Dakar 2012 moto best video

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2012
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From Pisco to Lima: last stage

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RED Live
RED Live
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  • Schischwein


    9 anni fa

    You are misinformed(or referring to older bikes raced). They are now 450cc engined only(using the larger and longer chassis for stability)

  • Dominique5462


    10 anni fa

    Super belle vidéo

  • Jimmy Merino

    Jimmy Merino

    9 anni fa

    2013 tengo que presenciar en vivo, si o si,

  • 6victorma


    10 anni fa

    larga vida al dakar carajo

  • mitmaks


    9 anni fa

    Its funny seeing Kamaz pass these little bikes like they're standing still

  • Chilean Hunter

    Chilean Hunter

    8 anni fa


  • compadrefoncho


    10 anni fa

    i m sorry but since 2010 dakar left only one category in bikes 450cc rally edition. Ktm team usea a basis of ktm exc 450 (enduro) with all modification to make it a rally edition (4 gas tanks two in the front two in the back, suspension, navigation devices, fenders) organization has strict policies in regrards to engine modification. DAKAR.COM

  • Moustapha SARR

    Moustapha SARR

    6 anni fa

    mon plus grand pilote fabrizio meoni

  • Vacheron69


    10 anni fa

    first melody!?
    la premiere melodie!?

  • Pierre


    10 anni fa

    they are not 450's they are 750 cc and no u can't find a bike like his they are modified with 20000 dollars gadjets on them

  • Diego Candia

    Diego Candia

    9 anni fa

    por que esta wea dice de pisco hasta lima.... mentira.... eso es chile y argentina... el 2012 ahí se corrió el dakar ... no en peru

  • Finke


    10 anni fa

    What did he sayyyyyyyyy ??????????

  • Igor Mestek

    Igor Mestek

    10 anni fa

    What? 0o

  • GalavantT


    9 anni fa

    french; dislike

  • Nathalie Passefond

    Nathalie Passefond

    6 anni fa

    y a pas 4ygv fait gc ssy