Nurburgring Fails, Happy & Unhappy Drivers Compilation Adenauer Forst Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

Pubblicato il 10 dic 2020
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EMS Nordschleife TV
EMS Nordschleife TV
  • reece p

    reece p

    14 minuti fa

    Interesting. Almost 90% of the shit drivers are in the BMW’s

  • janniko


    Ora fa

    whats wrong with all those bmw drivers?!

  • Ace_L3G1TZz 272

    Ace_L3G1TZz 272

    Ora fa

    7:13 was that fucking gas coming out of the BMW??

  • N0va


    6 ore fa

    2:31 this hurts to watch

  • Cruel Villain

    Cruel Villain

    6 ore fa

    What the nooblords

  • Andre Reaves

    Andre Reaves

    7 ore fa

    They would crash less if they stopped trying to drift



    7 ore fa

    Online racers be like

  • gtb5


    9 ore fa

    Oh don't crash that nice Z32 at 9:16 please

  • gtb5


    9 ore fa

    I'd go quite slow on my first few tries.

  • kev lar

    kev lar

    11 ore fa

    There might be a slight pattern with BMW drivers......🤔

  • IDonT GoTAGuN

    IDonT GoTAGuN

    12 ore fa

    Notice how it’s mainly BMW’s and BMW drivers

  • Tom Kuhlman

    Tom Kuhlman

    13 ore fa

    Amazing how bad most people are at counter steering to control a skid.

  • Twoiback


    14 ore fa

    Bei manchen e46/e36 m3 fahrern kann mann nur den kopf schütteln

  • Mello


    15 ore fa

    Bmw 😂😂😂

  • Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer

    17 ore fa

    in Germany, do auto insurance companies pay these claims? or does driving and crashing in Nurburgring forfeit coverage?

  • Julian Haupt

    Julian Haupt

    18 ore fa

    That's why I don't like BMW 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthias Pusch

    Matthias Pusch

    20 ore fa

    Komisch, warum immer so oft die BMW`s?

  • Benoit Valenti

    Benoit Valenti

    22 ore fa

    I guess BMW drivers love to accelerate in a middle of a curve....

  • spoods


    Giorno fa

    i love the navara drivers mentality, "fuck your corners ima jus go thru em"

  • Martin E

    Martin E

    Giorno fa

    Most of the time BMW. And when they start lurching they immediately get completely out of control. Isn't BMW called sportscar?

  • William Ko

    William Ko

    Giorno fa

    BMW has the worst drivers.

  • Jay P.

    Jay P.

    Giorno fa

    A lot of BMW drivers getting their egos checked...

  • Norma Searching

    Norma Searching

    Giorno fa

    I would be that 1 guy going slow, probably pissing people off, because I didn't want to wreck AND want to enjoy the experience of just driving on that track. Lol

  • Tal9lmbra


    Giorno fa

    bmw drivers the worth drivers)))

  • Put OnHipHop

    Put OnHipHop

    Giorno fa

    The word of the day (lift)

  • Danny


    Giorno fa

    Didn't once get bored of watching them BMW drivers spin out.

  • DJC


    Giorno fa

    All BMW's hit the wall 🤣🤣🤣

  • R2-D2


    Giorno fa

    La mayoría de los accidentados son BMW, coincidencia, ¿no lo creo?

  • Prime8paint


    Giorno fa

    So many BMW 3Tards! Is it the dummys that drive them or the car itself that sucks??

  • Maik oxlong

    Maik oxlong

    Giorno fa

    I always have to laugh how much money the towing company makes with men who have a very very small penis :D And btw 1:51 you pissbottle fell out mate

  • Derail07


    Giorno fa

    Tow truck driver is better than most

  • Actually Vieja

    Actually Vieja

    Giorno fa

    Review: BMW

  • Philippe Beauchamp

    Philippe Beauchamp

    Giorno fa

    7:12 - Road car vs track car. Same speed, different results lol

  • christophe jandolo

    christophe jandolo

    Giorno fa


  • SteveAnthony


    Giorno fa

    Watching people smash up their cars is TIGHT.

  • Loops my brother

    Loops my brother

    Giorno fa

    I bet the local repairs shop makes bank

  • Martin Weston

    Martin Weston

    Giorno fa

    Common theme with the BMW’s is it the car or the drivers?

  • Stampalex


    Giorno fa

    BMWs and VW Golfs --- uuuugghhh!

  • ゑアロゾル


    2 giorni fa


  • manulepsycho


    2 giorni fa

    what the hell im doing here

  • Simeunovic Milovan

    Simeunovic Milovan

    2 giorni fa

    IDIOTEN HOCH 100 alle spielen Walter Röhrl , Sabiene Schmitz oder Michael Schumacher . Im gegen satz die bekammen Kohle für die Rennen , die IDIOTEN bezahlen ein hoches Preis.

  • HasiorJerk Jerk

    HasiorJerk Jerk

    2 giorni fa


  • Sir Arthur King of bobland

    Sir Arthur King of bobland

    2 giorni fa

    its every esport top tier nerd in order .. when they try the "skills" IRL. gg

  • Darren Nichols

    Darren Nichols

    2 giorni fa

    Most of the crashes are BMW's🤣

  • TheCincyLife


    2 giorni fa

    90% bmw’s

  • WestHam66


    2 giorni fa

    There seems to be more BMW's spinning out of control than any other manufacturer.

  • Gil Jayson Eleccion

    Gil Jayson Eleccion

    2 giorni fa

    The amount of BMW crashing in this video doesnt surprise me.

  • AlecnPerlite


    2 giorni fa

    1. Love the drifting
    2. Hate the drifting if there is a single other car nearby cuz thats hella dangerous to others

  • a13


    2 giorni fa

    I love to see BMW shitboxes being crashed 🥵👍

  • swiizzie


    2 giorni fa

    Some of these people not even braking like the black gti

  • CasualFarmerDogwood


    2 giorni fa

    As cool as I think it would be to drive this track, I'm worried about people like these driving into me lmao

  • Mr Riesen

    Mr Riesen

    2 giorni fa

    Are BMWs shit handling cars or are BMW owners shit drivers?

    • Stephen Page-Murray

      Stephen Page-Murray

      Giorno fa

      It’s the drivers. BMW are one of the best handling brands.

  • Garrett Pierman

    Garrett Pierman

    2 giorni fa

    Alternatie title: BMW drivers still clueless dickheads.

  • barry mcdougal

    barry mcdougal

    2 giorni fa


  • Neal M

    Neal M

    2 giorni fa

    A lot of these people had no business being on a track. Checkbooks bigger than their brains, I guess.

  • Blessedwithchallenges


    2 giorni fa

    Why are BMW drivers the worst both on and off the course?

  • vashu mashu

    vashu mashu

    2 giorni fa

    I love how the flattened drifty cars are all totally at home on that corner. Body roll = unexpected moments.

  • vashu mashu

    vashu mashu

    2 giorni fa

    It's actually amazing how quickly the vipers go from cool to school in a flash.

  • ToxicGreen 150

    ToxicGreen 150

    2 giorni fa

    How is drifing a fail

  • YouTube Investigations

    YouTube Investigations

    2 giorni fa

    BMW = SHIT !

  • Jualisco


    2 giorni fa

    7:25 gas spills out of the car, this knob forgot to put the cap on

  • Malcolm Hamilton

    Malcolm Hamilton

    2 giorni fa

    The lack of helmets is absolutely insane. Should not be allowed on track without one.

  • Mournstar


    2 giorni fa

    Is this where BMW's go to die? 🤣

  • Ed68 Эд68

    Ed68 Эд68

    2 giorni fa

    Der Abschlepper ist der beeesteeee !!!😅👍

  • Ed68 Эд68

    Ed68 Эд68

    2 giorni fa

    Эвакуатор лючче всех .😅👍

  • Nhan M

    Nhan M

    2 giorni fa

    10:25 Old beamer control to perfection



    2 giorni fa

    6:41 Get in there lewis

  • cholo 68

    cholo 68

    2 giorni fa

    che merde le bmw tenuta quasi zero

  • Matthias Scholz

    Matthias Scholz

    2 giorni fa

    The question is, was it worth it?

  • adjumaro


    2 giorni fa

    Also da fehlen mir die lustigen Sprüche und Jauchzer wie im Video von 1994 😂

  • Z O D I Y A K

    Z O D I Y A K

    2 giorni fa

    This is a BMW fail compilation.

  • Barry Schalkwijk

    Barry Schalkwijk

    2 giorni fa

    that white beamer hit that guard at the sweetest spot ever. I don't even think he cracked his bumper lol.

  • 177SCmaro


    2 giorni fa

    I'll bet towing company earnings a bundle off that race track.

  • Matt


    2 giorni fa

    Seems like they would benefit by putting sand or something there where the grass is? Everyone crashes there. Or some softer wall cushions instead of straight up metal

  • David Prime

    David Prime

    2 giorni fa

    that kind of proves my point that dickheads drive german cars

  • Canadian Goose

    Canadian Goose

    2 giorni fa

    I'm noticing a theme with the BMW'S...

  • Admiraldna


    2 giorni fa

    I want half of the money that was bounced off the guard rails ;)

  • Daniel Triantopoulos

    Daniel Triantopoulos

    2 giorni fa

    one tiny mistake will ruin your whole day and hurt a beautiful machine

  • Sir Galahád

    Sir Galahád

    3 giorni fa

    Ale urwal! Ale to bylo dobre

  • banzaiman1


    3 giorni fa

    What the heck was the guy in the black golf doing. Just give it more gas it will be alright mate...... oh wait

  • Laurent Krauland

    Laurent Krauland

    3 giorni fa

    Conclusion: BMW drivers can't handle their car properly.

  • MakCikSukaBaqHang


    3 giorni fa

    No experience....waste

  • 啊偉


    3 giorni fa

    3:25 amazing car control

  • Michael Causer

    Michael Causer

    3 giorni fa

    Amazing how many people think they are fantastic drivers and their cars are perfect!!!!!

  • Ryan


    3 giorni fa

    Good ole Mazda RX7 doing what it does best 😌

  • R Kops

    R Kops

    3 giorni fa

    These video's are proof that BMW can't compete with the other standard car brands

    • Stephen Page-Murray

      Stephen Page-Murray

      Giorno fa

      You mean the drivers can’t

  • Ascended Ninja

    Ascended Ninja

    3 giorni fa

    Pffft! I never spin out on this track

    In Gran Turismo Sport

  • IamMortui


    3 giorni fa

    So BMW drivers can't drive.

  • il -al skratch

    il -al skratch

    3 giorni fa

    WHY do they keep powering INTO the turn I thought you were supposed to ease up & get your drift on entering the turn & power out of the turn.....poor cars

  • Tyler Beckwith

    Tyler Beckwith

    3 giorni fa

    Poor BMW

  • ArchDuke ArchDuke

    ArchDuke ArchDuke

    3 giorni fa

    I want the grand tour trio to commentate over this…

  • OrangePony Gsxr

    OrangePony Gsxr

    3 giorni fa

    Alot of nice older bimmers getting wrecked

  • Random Games Random Videos

    Random Games Random Videos

    3 giorni fa

    Can we look at most of the cars crashing and drifting are bmws

  • Brandon Marr

    Brandon Marr

    3 giorni fa

    They bill you for wreaking the place, too

  • Pop1est86


    3 giorni fa

    I remember when I took my show car to Cruisefest 2003 there was a guy there that had an old beat-up Caprice with a cardboard body kit LOL watching the people that have no business on the track kind of reminds me of that🤣

  • Pop1est86


    3 giorni fa

    You can tell who really knows how to drive by the way they handle their car in that turn the others have no business being on that track

  • Tha_Monsta88


    3 giorni fa

    @1:29. Lmfao. Dude said fuck it, rules ain't for me when I got a truck.

  • Riley Anderson

    Riley Anderson

    3 giorni fa

    When you FINALLY see a helmet at 4:35 lol

  • Supernube


    3 giorni fa

    I love seeing these twats fuck their cars up

  • Leorick T.

    Leorick T.

    3 giorni fa

    I was having a bad day but this made me realize things arent so bad haha