DS 4 2022 review & driving (ENGLISH) - Better than 1 Serie, A-Klasse or A3?

Pubblicato il 7 set 2021
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The new DS 4 is about design, comfort and technology. With the DS 4 the French are gonna compete with the Audi A3 BMW 1 Serie and Mercedes-Benz A-klasse.

AutoRAI International
AutoRAI International
  • Franck Sévérac

    Franck Sévérac

    11 giorni fa

    Gosh she's gorgeous, I really wish they would import them to Canada, I'd buy it in heartbeat

  • Χρήστος Δενέχεισημασία

    Χρήστος Δενέχεισημασία

    22 giorni fa

    Awesome car. I want it.

  • hi ue

    hi ue

    25 giorni fa


  • Zholtai V

    Zholtai V

    Mese fa

    Just a pity that Stellantis is not customer service oriented in Southern Africa... ☹️☹️ Has been dropped too many times by Peugeot Citroen... Good and present at taking your money but disappear when you need them...

  • Cevdet Alakus

    Cevdet Alakus

    Mese fa

    İnanılmaz 😳

  • Piss


    Mese fa

    Put the price up by £10k and the German cea buyers will happily snap it up as a status symbol.

  • Rida Militaire

    Rida Militaire

    Mese fa

    الخردة الفرنسية بيجو سيتروين لا تقارن مع الفخامة الالمانية

  • Igor Zama

    Igor Zama

    Mese fa

    Super 👏 👏

  • Writingman4126


    Mese fa

    Too bad they can't bring it to the U.S. !!! (durability issues)

  • consu mérisme

    consu mérisme

    Mese fa

    Literally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • Parisien 78

    Parisien 78

    Mese fa

    For information this car is made in Germany ,so à better quality and reliability !! By #Stellantis 🤩👍

    • Jean-Guy Badiane

      Jean-Guy Badiane

      Mese fa

      C'est à dire ? La voiture sera mieux construite si c'est un ouvrier allemand qui serre les boulons ?

  • irfan paswan

    irfan paswan

    2 mesi fa

    Just an Citroen with Lexus line.

    • Ade Winfindale

      Ade Winfindale

      27 giorni fa

      You mean like a Toyota with Lexus line, or a VW with Audi line?

    • Hannah Mitchell

      Hannah Mitchell

      Mese fa

      You mean DS… French for Goddess.

  • Stefan DSC

    Stefan DSC

    2 mesi fa

    this car is beyond words ugly

  • Chong BQ

    Chong BQ

    2 mesi fa


  • Edwin de Paula

    Edwin de Paula

    2 mesi fa

    I've always been a citroën stan but this is just a french lexus. in the thin line between artsy and cheesy, its design gravitates towards the latter.

  • Outan Florenzo

    Outan Florenzo

    2 mesi fa

    C'est marrant, je l'ai vu dans l'émission Turbo, à l'état de maquette, sans les leds en Z. C'est bien plus subtile et donc plus joli, moins bling bling. Ces éclairages gâchent tout sur les voitures modernes. Et puis, un jour il faudra bien recycler ces artifices inutiles, ce n'est pas bien sérieux tout ça...

  • Pol_TC


    2 mesi fa

    comparable to a Cupra Formentor, but this DS looks far more premium

    • Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir

      Red-one #c pas moi jetait entrain de dormir

      26 giorni fa

      @Jacob Zimmermann yeah DS is like Lexus ans Cupra is like AMG or M sport

    • Jacob Zimmermann

      Jacob Zimmermann

      2 mesi fa

      Not really. Cupra is a sports brand, DS is comfort and luxury.

  • Be Low Below

    Be Low Below

    2 mesi fa

    You forgot how DS is a direct competitor to Lexus.

  • Constantine Giotopoulos

    Constantine Giotopoulos

    2 mesi fa

    Wonder why no video makes the slightest comment about rear visibility.

  • Federico


    2 mesi fa

    Amazing...beautiful desing👏👏Bravo DS

  • Eddy Vanderstraeten

    Eddy Vanderstraeten

    2 mesi fa

    Top car Love ds4

  • Laurent J

    Laurent J

    2 mesi fa

    I love the shape of this new DS-4 .Nice design 👍

  • tigreblanco


    2 mesi fa

    El compacto más bonito de todo el mercado, para mi gusto, superior incluso a los CLASE A , BMWs y AUDIS de su gama.

    • spartak spartakus

      spartak spartakus

      2 mesi fa

      totally agree !

  • Ja Dore

    Ja Dore

    2 mesi fa

    Superbe ! ❤️

  • xeniosaias


    2 mesi fa

    very very good review

  • xeniosaias


    2 mesi fa

    i dont know if id buy but coooooool

  • Vib Jerome

    Vib Jerome

    2 mesi fa

    Wow fantastic car my future

    • Purjolainen


      24 giorni fa

      I doubt that

  • feliz gonzalez

    feliz gonzalez

    2 mesi fa

    amazing I hope they sell them here in the USA activo desde Manhattan NYC

    • feliz gonzalez

      feliz gonzalez

      2 mesi fa

      @Kev Pog lol amazing