How Avengers: Endgame's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

Pubblicato il 11 set 2019
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Jen Underdahl, Visual Effects Producer for Marvel Entertainment, provides WIRED with an in-depth look at the most impressive visual effects featured in Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War. Jen explains how they crafted "Smart Hulk," made Chris Evans look considerably older, and how they were able to digitally create the entirety of the Avengers' time suits.

Avengers: Endgame is available on Digital and Blu-ray now

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How Avengers: Endgame's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

  • Deliz


    2 giorni fa

    Very soon actors wouldn't even need to even go to set... Just give the studio permission to use their faces...
    All The rest in CGI

  • Bogdan


    2 giorni fa

    15 feet? If I'm right it's almost 5 metres. Just how big this guy is

  • Maud Loomis

    Maud Loomis

    4 giorni fa

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    Pokadeyia Manokerija

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    Collin Guobraeth

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    Top Shot

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    Jillian Gardner

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  • PS 5

    PS 5

    7 giorni fa

    Today I released that its wired and not wiered



    7 giorni fa

    I thought the old cap was Clint Eastwood

  • gabrielleonard1


    8 giorni fa


  • Nik Z

    Nik Z

    9 giorni fa

    No rat was harmed in the making of the movie.

  • Michelle Bachelder

    Michelle Bachelder

    13 giorni fa

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  • Gaming with Ben

    Gaming with Ben

    15 giorni fa

    WHo else is just looking at the pictures and completely disregarding the person talking

  • Aaron !

    Aaron !

    15 giorni fa

    2billion movie babe



    16 giorni fa

    19:31 goosebumps

  • Marie Regan

    Marie Regan

    17 giorni fa

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  • Petter Tran

    Petter Tran

    19 giorni fa

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  • Akari


    19 giorni fa

    Action movies without CGI would be rlly funny tbh

  • Jimmy-Hieu Le

    Jimmy-Hieu Le

    21 giorno fa

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  • Veronica Balfour

    Veronica Balfour

    23 giorni fa

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  • Raki


    24 giorni fa

    Okay so you explained this to me but I still think CGI is magic. I mean, how do you create such detail in so little time. Cant tell me its all algorithm.

  • nɘonconformist


    24 giorni fa

    I dozed off watching this video and dreamt of Spider-Man, Pepper Pots in her titanium suit and Jake Gyllenhaal.



    26 giorni fa

    *Thanos villian of the century*

  • Clyde


    28 giorni fa


  • hieu vu

    hieu vu

    Mese fa

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  • Rapidmedia


    Mese fa

    There's a mistake with ''106 y/o'' cap.
    He should've been a lot older than that...
    What a huge mistake

  • Jatin Sync

    Jatin Sync

    Mese fa

    this is 10 years of perfection

  • Hne Sidhu

    Hne Sidhu

    Mese fa

    These are the real and unsung heroes(technical team and those actors specially Mark ruffallo , josh brolin and the actors playing rocket and stunt team also)

  • Dane Andersen

    Dane Andersen

    Mese fa

    what this film used greenscreen LOL

  • Kevin Broderick

    Kevin Broderick

    Mese fa

    The deep dorothy serologically mug because store uncommonly pedal unlike a fast russia. vagabond, separate lynx

  • MarcAnthony Suazo

    MarcAnthony Suazo

    Mese fa

    now we know why we cant get any RTX 3080s smh...

  • Atlas Ferguson

    Atlas Ferguson

    Mese fa

    they really turned captain america into biden?

  • Катар ,

    Катар ,

    Mese fa

    The private weapon relatively admire because anthropology arthroscopically disarm worth a faint fair marble. tasteful, warlike pizza

  • Mohammad Shariq Abideen

    Mohammad Shariq Abideen

    Mese fa

    After watching 20 minutes of this, I still have no idea how the special effects team did this.

  • QuantumBraced


    Mese fa

    Considering that the rat basically triggered the events of the entire Infinity saga, I'm glad they got a real one.

  • QuantumBraced


    Mese fa

    CGI has reached true photorealism in these $300+ million films now. I mean I had no idea that the suits were CGI in this scene 10:27. So much is CGI that I thought was real and you really can't tell.

  • Tim Engle

    Tim Engle

    Mese fa

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  • Rolwin MaX

    Rolwin MaX

    Mese fa

    Is Aliens Disliked this Video ??😓

  • TheJerkyDude


    Mese fa

    0:15 Wow ant-man is fighting in a greenscreen room XD

  • WhoPonders


    Mese fa

    Justice League was done by walmart

  • DrDing


    Mese fa

    I didn't know Joe Biden casted in this movie.

  • Mark Schamber

    Mark Schamber

    Mese fa

    The ONLY thing I wish is that they had the light on Tony's chest turn off slowly rather than the instant on/off that it does. I was expecting it to be a slow dim to off and it feels/felt off that it wasn't.
    PS - I also wish they had kept the kneeling scene in the theatrical version. Tony deserved that level of respect, even if they still had the funeral scene.

  • rock


    Mese fa

    actually wanting me to rewatch endgame

  • Gmon750


    Mese fa

    The effects were amazing. No one is arguing that. "Smart" Hulk was blasphemous to the hulk character.

  • Eros lion

    Eros lion

    Mese fa

    10:08 well, they forgot those dwarf legs.

  • Jordan Unfiltered

    Jordan Unfiltered

    Mese fa

    Thank you for posting this!

  • Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson

    Mese fa

    Infinity War and End Game are the greatest movies ever made.

  • Aekas Madan

    Aekas Madan

    Mese fa

    Holy sh*t people are so talented

  • Tony


    Mese fa

    It was VERY well done. Good job.

  • Flyto


    Mese fa

    “The notion of characters reforming would be too weird”
    Monica ranbaeu:

  • Spartan L-996

    Spartan L-996

    Mese fa

    The scenes where cap fight versus cap the chapulin colorado did decades before lol

  • charlie.g.hague


    Mese fa

    Smart Hulk is literally mind blowing. It looks like Ruffalo is in full prosthetic makeup but it's 100% CGI. That's crazy.

  • Theflex52


    Mese fa

    How much did they pay the rat

  • Kevin Shea

    Kevin Shea

    Mese fa

    I stand by this in saying that the avengers movies, acting and visual effects are STRONGLY over rated. They're not nearly as believable has people hype them up to be. Not hating just stating my opinion. This is America

  • Rogue Guardian

    Rogue Guardian

    Mese fa

    13:13 you're telling me all of that was CGI?! Someone deserves a raise I thought that was an actual set or maybe they filmed in a building in New York.

  • Daruma


    Mese fa

    Looks great

  • Vishnu Mohan 1409

    Vishnu Mohan 1409

    Mese fa

    The real artists

  • Drak9


    Mese fa

    Thanos is the coolest I wish we could see more of him and his background story

  • Rajat Waghmare

    Rajat Waghmare

    Mese fa

    Everyone was working with the mindset like this movie is the built up to 10 years of a cinematic universe and they nailed every second of it, actors, directors, sound designer, set designer, make up artists and especially the CGI and VFX team, no wonder it did so great.
    Nothing has yet delivered something like MCU
    Phase 4 is looking epic as well

  • Akshat Monga

    Akshat Monga

    Mese fa

    My god, Endgame has the best CGI Man. Best CGI I've ever seen. Kaash na ho!

  • Eric


    Mese fa

    Bro this movie is a ugly, like why are people amazed by this they use a green screen on pretty much every scene, it’s lazy they just blur the back ground, and didn’t even make real costumes, one of the most expensive movies ever and most of it was done on a computer, marvel movies suck, those poor guys who do the effects probably hate their lives having to do this multiple times a year

  • Some Car guy

    Some Car guy

    Mese fa

    Strange brought pepper to the fight bc he knew Tony would die

  • Henry if only you knew

    Henry if only you knew

    Mese fa

    The perfection and complexity of the cgi, vfx is scary

  • YT Staner

    YT Staner

    Mese fa


  • Louis Huguens

    Louis Huguens

    Mese fa

    Captain America look like Joe Biden when his older lol

  • John Allan

    John Allan

    Mese fa

    I did not tear up when Iron Man did his snap, you did.

  • Jussin


    Mese fa

    5:10 even the sausages are cgi

  • Joseph Porras

    Joseph Porras

    Mese fa


  • Zackariyya Alli

    Zackariyya Alli

    Mese fa

    A rat actor, never thought I'd see the day

  • phatnut37


    Mese fa

    2 year anniversary today!!!

  • Boppity-Oscar


    Mese fa

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  • W h a t A r e Y o u D o i n g S t e p L a d d e r?

    W h a t A r e Y o u D o i n g S t e p L a d d e r?

    Mese fa

    During Cap v Cap how does the original Steve know he picked up the right shield when they were both dropped below, what if he doesn’t have the same shield as before

  • Evan Portillo

    Evan Portillo

    Mese fa

    Thats cool I neverd new that.

  • MrNoosphere


    Mese fa

    12:50 hey, language!

  • Bryant Arriaga

    Bryant Arriaga

    Mese fa

    They ruined hulk smh

  • King'SAnimus07


    Mese fa

    I still don’t know how 1812 won that Oscar. Someone tell me.

  • Ziolek2000


    Mese fa

    Imagine how hard it was too get that shot of everyone running towards each other pulling off fighting moves behind the green screen 🤨

  • L'Indirect De BaART

    L'Indirect De BaART

    Mese fa

    why there is peter parker in female scéne x)

  • VRK Entertainment for you

    VRK Entertainment for you

    Mese fa

    This move has made the history....

  • MrFernandez Music

    MrFernandez Music

    Mese fa

    That lady in charge is a G imagine having to wiggle all of that for those 2 massive movies...RESPECT

  • Joshua S

    Joshua S

    2 mesi fa

    This just shows how many different departments go into a feature film

  • FourCGames


    2 mesi fa

    Any reason Captain Marvel had short hair for most of Endgame? She looks awful compared to her past haircut.

  • Yeng_playz


    2 mesi fa

    I got goosbumbs at the end, im gonna miss iron man :')

  • Worst Teammate

    Worst Teammate

    2 mesi fa

    So old Steve wasn’t just some make up wtf. Now that’s why he’s looking different in FATWS

  • Daniel Ramnauth

    Daniel Ramnauth

    2 mesi fa

    Chris Evans' "skin double" has amazing hair. Jesus I'm super jealous

  • Cotten


    2 mesi fa

    Amazing Job!

  • Isabella Blalock

    Isabella Blalock

    2 mesi fa

    hold up, i thought thor couldnt get drunk on Midguardian alcohol but in Endgame he has a beer belly.

  • kingshanaman


    2 mesi fa

    How much did the rat make?

  • Luis Velazquez

    Luis Velazquez

    2 mesi fa

    literally got snubbed at the oscars, shoulda won AT LEAST in the viz effects department.

  • Rayhan Suryo

    Rayhan Suryo

    2 mesi fa

    "all of these just to be laughed in 15 years" -Thanos

  • Bappi TheRock

    Bappi TheRock

    2 mesi fa

    Am I the only one thinking the visual producer lady's voice is like English dub Naruto voice actor

  • Diego Albarracin

    Diego Albarracin

    2 mesi fa

    All done in Blender :D

  • flo ver

    flo ver

    2 mesi fa

    Marvel: So how many Chris Evans have his body double and face replacement?
    Director: YES

  • Augústo Williams

    Augústo Williams

    2 mesi fa

    The rat’s name is Mick-... never mind 😬

  • Pattiesd


    2 mesi fa


  • Spyder


    2 mesi fa

    I was sitting in an empty discord server when watching this video, and I thought someone joined when I heard the mouse clicks at 2:22 and throughout the whole video

  • Leo Blackmann

    Leo Blackmann

    2 mesi fa

    Kudos to the Rat. Great actor.

  • Spacemonkeymojo


    2 mesi fa

    This is why DC sucks, they don't do this kind of thing, they just care about the money.

  • Jasmine Wint

    Jasmine Wint

    2 mesi fa

    12:20 if only natasha was there too see it all :(

  • Sebastián Reinoso Vicencio

    Sebastián Reinoso Vicencio

    2 mesi fa