and crafting

  • National Patriot

    National Patriot

    48 minuti fa

    So that’s what Dream looks like.

  • Brandon Ferreyra

    Brandon Ferreyra

    52 minuti fa

    Fua la re vivís skuvi

  • Vladimir Cojocaru

    Vladimir Cojocaru

    52 minuti fa

    People still think this is not a joke lmfao

  • Owen Whitmore

    Owen Whitmore

    58 minuti fa

    Not cool

  • I am weirdly bored

    I am weirdly bored

    58 minuti fa

    Dream be like

  • Alen Guardian

    Alen Guardian

    Ora fa

    But nice reaction!!

  • Alen Guardian

    Alen Guardian

    Ora fa

    Some one helped him...

  • Lord Camsta

    Lord Camsta

    Ora fa




    Ora fa

    Fun Fact : This guy is named "Nathan Pesta" and called Npesta on YouTube and did a 2020 breakthrough by beating Kenos and search "Kenos" on YT to see the full reaction.

  • Snowy The Frost

    Snowy The Frost

    Ora fa

    Noo its fake

  • arrayan M Santana

    arrayan M Santana

    Ora fa

    Is that Npesta boi

  • I'm a sun Lol :D

    I'm a sun Lol :D

    Ora fa

    Ok how he in caves and cliffs early

  • Boltingplanet5


    Ora fa

    Jokes on everyone this is Dream

  • Toby Caine

    Toby Caine

    Ora fa

    The amount of people who do this is just weird

  • Tiny Robot

    Tiny Robot

    Ora fa

    Apprantly the best way to make your girl scream is to make her speed run geomerty dash.

  • A regular Human

    A regular Human

    Ora fa

    Not the kenos Imao

  • aukez


    Ora fa

    What is this luck 😵 ( fake ? ) his reaction killed )me 🤣)

  • Black Apple

    Black Apple

    Ora fa

    Hey.good game dog

  • TheCollieDog


    Ora fa

    Wow your such a comedic genius for using the npesta reaction.

  • Jesus Barrios

    Jesus Barrios

    Ora fa

    They even added the game play reflection to his glasses, what fucking gods

  • matej klincok

    matej klincok

    Ora fa

    You is noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

  • ImOsmar


    Ora fa

    OMG REALLY? xd good video 👍

  • joako_onazar Nazar

    joako_onazar Nazar

    Ora fa


  • Ross Davidson

    Ross Davidson

    Ora fa


  • Jordan Williams

    Jordan Williams

    Ora fa

    Man's looks like he gonna shoot the local school up

  • Yoruko - Chan

    Yoruko - Chan

    Ora fa

    Bro wut-

  • Kal-el Schiaffino

    Kal-el Schiaffino

    Ora fa

    Wtf with his reaction



    2 ore fa

    A Weno v:

  • selectthedead


    2 ore fa


  • nicholai Roco

    nicholai Roco

    2 ore fa

    Thats fake

  • Mamd Sorori

    Mamd Sorori

    2 ore fa

    And what hapend

  • Mamd Sorori

    Mamd Sorori

    2 ore fa


  • FoxNI


    2 ore fa

    Que falsooo

  • Jacob Foster

    Jacob Foster

    2 ore fa

    Yo this guy needs to chill because no one cares about his fake speed run

  • Bruce Sancomb III

    Bruce Sancomb III

    2 ore fa

    Fake, he was the guy that beat a geometry dash level

  • Paolo Belloli

    Paolo Belloli

    2 ore fa


  • Gabriel Langer Schneider

    Gabriel Langer Schneider

    2 ore fa


  • Tim Hill

    Tim Hill

    2 ore fa

    Lol FAKE

  • Damo


    2 ore fa

    His reaction really annoys me..

  • Tyl3rAZ


    2 ore fa

    That’s dumb, idc if it’s a joke

  • 全てを理解してしまった俺


    2 ore fa


  • Quint Van dijk

    Quint Van dijk

    2 ore fa

    Its fake

  • Elija Yu

    Elija Yu

    2 ore fa

    Fake speedrun

  • ArcaneDuckling


    2 ore fa


  • Get good gaming bro KInsler

    Get good gaming bro KInsler

    2 ore fa

    Fake speed run

  • Krd 075

    Krd 075

    2 ore fa

    😐 tfk I just watch

  • Godlysunfury


    3 ore fa

    Bro eat a steak.

  • Um


    3 ore fa

    This guy going crazy at the ends..

  • Erin Draper

    Erin Draper

    3 ore fa


  • Dominguez Martinez Ian Yeray

    Dominguez Martinez Ian Yeray

    3 ore fa

    Is, fake the speedrun from he guy😒

  • Monika Siemiaszko

    Monika Siemiaszko

    3 ore fa

    I know a guy...

  • Your Local Sleepy Weepy

    Your Local Sleepy Weepy

    3 ore fa

    The way he had a seizure at the end-

  • royal coyate

    royal coyate

    3 ore fa

    Looks legit

  • Banana qt

    Banana qt

    3 ore fa

    The world record is 1:14

  • KingDoggo


    3 ore fa

    My mans arms look like slim jims

  • Jelly Deen12

    Jelly Deen12

    3 ore fa


  • Tony Dacosta

    Tony Dacosta

    3 ore fa

    Flight: HOF school threat

  • Đức Minh Phạm

    Đức Minh Phạm

    3 ore fa

    Fake :))))

  • fantasy_ boi123

    fantasy_ boi123

    3 ore fa

    Pls tell me this is a joke

  • MrNasty OneHunnid

    MrNasty OneHunnid

    3 ore fa

    I imagine his first time with a women or man if he's into that would have the same reaction 😂 🤣

  • Micah E

    Micah E

    3 ore fa

    Stop the cap

  • Micah E

    Micah E

    3 ore fa

    That cap

  • angel dust the spider

    angel dust the spider

    4 ore fa


    • angel dust the spider

      angel dust the spider

      3 ore fa

      Nobody knew it was a joke Instine

    • Ashikage. Inv

      Ashikage. Inv

      3 ore fa

      This is literally a joke ;-;

  • Zafran Hakam

    Zafran Hakam

    4 ore fa


  • Spore YT

    Spore YT

    4 ore fa

    He's Npesta

  • Iliya BeastMode

    Iliya BeastMode

    4 ore fa

    Bruh this kid is a bum straight up imagine getting haopy over Minecraft at his age😂

    • Ashikage. Inv

      Ashikage. Inv

      3 ore fa

      Imagine having beast mode on your name Ew cringe

  • Thanos


    4 ore fa

    Dream be like

  • Thanos


    4 ore fa


  • Vlady Shevchuk

    Vlady Shevchuk

    4 ore fa

    Degradation, how can you play such a stupid games

  • ItzAsh PlayzYT

    ItzAsh PlayzYT

    4 ore fa

    What the shit..

  • Arthismer


    4 ore fa

    Definitely real

  • The Colbster

    The Colbster

    4 ore fa

    Over a game

  • Faroh267


    4 ore fa


  • Axoltol CNR

    Axoltol CNR

    4 ore fa

    Bro try 1945 seed its a lucky seed for speed runners

  • ShineyLeaf


    4 ore fa

    Oh Yeah This Is the MEME!

  • X5 scorpio

    X5 scorpio

    4 ore fa

    Nice farming chair

  • war26116 #roblox

    war26116 #roblox

    4 ore fa

    Set up speedrun

  • Quakers Oats

    Quakers Oats

    4 ore fa

    I shat myself when I heard him go crazy

  • Otarashi-Maker


    4 ore fa

    the reflection in these glasses does not correspond to what we see

  • Gabriel Martial

    Gabriel Martial

    4 ore fa

    Big fake

  • Zorro 354

    Zorro 354

    4 ore fa

    Speedrum más falso xd



    4 ore fa

    Fkn nerd