He was fed up 😂 |

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2022
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He was fed up 😂 |
(via @campus.univers.cascades/IG)

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Commenti: 10 444  
  • Lonely Sandwich

    Lonely Sandwich

    17 ore fa

    That was one of thee most violent Superman drawback punch I’ve ever seen

  • noxas 17

    noxas 17

    8 ore fa

    The bro's entrance and everything was legendary walking to the back, only to get full k.o.

  • James WO

    James WO

    23 ore fa

    Apanhou, apanhou mas deu o troco

  • A Thatcher

    A Thatcher

    8 ore fa

    20 on 1 and he still managed to take one down and come out still standing… truly he is a legend, a god among we mere mortals…

  • Cari Asay

    Cari Asay

    16 ore fa

    Oh man..... I really laughed hard at this. But hopefully he is ok after he got up. He might get teased by his teammates for a while...

  • Bribe


    17 ore fa

    This is how Mario and Luigi's enemies feel when they bring up that special move that endlessly attacks them then that one guy just misses it.

  • Ninja Gaming

    Ninja Gaming

    8 ore fa

    O boneco cansou de apanhar: "vem tranquilo, o último eu pego"😂😂

  • Rebecca V

    Rebecca V

    8 ore fa

    Looks like that dude actually went out cold. Hope he's OK.

  • Carlos Henao

    Carlos Henao

    12 ore fa

    That last kick was the best, almost knocking the dummy off of its base and getting it mad enough to knockout the last guy!

  • MaggyMenTats


    8 ore fa

    Dang it was he’s time to shine everyone was watching until the incident

  • Dash


    20 ore fa

    The last person was great at what they were doing

  • Veerendra Hegde

    Veerendra Hegde

    Giorno fa

    Whether it was a act or for real - I loved it

  • Billy


    8 ore fa

    They should have these at schools for students to release there anger and stress

  • Ddawson Wilsondawg

    Ddawson Wilsondawg

    8 ore fa

    "Remember that one time you got knocked out by a dummie!?"

  • Barbara Clark

    Barbara Clark

    19 ore fa

    Really quick first - genuinely hate “Wait For It” now after being burned so many times, just gotta say, but for once, paid off and then some (not kidding).

  • z


    13 ore fa

    That Crash Test Dummy took that last guy out and laughed about it the whole time .

  • Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa

    Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa

    8 ore fa

    Considering how much he prepped that punch at something that was going towards him, he probably didnt need that blow to the head

  • someone2506


    8 ore fa

    Props to the prop !

  • Shadow Fox Archon

    Shadow Fox Archon

    8 ore fa

    When the boss takes your parties dps just to 1 tap the quest leader or healer

  • Marvelo Mavo

    Marvelo Mavo

    8 ore fa

    He was absorbing all the hits like a vibranium suit 😂😂