What if APPLE and BMW collaborated?

Pubblicato il 22 dic 2021
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DIY BMW Key Remote Control change to Apple Car Key

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  • xHii_ro


    4 mesi fa

    if they did then we would have to pay for the key as a separate item

    • The Fashion Alchemist

      The Fashion Alchemist

      Mese fa


    • Aron Mucciarone

      Aron Mucciarone

      3 mesi fa

      This comment needs to reach the top

    • Thabang M

      Thabang M

      3 mesi fa

      Brilliant 😅

    • Humberto Hurtado

      Humberto Hurtado

      3 mesi fa

      Don't forget the brake pedal and calipers are addition accessories for your vehicle and would come at an additional cost.

    • RoasterOvenTV


      3 mesi fa

      "Oh you need air in tires?" $150

  • Big Bonede

    Big Bonede

    3 mesi fa

    The key is an additional $4500 for the key to function is $985 a month and for the ignition slot it's $355 a month and once it breaks after you use it the first time you gotta pay a $34,000 replacement fee

    • Jaspreet Singh

      Jaspreet Singh

      3 mesi fa

      I will better buy another bmw with simple key then😂😂

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    3 mesi fa

    They should collab, seeing as they are two of the most overpriced and elitist consumer brands out there.
    That being said, amazing work! It looks like an actual producr mock-up.

  • Jon Valt and the Evil Robots

    Jon Valt and the Evil Robots

    3 mesi fa

    That’ll be $5,000 because our new key fob is the thinnest and fastest key fob that we’ve ever made.
    Great work!

  • Amit Budhraja

    Amit Budhraja

    3 mesi fa

    You forgot that Apple has way more advanced tech than BMW can imagine. They wouldn't design such a remote. Still the leather touch is nice piece of work.

  • Alec Duvenage

    Alec Duvenage

    4 mesi fa

    If this happens, then when you buy the car, the key is sold separately for another $1500

    • Mihnea Lazăr

      Mihnea Lazăr

      3 mesi fa

      They are and have been collaborating for some years, the 2020 BMW 5 series was the first car to support Apple Car Key (digital, in the Wallet app). And it’s free.

    • Joe


      3 mesi fa

      @Ian Bos thats my point with you, u ain’t have to point out that shit in the first place lol

    • Nutzer750 i

      Nutzer750 i

      3 mesi fa

      You mean 1499€

    • Julian Brelsford

      Julian Brelsford

      3 mesi fa

      @Sunil Kumar.E.S in the bad old days of automobiles the "coach companies" and "motor companies" were often completely separate. Buy a coach, buy a motor, find a way to get them to work as a single vehicle...

  • some shy Weirdo

    some shy Weirdo

    3 mesi fa

    I genuinely feel like apple would find a way to legally sell seat belts separately from the car

  • J D

    J D

    3 mesi fa

    If this was real from Apple then the key provided with your car would either do the locking or do the ignition but wouldn't do both. but it would be OK, because they would just tell you to buy the newer model key in a few months and they'll have ironed out that particular issue.

  • Bob McL

    Bob McL

    3 mesi fa

    If they collaborated, then after 3 years, your car would mysteriously slow down to walking pace. Oh, and you would only be allowed to use "superior" Apple gasoline. 😲 (I forgot to add that your computer would start leaking coolant...)

  • Bongani Skosana

    Bongani Skosana

    3 mesi fa

    That’ll be great, but one has to be ready to buy batteries, keys, and key holder separately for more than a $150 as of year 2022.

  • Aashish


    3 mesi fa

    If they collaborate then customers would have to pay subscription fees to keep the keys activated every month.

    • Simply Wonderful

      Simply Wonderful

      3 mesi fa

      @Mihnea Lazăr and they still refuse to have Android Auto

    • Mihnea Lazăr

      Mihnea Lazăr

      3 mesi fa

      They are and have been collaborating for some years, the 2020 BMW 5 series was the first car to support Apple Car Key (digital, in the Wallet app). And it’s free.

    • axo-lol


      3 mesi fa

      They need to buy batteries each month of apple only costs 900 each

    • Simply Wonderful

      Simply Wonderful

      3 mesi fa

      @Tim Parks that's insane if true... By any brand! But I hear it's free on all cars in Thailand and Dubai 😜

    • Tim Parks

      Tim Parks

      3 mesi fa

      Is it BMW who's looking to make heated seats a subscription? Might be someone else.

  • lil palm tree

    lil palm tree

    3 mesi fa

    You'd probably have to pay separately for all the parts to the car then when it's time for an oil change they'll tell you "there's nothing we can do you'll just have to buy a new car"

  • Talia Lee

    Talia Lee

    3 mesi fa

    I love both. Especially BMW. My dad once had one. I was in love with that car. Good old days...

    • Amelia Wilder

      Amelia Wilder

      Mese fa

      Of course, it's German. German cars are great. But why I will never own a BMW is because they are so expensive to maintain. Maintaining a BMW will cost more than the vehicle itself when you first bought it. It's not worth it. VWs are the best.

  • Matthew Socias

    Matthew Socias

    3 mesi fa

    First of all excellent work that's truly beautiful but second of all I think we all know that entire thing would be fine machine aluminum if it was made by Apple

  • TheSilverGamer


    3 mesi fa

    You'll now need to use specific gas stations made by people and use their specific fuel costing slightly more than the rest

  • kevin


    3 mesi fa

    You would get cars that break down as soon as the new model comes out

    • Nathan Zari

      Nathan Zari

      3 mesi fa

      You already do.😂

    • Romeo Alpha Juliet Golf

      Romeo Alpha Juliet Golf

      3 mesi fa

      @Leo Specht Samsung also made and maybe still makes apple’s oled screens. I’ve said before Samsung has exceptional hardware and low tier boosted software. It’s like ordering a steak and putting chocolate syrup all over it.

    • Leo Specht

      Leo Specht

      3 mesi fa

      @Romeo Alpha Juliet Golf Also do you know why Apple batteries are even as good as they are now? Amperex Technology Limited supplies Samsung with their batteries. Apple decided to conveniently switch over to the same supplier as well. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Samsungs had it locked down for the longest.

    • SNC gaming

      SNC gaming

      3 mesi fa

      @Leo Specht well said 😂😂

    • SNC gaming

      SNC gaming

      3 mesi fa

      @Emad Aldeen apple has 1 day battry even after heavy useage

  • Lloyd Fancett

    Lloyd Fancett

    3 mesi fa

    Might not be a bad idea, if you charge the BMW drivers extra for turn signals maybe they'll use them. 🤔

  • Luke Raagas

    Luke Raagas

    3 mesi fa

    I like how the first thing that came to our mind when we saw the title was "yep, might as well sold the keys separately. Its apple ffs."

  • Y3601 _

    Y3601 _

    3 mesi fa

    It's terrifying. A new BMW every year that does the same thing just for a higher cost.
    *Excellent craftsmanship btw

  • Dustin Hoag

    Dustin Hoag

    3 mesi fa

    I’d buy one haha but in all seriousness that was so satisfying to watch!

  • Matt Moore

    Matt Moore

    3 mesi fa

    Ah, yes… I do so love the idea of two company’s that thrive on planned obsolescence, combined with exorbitant price gouging, getting together to make a product.

    • MoodbashA


      3 mesi fa

      @Chex NFX kinda have to remind you that covid made everything more expensive, used cars included, not to mention that your 2018 must have not driven for so long to depreciate it up to 60%

    • Chex NFX

      Chex NFX

      3 mesi fa

      @Jay the cars are amazing. It’s a rule of thumb, you don’t drive them past 80k miles or so. Common knowledge. Every 5 years I get a new one. Why would I drive a car for 20 years if I don’t have to? 😂. Also, they don’t go down 80% 😂😂. My 2018 hasn’t barely decreased in value in the 3 years I’ve had it. -10% about

    • RichL123


      3 mesi fa

      Have you tried not being poor?

    • Mr Red

      Mr Red

      3 mesi fa

      @Jay what a dumb comment, some people are meant to only drive ford, good luck.

    • erik


      3 mesi fa

      @Jay Ford is by far the worst and most unreliable brand in Europe

  • Joel


    3 mesi fa

    I'm sure leather on a key fob is the very first thing they would plan to accomplish

  • Vonkristoff


    3 mesi fa

    Yeah, besides from the programed obsolesence,
    apple would never think of using leather on a product.
    Maybe a cheap white plastic carcas with glued wired circuits all over the frame that will break at the slightiest sign of intention to open for battery change will suit it better.



    3 mesi fa

    Sounds about right, someone creates all the awesomeness and apple just prints out their logo 😂😂

  • Lol XD

    Lol XD

    3 mesi fa

    Well, for what we can tell, if apple and bmw collaborated, Everytime you turn on your car you would probably have to pay $30 worth in apple currency each time you start up your car

  • Joseph Hiess

    Joseph Hiess

    3 mesi fa

    You forgot to glue the back of the key back on so you will have to take it in to a tech every 3 months to swap out the battery.

    • Chameleon Scheimong

      Chameleon Scheimong

      3 mesi fa

      Nah there simply won't be a replaceable battery.

    • Zer0kaaz


      3 mesi fa

      I came in here to say the same thing, but instead of them replacing the battery you would have to buy a new one.

    • Jeff DeGough

      Jeff DeGough

      3 mesi fa

      Or you end up gluing the whole fucking thing to your thumb!!! Hahahaha!!!!!

  • Parker Hollingsed

    Parker Hollingsed

    3 mesi fa

    Didn't they already collaborate? A couple years ago, in one of their keynotes, they announced that you could put new bmw keys into the my wallet app and unlock them with your phone.
    Who knows, maybe I just have memories of something that never happened.

  • Eric Silverman

    Eric Silverman

    3 mesi fa

    Ahh yes, distressed leather. Exactly what I see walking into every apple store.

  • RDX


    3 mesi fa

    If Apple partnered with BMW you’d have to buy a new key every 2 years

  • Greg


    3 mesi fa

    Fail: if the key were made by Apple, the case would be glued shut so that customers could not replace the battery.

  • TheDigileet


    3 mesi fa

    You’ll still be able to drive it in 5 years, but it won’t break 55 on roads that were built after the car was made.

  • I’m Not Booked Terry

    I’m Not Booked Terry

    3 mesi fa

    If they collaborated it’s for people who desperately need some form of a status to feel a positive self worth!

  • Nicolas Zamudio

    Nicolas Zamudio

    3 mesi fa

    I think the fob looked good if he would’ve just added the leather wrapping to the back panel but the Apple logo ruined it for me- not an Apple hater, just didn’t need to be on the fob

    • DaylightRobberyCA


      3 mesi fa

      What does Apple have to do with BMW? What does leather have to do with apple’s glass and metal tech aesthetic? It just doesn’t add up, does it?

  • Landan OConnor

    Landan OConnor

    3 mesi fa

    So it's just the logo? Bmw would be much more likely to use leather on something without apple. They use leather pretty frequently. Cool looking key modification.

  • Berderk


    3 mesi fa

    Damn the keys, engine, tires, brake pads, everything be sold separately if Apple did a collab

    • Julian Brelsford

      Julian Brelsford

      3 mesi fa

      "we don't know what conditions you plan to drive in or whether you plan to drive on road, or track. Wheels and tires to suit your preferences are available for purchase or feel free to use the ones you have lying around." Speakers are an option since you might prefer to use your Bluetooth (sold separately)

  • trending shorts

    trending shorts

    3 mesi fa

    Whenever I feel I'm not worthy or wasting time I see this video 😂😂😂



    3 mesi fa

    I think if apple collabed with BMW, everything else apart from the leather part would be carbon fibre. Either that or the other way ground. Everything leather with the battery case door being made of titanium.

  • MrRagerPR


    3 mesi fa

    This has no business being so satisfying to watch…

  • //AutoBarn


    2 mesi fa

    Awesome press! Would look nicer with just the stamp, like the iPhone cases

  • Serge Davydenko

    Serge Davydenko

    4 mesi fa

    Standing ovation!
    The price for "this" should be set by the example of BMW and Apple ...
    At least 10'000% of the cost price.

  • Benetton


    3 mesi fa

    Wow, what a collab, Apple added the logo.

  • Z9R


    3 mesi fa

    If that happened, we would have to go to bmv to get the battery changed, costing us the price of the key, which is sold separately. Not to mention, the app used to remote start and unlock/lock the car is only available on ios.

  • Anau Naga

    Anau Naga

    3 mesi fa

    If they collaborated then you wouldn’t have taken the cover off so easily

  • Emys E46

    Emys E46

    3 mesi fa

    The fact that the only thing making it "apple" is the logo really says something about the brand

  • Lilly Rose

    Lilly Rose

    4 mesi fa

    I love this.
    I need more of these shorts over here please!



      4 mesi fa

      Thank you. I'll try!

  • Kira Kira

    Kira Kira

    3 mesi fa

    Dealership: "And that would be $40k"
    Costumer: "Wow, just $40k for the new BMW?"
    Dealership: "No, that's just the key... see? There's an Apple logo on it!"
    Costumer: "Here! Take my money."

    • Farabi Islam Rishad

      Farabi Islam Rishad

      3 mesi fa

      🤣🤣. Perfectly explains the stanz.

  • dederded


    3 mesi fa

    They wouldn’t worry about the fancy leather, they’d just stick a cheap apple stamp on the back of the key fob, and call it a day…………

  • RANCAN Loïc

    RANCAN Loïc

    2 mesi fa

    Hi, I’m french 🇫🇷 and I love you work. What is the machine do you use for create the apple logo ?

  • Ty Gill

    Ty Gill

    3 mesi fa

    I thought he was goin a build an airpod, apple tag or something into the fob housing lol, I was genuinely praying he wouldn’t just add an embossing or something but nooooooo a scratched alloy is way more collaborative

  • Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller

    4 mesi fa

    Minus the Apple logo, I am ALL for that 👀

    • bobstar76


      3 mesi fa

      Try the bmw logo?

  • SimTech


    3 mesi fa

    Imagine if it was an electric car, the battery would be dead at 60% in winter 😢

  • Dennis Johansson

    Dennis Johansson

    3 mesi fa

    Hey, what is that called, when you press the logo into leather like that? And what material is that foil? I want to be able to do that at home!

  • Ernest Staszuk

    Ernest Staszuk

    3 mesi fa

    Key would be sold separately and also glued - no battery replacement.

  • Seth Steiner

    Seth Steiner

    3 mesi fa

    “What if Apple collaborated with BMW?”
    You’d be able to use your iPhone as a key… which you are. Apple Carkeys via wallet was released on the 2020 (maybe 2021) BMW 5 Series.

  • Nicholas Canada

    Nicholas Canada

    3 mesi fa

    Leather isn't exactly apples aesthetic but it looks good

    • Obama Lore

      Obama Lore

      3 mesi fa

      @Killian Iphone case

    • Dimh Co.

      Dimh Co.

      3 mesi fa

      The real comment I was waiting for

    • Killian


      3 mesi fa

      My thoughts too, cant remember many leather apple products. Mostly just glass, metal, and plastic. Like those clear blue mac desktops from back in the day haha

    • thegamer fromjuipiter

      thegamer fromjuipiter

      3 mesi fa

      BMW+Apple+Hermés perhaps

  • ShadowxxPanda


    3 mesi fa

    They would also triple the price of the car with it having the same features as the non apple bmw.

  • Denver Now

    Denver Now

    3 mesi fa

    Finally, a BMW with some quality leather.

  • AbominationalFailure


    3 mesi fa

    If Apple and BMW collaborated I would say you would end up with an overpriced pos made with a bunch of proprietary parts that needed to be serviced monthly and was designed for obsolescence.
    But hey, it would look pretty though

  • Артем Наставшев

    Артем Наставшев

    3 mesi fa

    Когда хочешь БМВ и айфон, но денег только на брелок)

  • EpicDuty


    3 mesi fa

    They already have sort of a key kooperation.
    I think the shiny silver on the back was one step to much. Now there are two kinds of silver on one key.

  • Steven Scott

    Steven Scott

    3 mesi fa

    This man is up to something!!! I like it

  • silverio wilber

    silverio wilber

    3 mesi fa

    All jokes aside, that's pretty cool how it came out, that's a good mash-up.

    • Julien Swidlowski

      Julien Swidlowski

      3 mesi fa

      It’s upside down lol

  • JMSGridIron56


    3 mesi fa

    You'd get a vehichle that is not only expensive but gets completely totaled after driving on slightly uneven roads and hits a bump

  • jordanrichards320


    3 mesi fa

    If Apple collaborated with BMW the wheels and the stereo would come separately

  • Mutch Louis

    Mutch Louis

    3 mesi fa

    If BMW collaborated with apple then to drive the car home, we would need to buy the key fob separately. Not to mention excruciatingly slow power socket for the car or some kind of fuel that only apple sells at a premium cost.

  • John


    3 mesi fa

    Apple will slow your key down every year. To have a faster key you need to buy a new one and pay a premium for a 5 year insurance so you can next year buy a new key because the key slowed down and its almost mor working and to fix it you will need special tools that only apple techs have

  • Gaige Storm

    Gaige Storm

    3 mesi fa

    If they did then you'd get the chassis and running gear but the rest you'll have to buy separately

  • nick zigrang

    nick zigrang

    3 mesi fa

    That'll be $1900 for the same thing as last year, but with 1 new feature that everybody else is already doing, & 2 small improvements that really don't matter to you. Battery not included.

  • Lupiné


    3 mesi fa

    "Designed by Apple in California; Wheels, mirrors sold separately"

  • Storm Miller

    Storm Miller

    3 mesi fa

    If BMW kept selling the same old car the way apple sells iPhones, they wouldn’t be ruining the new ones. And of course a tiny logo milled from a solid block of aLUminium 😂

  • LookingGlass ✔️

    LookingGlass ✔️

    3 mesi fa

    If apple and bmw collaborates, your car controller would require a proprietary battery and wouldn't be openable by the consumer/car owner.

  • Heats Flamesman

    Heats Flamesman

    3 mesi fa

    Keys and tires not included
    3rd and 4th gear included in pro version

  • Boosk21


    3 mesi fa

    The key would stop working with the car after a few months and you will have to pay some insane price for a new one.

  • Simply Wonderful

    Simply Wonderful

    3 mesi fa

    They would also glue it shut so you can't replace the battery for less than 85% of the cost of a new car.

  • Evan Beck

    Evan Beck

    3 mesi fa

    If apple and BMW did a colab you gonna have to buy each part of the car separately😅

  • Priyesh Pandey

    Priyesh Pandey

    3 mesi fa

    I think I want to go on a ride on my iPhone , this weekend 🤣 😂

  • I haven't showered in 6 weeks, but

    I haven't showered in 6 weeks, but

    3 mesi fa

    "Yeah you're unable to repair the car yourself. Yeah you even used official parts but now your car radio is disabled, you can only go forwards, and your windscreen has delay. Take it to an official repair place and pay $6,000 to reenable the features."



      3 mesi fa

      Don't forget the deductible

  • Joe


    3 mesi fa

    Now I wanna see a full leather key

  • Big Jumbo

    Big Jumbo

    3 mesi fa

    When it's time for an update the car would start buffering 🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon


    3 mesi fa

    The kinda funny thing is that BMW and Apple did collaborate on a car keys solution lol