New Hyundai Ioniq 5 full review - the 300-mile Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft

Pubblicato il 26 apr 2021
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Welcome to The Late Brake Show's full review of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 - the 300-mile true Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft. We say Minecraft, but any 8-bit video game really. So is this really as good as electric car enthusiasts had hoped? Jonny seemed convinced by the Korean EV efficiency, the retro-future bold styling, massive cabin and boot space, and the charging/power output versatility.

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E-GMP is the codename for Hyundai's Electric Global Modular Platform that the Ioniq 5 is based upon. This is dedicated EV as opposed to shared with piston models, like the Kona and Niro models previously (good as they are). Don't get confused with the existing Ioniq either - that's a much smaller car that can be purchased in petrol hybrid, PHEV or full EV form.

4635mm long
1890mm wide
1605mm high
3000mm wheelbase

Longer than ID.4, shorter than Mustang Mach-e and 78 mm longer wheelbase than a full size Range Rover!

Boot space 531L + 57L froot (24L if AWD optioned)
Boot space rivals:VW ID.4 = 543L, 1575L seats down
Ford Mach-E = 402L + 81L (froot), 1420L seats down
Nissan Ariya = 468L (2wd model)

Much of the interior is eco-friendly (saw this many years ago on the first generation Kia Soul EV) and uses sustainable sourced materials, recycled PET bottles, plant based (bio PET) yarns and natural wool yarns, plus eco-processed leather with plant based extracts and bio paint with plant extracts.

400 or 800v charging capability supported (world first), The IONIQ5 also can rapid charge up to 380kW, so although much of the UK isn't there yet it is ready. Theoretically it can can charge 10-80% in 18 mins at this level. Or get 100km of range from 5 mins of charge.

Two batts, two or 4wd:
Two battery choices (similar to its competitors): 58kWh or 72.6kWh
Two electric motor layouts - either RWD or AWD, the latter having two motors.
Best performance is the 72.6kWh AWD with 225kW and 605nm of torque = 5.2 0-62
Longest range car obviously has bigger battery and 2WD for up to 480km range - or 300 miles WLTP.
All cars have a top speed of 115mph or 185km/h.

Hyundai's V2L (Vehicle 2 Load) means you can use an external or internal plug socket to power things, charge e-motorbikes, or even other electric cars. This could be just what we need for some distanced entertainment in 2021 (and beyond?) 3.6kW output sockets. There's also a socket inside the Ioniq 5 (between rear seats) and a 15w fast charger for mobile devices.

Prices are not confirmed yet, but the ballpark is looking incredibly promising. Expect the Ioniq 5 to start around £36k and for the big battery 4wd launch edition (as tested) to be £47k. With all that space, charging innovation, unique styling and performance (not to mention unlimited mileage 5 year warranty) Jonny may have whispered that he would have an Ioniq 5 more than any other EV right now.

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Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
1:36 E-GMP new platform
2:25 Don't confuse with the Ioniq
2:57 Dimensions
3:18 Interior space
5:25 Rear passenger space
7:20 Main rivals
7:36 Boot space
9:04 Charging info (up to 380kW)
10:05 Driving impressions
11:06 8-bit Lancia Integrale
12:57 2 x battery options
13:15 Specs
13:30 Performance stats
14:45 Heritage Pony Concept
15:10 0-62 mph launch
17:21 Prices
18:50 External power sources (V2L)
21:25 Verdict and outro, proudly supported by Continental Tyres

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  • Ben Gully

    Ben Gully

    7 mesi fa

    thank you Jonny for years of excellent auto journalism, a refreshingly honest & quirky personality, and last but not least for bringing electric vehicles to the people in a fun and cool way. as we say in the south, you're doin the lords work!

    • Mike Denby

      Mike Denby

      3 mesi fa

      @Eoghan Fla vgigiigviiigiiiii

    • Eoghan Fla

      Eoghan Fla

      5 mesi fa

      @Mark Morrissey who are you talking to and what is your point? Can we manage a full sentence?

    • Mark Morrissey

      Mark Morrissey

      5 mesi fa


    • From morningnight

      From morningnight

      5 mesi fa

      owned a Hyundai i20 Active car which I bought in august 2017 and since the beginning there are a lot of issues with the car paint and ac especially, whoever person I met and whenever we discuss, everybody having these two common issues. Just after 2 years, my ac failed where I have driven Maruti and Ford cars for more than 10 years and there was not a single issue with those cars during the entire span. Hyundai is the worst with this quality. Need your support to take it to Hyundai forum where you can get some solution.

    • Eoghan Fla

      Eoghan Fla

      6 mesi fa

      My favourite part about this video, over 800k views, the other channel that does “only electric” which we all know, only managed 350k views. A year and a bit on your own Jonny and your killing it. Well done mate. Well done 👍

  • Black Stone

    Black Stone

    Giorno fa

    This interior looks almost as ugly and cheap as a Mercedes S class

  • Yu Tuver

    Yu Tuver

    Giorno fa

    The reason you see the resemblance to Lancia delta is that both that and Hyundai Pony, from which Ioniq 5 inherits its design, are designed by the same person, Giorgetto Giugiaro.

  • Y Zhang

    Y Zhang

    3 giorni fa

    Nice car. Personal opinion: rear wiper is always needed, low/medium speed drive will not generate enough force to clear the water or melting ice :)

  • Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood

    4 giorni fa

    Test driving one of these next week, having done the Q4, Mustang and id4 GtX, my hopes for this one are high. The others are pretty good, but I'm hoping this is everything I want it to be. If it is, I'm pulling the trigger

  • pistolpeds


    6 giorni fa

    It's near as technical and as costly to repair as an f35 jet. I think the f35 will have a much longer service life.

  • Ray Jackson

    Ray Jackson

    8 giorni fa

    I want one please.

  • IceCreamConn


    9 giorni fa

    It's nice, but it's not built for British/Irish Roads at that width. E.g. try parking it in a 60's garage in Birmingham City Centre when you have a client meeting, impossible. Not a unique problem to this model, or EVs, but modern car design.Drives me mad

  • halemcdan1


    9 giorni fa

    Why on earth would you by an Audi over this?

  • Carpe Noctem

    Carpe Noctem

    11 giorni fa

    Hyundai are doing some good work! I hope they keep it up!

  • Tambo74


    13 giorni fa

    I'll be honest.. I hate Hyundai cars, but this car is seriously changing my mind finally.

  • Andrei Simionescu

    Andrei Simionescu

    14 giorni fa

    Sorry mate it looks like shit irl

  • Andre B.

    Andre B.

    15 giorni fa

    It's an impressive car, the look by itself is much better than Tesla but the biggest trouble is the app, it's so slow, it need a very big improvement.

  • z1az


    19 giorni fa

    Beautiful car. Superb features, however as a long time driver and someone who holds on to my car, I immediately think about what could go wrong long term and even though it's electric, the huge infotainment screen/ system, type of battery used, the electric motors etc could over time. If Hyundai's battery warranty is anything like what they currently offer and with a 10 year extended warranty sure.

  • iFuff


    19 giorni fa

    its pronounced "hue-n-dae" hue as in color n dae as in a sundae

  • RR Extra

    RR Extra

    19 giorni fa

    All EV's are Shxt...
    Every single one of them.

  • alphawolfsquadrin01


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    Thats not an "air dancer", thats a "whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man"

  • Imad Al-Shikh Omar

    Imad Al-Shikh Omar

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    Nio is the beater 👍

  • Monique M

    Monique M

    23 giorni fa

    I like your style and humour! I hope you do a review of the refreshed MG ZS EV that’s just about to come out.

  • m s

    m s

    29 giorni fa

    What a shame ..I will never be able to afford one.

  • EscapeToAmazon


    29 giorni fa

    Feels like an a licking review for the privelige of getting a car. I'll look for a decent review

  • Saint Raphael

    Saint Raphael

    Mese fa

    Hi there, my biggest problem will be how the average old person will be able to afford one ???? What is going to happen to all the petrol and diesel vehicles ???

  • john morris

    john morris

    Mese fa

    audi a3 or old vauxhall astra in disguise 😂just saying

  • Bradley


    Mese fa

    Fantastic video.
    Thank you!

  • Hikaru WDM

    Hikaru WDM

    Mese fa

    If the UK does actually ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 I hope cars like this become affordable for those who simply cannot buy a brand new car. I for example need a vehicle that can over at least 250 miles so I can go to my city and back home again comfortably and is 4x4 (or 4wd, awd for those who don't know what 4x4 means).
    Right now I have a Honda crv that's 14 years old which has been nothing but reliable. Personally I don't want to get rid of her for both practical and emotional values (she belonged to my late dad).

  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter

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    Can’t believe how much Jonny had aged since 5th gear 👀 👴🏼

  • EJ XOF66

    EJ XOF66

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    Hyundai is two syllables not three

  • PoptheBubble ChartLeaks

    PoptheBubble ChartLeaks

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    I like the way this car looks. The color and shape are nice. It seems very functional. I love the storage room. If one had to sleep in a car, this one would be nice.

  • Stephen Tudor

    Stephen Tudor

    Mese fa

    Only the first 3k have solar roofs ah , I'll wait until i can buy 1 with a solar roof as to buy anything else after that is a thing, is just a step backwards.

  • Lance 54

    Lance 54

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    Sounds like a paid advertisement

  • Raymond Bedborough

    Raymond Bedborough

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    Great presentation

  • Mark Arend

    Mark Arend

    Mese fa

    Where do they get their lythium for the batteries please?

  • Danny Boy

    Danny Boy

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    But why have stuck on screens all the time, get them integrated into the dash.

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    Pit J.

    Mese fa


  • Bulent Kontash

    Bulent Kontash

    Mese fa

    if any it was in the reach of the average earner. i'd have one tomorrow.

  • admin123


    Mese fa

    That is one beautiful car!! So cool!!!! Best looking EV so far. I dont know why Hyundai would not put the logo in the steering wheel of this car, this is their coolest car ever and game changer for the brand, i would put that logo there for sure, this car is so incredibly cool!!, this is the only EV i would purchase, that thing is beautiful!!!.

  • joggesko


    Mese fa

    Perfect car. i tested it and it was so good!!!!!!!!! Norway here :)

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    Paul E Crosby

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    Isnt that just a Peugeot with uglier body parts, all cars are starting to look far too similar

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    all cars have to much shit on the dash boards such distractions

  • Philip Turner

    Philip Turner

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    👏🏻👏🏻 Great review, I wish I had one of these now!

  • Photography by Kristian Thomas

    Photography by Kristian Thomas

    Mese fa

    how much does electric charging generally cost?

  • Sean Robin

    Sean Robin

    Mese fa

    "Absolutely Magnificent

  • vladimir vasilev

    vladimir vasilev

    Mese fa

    Ioniq sounds like I-own-it (or I'm-on-it), which makes the car even more appealing. Great review, you have a style, Jonny, many thanks!

  • Carl Russell

    Carl Russell

    Mese fa

    Great review but you missed out the innovative blind spot camera that activates on the dash..unless it wasn't fitted to this model?

  • 88pipboy


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    Whats that e-bike name?

  • Hi, 1626

    Hi, 1626

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    2:58 Dimension
    14:00 Hyundai vs Tesla

  • Aussie ideas man

    Aussie ideas man

    Mese fa

    My follow-up trashing of EVs is uploaded - Ioniq 5 loses . . .

  • T80Cy


    Mese fa

    I call bullshit Hyundai claim that the car doesn’t need back wipers. Their claim may partially be valid at highway speed, but for sure it will not work in the city.

    • Rab C

      Rab C

      Mese fa

      Thers been alot of cars with no rear wiper for years. They put a treatment on the class to help water roll off

  • Michael Nuss

    Michael Nuss

    Mese fa

    You're the best Jonny. Love your stuff.

  • Aussie ideas man

    Aussie ideas man

    2 mesi fa

    These EV reviews have prompted me to upload my own video about how good they really are in comparison to ICE cars.

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    Will Mac

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    Prefer this over any of the German offerings

  • Will Mac

    Will Mac

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    E Gimp? Seriously

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    Adam Downey

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    Plug in a bouncy castle :-) Oh my god, you actually did at the end, great minds!!!!!!

  • kelum perera

    kelum perera

    2 mesi fa

    Please help,
    1) I'm trying to order one. Which derivate I should select. 225kw ultimate (tech)?.
    2) is it an SUV.? do you feel like you are sitting on the floor like in a standard sedan car.
    Thank you for your advice.

  • John Ames

    John Ames

    2 mesi fa

    19:20 think if other manufacturers would innovate we'd have a system where no one would have to worry about getting stranded once enough EV's are on the road

  • TechRidr


    2 mesi fa

    Great car, but why is it that nobody in the UK knows how to properly pronounce Hyundai? For one, the "y" is nearly silent and the "i" is completely silent. Think of the end as "Day" not "Die." Oh, and this is from the Koreans, not just me saying it.

  • Dan Williams

    Dan Williams

    2 mesi fa

    Which colour was that car?

  • Chay Hawes

    Chay Hawes

    2 mesi fa

    Hi Jonny, I think that might be my next car (second hand though!) but the most important question - where is your jumper from?

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    bright eyes

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    this is the best electric looking car i have seen yet plus tesla of course 👍

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    The Fleecer

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    J Carroll

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    "Mummy I don't want an ionic 5!", "I want a pony!!!!!!".

  • Josh Bacon

    Josh Bacon

    2 mesi fa

    8:09 - The main reason for the reduced capacity of the front boot on four-wheel-drive versions of the Ioniq 5 is because most of the space underneath is taken up by the front motor. That’s why rear-wheel-drive only versions have a bigger front boot than the four-wheel-drives, as they have no front motor taking up space.

  • Tesla Trev

    Tesla Trev

    2 mesi fa

    supercharging network ?

  • Dopravní Poradce

    Dopravní Poradce

    2 mesi fa

    Superb review as ever. This is the second EV after Honda E, that appeals to me. And this has the range, so I can actually use it. Me. The Volvo V70 from 2004 man. If the infrastrucure will be there, I can see myself in this car.

  • Dopravní Poradce

    Dopravní Poradce

    2 mesi fa

    My grandma had the same sweater.

  • maxmumbai1234


    2 mesi fa

    I believe all EVs should come with a front windshield cover that can be closed automatically to avoid the sun heating up the interiors when charging

  • gjohnint


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    As its really a milk float, how many crates can it carry?

  • No-one Man.

    No-one Man.

    2 mesi fa

    This guy is the best reviewer out there.



    2 mesi fa

    Goodday mate!

  • Google User

    Google User

    2 mesi fa

    Is that 300 mile range in the real world, with darkness and cold or is it 300 mile range in a southern European summer at mid day going down hill with a following wind? Of course, the important question is, does it have "vegan leather" like the Kia? The game changer is being able to charge my naff electric bike in only an hour or two. Why don't they just build an electric car that we want?

  • Sander de Groot

    Sander de Groot

    2 mesi fa

    This was really great & funny to watch!

  • Heart of Cinema

    Heart of Cinema

    2 mesi fa

    I have always had an Audi, so i am probably biased. The thing is this. You don't buy a car for 1-2 years. You need to trust the workmanship - so something might look feel/good, doesn't mean it will in 2 years or won't become faulty. For me my Audi's (i have always looked after them well) have never had poor quality materials that fail or fall apart in 2-3 years. Not to say these Hyundai's have lower quality materials, I am saying that when you are spending such big sums, best to stick to what you know and trust.

  • padstow7


    2 mesi fa

    The Ionic5 also reminds me of the Mk1 Seat Ibiza.

  • Michael Goode

    Michael Goode

    2 mesi fa

    For somebody who likes to throw the tent into the back of the car and hit a rural campsite for a few days having your electricity for those little luxuries to make your break even more relaxing and enjoyable would be great. I can see people like me flocking to ev's with this feature.
    I assume that the connector is fully waterproof?

  • Damien ASMR

    Damien ASMR

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    Looks a bit daft sitting next to an EV6.

  • FlyingLunatic


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    Excellent review as usual!:) Couldn't help thinking about the "Gimp" in Pulp fiction when you mentioned the platform🤣

  • John van den Broek

    John van den Broek

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    Thank you for the great review …. That is one awesome looking car!!

  • KWatt-Engineer


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    The veggie base paint is a deal killer for me. Current generation paints are incredibly durable The paint on my 11 year old truck looks a good as the day I bought it . General motors once introduced a low VOC paint (good for the environment) that lasted about 3 years before going dead flat. Paint jobs are incredibly expensive to do correctly. It's not economically feasible to repaint your vegetable paint job car after 3 years of ownership, when you expect the car to have a 15 plus year lifespan.

  • Brian Henry

    Brian Henry

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    I thought WLTP range was nonsense… why are you using that when it’s known to be a total nonsense formula?

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    Anthony Strunk

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    Foo Baz

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  • Is There Anybody Out There?

    Is There Anybody Out There?

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    Matt Hutchinson

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  • joseph prosser

    joseph prosser

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    For me the supporting charger infrastructure is 50% of an EV. It needs to be seamlessly simple, abundant and fast and the public charging infrastructure is rarely any of those. The Ioniq 5 is both a stylish and competent piece of engineering (a step ahead of VW) and if it had access to Tesla charging infrastructure it would be contender for the crown.

  • peter martin

    peter martin

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    Deon Brunette

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  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

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    Also said it all when Guy Martin spent nearly twice as much on electric than he would have on diesel just to go to John O groats
    How cheap are they really gonna be to run ?
    Because when everyone has one you will see electric price rocket
    As we did when everyone bought into diesel and LPG.

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    Banlam Marpnas

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  • Cristian Pop

    Cristian Pop

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    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

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      Thanks Cristian!

  • Timpala


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    • Timpala


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      @The Late Brake Show haha... Great video. Really enjoyed (apart from the crinkly paper 😂)

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

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      Sorry about that.