Feeding a Venus Flytrap Human Blood

Pubblicato il 13 gen 2022
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I see what happens if I feed a Venus Flytrap human blood.
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  • gaylord


    you’ve given him a taste for human flesh. it’s all he thinks about now, all he craves is the human meat

  • Johnny's Desk

    Johnny's Desk

    The ending is how end of the world situation starts.

  • SamAsm


    That was terrifying. I'm glad plants don't move as fast as we do.

  • ॐ卐 Merchant of Varanasi 卐ॐ

    ॐ卐 Merchant of Varanasi 卐ॐ

    Damn, can't believe how he was successfully able to jumpscare me in the end.

  • JaymeeElise


    I’m just still confused why he wasn’t bothered by a needle going ALL THE WAY into his finger..

  • slagman


    Fun Fact: VFT don’t actually “eat” things like flies and such, they still preform photosynthesis. Since most live in really bad nutrient-poor soil, they get nitrogen from digesting things like flies

  • Philip Harmsworth

    Philip Harmsworth

    I don't know how but that legitimately scared me at the end

  • ItzFloris🌻💛


    Someone: so what do you do in your free time?

  • lego motion

    lego motion

    After pricking himself the way he said "there we go that's good" it concerns me

  • Ame


    Holy shit that actually made me jump. Never in a million years would i expect a jumpscare from this channel lol

  • KlokSlop


    Now they are gonna evolve to eat humans..

  • Cherie Smith

    Cherie Smith

    I love this guy. Hes feeding his finger to a venus flytrap.

  • StUntitled


    The fact that I literally jumped at the end makes it even funnier

  • Roberto Jimenez

    Roberto Jimenez

    I can’t believe how deep they stuck that needle in!!

  • pankeki_


    Plant: " why's it spicy?"

  • Joe Robins

    Joe Robins

    "this was done sterily"

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    the end genuinely scared the absolute shit out of me😭😭

  • Chloe Robinson

    Chloe Robinson

    There’s literally a whole movie on why you shouldn’t do this 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • HolyCow


    That "Ahhhhhh" in the end literally scared the soul out of me Jesus



    Ahh the memories of the "Suddenly Seymour" scene being stuck in my head