Animals Reunited With Owners AFTER YEARS!

Pubblicato il 10 set 2021
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Here are some heart-warming moments of animals reuniting with their owners after being lost, or significant time away.

This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes. Thank you for watching.



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    This is called pure love

  • Baby Love

    Baby Love

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    I promised myself to never get a dog again after I lost mine, it’s like losing a close relative

  • Greg Blackley

    Greg Blackley

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    People are beautiful too... xxxx

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

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    These got me crying. Nothing like the love between you and your pets

  • Tanya Kimberley White

    Tanya Kimberley White

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  • Simon Landa

    Simon Landa

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    l'expression de ce que l'humanité a oublié ou perdu. merci de nous rappeler ce qui est l'amour ou l'amitié inconditionnelle. puissions nous "être humain" recouvrir ces vrais sentiments... biz à tous...

  • Muhammad Fairuz

    Muhammad Fairuz

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    cats be lyke: 👁👄👁

  • yalnız kurt

    yalnız kurt

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    Onların istediği tek şey sevgi.

  • Heri Kustrianto

    Heri Kustrianto

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    They're not just pet, they're family.

  • Abhinadan Datta

    Abhinadan Datta

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    Ok. I cried 😅😭😭😅

  • Floral Heart

    Floral Heart

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    Last year I traveled for two months without seeing my 10 years old little dog, even talking to him with video call every day he ignored me when I arrived, walked past me and turned away. I bursted into tears because all I wanted was to hug him. Now when he sees a suitcase he goes sad under the sofa.

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    Faeass Salime

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    Alright, who's peeling onions around here?

  • Whitmore Reads

    Whitmore Reads

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    That's it I'm getting a dog.

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    Matthew Thomas

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    Admit it we all came here to cry

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  • Shaun Dixon

    Shaun Dixon

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    2am , sat in car in street even bloody dog doesn’t want me to go in house. Watching rat near bins it’s looked my way twice , least something doesn’t want to see me dead

  • Esther Okolo

    Esther Okolo

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    I just kept crying all through... Lovely animals.

  • رندا ميرندا Randa Miranda

    رندا ميرندا Randa Miranda

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    I am a girl who loves birds very much and I love animals and I am trying to learn photography like you. I am your new friend. How I wish I could be like you

  • Anshuman Shukla

    Anshuman Shukla

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    My doggy always pee in when excited

  • Whoever Whoever

    Whoever Whoever

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    If I reunited with my ex, she'd be like, you are still alive?
    Damn human

  • MR. farenheit

    MR. farenheit

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  • Kale Kale

    Kale Kale

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    Stop being stupid

  • Kale Kale

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    At the end

  • Jason Morland

    Jason Morland

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    Whats even more amazing is this guys fabulous money making tactics on you animal jerkoffs

  • Fernando Perez

    Fernando Perez

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    Amo a los animales 💕

  • Giuliano


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    The monke ones are the cutest

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    1:44 owner lost😃😂

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  • Lucifer Morningstar

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    Reminds me of my cat when I come back home all it take is for me to leave the house for more then 5 mins i remember when I had dogs same thing leave the house the moment I close the door to leave they howl and go nuts then come back home and I'm being attacked with excitement 🤣 but my pets always know I'm da king I'm the food bringer 😃

  • Naomi Bland

    Naomi Bland

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    God I love animals. They're one of the best gifts in life. They're so pure & they love unconditionally. This is beautiful. ❤😭

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    Love Love

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    Um amor verdadeiro 🥰❤️❤️

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    Well you made me cry

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    Dog love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • toobalkain


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    my wife used to greet me like that. Then she started reading feminist literature and the magic was gone, now it's purely transactional.

  • acc Terminated

    acc Terminated

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    Sy tau cerita bgini hanya akan mbuat sy 100% menangis..tu sbab sy tak mau ni ga kuat semangat..huu

  • Tosin Soga

    Tosin Soga

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    Why do we have to cage any animals when they're the sweetest purest thing on earth

  • Le Gamer's Code

    Le Gamer's Code

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    @ The UNBELIEVABLE something is not right with profile pic. my god

  • Ari PL

    Ari PL

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    Zwierzęta sa mądrzejsze od ludzi i powtarzam te słowa od 10 lat !!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Татьяна Гу

    Татьяна Гу

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    Вот бы меня так встречали дома! Люди, учитесь быть преданными и верными у животных. Просто так. Ни за что. Просто любовь.
    Всем ДОБРА!

  • Tessa


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    My bernese reacts like this everytime after being gone for groceries. She is adorable😍

  • Rift Shredder

    Rift Shredder

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    Lol that Judge Judy Court case reminds me of Air Bud

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    jajajaja crazy dog

  • tiomitio221


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    good dog

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    Kediler hiç bahsetmemiş

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    Me crying even without starting the video haha

  • Kirill Vasiliev

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    cats been like wtf. ive been out for my own business....

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    So im guessing the lady in the thumbnail not gonna show up then...

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    Why the hell did I click on this video without getting tissues first?

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    Kami Art

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    That's really good...... 👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

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    Awww cuuuteee and heart touching

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  • Chupa Mokoha

    Chupa Mokoha

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    Whenever i needed my eyes to be lubricated i just watch videos like this 😭😭😭

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    The Airport is the Place of Sadness and Happiness

  • Mariam Jameel

    Mariam Jameel

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    ما ينسون ابدا المعروف ولو يوم ، كائنات رائعة ...
    والبشر مهمن اعطيتها ياذيك

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    Tears in eyes !!😊

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    В глаз чего то попало.....

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    인사드려요~ 최고의 영상입니다!! 화이팅입니다 ☆★☆

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    Kx Kest

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    Sht I m too weak to these

  • Nood Asas

    Nood Asas

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    I lost my cat month ago💔 this so heartbreaking i miss him so much💔

  • Nood Asas

    Nood Asas

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    I lost my cat month ago💔 this so heartbreaking i miss him so much💔

  • Röky_M


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    O k dogs r man's best friend,
    but chimps are 98% human chromosomes.

  • Annalisa D

    Annalisa D

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    Il legame tra un animale e la persona che si prende cura di lui è indissolubile... ❤
    È reciproco l'amore tra gli animali e le persone, a loro manca solo la persona, ma con i loro gesti sanno esprimersi benissimo.

  • D R

    D R

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    The boy made me feel feels. The chimp is rad

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    carguy 157

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    The chimp

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    ahahah that cat

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    What a tearjerker

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    anonynous anon

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    What happened to me, i feel no emotion looking at these clips.

  • JaCKhaMMer


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    Every pet : i m very excited to meet my owner
    Cat 02:24 : why are they so excited to meet me



    2 giorni fa

    Cat be like ah here we go again!

  • Tom Stockman

    Tom Stockman

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    1:20 wee vid from Belfast upaaaa raaaaaa

  • Burajiro no Senshii

    Burajiro no Senshii

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    Lol, the only 3 cat shorts in this compilation showed only a quick tape where is not even possible to see them showing excitement. Cats indeed are not like dogs when it's about showing their feelings

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    Lubers Channel

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    Super.. Make me Cry..

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    Who cut the onions? 😭❤️

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    Super Goober

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    My friend had a really great mid-sized dog that roamed around the three houses on a secluded section of their hillside. Their neighbors were moving away and asked if they could take the dog with them. Of course he said no, but they took it anyway. He never saw his dog again. Some people just have no shame.

  • Ste


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    2:31 ""what ya doin, put me down you human""

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    we dont deserve chimpanzees

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    Happy monke :D

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    tArUmlÜg Programmierer der Master K. I. -

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    Very nice ..very kind

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    Que de l amour 🧡

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    Haider Farhan

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    Many Thanks for god for Islam . This animal is better than killing human in Iraq or Africa .

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    Comentarii 8,8

  • ⁱᵗˢᴡᴇᴇʙ..-🛐 [ɢɪʀʟ🔞]

    ⁱᵗˢᴡᴇᴇʙ..-🛐 [ɢɪʀʟ🔞]

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    True love

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    Какое счастье видеть любовь своих питомцев, только коту пофиг. Бесполезное животное.

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    That dolphin gave a shit. Lol

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    0:30 broke me heart

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    My dog sie,,addoted"" andre deere!!!!

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    Thin my dog ...👽🙂❤🐩

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    This made me cry 😭😭😭

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    Chimps can rip your face off. They’re STRONG. You better pray a chimp running towards you is happy to see you.

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    That was brilliant, heart touching.