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Pubblicato il 20 dic 2018
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Picture Organic Clothing in association with Almo Film present :
- A High Altitude Travel Diary -
Directed by Jérôme Tanon.
Starring : Thomas Delfino, Léo Taillefer, Zak Mills, Yannick Graziani, Hélias Millerioux, Jérôme Tanon.
The intimate travel diary of an incredible Freeride expedition into the heart of the Karakoram range. The search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the planet, standing at 5880m. An adventure so remote, so high, so committed that no mistakes were allowed. During five weeks, the crew pushed deeper and deeper inside Pakistan, with a 150 km loop in complete autonomy, pulling sleds filled with food, tents and solar panels across gigantic glaciers. As far from home as one can get. A meeting point of Freeriding and Mountaineering. A true adventure.
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Awards :
- Rencontres Ciné Montagnes - Public Choice Award 2018
- Winter Film Festival - Grand Prix 2018
- Tarbes International Freeride Film Festival - Best Film 2018
- Kendal Mountain Festival - Best Adventure & Exploration Film 2018
- Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival - Best Film 2018
- Montagne En Scène - Public Choice Award 2018
- Snow Vision Film Festival - Winner 2018
- Sheffield Adventure Film Festival - Bronze - Best Film 2018
- Sheffield Adventure Film Festival - Gold - Best Ski & Board Film 2018
- Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - Grand Prize 2019
- Memorial Maria Luisa - Grand Price 2019
- Festival Les Rendez-Vous de l'Aventure - Le Grand Prix du film d'aventure 2019
Directed and Edited by Jérôme Tanon, director of "The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding".
Director of photography : Pierre Frechou.
Cinematography : Pierre Frechou & Julien Nadiras.
Produced by : Picture Organic Clothing & Almo Film.
Executive producers : Pierre Dubuy, Morgan le Faucheur, Mathias Joubert, Tom Picamoles, Julien Durant, Jérémy Rochette, Vincent André.
Post production : Léonard Mercier.
Original soundtrack : Jonathan Saguez.
Soundtrack : Audio Networks.
Music supervisor : Jérôme Tanon.
Line producer : Gaelle Martina.
Soundmix : Xavier Fulbert / Ideocast.
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Instagram :
Almo Film :

Picture Organic Clothing
  • Hash Borgir

    Hash Borgir

    20 ore fa

    Paid an old man to carry a lot of your weight. Great accomplishment. You must be so proud of yourself.

  • Christian Mohammed cohen

    Christian Mohammed cohen

    Giorno fa

    ... zabardast!!!....

  • Diamond Khan

    Diamond Khan

    Giorno fa


  • Brandusa Gheorghe

    Brandusa Gheorghe

    2 giorni fa

    Incredible people, incredible mountains......

  • Georgia Testolin

    Georgia Testolin

    2 giorni fa

    Voglio andare in Pakistan per ricevere questi sorrisi meravigliosi..Bravi ragazzi❤️🍀❤️

  • Muhammad Ashfaq Alam

    Muhammad Ashfaq Alam

    2 giorni fa

    Wowww.... hy daredevils, whenever you plan to explore Pakistan on your next expedition, let me know, will introduce you to hikers from Pakistan and as usual, you guys are always welcome to Pakistan.....
    Awesome movie, really enjoyed !!!! Stay blessed and warm greetings from Pakistan

  • Gone Away

    Gone Away

    2 giorni fa

    “We clamped our buttocks for more than one reason.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jahanzaib Hassan

    Jahanzaib Hassan

    3 giorni fa

    What a beautiful country we have... We don't deserve it by our deeds.. 😔 But its Almighty grace..
    Always foreigners help us to realise that we have a paradise,

  • Asif Khoja

    Asif Khoja

    3 giorni fa

    absolutely Stunning Jerome and team . Thank you for showing this beautiful country.

  • Michael Ruth

    Michael Ruth

    3 giorni fa

    Such a wonderful film. So bloody inspiring!!! That freedom of the Karakoram.. wow Zabardast.

  • rehan the ASLAN

    rehan the ASLAN

    4 giorni fa

    I m jst speechless and my eyes r full of tears right now..wht a teamwork, wht an adventure..wht a epic triumph failures nd finally winning..a culture a symbol of brotherhood and humanity..God bless u frm India..

  • Zahra Khan

    Zahra Khan

    4 giorni fa

    Hats off to these great mountaineers who took us to this crazy journey. they lost I felt lost, they conquered I felt conquered, thank you for taking us into these wild yet beautiful mountains! And thanks for showing the beauty of pakistan.

  • Rizwan Jilani

    Rizwan Jilani

    4 giorni fa

    ❤️❤️❤️ love it

  • Mohammad Fawwad

    Mohammad Fawwad

    4 giorni fa


  • Jamil Rizvi

    Jamil Rizvi

    4 giorni fa

    fuck man that was incredible. Really glad i watched this.

  • saif ullah

    saif ullah

    4 giorni fa

    I subscribed not because i am from this country and province but i love mountains lime them,i was poor to not afford the expedition but now i am working 13 hours a day daily regularly,i will climb all of these mark my words

  • umar khan

    umar khan

    4 giorni fa

    To be honest... Tears in my eyes... Only one word IS for this documentary... "ZABARDAST"

  • Ali Tirmezi

    Ali Tirmezi

    4 giorni fa


  • King King

    King King

    4 giorni fa

    Amazing ✌️❤️ pakistan zindabad ✌️

  • Neon Exa

    Neon Exa

    4 giorni fa

    I lost 10 kilos and gained 7 friends🖤😍🤝

  • Liaqat Hussain

    Liaqat Hussain

    5 giorni fa

    Ukhano brought me here

  • SickBoy


    5 giorni fa

    Wow. Thks U guys 🤍



    5 giorni fa

    I know that this line is so hard...but there are some guys that the would jump from the top straight ahead and without ropes doing a huge backflip

  • the best

    the best

    5 giorni fa

    26:23 Holy SHIT What a shot!

  • Aurélie Lf

    Aurélie Lf

    5 giorni fa

    Pakistan seems to be such a Incredible country with Incredible people ! ❤

  • stelun56


    5 giorni fa

    I was here in 1978. The people here are some of the nicest I have ever met. They are unbelievably kind, and they shall always have a special place in my life.

  • Bad Drivers

    Bad Drivers

    5 giorni fa

    This is Fitoor...

  • Thorgus


    6 giorni fa

    Outstanding. Marvelous. Terrific. Zabardast. Tks for sharing.



    6 giorni fa

    Bellissimi pensieri dal minuto 47

  • Peggy


    6 giorni fa

    Beautiful ❤

  • Shahzaib Saadat

    Shahzaib Saadat

    6 giorni fa


  • asad saleem

    asad saleem

    6 giorni fa

    unbelivable waoooww

  • Dr. Faizan Akram

    Dr. Faizan Akram

    6 giorni fa

    Who came hear after watching Ukhano's vlog "Winter land of Pakistan"

  • Mauro Marcenaro

    Mauro Marcenaro

    6 giorni fa

    rich ppl , worst ppl, hate nature and human kind, make pollution for their plasir,

  • A K

    A K

    7 giorni fa

    ❤️ Zabardast ❤️ Definitely some look out the corner of the eye moments! Fab 😍

  • Sherry _X_ Zayn

    Sherry _X_ Zayn

    7 giorni fa


  • arslan shani

    arslan shani

    7 giorni fa

    Hats Off ❤❤ Great Team Energetic Friends. Zabardast 👍👍👍 Keep it Up

  • SAMiON


    7 giorni fa

    amazing guys love you from pakistan

  • Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan

    8 giorni fa

    WoW, Zabardast ❤️

  • Steven Conrad

    Steven Conrad

    8 giorni fa

    Outstanding! A must see...

  • Muhammad Faizan

    Muhammad Faizan

    8 giorni fa

    Just Waoo

  • Christian Prinoth

    Christian Prinoth

    8 giorni fa

    This is so fucking stupid and wonderful at the same time. Love it ❤️

  • Faraz Sohail

    Faraz Sohail

    8 giorni fa

    Zabardast ♥

  • Assassination


    9 giorni fa

    Little kid is saying tomatar instead of tomato 😂 @50:17

    • A K

      A K

      6 giorni fa

      Tomatar is tomatoe in Urdu

  • Usamaverse


    9 giorni fa

    Zabardast is an Urdu word with Persian roots, originating from a combo of two Persian words: "zabar" meaning "above" or "higher", and "dast" meaning "hand". Together, the compound word means "a hand's breadth higher/better (than anything comparable)". Hope it helps... Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • zzGRENDELzz


    10 giorni fa

    Wow! Like "Jackass" in french in the Himalayas. Only thing missing was a scene where they kick each other in the nuts.

  • Calin Rusu

    Calin Rusu

    11 giorni fa

    Fucking insane! Wow!

  • Chef t'as pas une garo stoplé ?

    Chef t'as pas une garo stoplé ?

    11 giorni fa

    Rich people's children who are seeking for something exciting.
    Nothing really new copared to what we can find on tik tok, except that these laters are shorter (which is a damn good thing).
    Over for me.

  • 92 Ravi Nayak

    92 Ravi Nayak

    11 giorni fa

    got in recommendatiom from nowhere its amazing ❤️ 🇮🇳

  • S Willams

    S Willams

    11 giorni fa

    The mountains of Pakistan: Surely nothing like this anywhere on Earth.

  • Jonathan


    11 giorni fa

    That rash? That's Cold Urticaria!! I've got it. When your skin gets cold for long periods of time you develop a rash. Goes away when you warm up. Heat Urticaria exists as well.

  • Lexx HDR

    Lexx HDR

    12 giorni fa

    This is absolutely incredible. Every time I think "okay, they're done and going home"......nope "lets try to scale a ski another insane slope".
    Stunning. Very well filmed as well. A great story.

  • muhammad adeel

    muhammad adeel

    12 giorni fa

    wonderful pakistan amezing

  • Taimoor Khan

    Taimoor Khan

    13 giorni fa

    The north remembers.

  • Nasir orak

    Nasir orak

    13 giorni fa

    Wonderful 👍👍

  • Iskra Tetelman

    Iskra Tetelman

    13 giorni fa

    It's astonishing. you guys are incredible

  • Motivation Clark

    Motivation Clark

    13 giorni fa


  • Anna White

    Anna White

    13 giorni fa

    Un'esperienza ricca e diversificata ci dice che lo sviluppo socio-economico offre ampie opportunita per i compiti fissati dalla societa. Cosi come la strada innovativa che abbiamo scelto, oltre a un nuovo sguardo alle solite cose, apre sicuramente nuovi orizzonti a favorevoli prospettive.Solo i paesi in via di sviluppo attivo del terzo mondo formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, sono descritti nel modo piu dettagliato possibile. Come gia accennato molte volte, le caratteristiche chiave della struttura del progetto aggiungono solo differenze di fazione e sono chiamate a renderne conto.
    Mas um nivel profundo de imersao fornece uma ampla gama de participacao (de especialistas) na formacao das condicoes adequadas para ativacao. As conclusoes preliminares sao decepcionantes: um novo modelo de atividade organizacional requer a definicao e o refinamento da analise dos padroes de comportamento existentes.

  • Claes Nycander

    Claes Nycander

    14 giorni fa

    Great adventure and a beautiful film, a votre santé!

  • Siraj Patel

    Siraj Patel

    14 giorni fa

    Only one word... Zabardast!!!

  • Инга Швец

    Инга Швец

    14 giorni fa

    Просто не вероятно !!!!!!! ребята просто сумасшедшие)))



    15 giorni fa

    Madness .....

  • morellish


    15 giorni fa

    "Pakistan - A new country to explore, a new language to learn." Dude, you don't need to learn the language if you're just visiting.

  • PokeAus


    15 giorni fa

    incredible, amazing my heart was racing just watching

  • S B

    S B

    16 giorni fa

    Loved watching it. Huzzaaah

  • icecoldusa


    16 giorni fa


  • davetileguy


    16 giorni fa

    Would this be a good place to take the wife and kids for a weekend ? looks fun !

  • Blanca Lopez

    Blanca Lopez

    17 giorni fa

    Pienso que deberían inventar un material para calcetas y guantes que guarden calor ,para asi evitar el congelamiento de manos y pies y asi evitar perder los dedos,debe haber un material con estas condiciones ,al menos deben haber inventado un material asi para lis astronautas , averiguen,todas estas expediciones deben hacerlas lo más gratas posibles ,deben integrar tecnologías modernas

  • Blanca Lopez

    Blanca Lopez

    17 giorni fa

    Que caminos más peligrosos pero eso es parte del viaje y de la emoción ,y que lindo cómo estos muchachos franceses interactúan con los lugareños ,está entretenido el vídeo ,seguiré viendo

  • Franz Baier

    Franz Baier

    17 giorni fa

    I'm so thankful to have seen this wonderful piece of art, friendship, sportsmanship and soul. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time in Pakistan and letting the world know what it's all about.

  • Kobeyashi


    18 giorni fa

    WOW... so tat was the book at the end..

  • David Montplaisir

    David Montplaisir

    18 giorni fa

    C'est le plus beau film de ski hors piste que j'ai écouté. Merci pour le partage. Vous êtes inspirant :)

  • first last

    first last

    22 giorni fa

    Fabulous. Pakistan always with hearts.

  • Imelda M

    Imelda M

    23 giorni fa

    That mountain seems so unreal - as though someone had dreamt it up.

  • temoc reteria

    temoc reteria

    24 giorni fa

    disliked because of the obnoxious screeching

  • Kathlyn George

    Kathlyn George

    24 giorni fa

    ˜”*°•h͓̽.o͓̽.t͓̽.t͓̽.e͓̽.s͓̽.t͓̽ ͓̽.s͓̽.e͓̽.x͓̽. ͓̽d͓̽.a͓̽.t͓̽.i͓̽.n͓̽.g͓̽ ͓̽s͓̽.i͓̽.t͓̽.e͓̽•°*”˜
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  • Melanie Lawson

    Melanie Lawson

    24 giorni fa

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  • Marcel Ene

    Marcel Ene

    25 giorni fa

    "Dust allover our faces, Pakistan allover our eyes". That is so...Zabardast! 🥰😭



    25 giorni fa

    This makes me feel sane when I'm depressed

  • leeurbanfly


    26 giorni fa

    Also highest commended the to the camera man!

  • leeurbanfly


    26 giorni fa

    Awesome amazing! Did they find out what the rash was could it be maybe just hives from anxiety? And when calm down or antihistamine will fix?

  • Pendulous Testicularis

    Pendulous Testicularis

    27 giorni fa

    French and Pakistani. The combination couldn't be worse.



    27 giorni fa

    the rare occasion where i finish these movies. this was just amazing. ive gone backcountry skiing and i know the difficulty of carrying that weight and they did this for days upon days. much respect to all of them

  • Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas

    28 giorni fa

    Absolutely beautiful. Can;t believe he brought up that dirt we did in Streatham in the 90s, It's a fair go.Amazing.

  • Mark Hambly

    Mark Hambly

    28 giorni fa

    I was lucky enough to go to the Biafo-Hispar Snowlake in early 2000. Pakistan is the most beautiful place I have ever been and the remote glory of the place was awe-inspiring. Probably the longest I've gone without seeing a road or human settlement in my life. From Askole to Hispar not a sole, then still no road until Ganesh. I would love to go back. These guys have produced a fabulous movie. Thank you.

  • Sammar Abbas

    Sammar Abbas

    28 giorni fa


  • Jamie Morris

    Jamie Morris

    28 giorni fa

    C'e qualcosa su cui riflettere: le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione, indipendentemente dal loro livello, dovrebbero essere trasformate in uno zimbello, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza porti indubbi benefici alla societa. Va notato che il rafforzamento e lo sviluppo della struttura interna garantisce la rilevanza di esperimenti che colpiscono per scala e grandezza.
    Un'esperienza ricca e diversificata ci dice che un aumento del livello di coscienza civica predetermina l'elevata domanda di sforzi di raggruppamento. Essendo solo una parte del quadro generale, gli azionisti delle societa piu grandi coprono caratteristiche estremamente interessanti dell'intero quadro, tuttavia, conclusioni concrete, ovviamente, si mescolano a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta la loro stato di inutilita.😍
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  • Pushkar Hyanki

    Pushkar Hyanki

    28 giorni fa

    Daring,adventures,likeminded adventure group. Great inspiration

  • Barefoot Prof

    Barefoot Prof

    28 giorni fa

    I just hope their moms don't see this

  • Siddharth V Pandey

    Siddharth V Pandey

    28 giorni fa

    what i just saw is so beautiful and hard to explain .., such an amazing work 🙏🏼

  • Light Seeker

    Light Seeker

    29 giorni fa

    Crazy guys-what a beautiful film! Can’t believe people gave this a thumbs down. They must be jealous! Glad you conquered your dream safely! Kudos✌🏼

  • Lars Lippe

    Lars Lippe

    Mese fa

    Incredibly beautiful. And nuts. Totally and utterly.

  • R . S . Bhath

    R . S . Bhath

    Mese fa


  • T S

    T S

    Mese fa


  • Ray Kleiner

    Ray Kleiner

    Mese fa

    This took my breath away.

  • anshul bhatia

    anshul bhatia

    Mese fa

    Fakira riders recommend this and it’s awesome 🤩..

  • Swapnil Tiwari

    Swapnil Tiwari

    Mese fa

    gave me Goosebumps, made me cry, felt the adrealine ... best of luck for future endeavours..

  • Travller Z.k

    Travller Z.k

    Mese fa

    Adventures documentary ❤️❤️

  • Kumar Saurabh

    Kumar Saurabh

    Mese fa

    FAKIRA RIDERS channel suggest to watch your channel