Extreme $40,000 Customizing Competition!

Pubblicato il 29 nov 2021
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Wait until the judging scene to see who wins!
OnePlus sent me $40,000 worth of products that we customized and you have a chance to win one of them!
Click the link below to enter the giveaway! gleam.io/competitions/3uFpK-1...

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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts
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  • Dark


    I admire how all of the artists are patient while also having a lot of fun. I enjoy all of your videos, zhc. I admire how Zach keeps coming up with new challenges.

  • Maya Wilson

    Maya Wilson

    Michelle’s art was so cute!! This round she killed it✨

  • Mathew Sebastian

    Mathew Sebastian

    Jake and Mackenzie really brings a lot of life to these videos, love their energy 😄🔥

  • Samantha Woods

    Samantha Woods

    I'd love to see more of the art/drawing process during these competitions. Everyone's artwork is amazing.

  • Hrushikesh_ _Vijaykumar

    Hrushikesh_ _Vijaykumar

    I love how you guys just enjoy while doing ZHC's never ending challenges

  • Biba Fatima

    Biba Fatima

    Everyone's art was awesome and Ben art was amazing each of the artist are unique in there own way ranging from cute to dragons zachs challenges are always so entertaining and his content never dissapoints

  • JhamFong


    Michelle's painting has improved a lot, so proud of you Michelle 🤗



    The fact that I've been able to see Zach's progression since the begging makes me happy to see what he has grown to be.

  • dhurga lekshmi

    dhurga lekshmi

    I love how all the artists are patient and have a lot fun at the same time . I love all of your videos zhc . I love how zach keeps never ending challenges.

  • Nonella k 213

    Nonella k 213

    28 giorni fa

    I love how ZHC does all these art videos and all these giveaways [but Zach one day your card will decline] it changes peoples lifes it makes thier days weeks and years because people go through alot sometimes and you make them happier by giving them money or things that you want to give away in your videos

  • Rosilia


    I was dying of laughter when michelle said “you don’t wanna cream pie Lisa 😂 and then Zach was dying of laughter and

  • Zezyzhujikop➡️


    I love how u guys customized the sponsor product it looks awesome its fun watching u guys doing some challenges while customizing it

  • Sharen Manjate

    Sharen Manjate

    Can we take a minute to appreciate Zach and Munchies matching hair, they look so good

  • Tanay Thomas

    Tanay Thomas

    I love McKenzie's phones and Michelle's watches. They are so cute!

  • artbykarina


    Congrats Ben! And it was so nice that he helped Jake at the end.

  • Hinaya Rajpurohit

    Hinaya Rajpurohit

    Zach and Michelle are just the cutest and amazing couple and Michelle's art is going amazing day by day.

  • Sanity Shorts

    Sanity Shorts

    The amount of effort ZHC and his friends to make every single expensive video is just the most priceless thing we can get, props to Zach and everybody who make all of this possible...

  • We r the Tucker's

    We r the Tucker's

    I love how you give away all this stuff and take a bunch of time on making things for us

  • Catelyn Sumo

    Catelyn Sumo

    Let me just say that I love Zach and Michelle's hair! It looks so good! The colors look great on Michelle!

  • Cheyanne Casselbury

    Cheyanne Casselbury

    The art that is made on this channel honestly doesn’t get the hype it deserves! 💙 You’re awesome ZHC