Do this John, Do that John, kill your f*cking teacher John - Peaky Blinders - Season 3

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Peaky Blinders Series
Season 3 - Episode 3
John Shelby: Do this John, Do that John, kill your fucking teacher John
Cillian Murphy(Tommy Shelby)
Since my f*cking wife took a bullet meant for me
Music: XXXtentacion - Voices
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  • Sufiyan F

    Sufiyan F

    John was an exceptional character, loved every part of his act. What a talent... Incredible

  • Dalton Crace

    Dalton Crace

    “John was good, Arthur tries, Tommy is different”

  • Merus


    Peaky Blinders is a masterpiece, it doesn’t have any flaws. it’s just perfect.

  • benardio


    Thomas deflected the question to an emotional answer. His wife being shot does not answer why he isn't telling them what's happening. He just wanted Jhon to be sorry about it and accept it

  • Saint Luke

    Saint Luke

    These 3 cemented themselves as legends in my eyes with this show.

  • BeastlyXSamurai


    “If she’s a good woman, then she’ll go to heaven eh?”

  • MrConnor 97

    MrConnor 97

    The acting in the whole series is a masterpiece

  • xCAUT10Nx91


    What an absolutely incredible show. I literally just binged watched all the seasons and I'm ready for 6 !!! Definitely one that will stick with me forever.

  • The Beauty Of It All

    The Beauty Of It All

    Loved John standing up to Tommy in this scene, the whole show is a masterpiece. Can't wait to see the new season.

  • M. Serhat

    M. Serhat

    Spoiler alert: The irony is him going against Tommy’s orders and sparing the teacher is what got him killed

  • Arbnor


    At the end when he said “kill your f*cking teacher john” got me crying

  • Justinn’sMMA


    Never watched this show and I still have chills. Guess I found a new show to watch

  • Neo62003 ‘

    Neo62003 ‘

    I’m going to be honest all these shorts are going to make me watch this show

  • Kilrogg


    Song name: Daniel Silver - Now That You’re Gone

  • GateKeeper


    Never watched this show but I just love the intense emotional back and fourths. Oh and they look cool as hell.



    I love how john didn't back off after tommy lashed out on him 🔥

  • Mr. Handman

    Mr. Handman

    Like how John didn't go "oh fuck, he pulled the dead wife card" and stayed angry at Tommy.

  • Ted Kaczynski

    Ted Kaczynski

    I don’t know anything about this but Jesus Christ this is an amazing scene the emotion feels so raw and real

  • Isaagain


    Coincidentally John died because he didn't kill his teacher

  • AbhorrentHeathen


    This show is incredible, I can't wait for season 6