I Can't Believe This Guitar Only Costs $200

Pubblicato il 14 apr 2021
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This is an INSANE amount of guitar for $200 bucks!
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1: Unboxing!
2. First Impressions - 2:08
3. What are the specs? - 3:07
4. What does a $200 LP sound like? - 5:35
5. What about the construction? - 9:04
6. Final Thoughts - 12:51



Darrell Braun Guitar
Darrell Braun Guitar
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  • Darrell Braun Guitar

    Darrell Braun Guitar

    9 mesi fa

    1: Unboxing!
    2. First Impressions - 2:08
    3. What are the specs? - 3:07
    4. What does a $200 LP sound like? - 5:35
    5. What about the construction? - 9:04
    6. Final Thoughts - 12:51
    HUGE thank you to the subscriber who sent this to me to demo!

    • fiman mobile

      fiman mobile

      Mese fa

      Whats the name of this guitar

    • Ursa Major

      Ursa Major

      2 mesi fa

      Specs include neck thickness, buy a dam caliper dude.

    • Robert Vance

      Robert Vance

      5 mesi fa

      I bet that guitar 🎸 would work great with a slide

    • Should I Review Guitars?

      Should I Review Guitars?

      6 mesi fa

      It really is amazing just how good the quality is for the rpice, no matter what guitar you get now a days.

    • James Eugene

      James Eugene

      6 mesi fa

      Derrell, after I saw you try to throw the guitar over the roof in a snow day, and then you fell down leaving, I was laughing so hard, I had to subscribe to your channel )))

  • Brenden Kucken

    Brenden Kucken

    9 mesi fa

    Man, the fact that companies can put out guitars like this for less than $300 makes me question how Gibson is still in business

    • russell hill

      russell hill

      11 giorni fa

      They are in Asia, their employees make $.15. Cents an hour, That is How they do it Dummy. Can you Live in the United States making $.15 or .20 cents an hour? DUH

    • Mr.E


      17 giorni fa

      name brand and quality assurance.

    • Mark Furman

      Mark Furman

      26 giorni fa

      @matt parrish Corporate superstructures are why Gibsons cost so much. That's when the product is made by a company that is owned by a company that is owned by a company that is owned by ANOTHER company that is owned by "investment funds" that are owned by people who don't give a sh_t about that product.

    • David Oakes

      David Oakes

      2 mesi fa

      10:40 heres your answer.

    • anthony belladonna

      anthony belladonna

      2 mesi fa

      You can buy a chibson with the Gibson name for about $250-$300 and spend about $200 in upgrades and good pickups and be about the same. Some Chibsons need extra work like fret leveling, etc, and be just as good as their legit counterparts

  • Mark Toigo

    Mark Toigo

    6 mesi fa

    Darrell, thanks again for another great review! My first Firefly was purchased eye's wide open, a 335 look alike. It had some needs, like a nut, action lowering and 3 frets lowered ànd th tuners replaced. It is now virtually nearly as nice to play as my GRETCH COUNTRY GENTLEMAN. After 44 years of hard work the Country Gentleman needed a fret job and a complete rewiring job. I needed the Firefly to fill in for it for 6 months... just a perfect fit. I practice on the Firefly almost daily. The bone nut I had installed was the one thing I see this guitar comes with.. I might have to buy this Les Paul. I sweat tho.. will they ALL come out of the box like this one?

  • maverickdallas100


    9 mesi fa

    As long as the guitar sounds good, looks good, feels good and plays good, that's all that really matters! I've played some very expensive, name brand guitars that didn't even come close to meeting all these criteria! This is one hell of a bargain!

    • Invicta Patriot

      Invicta Patriot

      9 mesi fa

      There's to much snobbery amongst some guitar players.....e.g. Unless it costs a lot of money and has a well known (preferably American) brand name, it's not worth buying.

    • kidritalin1


      9 mesi fa

      I thought it was a LTD Eclipse EC-256

  • way mac

    way mac

    9 mesi fa

    Firefly guitars always seem to get great ratings. Would love to see a back to back blind sound test with a Gibson Les Paul. Would also love to see you demo a Wolf guitar.

    • bluwng


      5 mesi fa

      IYV, EART , AIO are great, Donner is OK.

  • Edd Carlile

    Edd Carlile

    10 giorni fa

    I just found this channel and love how we are seeing how well put together and playable "no name" guitars are today. This is a tremendous help in getting people to make much better choices and to give the BIG guitar names a run for their money. When you have a knowledgeable guy like Darrell showing you the reality here (of super sound and playability with good aesthetics) its really really hard to go for that expensive big name on the headstock rather than these excellent budget guitars.
    Cheers Darrell.

  • Melodie H

    Melodie H

    8 mesi fa

    I’ve always said that as long as a guitar looks good, plays well and sounds good, I couldn’t care less what the headstock says. Sometimes it’s nice to have certain brands in your arsenal, but little known brands can do a lot of the same things, and sometimes even better than well-known ones.

  • AKA SGSVirgil

    AKA SGSVirgil

    2 giorni fa

    After watching this great video, I bought the FFLP this past week in a burst color that I can only describe as a "caramel burst". The maple top was book matched and had a very good flame to it. The binding was excellent. The inlays were set neatly and there were no rough fret edges down the side of the neck binding. The pickups are much better than I expected, especially since my Gibson LP's have either vintage PAF's, P90's or Seymour Duncan pickups of various varieties. It was setup very nicely from the factory in terms of the action. No fret buzz, especially above the 12th fret when bending up the G, B or E strings. The neck is straight and free of bows. The frets are nicely set and properly finished. But, like any new guitar, it needs a proper intonation, which isn't to say that the intonation was out or terrible. But, it does need a tweak or two.

    The only criticisms I can come up with is when the selector switch is in the center position and one of the pickup volumes is turned all the way off, the remaining pickup still produces a signal unlike the LP that shuts off all signal from both pickups in the center position when either volume knob is turned all the way down. At first, I thought it may be some version of a coil split, which would've been very cool. But, it wasn't. The other criticism is you really need to have a light touch or else your fingers can easily pull the strings out of tune. So, there was a bit of getting used to going on there. I like to play 10's (10 to 48 gauge) and I think the strings on this guitar are light 10's (10 to 42) which probably represents the bulk of that problem. I'll know more when I change out the strings.

    Other than that, the craftsmanship, tone, playability, appearance and features are exceptional. I've owned and played guitars that easily cost 5 to 10 times as much that don't play, look or were built as well as this guitar. I think I'm going to buy another, maybe the Explorer version or semi hollow body? Who knows? For around $200 s'moleons, you can't go wrong.

    If you're looking for a knock-around guitar or if you're just learning or looking to buy a good quality and affordable guitar for your kid who's just starting, this is the brand to look at.

  • Nik Miller

    Nik Miller

    9 mesi fa

    Great review as always! One question...

    How microphonic are the pick ups? Better than the 335 or the same?

  • xsbutter


    9 mesi fa

    Nice to see Darrell step up his review game. More of the nitty gritty. I love it! I feel like Trogly has something to do with that, probably drummed up some competition!

    The review was spot on. Really high production value. Impressive lighting and camera work! Only thing I would add is a check to measure the output levels of the pickups!

    Thanks Darrell! Amazing work as always.

  • MadChris2249


    9 mesi fa

    So a super affordable LP type guitar with that kind of finish? looks awesome! Not a bad sound for the money either.

  • Kevin Courville

    Kevin Courville

    9 mesi fa

    Darrell Braun I'm actually excited to say thanks to some of your lessons (and lessons from other youtubers), I started doing set ups and work on guitars for friends and other musicians. Still learning so much.

  • Richard Keller

    Richard Keller

    9 mesi fa

    I bought my Firefly FFLP about 3 months ago. I got the gold top version and it looks fantastic. However, there were some quality issues. On mine, the tuners were terrible and I had a tough time getting the guitar to stay in tune. So I replaced them with some basic grovers and that problem was solved. Next was the bridge saddle. The strings guides on the saddle were cut very deep and the strings actually got stuck in them. Again, a simple replacement with a gotoh saddle and that solved that issue. The last issue was the bridge pick up. For some reason, the bridge pickup had a significant volume decrease from the neck pick up (yes, I did check the volume setting). After checking it out, I could not figure out why this was occurring. So I replaced them with some golden age vintage zebras and it works great. Other than that, I am very pleased with the guitar. I did not have the excess nut glue issue that you had, the neck is in great shape and I think the fret work was done very well. The binding looks great and I have zero finish flaws on mine. So with $200 (including shipping) for the guitar and about $160 in upgrades, I now have an LP style guitar that looks great, feels great, and I enjoy playing! Thanks for your videos.

  • victor formosa

    victor formosa

    9 mesi fa

    Just amazing how such a beautiful looking guitar can also sound so good at that price.

  • Adam Major

    Adam Major

    9 mesi fa

    You know it's a good day when Darrell posts a video

    • Should I Review Guitars?

      Should I Review Guitars?

      6 mesi fa

      Agreed. Definitely brightens my day.

    • Fendi Ismail

      Fendi Ismail

      9 mesi fa


  • Barrie Poole

    Barrie Poole

    9 mesi fa

    As always Darrell, great critique on affordable instruments. been eye balling the Fireflies for awhile now, looking for a big body hollow body, and I am very intrigued with their 335 model spalted top. I just picked up a Marshall Origin 20 Head and Slant Cabinet recently and last summer purchased a hollow body Xavier LP model. and have to say all within a budget that I could afford have the best gear I've ever had. and I've been collecting guitar gear for over 30 years. I know you recently got a Marshall for the 1st time. and loved your shout out for that. I recommend trying a Marshall Origin 20 or 50 Head and Slant Cab if possible and do a shoot out on that. a very affordable amp series from Marshall. they offer really great tones at a very affordable price in comparison to their high end models... Cheers!

  • Shannon Hampton

    Shannon Hampton

    9 mesi fa

    I got my Black FFLPS in about 2 weeks ago. I love this guitar! I may swap the pickups out for something a littler higher output but I’m still unsure about it. My pickups are microphonic but they sound killer. I also have the FF338 Semi Hollow in Sunburst and man that is a great guitar! Made my day to see you review another FF!

  • 74dart man

    74dart man

    9 mesi fa

    It amazes me what you can get for $200. Fix the glue issue at the nut and you've got an awesome guitar. Thanks for the review!👍😎🎸🎶

  • Samuel Oyeyele

    Samuel Oyeyele

    4 mesi fa

    I love how this guy jumps right to the case, not wasting time with unimportant stuff.

  • billy1858


    9 mesi fa

    for the price the minor faults could easily be rectified! i can imagine a young kid would love this as a first guitar ,and if they love it they will more tempted to pick it up and learn to play on it.these entry level guitars are getting better and better.

    • matty burrows

      matty burrows

      2 mesi fa

      wet wood is not minor..yes he made a vid to make it look good..but pick it up again tomorrow..it wont be intune..it will probably buzz its head off..martin are right..a piece of wood still thinks and behaves like a tree for 15 years

  • Gerry McFarlane

    Gerry McFarlane

    18 giorni fa

    I’ve owned some very expensive guitars over the years, most extremely good but not value for money. More recently I’ve been checking out sub £300 guitars and I’m stunned. The build quality is fantastic. A pro set up (£50) and they compare to guitars costing 3x as much.

  • Guy Gourley

    Guy Gourley

    9 mesi fa

    I have a hollow body Firefly and I enjoy playing it as much as my PRS 30th Anniversary model. For the price amazing guitars. If I had the $200 I'd be buying this one too!

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Seth Tyrssen

    9 mesi fa

    Glad to see genuinely good guitars at a realistically affordable price -- unlike the big-name guys. Sure, in many cases the neck and frets can use a little simple TLC; but the same might be true of a Fender or Gibson as well. I just wish such things could be made in America.

  • Fuma Vox

    Fuma Vox

    9 mesi fa

    It's an hell of budget guitar! Beautiful, sounds good, with some little upgrades could be a must have, of course it's in fingers that flow the music, and your playing is flawless as always. Greetz from Italy! 🇮🇹

  • Aceofgamesify


    9 mesi fa

    Honestly, firefly is great. I've owned one of their lp's for about a year and it still sounds great with no complaints. However they are almost never in stock so good luck trying to buy one. They've been out of stock of all guitars for about 3 months so far.

  • Bryan


    9 mesi fa

    Wow! That guitar is both great looking and great sounding. Just amazes me that you can buy that much quality for $200, regardless of where it is made.

  • RC32


    9 mesi fa

    You always showcase the best cheap guitars! Kudos as always!

    • RC32


      9 mesi fa

      @Darrell Braun Guitar Cheers!

    • Darrell Braun Guitar

      Darrell Braun Guitar

      9 mesi fa

      Thanks so much RC! 😊

  • Mark Ewing

    Mark Ewing

    9 mesi fa

    Thanks for the honest video Darrell. You very well may have just talked me into buying another Firefly guitar after buying 4 and getting 4 bad ones. But that was about 2 years ago or so, and I've kept my eyes on them to see if they would get any better. You've kind of convinced me that they have. I can do nut work from scratch (it's my specialty). I can do frets (also a specialty of mine). I'm convinced they have gotten better with quality control lately, although still not perfect, at least acceptable for $220. Much better than the ones I got 2 years ago. If I get one at least as nice as yours, I would be happy. Although the off center book match would drive me nuts, I could deal with that if the guitar feels and plays as good as it looks from 10 feet away. Yes, I just might buy an orange one or one like yours. Ya never know. Good day, my friend.

  • digivish


    9 mesi fa

    Thanks for the video Darrell. What were the tricky issues getting the guitar into Canada? Thinking of getting it shipped to me in Vancouver but curious what the challenges were. Thanks.

  • Charles Charles

    Charles Charles

    9 mesi fa

    It sure is a great time to be a cheap guitar player. So many good choices these days, not like the '70s

    • Should I Review Guitars?

      Should I Review Guitars?

      6 mesi fa

      Its amazing how modern manufacturing gets you anything you want for not much money

    • Mad Mod

      Mad Mod

      6 mesi fa

      @Nitronic Zombie i just gave away my Tiesco. Now im already hurting.



      8 mesi fa

      @rf396 LOL!!

    • Chuck Lee

      Chuck Lee

      8 mesi fa

      Yeah there were terrible ones out there, I must be the odd ball I'm 52 yo and in 79 I had a new silvertone made by sears and roebuck, honestly it was a damn good guitar and had stupid low action, but it was the price of 4 of these guitars for the time's,

    • Scrae Ling

      Scrae Ling

      9 mesi fa

      Tell that to Prince! Well, when he was alive.

  • Xaltar


    9 mesi fa

    Honestly, really surprised by how good those pickups sound. One of the very rare cases where a guitar at this price doesn't actually need a pickup upgrade. It may not be a Gibson but I think I would happily take this over a bog standard Gibson LP studio and definitely take one of these over any of Epiphone's offerings, even the higher end ones. Hell for $200 I could get 4 of these and mix and match pickups/hardware/finish and still come out having spent less than the LP studio. Is the age of guitar brand snobbery finally coming to an end? I mean, at this point, the only people still fanboying hard are broadly panned as morons by the rest of the community. Maybe I have just found a better community to hang out with, who knows. Still the quality at this price point is truly amazing these days.

    • beatleme2


      9 mesi fa

      I think people buy Gibson as an Investment for resale value if ever needing the $$$ or to pass down to the next generation is a factor also tho...I have 2 but I would use this for practice gigs and leave those at home unless IM playing for over 1k people and had security to watch the EQ at a Paying gig

  • frank Carter

    frank Carter

    9 mesi fa

    after a lifetime of lusting after expensive guitars, I'm now genuinely more interested in how good cheapos can be

    • Alistair Ewen

      Alistair Ewen

      5 ore fa

      VINTAGE v100 reissue, p90s quarter of gibson price, excellent.

    • John Willard

      John Willard

      7 giorni fa

      IYV is a good company , great bang for your buck . I have the IYV 400 tr love it

    • Rane Poppa

      Rane Poppa

      12 giorni fa

      After decades of driving Bentleys and playing ‘59 Les Pauls through Klon Centaurs into Dumbles, I too am wondering…

    • Ja – Litvin

      Ja – Litvin

      2 mesi fa

      Może nastąpił już czas żeby kupić swoją pierwszą gitarę i wreszcie nauczyć się grać ? 😁 Po tylu latach oglądania filmów w tematyce gitarowej.

    • Gijsbertus Laurens van de Vooren

      Gijsbertus Laurens van de Vooren

      2 mesi fa

      Expensives are overpriced.

  • wilson36532


    9 mesi fa

    These would be a great deal if they were ever in stock

    • Psongman


      8 mesi fa

      @j Thanks so much for heads up, kudos!

    • j


      8 mesi fa

      they are in stock right now

    • Psongman


      9 mesi fa

      @theworldhadteeth Thanks for the headsup, mucho appreciated!

    • theworldhadteeth


      9 mesi fa

      You need to join the "Firefly Guitar Fans" group on FB if you want to get one. The owners keep that group in the loop on when releases will occur. They usually sell out in less than a week once they drop. Also, for some reason they take the guitars down off the website in the evenings and then put them back online in the mornings. They only keep them posted during business hours. It's weird, I know.

    • j


      9 mesi fa

      @Psongman you gotta check for them on amazon as well

  • Mark Kitson

    Mark Kitson

    4 mesi fa

    I bought a black one, partly on your review. It is amazing for the price. Only one real issue, missing the bridge selector knob. I have a strat and a Taylor acoustic. For the money this thing rocks!

  • Ed Mathews

    Ed Mathews

    9 mesi fa

    I could never deal with a guitar that heavy but this certainly makes me wish I could.

  • Ho Lee Chit

    Ho Lee Chit

    3 mesi fa

    Great channel, great reviews. Appreciate all the work you put into these videos!

  • Just Drive Sheboygan Falls

    Just Drive Sheboygan Falls

    9 mesi fa

    I have two fireflies, and I’m amazed in the quality for the price

    • Charles Bukowski

      Charles Bukowski

      6 mesi fa

      @chad rocca HAHAHAHHAHHH TRUE.. I am salary and I did an estimation a few years ago and I worked an average of 60-70 hours per week and if you took my salary into that math, I was making like 15 bucks an hour..

    • goodwilj


      7 mesi fa


    • HöarFrøst Music Project

      HöarFrøst Music Project

      9 mesi fa

      Yes made in Vietnam where labor is ridiculously cheap. Cost of living is also ridiculously cheap there, and that Vietnamese manufacturing is getting so competitive is the biggest driving reason behind Vietnam moving away from Communist to a more Capitalist driven economy. The slave labor argument is disingenuous and uneducated.

    • Psongman


      9 mesi fa

      @Diego Saucedo Because you can't buy them anywhere!

    • Diego Saucedo

      Diego Saucedo

      9 mesi fa

      @insert witty name here But How many brands like that exist... Quite a lot, but still can't sell a product like that for that price...

  • Jake Ritchie

    Jake Ritchie

    9 mesi fa

    I've had 2 thinlines, after high end upgrades I was still under 300 bucks and sold them for a decent profit. Really good guitars

  • T M

    T M

    3 mesi fa

    That finish is stunning!! Especially on a guitar for only $200...Makes me want to sell my Epiphone Classic and get one. Lol...🤘✌

  • GK2003


    9 mesi fa

    I got a similar guitar some years ago. It was beautiful to look at, fit and finish were good, great fretboard.... but it just never sounded great. Eventually ditched in favor of an Ibanez Artist double-cut solidbody that sounds exactly like Billy Gibbons’ LP.

    • dope as yola

      dope as yola

      4 mesi fa

      I put some emgs in mine and now I play it over my fender most days. Not much gain with the stock pickups. But spend $150 on some new pickups and now it plays like a $1000 guitar

  • Rogelio Palos

    Rogelio Palos

    9 mesi fa

    Darrell has become a guy i lookout for when i want to see a demo on certain brand that no one else seems to do.

  • Sammy Freeman

    Sammy Freeman

    8 mesi fa

    I'm going to get one. I think I can bring out the best in it as well .great job on playing this Darrell.

  • Bel


    9 mesi fa

    The tones are outstanding. I'm curious about the signal chain(s) you used. If I missed it, my apologies.

    • glen pound

      glen pound

      7 mesi fa

      He can make any guitar sound great, he is a damn good player. Prolly sound like crap in my hands.

  • mastervalek2004


    9 mesi fa

    Hey Darrell! Been watching you for about a year. Always love your videos and i share them with my friends even at work! Several months ago, you reviewed a Indio Strat Style(light blue color). For $100.00 and being a complete beginner, I took the plunge from your recommendation and purchased the guitar. It was not setup correctly out of box, but everything was as exactly the way you said it was. I also took your advice and budgeted $100.00(US) and replaced the bridge with a Mexican style strat bridge, installed locking tuners, buffed up the frets and polished the fretboard. I smoothed out the sides of the neck with a sanding block and I must say it plays damn well! I took it to my son- in- law's house(Guitar player himself and only swears by Schecter brand), he was absolutely amazed and obsessed with the tone and the feel of the guitar. You do a great job of reviewing guitars honestly and fairly. My question is however, with this Firefly model, is the thing going to be similar to that of Gibsons? Meaning, Gibsons are notorious for going out of tune(I happen to think its because of the angles on the strings after the nut to the headstock). I like your follow up videos about the models and wondered if you could talk a little more at depth about tuning Gibsons and other brands too. It seems so minor to say that, but tuning is so very important to proper tone and sound. Keep up the great videos! You keep making 'em and I will keep watching 'em!

    Your American neighbor and fan


  • Rick Shannep

    Rick Shannep

    7 mesi fa

    Thank you for another thorough, well done guitar review!

  • Alan Cheong

    Alan Cheong

    9 mesi fa

    fantastic value, looks good, sounds great for such a good price. Just goes to show how efficient some countries are at manufacturing and conversely, how inefficient others are.

  • S. Marcey

    S. Marcey

    9 mesi fa

    That binding is so damn pretty. And the gold hardware is a perfect accent for a black bound guitar

  • Bill Nastali

    Bill Nastali

    9 mesi fa

    Amazing guitar, played beautifully by Darrell.

  • brandon koch

    brandon koch

    9 mesi fa

    I have an IYV lps in green.i really dont know how they do it.color,grain,finish is way beyond the price point.came setup and plays magnificently.pickups arent crappy either..great time to be buying cheap,solidly crafted instruments.mods are always a bonus to perform as well.

  • Jam Brenn

    Jam Brenn

    9 mesi fa

    I'm really impressed over all a nice guitar for $200.

  • James Crouch

    James Crouch

    4 mesi fa

    Honest review! I watched Philip’s review and both were very helpful. I have one on the way and am looking forward to learning on the FF.

  • Cory Reeves

    Cory Reeves

    9 mesi fa

    Beautiful guitar. In this price range there are quality control issues besides just cosmetic. My FFLP I bought in September of 2020 also had electronics issues. A bad toggle switch, and very microphonic pickups. Other than that I like mine so I fixed the issues and donated it to a cancer fund raiser to see if it might fetch what I have into the guitar. I donated a brand new chromacast soft case as well. All together I have 240 dollars into the guitar. It plays nice and it looks nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • Michael Huff

    Michael Huff

    9 mesi fa

    Those tones from the neck pickup were an absolute dream. Wow!

  • Bob Conway

    Bob Conway

    9 mesi fa

    Ouch. When I think of all the money I've wasted on a Gibson... Nah, it's great. But this is an AMAZING guitar for the price! Thanks for sharing.

  • Robert Martin

    Robert Martin

    9 mesi fa

    Impressive looks AND sound.. I really don't "need" another guitar. (lol, of course I do). I may have to look into this. The fret ends looked smooth too.. Thanks Darrell

  • Robyn Chilson

    Robyn Chilson

    9 mesi fa

    Great recommendation! I’m looking to buy my first electric, and this sounds like a contender!

  • Mat Dubé

    Mat Dubé

    7 mesi fa

    Wow! That seems like a steal! I would never notice the cosmetic flaws in my dark studio 🤓 would definitely give it a shot!

  • Carlo Maletti

    Carlo Maletti

    9 mesi fa

    I really enjoy your lower end gear reviews. Keep them coming! How about a Grote review next? Their semi & full hollow body guitars seem to be causing quite a buzz in the US
    PS: by the way do you still have the Shijie STE-STD? How is it holding up? How about a "two years later" review?

  • Richie Bricker Official Fan Site

    Richie Bricker Official Fan Site

    15 giorni fa

    Looks exactly like my 78 Rootbeer Brown Gibson LP Custom. It was stolen from me 12 yrs ago but this brings me back. The shipping weight of that one was 20 lbs, 25 with the case and you felt all of it. That color is so rare and its hard to find a picture of one anymore. Thought Id never get another but look at this beautiful (light to me) bit of 1940s tech that still hasnt been beat. I thank you with all my heart for showing me this and thank whoever sent it to ya. Its just Beautiful!!!!

  • Arthur Przebinda

    Arthur Przebinda

    9 mesi fa

    Full specs:

    • Solid mahogany body with carved cap and single-ply binding on Classics, 7-ply on some Elites. Variable weight relief.

    • Quality enclosed die-cast tuning machines - the FFLP should have Jin-Ho tuners.

    • Set mahogany neck, scarf joint and rosewood fretboard (some "rosewood" fretboards were substituted with richlite during the CITES embargo)

    • Most have a 43 mm bone nut

    • Most Classics have a 14-degree headstock angle. Some Elites have a 17-degree headstock angle

    • Some Classics have a single ply bound neck and headstock, some Elites have multi-ply binding on the headstock

    • 24.75" scale

    • 12" fretboard radius

    • Most have a 60s style neck profile. Some Blue Metallic top guitars have more of a 50s style neck.

    • Tune-o-Matic style bridge with retainer spring and fixed stop tail

    • 2 humbucking pickups (some Elites have 3 pickups), ceramic magnets

    • 2 Volume knobs, 2 Tone knobs, (3 pickup Elites may be 3V 1T), 3-way switch . Full size pots, Orange Drop - type caps.

    • 17 ½” body length, 2” body thickness at edge, 9 ½” upper bout, 7 ½” waist, 13“ lower bout, 39 ½” overall length.

    • Belly carve and access cut at the heel on blue metallic top only.

  • Russell


    9 mesi fa

    It is amazing how nice of a guitar you can get for $200 to $400 from companies like Firefly and Harley Benton. I have the 335 spalted top Firefly & the Pro-Series Harley Benton Telecaster and both of them are very impressive for the money.

  • Raf's Gear Reviews

    Raf's Gear Reviews

    9 mesi fa

    Looks awesome. It would be great to actually be able to buy it. This is one of the very few brands I haven't been able to try. I feel like these are the ps5 of guitars. I've been told there's even scalpers out there buying these and trying to resell them (kind of pointless as the primary highlight here is what you get for your money). Thanks for the video Darrell! Great content as always.

  • Wandering FJ Rider

    Wandering FJ Rider

    9 mesi fa

    As an amateur Luthier I am surprised at the value of these, as I can't even buy the wood for that price

    • Aevo Guitars

      Aevo Guitars

      9 mesi fa

      Me too, i really dont know how they can make money on these? Maybe 40 euro a guitar?

  • johnro6659


    9 mesi fa

    I have been following and researching/reading reviews on Firefly for a while. I am now waiting for a 3 pick up one in either Purple burst quilt or Blueberry burst quilt! Just the other day I walked into my local Guitar Center and saw one of those Epi Les Paul SLs on the used rack for $70 bucks! It's like new all the plastic protection still on it. I had to plug it in and give it a shot not a fan of single coils but I was amazed how well it was built and how nice it was to play not crazy about the singles tone. They told me their guitar tech set it all up after the got it in and you could tell. So I bought the dam thing for a project. I looked to see if you ever reviewed them but couldn't find anything.

  • Rodrigo Miranda

    Rodrigo Miranda

    8 mesi fa

    Guitarra HERMOSA!
    Mucho mejor pinta almenos que varias guitarras mucho más caras

  • The 72u7H

    The 72u7H

    9 mesi fa

    Nice! When I got my triple pup sg from Harley Benton, I had to polish frets with 0000 wool. Other than that it was great! This guitar looks about the same quality wise. Nice.

  • Geetarpicker1


    9 mesi fa

    Best guitar around for the price ! Great video ! Enjoyed it !

  • Don’t de rock me riz

    Don’t de rock me riz

    9 mesi fa

    Great sounding guitar Darrell. I bought a second house in Florida & needed an axe there but wasn’t shipping any of my others from Chicago. Ordered a Kramer Focus VII. Paid $130. Yes $130. Can’t believe how good this guitar is. Sounds as good as my Fender super strat. Came set up, no paint issues, gorgeous maple fingerboard, comfy neck & trem works well. And a HSS setup, so many sounds. Should get one for the channel if you can get one. They sell quickly.

  • David Neily

    David Neily

    7 mesi fa

    Thank you for adding more affordable guitars to your reviews.

  • D C

    D C

    12 giorni fa

    I'm new at modding, but my first attempt was MIM Fender guts (pups/selector/wiring) in an Austin strat copy. Amazing difference.

  • Dragan


    9 mesi fa

    For $200 it looks pretty good, as for the fit and finish, needs a little clean up. Question is how does it compare to a similarly priced Hb? Maybe a comparison down the road?

  • Cousin Figel

    Cousin Figel

    9 mesi fa

    Damn, What a Great sounding, Playable, and looking Guitar for $ 200 Bucks, you can;t go wrong here,, I don;t know how they can build a Guitar for this price, Rock On, Cousin Figel

  • Bobby Kozmos1025

    Bobby Kozmos1025

    8 mesi fa

    Been following you for a while, on You Tube, and I love your presentations!! Please keep up the GREAT Work ... -Kozmos

  • Rick Elphinstone

    Rick Elphinstone

    9 mesi fa

    I love when Darrell Braun proudly announces how he's Canadian, making all of us Canadians stand and cheer. The bad news? No guitar this amazing of a deal is ever easy to get into Canada. Or with some guitars I've seen here, it's not even possible. Why do you tease us Canadians so, Darrell? ;)

    • Darryl Carter

      Darryl Carter

      9 mesi fa

      I'm in Canada too, so I know theyre super cheap and easy to get into Canada. Prices are going up these days, though. Act fast if you're looking at anything! Eart explorers have gone up $50 on Amazon in the last 6 months, for example.

    • Darryl Carter

      Darryl Carter

      9 mesi fa

      Try an Eart, Donner or Indio. I have all guitars from all three brands, have worked tirelessly setting them all up, and 'skeleton-wise' these guitars are actually quality at the core. Pickups and tuners are actually much better than anything similarly priced from Epiphone or Ibanez GIO, and I love those brands too, but they are getting destroyed by Chinese made, CNC'd guitars.

    • David G

      David G

      9 mesi fa

      What? He's Canadian? That simply won't do. Unsubbed........I'm kidding. It's a joke. No need to destroy the inside of your pants with bodily fluids now.

    • Rick Elphinstone

      Rick Elphinstone

      9 mesi fa

      @JP Marques Maybe we've stumbled on to an idea for a future DBG video. "How to purchase a hard-to-get guitar model in Canada."

    • JP Marques

      JP Marques

      9 mesi fa

      Great point, dude

  • Tim Marcus

    Tim Marcus

    9 mesi fa

    I recently bought a Gretsch g2210 Streamliner Junior for $250 brand new. IMO It's better than my LP Junior or any other $100-$500 guitar that I've owned. Never owned a Gretsch, they impressed me with this one and made me a fan.

  • AOB


    9 mesi fa

    Sounds amazing for that price. It doesn’t have a lot of depth in the tone, but an amazing guitar for that price. Sounds as good guitars 3x its cost.

  • Thom Alderson

    Thom Alderson

    9 mesi fa

    Great job! I love your reviews

  • Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader

    4 mesi fa

    I’d do just about anything to get my hands on one of these (or the money to try to get one). Times have been hard the last year or so with everything going on. I watch all these guitar reviews and lessons and don’t even have a guitar. How depressing lol

  • john harris

    john harris

    9 mesi fa

    Well, it's beautiful, unbelievable what you get for $200. I got an IYV Tele style, semi-hollow with humbuckers a few weeks ago it's really good! For $100 ! Because I signed up for Prime I got $50 off. It's beauty! Plays well, the frets are good! Absolutely amazing. I would buy this one but I don't need 3 guitars!

  • SpineFine


    9 mesi fa

    $200 is incomprehensibly low. How cheap do the materials have to be, and how little do the people who built it need to be paid, for Firefly to make even a tiny profit? Or is this just a loss leader for PR purposes?

    • Wei-Lun Li

      Wei-Lun Li

      7 mesi fa

      A guitar really doesn't cost that expensive to manufacture.

    • Blues guitar tips/lessons

      Blues guitar tips/lessons

      9 mesi fa

      . Reviewers like Darrell need to think about why this and some other China-made guitars with decent appointments are so inexpensive, instead they express being surprised and impressed when a guitar like this can be sold for $200. Not everything coming out of China is poorly sourced and/or made with slave wages but a lot is and I fear as consumers we hide our purchase justifications of impossibly low cost guitars behind price alone & reviews like this

  • R K Pragyajit Singh

    R K Pragyajit Singh

    7 mesi fa

    what impressed me are the gold hardwares
    Those look super classy
    As for the tone, normal enough to impress the audience👌

  • Matthias Söllner

    Matthias Söllner

    2 mesi fa

    Hey Darrell!
    Yeah, it's a really great guitar! But you have to check out the Harley Benton SC-450 Plus!
    The same price but a little better (in my Opinion)!!

    Well-known Guitar Newspapers only gave this Les Paul Style Guitar top marks!
    With lovely Greetings to Canada!

  • TheH8trs


    9 mesi fa

    I own both the classic and the elite. Not much different between the two. Both plays great.

  • Christopher Renne

    Christopher Renne

    9 mesi fa

    I own one in Blue. It is nicer in person than these reviews display. Really solid right out of the box.

  • Rob Paige

    Rob Paige

    9 mesi fa

    Amazing to me how many new playable guitars are out there for less than $250. I will say my biggest problem with most of them is getting fret sprout. I live in Alaska and the air is very dry indoors in the winter. My two most expensive guitars are the only ones that did not suffer fret sprout the first year. I admit to buying a Firefly from Amazon after watching one of your previous reviews. Since I have an Epiphone Less Paul that I have already put locking tuners and an after-market bridge on, I think I can resist buying one of these.

  • Opposite


    9 mesi fa

    I recommend you to try the guitars of the brand "Eart" especially its strat sss model. On Amazon it costs $ 196 and is a guitar with an impeccable finish.

  • Brian Nelms

    Brian Nelms

    9 mesi fa

    Very nice guitar! Especially at the price point!

  • Cory Norell

    Cory Norell

    9 mesi fa

    Darrell, you have to stop showing us these relatively cheap high value guitars! Very tempting almost every time.

    Also, I want to thank you for all you do on this channel. I just picked guitar back up after about 10 years of my guitar hanging on a wall. I fell in love with rock when I was younger - which led me to guitar and the blues - and have learned more than I ever could have hoped to from your channel (and others on YouTube of course). I'm humbly hoping you have plans to put out a full course one day, as you have an incredible knack for explaining musical concepts; not to mention the absolutely beautiful pieces you put together, nor the technique and precision you play them with!

  • Blackfeather Womble

    Blackfeather Womble

    7 mesi fa

    If I closed my eyes and heard this guitar without seeing it, I would have sworn that it was pricey.

    • L337


      6 mesi fa

      He got a nice amp tho

  • Edward Bartus

    Edward Bartus

    8 mesi fa

    as a person on a very limited income , I have enjoyed all the different inexpensive guitars that have shown here .After i purchase the Glarry Telecaster guitar I now have added this Firefly Les paul copy. it looks and plays better than my Epiphone Les Paul Studio so it now in my wish list. I also checked out the glarry 50 watt tube amp. it is now in my wish list too. thanks for turning me on to your inexpensive guitar and amp tests. you saved me a lot of time contacting the manufacters,to get info on their products.

  • WalkenDead1369


    9 mesi fa

    My biggest question on this would be if it is the standard or the exception for the line. Is the QC consistent, because what I see and hear there, that is an Epi killer. I'm not one of those guys that are a brand fan. I don't care what is on the headstock as long as it plays and sounds good. Hell I wish there were guitars like this around in that price range when I started playing, back then a $200 guitar was as good as firewood

  • Dennis Burke

    Dennis Burke

    8 mesi fa

    I really like this one even though I have not been a big fan of Les Paul styles! LoL I actually found this same guitar on Reverb and purchased it immediately! 🎸

  • Slushy


    8 mesi fa

    I honestly think if you're buying these guitars for just hanging out in your bedroom playing a few riffs they are a great deal if you're going to gig with them they are fine to just that the pickups are not the best upgrade the pickups and tuning keys and you good to go and for the minor flaws not a big issue for me personally.

  • Ronnie Guitar

    Ronnie Guitar

    9 mesi fa

    About 15 years ago I got a Jay Turser Les Paul for $200. It was a great playing and sounding guitar, sold it on Ebay because I needed to pay the electric bill. They buyer left feedback of "this is a great guitar", I agreed, I wish I had kept it but I reasoned that it was too heavy although it was somewhat lighter than a real Les Paul which weighs a ton.

  • Peter Shields

    Peter Shields

    9 mesi fa

    Amazing value guitar but, personally, I can't stand gold hardware, it's so cheesy and " medallion man " - aged nickel would have been far classier - the minor cosmetic issues would not bother me at all, especially at the price. It looks good and sounds excellent.

  • TheGolfingMusician


    9 mesi fa

    As a guitar designer and builder that has been to many of the factories in China, I feel for those poor workers that are turning these out.
    Guarantee you if this guitar retails for $200 USD the work conditions are awful.

    • TheGolfingMusician


      2 mesi fa

      @Robert Leath no, all the factories over there are not “sweatshops”. Have you been? Some are good and some are not.

    • Robert Leath

      Robert Leath

      2 mesi fa

      If you dont buy those Guitars it wont make any difference except those poor people wouldnt have any job. ALL factories over there are sweatshops. I would rather see them have a job than starve.

    • TheGolfingMusician


      9 mesi fa

      @Arli Zan I used to work for ESP Guitars in North Hollywood but while I was there I was in a different capacity and never visited those factories. Regarding Yako, I’ve been to that factory multiple times. They have excellent working conditions and very little employee turnover. Some of the floor managers have even been there for 25 years plus. This makes for a more consistent product as well as happier employees. The equipment is state of the art and it’s a clean well run facility. Regarding the transfer of wood stock from country to country, I can’t tell you much details about that. Suppliers often change to these factories based on quality and availability. Even hardware, bridges, pickups, pots, switches etc can vary year in/out based on how well the suppliers are doing. Hope this helps.

    • Arli Zan

      Arli Zan

      9 mesi fa

      I'd like to hear more details. Can you tell me about the Yako/Zhangzhou Fender Squier factory or Qingdao Epiphone factory conditions? I'll listen to any part of it, as it is and also as compared to other of the many factories you have visited. Also, even on models marketed as AMERICAN one finds Canadian Maple and Indian/Brazilan Rosewood, Ebony, Mahogany etc NOT from the US.... and even things like Canadian Maple shipped TO China, to then return as finished product for many branded guitars. How does all that shipping overhead to a China factory and back then translate to price, and employee conditions and compromises to make it so? Any info on factory/employee conditions when comparing where the China EC256 is made, vs where the S.K/Indonesia EC1000 is made? How to reconcile the fact that it's still the parent company's employees regardless of what landmass their factory is on? How might you yourself design and craft with a workaround regarding any single guitar component's point of origin and related worker conditions? Any insight from your experience is appreciated, thank you!

  • Asim Hussain

    Asim Hussain

    2 mesi fa

    Near perfect looking top on that, it resembles quilted maple quite a bit and the grain shows through very well! The only thing I dislike is the black around the edges, mainly the top, is way too thick hiding so much of that top.

  • Orville G

    Orville G

    9 mesi fa

    Very nice, the front maple looks more like, what they call Birdseye maple. Love the look. Hope they get more in stock soon.

  • Scott Ford

    Scott Ford

    6 mesi fa

    I have 2 gibsons and even the epiphones don't compare. Maybe its my imagination but I sound better on my les paul than other guitars... thats inspiring. Inspiration is huge too. Most of us average or in my case below average plinkers, having a nice instrument in your hands makes you want to play and handle it. Sometimes I pick it up and play it just because its a gibson les paul... its gratifying.

  • RockCoversMusic


    9 mesi fa

    Extremely nice looking with those gold pickups!