Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

Pubblicato il 24 ott 2020
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Epic Rap Battles of History: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! The 2020 Election Battle. Who won? Who’s next? You decide! Special Thanks to all our Patrons. Join our team:
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2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. We hope you enjoy the video. Stay safe. Stay well. We'll have another rap battle for you pretty soon :)
Beat Produced by: Hollywood Legends
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Donald J. Trump: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Joe Biden: Nice Peter
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Frak and the many most excellent contributors of our Patreon Writers Crew. Thank you to everyone involved.
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IG - @fraktheperson
Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Andy Chinn
Makeup and Hair: Maryann Yee
DIT: Josh Best
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter, Javi Sanchez Blanco
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Music Mixed and Mastered by: Nice Peter
Directed by: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
Shot on the RED Gemini
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Pro Tools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!

  • outdoor 31

    outdoor 31

    2 minuti fa

    Yay joe Biden

  • outdoor 31

    outdoor 31

    3 minuti fa

    Who won Joe Biden I'll vote for joe Biden i like how Joe Biden raps

  • Evan Andrews

    Evan Andrews

    10 minuti fa

    light yagami vs naruto

  • Baringin Sakti Boy 42

    Baringin Sakti Boy 42

    13 minuti fa

    Biden won

  • Angelo Mordini

    Angelo Mordini

    17 minuti fa

    Dutch vs Rambo or
    Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    21 minuto fa


  • Alex Shatat

    Alex Shatat

    23 minuti fa

    Black gryphon vs roomieoffical that’s a good idea because right now they have real beef

  • Ibaad Iqbal

    Ibaad Iqbal

    23 minuti fa


  • Aliexei


    24 minuti fa

    Lines don't even rhime maaan. ERB has fallen far.

    • Sassy Tangerine

      Sassy Tangerine

      9 minuti fa

      yes they do lmaoooo

  • Clever Sunn

    Clever Sunn

    33 minuti fa

    Utter stupidity

    • Sassy Tangerine

      Sassy Tangerine

      9 minuti fa


  • Sarah Herndon

    Sarah Herndon

    36 minuti fa

    Elsa vs Moana

  • Tomcat 420

    Tomcat 420

    38 minuti fa

    Why can't joe biden be this cool

  • Elia_Edits


    41 minuto fa

    Trump has a better flow, but Biden has the best punchlines!

  • J aga

    J aga

    43 minuti fa

    "Everything you ever did you just had to cheat" the irony

  • Niels Van Ekeren

    Niels Van Ekeren

    50 minuti fa

    Vincent van Gogh vs Charlie Chaplin, the battle of 2 of the most saddest artists

  • Respect The Dent

    Respect The Dent

    54 minuti fa

    So about that B.T.S. video...

  • Mcake


    59 minuti fa

    The people waiting for Vader vs Hitler PT4

  • That Rando

    That Rando

    Ora fa

    Can't help but realise that joe biden was just spitting facts 😂

  • Niko Herrera

    Niko Herrera

    Ora fa

    Do Ronald Reagan vr Stalin

  • Swyftey


    Ora fa

    The fly at 2:35...

  • Guillermo chacón

    Guillermo chacón

    Ora fa

    Aloy vs Geralt
    Pretty please

  • D O

    D O

    Ora fa

    The lines that call them both out for being pedophiles are way cold

  • Enderfredbear51


    Ora fa

    Biden won like how he won the election

  • J Sarr

    J Sarr

    Ora fa

    But where was Mr. Lincoln in this one?

  • Tank Buenrostro

    Tank Buenrostro

    Ora fa


  • Vapor Fources

    Vapor Fources

    Ora fa

    Lincoln was probably scared to come to this 2020 battle

  • Abumusa Siddiqui

    Abumusa Siddiqui

    Ora fa

    There should be superman vs batman

  • Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    Ora fa


  • Nate Armondino

    Nate Armondino

    2 ore fa

    This channel still exists?

  • BrightInventor Tech

    BrightInventor Tech

    2 ore fa

    “Should of pulled out of stormy Daniels!”

  • Dank Dude

    Dank Dude

    2 ore fa

    Ze Best man

  • Mira The strongest warrior

    Mira The strongest warrior

    2 ore fa

    pheonix wright vs aticus fiinch (how to kill a mocking bird)

  • Luis Aguilar

    Luis Aguilar

    2 ore fa

    Lincoln decided that the only way to do something right is doing it yourself (Biden actor is the same as Lincoln)

  • Hector Ruiz

    Hector Ruiz

    2 ore fa

    Am I the only one really interested to know what the Russian says?

  • Divine Verdict

    Divine Verdict

    2 ore fa

    Biden won with his first line. That epstein line was it.

  • Alex


    2 ore fa

    Jack Nicklaus vs jack nickelson

  • otherlego


    2 ore fa

    ok idc what your opinions are but joe biden's hit harder, alright? can we all agree that trump wasnt able to insult joe on this one?

    • Drjones_1968


      Ora fa

      Yeah, it’s not like it’s a debate stage anyways.

  • R. K.

    R. K.

    2 ore fa

    They are back!❤

  • Dwayne5p Garrett

    Dwayne5p Garrett

    2 ore fa


  • Sreecs


    2 ore fa

    anyone noticed the fly

  • Carson Brandt

    Carson Brandt

    2 ore fa

    2:32 when every American history fanatic said 🔥B U R N🔥

  • Shrek Mate

    Shrek Mate

    2 ore fa

    erb gets novichoked for dissing putin*

  • Bennyboy 2006400

    Bennyboy 2006400

    2 ore fa

    Green Arrow v Robin Hood

  • joeabers67 kit kat

    joeabers67 kit kat

    2 ore fa

    Tommyinnit vs Dream

    • Drjones_1968


      Ora fa

      What does a cheating, rigging, egotistical loser who needs writing to win have on a 16 year old.

  • Felix m

    Felix m

    2 ore fa

    I think, Lincoln vs. Donald Trump ... could be interesting

  • Rock Washington

    Rock Washington

    2 ore fa

    and I vote Trump because I like his rap even I don't like him still good



    2 ore fa

    trump 2020

    • otherlego


      2 ore fa

      biden won this rap battle. oh, and the election

  • seifer64


    2 ore fa

    ethan hunt vs james bond

  • David Pedroso

    David Pedroso

    3 ore fa

    Billy the Kid

  • Aaron Playz

    Aaron Playz

    3 ore fa

    Abraham Lincoln couldn’t come due to covid related issues

  • scottythedawg


    3 ore fa

    this one is easy... Biden won but Trump refuses to accept it.

  • Ayden Coleman

    Ayden Coleman

    3 ore fa

    Probably one of my favorite 4 year traditions

  • Royal Mage Music

    Royal Mage Music

    3 ore fa

    ERB Idea: The Zodiac Killer vs The Ridder
    Sonic The Hedgehog (Game) vs
    Sonic (Movie)
    Slappy from Goosebumps vs

  • Aadyn cox

    Aadyn cox

    3 ore fa

    donald trump won

  • Z R

    Z R

    3 ore fa

    "Teach your son a thing or two about life/ There's no hunting season for your dead brother's wife" Damn. Yet they elected Biden. I don't understand

    • Drjones_1968


      Ora fa

      “I know how you must’ve felt when they killed Jeffery Epstein.” Yet they still elected Trump for four years.

  • Joe Munn

    Joe Munn

    3 ore fa

    You guys need to do kermit the frog versus patrick Mahomes

    • Drjones_1968


      Ora fa

      What’s the point? There’s no difference.

  • ChrisE827


    3 ore fa

    Laurel & Hardy vs Abbott & Costello.

  • Akindamola Gbadebo

    Akindamola Gbadebo

    3 ore fa

    Mike Pence vs Kamila Harris

  • MrWWEHD17


    3 ore fa

    2:34 that fly OMG!!!

  • Jamie _OM6

    Jamie _OM6

    3 ore fa


  • Michael Gelfound

    Michael Gelfound

    4 ore fa

    Trump won, but Biden stole it.

  • Amber Arthur

    Amber Arthur

    4 ore fa

    John f kennedy vs Richard Nixon

  • Jacari Goodley

    Jacari Goodley

    4 ore fa


    • Jacari Goodley

      Jacari Goodley

      2 ore fa

      @Oliver The stream hopper im so hot dude

    • Oliver The stream hopper

      Oliver The stream hopper

      2 ore fa

      Umm were you looking in a mirror while writing this

  • Stephen Hill

    Stephen Hill

    4 ore fa

    My American Family Members Approves. My British Family Members Approves. Biden, what the actual f***?! SICK BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't heard bars like that since Joker rapped to Pennywise about Stephen King's cocaine addiction! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • black jack

    black jack

    4 ore fa


  • Vishwa Chethan

    Vishwa Chethan

    4 ore fa

    Joe Biden killed it

  • Bastiaan de Bruijn

    Bastiaan de Bruijn

    4 ore fa

    Yikes.... using debunked statements on Biden's behalf is a weak ass thing.. Yikes.

    • otherlego


      Ora fa

      @Drjones_1968 lol true

    • Drjones_1968


      Ora fa

      @otherlego It’s only true if he agrees with it. If not, it’s debunked.

    • otherlego


      2 ore fa

      which ones were debunked, and by who?

  • Bill Nye

    Bill Nye

    4 ore fa


  • Charlikins


    4 ore fa

    Biden and the Dems stole the election

  • Joel Kimberly

    Joel Kimberly

    4 ore fa

    Donald Glover vs Danny Glover!!!!!

  • Thatonekid Whocandestroyyou

    Thatonekid Whocandestroyyou

    4 ore fa

    2:35 it looks like there is a fly on Joe Biden's head. I might be wrong.

  • Tariq Graves

    Tariq Graves

    4 ore fa

    Anyone watch this after the election?

  • SafetyStrong Ent.

    SafetyStrong Ent.

    4 ore fa

    So no Abe Lincoln

  • Mini Diamand

    Mini Diamand

    4 ore fa

    Best Flow: Donald Trump
    Best Disses: Joe Biden
    Overall winner: The fly in Bidens hair

  • Dazai Nightcore

    Dazai Nightcore

    4 ore fa

    Everyone: Where's Abraham Lincoln when you need him.?
    Me: 2:35 , did anyone notice the fly on his head?

  • SuperSniffman


    4 ore fa

    I want to know what the actual candidates think that should of bin a real question they got asked

  • Lidor Dimov

    Lidor Dimov

    5 ore fa

    Mike Pence vs Camila Harris

  • Dylan Dressel

    Dylan Dressel

    5 ore fa

    Trump won

  • sipan h

    sipan h

    5 ore fa

    Is nobody gonna talk about that FIRE jeffrey epstein line?? One of the dirtiest bars I've heard

  • Hogan Stroud

    Hogan Stroud

    5 ore fa

    I’d love to see a Homelander vs. Captain America video or some other type of American themed superhero

  • russischbrot


    5 ore fa

    What have Trump and Hitler both together?
    Both have 3 Rap Battles

  • KatsuKaiser


    5 ore fa

    Joe Biden literally won the election and the rap battle

  • Emaruld Blicharski

    Emaruld Blicharski

    5 ore fa

    I think it’s clear Joe won this battle as well

  • Sound Producer

    Sound Producer

    5 ore fa


  • Bilge


    5 ore fa

    Taylor swift and Selena Gomez?

  • C J

    C J

    5 ore fa

    Do Jeffrey Epstein vs Andrew 😂

  • Kaile Brogan

    Kaile Brogan

    5 ore fa

    biden 2020 i'm glad he won

  • Angel D. Vazquez

    Angel D. Vazquez

    5 ore fa

    RayWilliamJohnson VS Pewdiepie

  • Swifty Go Moo

    Swifty Go Moo

    5 ore fa

    Ted bundy v belle gunness

  • Wham Do

    Wham Do

    5 ore fa

    Global warming ain't a joke, Trump.

    *You're FIRED.*

  • Graig Maignan

    Graig Maignan

    5 ore fa

    Joe won

  • Diego Perez

    Diego Perez

    5 ore fa

    4 years later we get this let’s see what we will get in 4 years

  • James


    5 ore fa

    When he said you're the worst Republican since Herbert Hoover they should have put Herbert in there like hey! And plus they should have added Abraham Lincoln at the end

  • Alvaro Acuenteco

    Alvaro Acuenteco

    5 ore fa

    Y Y Y you whine About ballots like a bitch best line ever

  • Nathan B Ring

    Nathan B Ring

    6 ore fa

    Can we see Stephen King vs J. k. Rowling next?

    • Boxssed


      6 ore fa

      He already used Stephen king

  • Swifty Go Moo

    Swifty Go Moo

    6 ore fa

    the vegan teacher vs McDonalds....

  • The one above All

    The one above All

    6 ore fa

    junji ito vs hp lovecraft

  • Joshua Harris

    Joshua Harris

    6 ore fa

    Biden slapped the dumb out of Trump.
    Also, going to start slipping this idea in here, because I think its a gem:
    Pope John Paul II VS Sean Paul

  • Corpo V

    Corpo V

    6 ore fa

    “Your just Barack’s shadow,and I don’t really like the shade.”
    Holy shit,he actually went there. 😱 That was an ice cold kill. 🥶

    • Swifty Go Moo

      Swifty Go Moo

      6 ore fa

      at least he was the shadow of someone who was a good pres i feel bad for pence he trumps shadow

  • LIL YV

    LIL YV

    6 ore fa

    am i the only one who wants to see rambo vs rocky?