Card Throwing from $10 to $100

Pubblicato il 17 nov 2021
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WINNING $100 by throwing playing cards!
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Rick Smith, Jr.
Rick Smith, Jr.
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  • Rick Smith, Jr.

    Rick Smith, Jr.

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    Can’t believe the fundraising rep paid me $100 😳

    • Dood


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      @Mosesaurus12 he's calling the black girl a monkey because he has no life and is racist and probably in 7th grade

    • Mosesaurus12


      Mese fa

      @Joe Biden Is My Daddy wtf does that mean

    • Joe Biden Is My Daddy

      Joe Biden Is My Daddy

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      why you throwing darts so close to the monkey’s head?! that’s dangerous!

    • Yash Batra

      Yash Batra

      Mese fa

      @CringeTV lol

    • CringeTV


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      Bc you have irl aimbot and a good gaming chair obviously

  • Isreal Martinez

    Isreal Martinez

    2 mesi fa

    Someone breaks into his house and he comes out with his cards like " so you've chosen the papercuts of death "

    • Taste My Broth

      Taste My Broth

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    • Leroy J

      Leroy J

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      Hisoka be like

    • Its Dre Here

      Its Dre Here

      Mese fa

    • Dripgod2525_


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      @Ihateeverything Pete 😂😂😂

    • SubNoob1


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      @Ihateeverything Pete Konan be like :

  • Z68 Yeawww

    Z68 Yeawww

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    Man i remember when i was in school and we had stuff like this. I cant believe i forgot till now.. Such blissful memories.

  • eupxric


    2 mesi fa

    Yo Rick thanks so much for performing there we had so much fun!!

  • Carlos Del Gatito

    Carlos Del Gatito

    2 mesi fa

    This is awesome. I'm not trying to take anything away from how skilled he was. I just gotta say, he was a little too in to it.

    I mean 100 bucks?

    "Oh yay, a fraction of my rent is paid."

    • Sarah Ramirez

      Sarah Ramirez

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      100 bucks is a couple of cheap meals. A new winter coat. Can be invested. Money is money dude

    • Its Dre Here

      Its Dre Here

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    • Rover


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      he was happy.. y u gotta be such a downer bruh

    • HigherrConsciousness


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      Some adults work 40 hours a week for only $275.00 a week after taxes

    • Jooski trap a lot

      Jooski trap a lot

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      He's doing it for kids at a school obviously he's gonna exaggerate feelings

  • Briistol


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    This keeps middle schoolers a time to get released with their stress and actually enjoy their childhood

    • Briistol


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      @No 😂😂lmao dumbness backfired to that kid

    • No


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      Trust me, it doesn't because they're just trying to misbehave the entire time. Was at a band event for 6th graders, some kid put his arm around my neck and I bit him since I couldn't get him off. Years later, he threatened to sue me to which i threatened to counter sue with video evidence of the encounter, therefore overpowering his threat and forcing him to back off for the rest of high school.

  • Gaurang


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    I bet she didn’t even pay him a cent 🤣

  • Michael l

    Michael l

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    What a super human he can throw cards, this will change everything in world.

  • anime


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    Now I know where my donations to my school are going😂

  • Nozz


    2 mesi fa

    The mom: it doesn't take this long to drop the kids to school, I bet he's cheating on me


    • Its Dre Here

      Its Dre Here

      Mese fa

  • Trick Shots For The Giggles

    Trick Shots For The Giggles

    2 mesi fa

    Nice work RSJ!

  • apolitiek


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    This is so amazing, he throws cards and shit. Very impressive. Very ..

  • Eysteinn Jóhannesson

    Eysteinn Jóhannesson

    2 mesi fa

    Ive always tried doing that card throwing but I’ve never got it

  • Prison Planet Earth Comply or Die

    Prison Planet Earth Comply or Die

    2 mesi fa

    Without a miss it should keep going until he misses

  • Red D. Roger

    Red D. Roger

    2 mesi fa

    he will be rich with this lol

  • Dancing Sisters 👯‍♀️

    Dancing Sisters 👯‍♀️

    2 mesi fa

    Man why can’t this dude come to my school?

  • Big Steve

    Big Steve

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    Whoa it's finally worth all those hours of your life you spent throwing cards at things that you'll never get back

  • Deepika Negi

    Deepika Negi

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    Reality:- actually he is giving them those bucks

  • Bruv Bruv

    Bruv Bruv

    2 mesi fa

    Nice shots dude !!!!



    Mese fa

    Me when I miss school for one day

  • Content


    2 mesi fa

    she should have said "500$ if you miss this one"

  • Wesley Deer

    Wesley Deer

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    If you had to guess Mr Smith, how many cards have you thrown in your lifetime?

  • Hunter Jones

    Hunter Jones

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    He dosnt need a rifle, he has CARDS

  • fisher price

    fisher price

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    The day I learn this call me Gambit 😎

  • JAM Master Acct

    JAM Master Acct

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    Should be a Poker Dealer LoL… we make tons for easy work, but most people can’t learn to pitch the cards right, so they fail.
    He’s clearly got his card control down.
    Come to the Poker Room man ! LoL

  • VR4OZ


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    Girl: " Yo you know I was joking right?"😂

  • Levi Noir

    Levi Noir

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    So he settled for a high five then....

  • Pool noodle

    Pool noodle

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    Damn bro I used to play basketball in this school

  • CatGuy


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    Wow…a real life Gambit

  • Youtube Cleaners

    Youtube Cleaners

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    Thats pretty cool

  • CarrotShark


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    Now he can almost buy a wii!

  • edits with bewuga

    edits with bewuga

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    He has 185 dollars bow

  • Ry Blox-er

    Ry Blox-er

    2 mesi fa

    It was so fun when you came ty rick

  • Midnight PS3D

    Midnight PS3D

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    Altogether he made £185

  • Kristy Loren

    Kristy Loren

    2 mesi fa

    He walkin out with 185$

  • Family Adventures

    Family Adventures

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    And he pays himself…

  • Ken


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    He got $ 185!!!

  • BoO


    2 mesi fa

    *“Who else is just strolling through YouTube shorts rn?” 👀*

  • GMsnobGM


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    on the $100 dollar card i would frisbee it to the moon

  • Clashing Fun

    Clashing Fun

    2 mesi fa

    Lol he should go bird hunting

  • Strike ‘Em All Fishing

    Strike ‘Em All Fishing

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    This happens when you not at school

  • lilac moo

    lilac moo

    2 mesi fa

    Shes gunna be on welfare and already gave away her 1st months payment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam LaBelle

    Liam LaBelle

    2 mesi fa

    Oh I remember this guy…

  • Saima atif

    Saima atif

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    That's 185 all together
    Btw I calculated that in my head while he hit the cards

    • Sparo


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      @Travon Jackson Lol 😭

    • Travon Jackson

      Travon Jackson

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      Same 1st grade math

  • Mike


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    Is it just me or did this guy come to your elementary school as well

  • RodJeez


    2 mesi fa

    Why he so excited for $100 with this inflation

  • no112358


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    people are too easily impressed.

  • Bizzob


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    The camera man 📷🥲

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

    2 mesi fa

    Chris Osgood needs a job.

  • Tyson Account

    Tyson Account

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    Why there an audience to watch a guy hit paper after being thrown up in the air

  • John Doe

    John Doe

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    How he pays his bills, lol kinda sad.

  • Gabe


    2 mesi fa

    Hi Rick I’m Gabriel from George Hampton middle school when are you gonna upload the video you took with everybody in the auditorium

  • Robloxian Haven

    Robloxian Haven

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    I thought that was a pc part for a sec

  • Rockstar


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    Who let him in this school?

  • Badito


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  • Brendon Borg

    Brendon Borg

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    Ummm so who’s giving this guy money

  • ShadyShrimp


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  • Shaikh Muhammed Aatif

    Shaikh Muhammed Aatif

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  • Captain Yonder

    Captain Yonder

    Mese fa

    School assembly speed run

  • Guamz


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    this is probably to promote anti bullying

  • Evelyn Leyva

    Evelyn Leyva

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    What's 50 times 50

  • Sparka1


    2 mesi fa

    Did u get the money?

  • Likeucutg


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    Camera man :

  • BooneFloyd-14


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  • Brandon Chutt

    Brandon Chutt

    2 mesi fa

    Why do you guys think that talking about money will get you views? "1 billion dollars if you get this one" like stop. Just show off your little card trick and keep quiet.

  • Dan Crandall

    Dan Crandall

    2 mesi fa

    Taking money from schools now??

  • otaku's world

    otaku's world

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    He looks like Alexander zinchenko

  • Comet Copy

    Comet Copy

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    How to get a quick $100

  • lovedunkins


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    Mese fa

    I saw, that American schools are so happy, but the russian schools is like ww3

  • Pvt. Groundmiss

    Pvt. Groundmiss

    2 mesi fa

    Gambit irl

  • Jaber Miah

    Jaber Miah

    Mese fa

    All of them are same you just Increased the amount

  • MG


    2 mesi fa

    But where are the dollars?

    • Faraday Cage

      Faraday Cage

      2 mesi fa

      With the shot callers

    • FΛZΣ ᄃΉIPツ

      FΛZΣ ᄃΉIPツ

      2 mesi fa


  • amandasxx


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    What 175 pounds!!

  • Gaming Trader

    Gaming Trader

    Mese fa

    Dude thinks hes Gambit

  • Graybelle


    Mese fa

    Plsss come to my school lmfao

  • jim wulf Lahey

    jim wulf Lahey

    Mese fa

    Gambit? No

  • Laith Aljamal

    Laith Aljamal

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  • Aaron Hilley hulme

    Aaron Hilley hulme

    Mese fa

    Who is paying these people

  • Zero_beat_off


    Mese fa

    I was there

  • King Blaq

    King Blaq

    2 mesi fa

    Hisoka taught you well

  • Samki


    2 mesi fa

    Yo rick its me Alex From George M. Hampton Middle School
    When are you gonna upload the Vid?

  • O_0


    Mese fa

    The is wining is own money

  • Obelix


    Mese fa


  • DeAnthony Cuney

    DeAnthony Cuney

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  • Evon Daz

    Evon Daz

    2 mesi fa

    😶😶😶😶😶l85..…...........185 😲 you have a good day.

  • Thomas Kukuk

    Thomas Kukuk

    2 mesi fa

    Und nun ?

  • jelly this is long name sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    jelly this is long name sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2 mesi fa


  • M24 optic

    M24 optic

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  • Stephen Ramaut

    Stephen Ramaut

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    Ja MILAN plaats ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek je nog niet thuis zijn voor een nieuwe cao in zwembad van het groen kind en MILAN n og ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek je nog niet thuis zijn voor een nieuwe cao in zwembad van het groen kind en MILAN n og ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek ik smeek je nog niet thuis zijn voor een nieuwe cao in zwembad van @

  • Aaliyah


    2 mesi fa