Ultimate BMW Cafe Racer Build Timelapse (K100)

Pubblicato il 24 mag 2021
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This is build footage from start to finish of my build. If you are looking for more in depth videos of this build check out the 1988 BMW K100 playlist on my channel. Also be sure to check out some of my other build videos on the channel!

Jax Garage - www.jaxgarage.com.au/
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Parts Links:

Fork Conversion Kit - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
Front Wheel Adapters - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
YSS Shock - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
Clip-on Bars - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
Billet Grips - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
Front Tire - amzn.to/2RzFE5K
Rear Tire - amzn.to/3uh4Qeg
Brake Rotors - amzn.to/3oHYYtB
Paint Stripper - amzn.to/3wBKIoL
Engine Paint - amzn.to/2QMag3r
Header/Exhaust Pipe Paint - amzn.to/3oJIbpW
BMW Tank Emblems - amzn.to/34bgJYD
License Plate Bracket - amzn.to/2WDzkbE
Engine Harness/Cable Wrap - amzn.to/2BIpjTF
Glow fuses - amzn.to/3fLdTzb
Bar End Mirrors - amzn.to/3hlUog3
Wire Wheel Drill Attachments - amzn.to/3ffZs7a
Bolt Dress Up Kit - www.jaxgarage.com.au/product/...
Acewell Speedometer - www.dimecitycycles.com/acewel...
Headlight - www.max-inc.cn/7-inch-high-qua...
Turn Signals - www.max-inc.cn/max-chubby-matt...
Seat - cafe4racer.eu
Custom Fuel Cap - contact Trevor (@ditstang) on instagram or ditstang@hotmail.com
Custom Foot Rest/Rearsets - powerbrick-parts.com
All maintenance parts such as filters, seals, rubbers etc. purchased from EME (Euro Moto Electrics)
Tank color - BMW Snapper Rock Blue: Paint Code:C1G

Enjoy the video and let me know what you would do if you were to build your own custom K100!

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