"I love to play against the best in the world!" Kylian Mbappe on facing Manuel Neuer 🎯

Pubblicato il 7 apr 2021
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Kylian Mbappé reacts to PSG's 3-2 away win over Bayern in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.
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  • Franky 1971

    Franky 1971

    9 minuti fa

    What a down to earth, sweet guy.

  • The Robánek

    The Robánek

    25 minuti fa

    Why he has better English than Kane? xD

  • M foot

    M foot

    39 minuti fa

    He speak english better than harry kane

  • Adam Holst

    Adam Holst

    53 minuti fa

    And plays in Leauge 1 😂😂😂

  • Lesole N

    Lesole N

    59 minuti fa

    Man basically said "is this your king"

  • blade wade

    blade wade

    Ora fa

    Man it's really irritating due to the fact that he's English is that well

  • ketty


    Ora fa

    One of the few footballers who seemed like he actually learned at school. Very intelligent guy.

  • Julian _

    Julian _

    Ora fa


  • Omar


    Ora fa

    The luck wasn’t with us so many times we very close to scoring goal but it lost in stupid way
    Bayern will won next Tuesday and we will meet Man City gonna beat them and won Champions League in Istanbul no matter who we play with in final

  • D- Nano

    D- Nano

    Ora fa

    Mr .mbape

  • French Viking

    French Viking

    2 ore fa

    Haaa 🥴
    Love it 👌🏻

  • Ronald Madziro

    Ronald Madziro

    2 ore fa

    He spoke no word of English during the World cup but barely a few years later,he speaks better English than Many in Amerikkka.

  • A15


    2 ore fa

    He say good like Cristiano “goot” 😂

  • Damian Wysokiński

    Damian Wysokiński

    2 ore fa

    He said 'We scored' instead of 'I scored'. Impressive and humble

  • Zvone Boban

    Zvone Boban

    2 ore fa

    His Spanish is great too...ready to join Madrid next year. Hala Madrid!

  • marcel matani

    marcel matani

    3 ore fa

    i feel so good that im a part of this guy's generation were both born in 98

  • Keir Mardy

    Keir Mardy

    3 ore fa

    Preparing himself for the EPL I see..

  • dwazzz munniii

    dwazzz munniii

    3 ore fa

    His english Is improving

  • Leli Eri

    Leli Eri

    4 ore fa

    😂😂 like like I said how cute he say

  • Arek Ker

    Arek Ker

    4 ore fa

    Wow he is such a nice guy , more people like him we need

  • siyabonga matroos

    siyabonga matroos

    4 ore fa

    His English is good this alone makes me think playing in EPL is very possible for him......i hate to say it Liverpoolfc will be his best option.

  • mChannel


    4 ore fa

    Harry Kane has left the chat

  • Mhmad Saad

    Mhmad Saad

    4 ore fa

    I'm bayern fan but mbappe is the best player in the future

  • Liam Laidler Laidler

    Liam Laidler Laidler

    5 ore fa

    That’s some of the best English I’ve ever heard from a french person

  • Bodyboard life

    Bodyboard life

    5 ore fa

    Il a passé le toeic sans doute

  • Kushra Producer

    Kushra Producer

    6 ore fa

    what a gentleman

  • Egan Ezra Vorster

    Egan Ezra Vorster

    6 ore fa


  • Max Ukas

    Max Ukas

    7 ore fa

    He is just like "I don't know, just do my best, who knows how the fck it works.." :o)

  • Nabeel Hakeem

    Nabeel Hakeem

    8 ore fa

    I didnt know that he knew English.

  • Divyanshu Jain

    Divyanshu Jain

    8 ore fa

    Even haaland scored twice against Bayern , the only difference is his team doesn't support him like PSG does to mbappe

  • Super G V2

    Super G V2

    8 ore fa

    Mbappes English has drastically become good now 😂

  • Hank Storm

    Hank Storm

    9 ore fa

    i hope he one day lets his hair grow, would be epic with a big afro :D

  • Pris Siblings

    Pris Siblings

    10 ore fa

    He should win ballon dor this time✅

  • Saidul islam tanvir

    Saidul islam tanvir

    10 ore fa

    Pilot mbbappe was in English 🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • Moe


    11 ore fa

    Ninja turtle

  • Quirrz


    11 ore fa

    YouTube recommending something good _wow_

  • 7世エリザベス


    12 ore fa

    It was just an admiring goal,reminiscent

  • Jean Rony Pierre Louis

    Jean Rony Pierre Louis

    12 ore fa

    He speaks English 🥺

  • William Cahill

    William Cahill

    13 ore fa

    Didn't realise the young man spoken English. And he speaks it incredibly well.

  • The Football Planet

    The Football Planet

    13 ore fa

    Good night at the end was so sweet 😂

  • Jose Porras

    Jose Porras

    13 ore fa


  • John David

    John David

    13 ore fa

    He's playing against legends past their prime, now everybody acts as if him and Haaland are the best invention since sliced bread.

  • Night King 48

    Night King 48

    13 ore fa

    I mean, he already goes against Navas in training, so playing against Neuer is nothing too serious and he demonstrated that

  • Lander Heeren

    Lander Heeren

    13 ore fa

    his english vs halands english😂😂

  • Kennedy Loy

    Kennedy Loy

    14 ore fa


  • LosztBeats


    14 ore fa

    ive been a fan of his since 2017 and this is the first time I hear him speak lol

  • Tevin Parker

    Tevin Parker

    14 ore fa

    Just say u got lucky with Neuer this time

  • Silow


    14 ore fa


  • Robert Henderson

    Robert Henderson

    14 ore fa

    He sounds like a really nice guy

  • J M

    J M

    14 ore fa

    I like Haaland a lot but honestly Mbappe is one player I prayyyy comes to the premier league he just has something so enigmatic about him

  • Jamie Raffan

    Jamie Raffan

    14 ore fa

    Reason is English is good cause as a youngster he had trails at English clubs such like Chelsea

  • Matthew Quinn

    Matthew Quinn

    14 ore fa

    Love the way Mbappe was the one who ended the interview, just says "thankyou, goodnight" and strolls away

  • R Thakuri

    R Thakuri

    14 ore fa

    Ask neymar he had done mbappe just scored 1 goal from his side neymar helped for 2 goals

  • Blxckyツ


    15 ore fa

    Mbappe kurz Engländer geworden

  • Spncr7


    15 ore fa

    Needs to line up that trim a bit better

  • Amin Salah

    Amin Salah

    16 ore fa

    Mbappe speaking better English than Harry Kane

  • Ikki PES

    Ikki PES

    16 ore fa

    La légende dit que Kylian parle couramment 18 langues...

  • Nabil Ayari

    Nabil Ayari

    16 ore fa

    Messi did lot crazy thing and achieved so many at the age of 19 please don't compare him to the goet of football

  • Habil Jasarevic

    Habil Jasarevic

    16 ore fa

    His english is pretty impressive even though he has never played in prem league before, and then there are foreign players like aguero etc who can’t speak english properly after playing in England for 10 years, always dislike such players and people in general

  • Souf IB

    Souf IB

    16 ore fa

    Rolala le vitesse d'apprentissage m impresionne

  • Albert Alberto

    Albert Alberto

    16 ore fa

    his english voice sounds like he is a 30 year old mexican drug dealer

  • Hector


    16 ore fa

    Better english than Kane

  • Ben


    16 ore fa

    Bayern going through, the win has already gone to their heads

  • Jeremy Afonso

    Jeremy Afonso

    16 ore fa

    Mbappe English is so good 🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • Michatroschka


    16 ore fa

    good mindset

  • kanaalnaam9000


    17 ore fa

    I imagined his voice would be diffrent

  • Cetshwayo Moyo

    Cetshwayo Moyo

    17 ore fa

    Conspiracy theory:
    He's been learning English in preparation for a move to the EPL.😅🤔

  • Brian Sexton

    Brian Sexton

    17 ore fa

    I saw him on Sneaker Shopping with Complex on YouTube a couple of years ago, he did not speak English then, and couldn't really understand it either, he needed an interpreter. But wow in this interview he sounds fluent! He must have spent a lot of time improving his English in the past couple of years. Perhaps in anticipation of a potential move to the Premier League?

  • Moinul


    17 ore fa

    Watched this interview more times than I care to admit just for the last 10 seconds

  • LoHan kUrDi

    LoHan kUrDi

    17 ore fa

    I have never heard mbappe speak English and I’m quite impressed

  • N B

    N B

    17 ore fa

    Good english for a french dude

  • Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

    17 ore fa

    Soon to madrid

  • A1esPyr3x


    17 ore fa

    Amazing HAALAND doing this interview LOL 🤣😂

  • A1esPyr3x


    17 ore fa

    His English is impressive like him on the pitch!!

  • CODE E

    CODE E

    17 ore fa

    He’s such nice guy ... go on bapps!!

  • EternalNoobs


    17 ore fa

    Bayern was much better!

  • Matija Lukač

    Matija Lukač

    17 ore fa

    This is the first interview in English from him and he knows the word collective

  • Jonathan Reyes

    Jonathan Reyes

    17 ore fa

    If they can get past bayern second leg they should win cl

  • Rodrigo hernandez

    Rodrigo hernandez

    18 ore fa

    How does he know more English than neymar ?

  • DankyJohnny


    18 ore fa

    Never heard him speak English

  • Luc Meyrand

    Luc Meyrand

    18 ore fa

    He definitely learned english with Thierry Henry !

  • Amoro Dauda

    Amoro Dauda

    18 ore fa

    Wow! I never know he speaks English.

  • Hossein Hashemi

    Hossein Hashemi

    18 ore fa

    This guy legit looks like a Ninja Turtle LOOOOL

  • dwanyewest


    18 ore fa

    It's amazing how foreign players can speak English so well. Yet English people no matter how long they live abroad seem incapable of learning the local language of the country they live in

  • Leewi


    18 ore fa

    The first time I have heard him speak I'm not sure was that the English I was thinking of

  • Freddy Rojas Cama

    Freddy Rojas Cama

    18 ore fa

    He has a good English.

  • Andreas HaltStop

    Andreas HaltStop

    18 ore fa

    The best Team in Europe ????????

    • Andreas HaltStop

      Andreas HaltStop

      6 ore fa

      @Patrik Horváth and Holstein Kiel win against munich. Is Holstein Kiel now the best Team of the World ? They play in the third League

    • Patrik Horváth

      Patrik Horváth

      18 ore fa

      Yes...last Ucl win bayern munich

  • kushtrim kusho

    kushtrim kusho

    19 ore fa

    Another foreign player who speaks better English than Kane

  • Taisen Fjouri

    Taisen Fjouri

    19 ore fa

    His english is better than Harry Kane

  • Henska2


    19 ore fa

    Better than haaland. Better Ball control, skills, easier to play with and finishing i will say. World class player

  • Qinih Patricia

    Qinih Patricia

    19 ore fa

    he knows English!

  • Damon Aspeling

    Damon Aspeling

    19 ore fa

    Manuel best ever 🧢No one will ever come close to Peter Schmeichel

  • Gabriel nguyen

    Gabriel nguyen

    19 ore fa

    I love how he smiles much more on international TV than on French Tv hahaha



    20 ore fa

    I understand him much better than ferguson and his french xD

  • Wyeth Davon

    Wyeth Davon

    20 ore fa

    Sounds awesome...seem well mannered too !!
    Beginning to like this guy🤨.

  • Jack Submarine

    Jack Submarine

    20 ore fa

    His English so good

  • Maiden Dream

    Maiden Dream

    20 ore fa

    Great Attitude.. With so much Politeness ❤️❤️

  • Juppi


    20 ore fa

    So unverdient

  • FaZe Krunag

    FaZe Krunag

    20 ore fa


  • Anonymous


    20 ore fa

    Waauww a year ago his english was horrible