Pubblicato il 13 nov 2021
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How did this kid not notice I STOLE HIS WATCH? ⌚️
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Rick Smith, Jr.
Rick Smith, Jr.
  • Rick Smith, Jr.

    Rick Smith, Jr.

    20 giorni fa

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    • Venice Sutherland

      Venice Sutherland

      7 giorni fa


    • The nameless god 5693

      The nameless god 5693

      7 giorni fa


    • It’smeRyleigh


      7 giorni fa


    • Thesupersubzero _

      Thesupersubzero _

      7 giorni fa

      Yes it was so obvious with the pauses

    • Cøøkie_løver


      7 giorni fa


  • Robert K Wonnacott

    Robert K Wonnacott

    6 ore fa


  • Mohapi Tau

    Mohapi Tau

    6 ore fa

    Law of distraction

  • Aarohan Mohan

    Aarohan Mohan

    6 ore fa

    He can notice

  • Shawn ZX

    Shawn ZX

    7 ore fa

    You kinda sound like Eminem not gonna lie

  • aS¡mpf0rYou


    7 ore fa

    DamNn he really be stealing💀

  • Juan Paulo Santos

    Juan Paulo Santos

    7 ore fa

    He still see what you did.

  • Tim D J

    Tim D J

    7 ore fa

    And school officials are actually allowing this thief to perform at their school?!?

  • itsgacha_avocado


    7 ore fa

    I was just starting at his watch the entire time it took him to steal it

  • Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy

    7 ore fa


  • Reegan Whanga

    Reegan Whanga

    8 ore fa

    havent seen you in ages so glad you've made your self back up on that trending list bro far the whole reason I subscribed was the treanding page . but bro had to un subscribe because man if u ain't gonna post bro then we cant watch if we cant watch we cant be part of a community that was no longer being run but bro so glad your back and bless your not apPEilllll store

    • Reegan Whanga

      Reegan Whanga

      8 ore fa

      and bro NDL forever subing now i forgot to say that hehe

  • I'm Lonely

    I'm Lonely

    8 ore fa

    The kid is one the performer, I mean the way he's standing is definitely hiding on the side so no one can see it.

  • WMV Gaming

    WMV Gaming

    10 ore fa

    Saw it a mile away, nobody touches a wrist unless its dodgy

  • elizabeth sendy

    elizabeth sendy

    10 ore fa

    I seen you take the watch off

  • VictoriaIsReal


    11 ore fa

    Me: he had a watch 🤨

  • Nixon Santos

    Nixon Santos

    11 ore fa

    "I took something from you"

  • Valentina C.

    Valentina C.

    11 ore fa

    All the boring people in the comments trying to analyze this and prove the kid actually noticed or how it wasn't that good 🙄 seriously let people have fun and stop being so bitter

  • Rayna Jefferson

    Rayna Jefferson

    11 ore fa

    Rick was just at my school lol

  • Patricia Casares

    Patricia Casares

    12 ore fa

    I saw

  • Reed Carroll

    Reed Carroll

    12 ore fa

    Wow so cool

  • Ambulance Medical Services

    Ambulance Medical Services

    12 ore fa

    Hes a cute kid hahaha

  • Lori Hahn-Crowe

    Lori Hahn-Crowe

    12 ore fa


  • ZexY


    12 ore fa

    Where was the school you did this trick

  • Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke

    Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke

    13 ore fa

    Apollo Robbins tho. You shud see his one. You can’t even follow him at all. He’s the master of misdirection

  • Raff raff

    Raff raff

    14 ore fa

    Actually saw when he loosen his watch....

  • cool guy

    cool guy

    14 ore fa

    You took it off I saw you do it

  • Daveed Forever

    Daveed Forever

    14 ore fa


  • •☆Aŕiė☆•


    14 ore fa

    I saw him take the watch off

  • Lava Juice

    Lava Juice

    15 ore fa


  • Victor


    15 ore fa

    His social skills are actually impressive. He got the kid to be distracted, focusing on his distraction while making him more enthusiastic about it which is why he got pawned. Con artists and magicians use similar tactics

  • Kyanna Jones

    Kyanna Jones

    15 ore fa

    When you grabbed his hand like that that’s how you took off the watch that is not M

  • While Sajjad

    While Sajjad

    15 ore fa

    HOW MANY of you watched it twice

  • Duane Charley

    Duane Charley

    16 ore fa


  • MurryCoolz


    16 ore fa

    POV: ur watching the video again just to see how he got the watch

  • Tammy Hosey

    Tammy Hosey

    17 ore fa


  • Gi Gi

    Gi Gi

    17 ore fa

    That was so funny he didn’t even realize lol

  • Luca Sava

    Luca Sava

    17 ore fa

    he totally knew, he just didnt want to ruin your show

  • Amare Halloway

    Amare Halloway

    17 ore fa

    You took it

  • Roxyboo_


    17 ore fa


  • Riley Martinez

    Riley Martinez

    17 ore fa

    3rd time ive seen this and still kinda funny

  • Tbgm Joe

    Tbgm Joe

    18 ore fa

    This Video Actually Exposes the Trick

  • MatoHP


    18 ore fa

    You can see the ball getting taken

  • UwU


    18 ore fa

    To whoever this may help

    God so loved the world that He gave up His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life-john3:16 repentance is key and also reading the Bible 🤍

  • Eliment


    19 ore fa

    That kid is smart and he did it a little bit easier on him

  • Saoirse Sangerman

    Saoirse Sangerman

    20 ore fa


  • Kelvin Mawira

    Kelvin Mawira

    20 ore fa


  • Orange Cupra

    Orange Cupra

    20 ore fa

    But can you do it with a milanese strap?

  • Robert Novak

    Robert Novak

    21 ora fa

    All about the eye contact

  • Anuj Sharma

    Anuj Sharma

    21 ora fa

    Focus dude ✌️✌️

  • Poppy Six

    Poppy Six

    21 ora fa

    Y ah kid tho

  • Elvira Serrato

    Elvira Serrato

    22 ore fa

    I got it

  • Troy Wilson

    Troy Wilson

    23 ore fa

    That's fucced up

  • Ana


    23 ore fa

    persistence of senses

  • Kay Wendy

    Kay Wendy

    23 ore fa

    Mão leve kkkk

  • ketan


    Giorno fa

    Way to flex ur magic skils

  • Leo Sheetz

    Leo Sheetz

    Giorno fa


  • Phresh King

    Phresh King

    Giorno fa

    I like that the kids had a legit good time my son is in middle school and fascinated with magic tricks

  • Hanz jedrique Dimaculangan

    Hanz jedrique Dimaculangan

    Giorno fa


  • Lihle LEE

    Lihle LEE

    Giorno fa

    I sow him tack out the watch

  • Gerson Rodriguez

    Gerson Rodriguez

    Giorno fa

    Yo no racist shit but I only see one black kid there lol

  • Deshawn Johnson

    Deshawn Johnson

    Giorno fa

    I saw it but I thought he knew that😂😂

  • Avwherosuo Ejovi

    Avwherosuo Ejovi

    Giorno fa

    POV: you watched it again to see when the watch was "stolen"



    Giorno fa


  • ᴅᴀᴅᴀ


    Giorno fa

    But its obvious.

  • Alexis Pardo

    Alexis Pardo

    Giorno fa

    Already saw that something with the way he presses the ball and how the guys presses the wrist so. That you won't feel it go off

  • just_a bald_guy_who_love_to comment

    just_a bald_guy_who_love_to comment

    Giorno fa

    Distraction is the key

  • WinterBearYT


    Giorno fa

    Hahahhaa i see

  • Jeanette Covington

    Jeanette Covington

    Giorno fa

    You cut the vid like 3 times that's how the "trick" worked and the kid was in on it

  • Mas Dellon

    Mas Dellon

    Giorno fa

    Lucky you the watch wasn't Rolex, it will never comeback after he stole it

  • Themojaveranger 09

    Themojaveranger 09

    Giorno fa

    Uh pretty sure there was the same thing on Ted talk or something like that

  • Laxman Raaj

    Laxman Raaj

    Giorno fa

    Bruh literally can see him taking it out

  • Nata Phillip

    Nata Phillip

    Giorno fa

    u think u slick?, not slick enough!!

  • Yohweziro Nagi

    Yohweziro Nagi

    Giorno fa

    i saw it he got watch of this kid is not a magic just fast hand ithink?

  • blue bear 44 💙

    blue bear 44 💙

    Giorno fa

    Is that Kelly

  • Nathan Tsang

    Nathan Tsang

    Giorno fa


  • A'tin Jemicah

    A'tin Jemicah

    Giorno fa

    He is too Fucos to the guy saying that the reason why he didn't notice that his watch was stolen

  • Rose


    Giorno fa

    I saw him pull it out while holding that guys hand

  • StationDead96


    Giorno fa

    I totally saw him snatch his watch 🤣

  • Lennor Eiluj

    Lennor Eiluj

    Giorno fa

    Nakita ko kinuha niya

  • Mr. Forget

    Mr. Forget

    Giorno fa

    This wouldn’t trick me i notice the slightest of changes

  • Dean Burke

    Dean Burke

    Giorno fa

    That’s old

  • rachel's nook

    rachel's nook

    Giorno fa

    If that was me, I would’ve been so confused😂

  • Nazierah M nawi

    Nazierah M nawi

    Giorno fa

    Hes stealing

  • Nazierah M nawi

    Nazierah M nawi

    Giorno fa

    Police, arrest him

  • Life with Kerra

    Life with Kerra

    Giorno fa


  • Aye Cee

    Aye Cee

    Giorno fa

    I did notice the steal and that's fucked up. It's sad how manipulative and thieving some people are and can be. We all really need to be careful everywhere and with everyone. Need to stay safe and sound always.

  • Toni Guenther

    Toni Guenther

    Giorno fa

    He's all like "pov omg this was funny"

  • Victorino Vita

    Victorino Vita

    Giorno fa

    i got ya"😂😂

  • Reymund Lebuna

    Reymund Lebuna

    Giorno fa


  • Yalun


    Giorno fa

    haha hell yes brotha i remember you from when i was young af! you’re amazing fam! this is lit

  • Mythic


    Giorno fa

    You were at my school

  • Joey Ramone

    Joey Ramone

    Giorno fa

    Harry potter university?

  • Shonya Cena

    Shonya Cena

    Giorno fa

    Cuz he s kid

  • Ghost Vs shadow

    Ghost Vs shadow

    Giorno fa

    Cheap trick

  • little redbrew

    little redbrew

    Giorno fa


  • Bill Marlow

    Bill Marlow

    Giorno fa

    I seen how you did it

  • Jerry Perez

    Jerry Perez

    Giorno fa

    call the cops

  • Nappy Savage

    Nappy Savage

    Giorno fa

    An ex clown I met at the grocery store gave me a tattoo and once he left it disappeared