Top 25 Punches That Will Never Be Forgotten... Pt3

Pubblicato il 21 feb 2018
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Check out these unforgettable ring moments as Boxing Legends TV counts down another 25 all-time great punches that will never be forgotten.

Boxing Legends TV
Boxing Legends TV


    Giorno fa

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  • Mohamed Sabih

    Mohamed Sabih

    2 giorni fa

    What about ippo that kid can fight

  • n r

    n r

    2 giorni fa

    Wheres Mickey O Neill ??

  • Golden Eyes

    Golden Eyes

    3 giorni fa

    Morrison was an addict. Broke my heart.

  • Chris Helsdon

    Chris Helsdon

    3 giorni fa

    Johnny: "Is Butterbean ok?"

  • Gillian_seed83


    9 giorni fa

    Wow a real life King Hippo

  • Cook in Suit

    Cook in Suit

    10 giorni fa

    how is called the musik in 0:55?the beat is great

  • Samuel


    12 giorni fa

    I also remember when butterbean fought mike tyson

  • VideoGame Guy

    VideoGame Guy

    13 giorni fa

    Boxing is for cornballs. While Ufc is for people who like to watch fights.

  • Phobos


    13 giorni fa

    Lost all my respect taking a shot at professional wrestling like they’re not still incredibly talented athletes

  • Sean Schroeder

    Sean Schroeder

    13 giorni fa

    Poor Arthur, he met his creator for 4 seconds. The champ did not look concerned, he punched his way into the multiverse.

  • Sean Schroeder

    Sean Schroeder

    13 giorni fa

    Poor Arthur, he met his creator for 4 seconds. The champ did not look concerned, he punched his way into the multiverse.

  • Drew M.

    Drew M.

    13 giorni fa

    Jermaine taylor deserved every bit of that pain from that ko, he's a racist bigot.

  • scottishmisfit


    13 giorni fa

    hell I still wouldn't want to get hit by Tyson now.

  • Reggie Chakiris

    Reggie Chakiris

    14 giorni fa

    Channel: Help this channel get off the ground
    Also channel: 52 million veiws

  • Shadyn Mccord

    Shadyn Mccord

    14 giorni fa

    I feel like at 10:34 his legs wanted to still stand but the top half of his body was asleep😆

  • Teiwaz Tim

    Teiwaz Tim

    14 giorni fa

    that big hook against jim ross shouldve made top 15.

  • ElGatoLoco698


    14 giorni fa

    I boxed a little bit when I was younger. I was half decent at it. But I can never get over the feeling of getting knocked on the temple. It's why I never tried it professionally.

  • D P

    D P

    14 giorni fa

    What about Leon Spinks?

  • Johnny B

    Johnny B

    14 giorni fa

    George Forman? No?

  • Scott K

    Scott K

    15 giorni fa

    That left by Morrison was good but not the best.

  • Rule Blitz

    Rule Blitz

    16 giorni fa

    great video shame about the racist twit that needs to be canceled and removed from any event

  • edsnotgod


    16 giorni fa

    Lol Biden virtually knocked out Trump lol with his hammer of the gods lol sniff girl hair superhuman powers lol Trump tiny hands lol

  • 16 giorni fa

    A Hawaii punch is best

  • Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor

    16 giorni fa

    Boxing is dead

  • Graeme Hampton

    Graeme Hampton

    16 giorni fa

    Witherspoon knocked Ecklands mouth to the other side of his face... OUCH!! 4:47

  • Manns Baking

    Manns Baking

    18 giorni fa

    Manny defeated ricky on single round lol manny put ricky as sleep😂

  • Mason Kaye

    Mason Kaye

    19 giorni fa

    Maywether wsa not a real champ he just picked his fights well and was a good enough fighter.

  • brian lucas

    brian lucas

    20 giorni fa

    Ali got up...

  • John Randle

    John Randle

    20 giorni fa

    Never lose to a white you lay on the ground looking like a fish

  • Kizaru _

    Kizaru _

    21 giorno fa

    Watch this i remembered about Rocky vs Drago XD

  • Angry Monkey

    Angry Monkey

    21 giorno fa

    Loving the no easy way out! No short cut home! Go ROCKO! 👍

  • Bryan Flake

    Bryan Flake

    22 giorni fa

    Butter bean and Bart Gunn should have never happened that ruined that man's career. A professional boxer fighting a WWE star is.not a fair fight

  • Jason Casey

    Jason Casey

    23 giorni fa

    Did Tommy die of AIDS ??? And Mike Tyson was the best and hardest puncher easy

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    23 giorni fa

    people that point the finger...

  • Icyan Plays

    Icyan Plays

    24 giorni fa

    6:53 i may be wrong but, wasnt he exposed later on at the end by the other guys dad cuz he had missing padding in his gloves and also plasticine im not 100% sure it was this guy but the other person looks every similar to the victim, also sorry if im wrong 😅

  • Pako Balderas

    Pako Balderas

    24 giorni fa

    I dont see Manny paquiao on the canvas....

  • Twiggy


    24 giorni fa

    My favourite boxer of all time is or wad Smoking Joe Frazier, and Sugar Ray Leonard being a close second

  • Howel Anthony Barrozo

    Howel Anthony Barrozo

    25 giorni fa

    Link for part 1 please. Cannot find it. Thanks

  • Nick John S

    Nick John S

    27 giorni fa

    Love the video.....until the last few minutes 💩💩💩

  • Offmy Meds

    Offmy Meds

    29 giorni fa

    I hope to be a pro boxer. I will punch fools all fucking day. But for now, I just practice my punching power playing the knockout game. Bdddap! Bdddap!

  • tipperscum


    Mese fa

    Ask wilder who punches harder.......... him or Tyson fury lol. The gypsy king rules the world

  • twintriode


    Mese fa

    I kilt him for 3 - 5 seconds.

  • James banks

    James banks

    Mese fa

    I don’t know how they couldn’t include James thunders Knock-out of Crawford grimsley it was one punch at the beginning of the fight only reason it lasted 10 seconds is because the ref felt like he had to count fight should’ve been waved off and it would’ve been a 3 second fight

  • Marcin Kulpa

    Marcin Kulpa

    Mese fa

    szpilka ...what a shame...he is like ice cream n van sales .NOT va boxer

  • kawasaki whip two

    kawasaki whip two

    Mese fa

    Forget the year of the fight, but it was an outdoor match between Tommy Hearns and Roberto Duran. Hearns had Duran against the ropes and hit him with what I think was a right cross. The hit sounded like a gun shot. Duran fell flat on his face. It was a scary knock out. I think you can still see it here on YouTube.

  • Sir Stan

    Sir Stan

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    that butter ball guy shouldn’t be deprived of water like that, whales live in the ocean. human cruelty is disgusting

  • marT Tram

    marT Tram

    Mese fa

    Boxing is such a brutal sport. Love it

  • Skeletor CareBear

    Skeletor CareBear

    Mese fa

    So much corruption in boxing. There are 7 dives in this list. Smh.



    Mese fa

  • newthrash1221


    Mese fa

    idk dude...i don't think anyone's head looks good hitting the canvas like that, even in slow motion. That's fucked up to think that's what people wanna see.

  • Imminent Hope

    Imminent Hope

    Mese fa

    wilder is an arrogant ahole. I heard him speak twice. in this video and recently when he was defeated by the fury. mike Tyson would have kicked ass too. he needs to learn respect.

  • jonnyrangers1


    Mese fa

    Ask wilder now who HE thinks is the hardest puncher!

  • Red Plays

    Red Plays

    Mese fa

    Jordan Peele could definitely play the guy at 11:56

  • Patrickjohn Butler

    Patrickjohn Butler

    Mese fa

    I typed up Muhammad ali kos and this popped up

  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

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  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

    Mese fa


  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

    Mese fa


  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

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  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

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  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

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  • Om Kabol

    Om Kabol

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  • Logan Owens

    Logan Owens

    Mese fa

    Nobody beats Mike tyson in his prime man was an animal

  • Snookbone


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    How can a video be a top 25 when there's more than one part

  • Lyn Jago

    Lyn Jago

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    Wilder now been taken down by The Gypsy King. And Wilder did not take it well! hehehe

  • Lucille Silver

    Lucille Silver

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  • TurdFurgeson571


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    Szpila woke up like, "Shit. I'm late. My high school graduation is today."

  • max


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    4:43 got crucified 💀

  • Emmanel Williams

    Emmanel Williams

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    The jealous boot inversely judge because beach perinatally heal above a godly family. spiteful, tedious snow

  • Jamez A612

    Jamez A612

    Mese fa

    How many of Cesar Chavez’s opponents were bums?

  • Icelandlover


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    Awesome compilation! Thanks so much!

  • TheLadeef


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    savage comment about commentating on a real fight lol.

  • TheGame


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    #1 hardest punch ever thrown in any boxing match = Rocky Marciano destroying joe lewis’s face with that 1 most amazing punch the boxing world has ever seen. K.O. ROCKY WINS! As he always did. Rocky Marciano is the best boxer the world has and will ever see. 49-0 Undefeated. ROCKY MARCIANO THE GREATEST.

  • Jason Haley

    Jason Haley

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    That one Wappatooie when i was of legal age to consume was the best punch I've seen (or had)...knocked me right on me ars!!!



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    Hatton knockout is the best imo

  • Kevin Walsh

    Kevin Walsh

    Mese fa

    Why do the refs still do a 10 count? Just get rid of that and have the ref stop the fight like MMA...dude is laying there hurt and the fight is obviously over he's out he's done...but no we're gonna count to 10 over this unconscious guy that has just had a major brain injury first...let's give the 10 count before we call the ambulance

  • Spin & Throw Disc Golf

    Spin & Throw Disc Golf

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    I think he die

  • Rob


    Mese fa

    Wilder seems a nice enough guy, but there's always someone that bit harder. He found out that when he met Fury.

    • Rob


      Mese fa

      @Keagan Deal with respect I didn't say he hit harder, I said he is harder (in that he just refuses to give in).

    • Keagan Deal

      Keagan Deal

      Mese fa

      I wouldn't say fury hits hard than wilder. I would just say fury is an overall better fighter. He is a way smarter fighter

  • Vadimou One

    Vadimou One

    Mese fa

    03:10 I was like wtf for a second, but then I understood

  • David S

    David S

    Mese fa

    Excellent for brain damage

  • Joel Winstanley

    Joel Winstanley

    Mese fa

    ricky hatten vs floyed was day i was born

  • Reo


    Mese fa


  • GATUK1773R


    Mese fa

    U no watch a epic battle if no play Roña Castro Epic Battle

  • Tony uoykcuf

    Tony uoykcuf

    Mese fa


  • Katherine Atkinson

    Katherine Atkinson

    Mese fa

    9:56 why was the ref counting instead of making sure he didn't swallow is tongue

  • Tomasz Halka

    Tomasz Halka

    Mese fa

    Finally Artur on Top :DDD

  • Benjamin Stabler

    Benjamin Stabler

    Mese fa

    when did butterbean fight tyson?

  • GrimmZA


    Mese fa

    Imagine getting knocked out in front of the world😭

  • Stuart Boxall

    Stuart Boxall

    Mese fa

    Wilder aint so cocky now, just a poor looser.

  • Bonga Rozani

    Bonga Rozani

    Mese fa

    " slicing thin piece of cheese... I think he died..." proceeds to dance in the ring

  • Slap Greezy

    Slap Greezy

    Mese fa

    Cool Fact : Joe Frazier is My Great Uncle

  • Rob Cotton

    Rob Cotton

    Mese fa

    I find it a little funny that all the boxers I struggled to beat on the fight night boxing game for Xbox/PlayStation are on this list 🤦‍♂️🤣😂🤷‍♂️ edit

    • Rob Cotton

      Rob Cotton

      Mese fa

      @OfficialRafa I actually think it's (are) not (where) or (we're) for the correct grammar in my comment 🤦‍♂️🤣😂 & totally dudee 👊

    • OfficialRafa


      Mese fa

      We’re** lol and facts

  • Bob Wallace Jnr

    Bob Wallace Jnr

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    this is one of the best boxing compilations i have ever seen in my life. Thank yoi.

  • C Shara

    C Shara

    Mese fa

    Git'jor bell rung... .... DING

  • Mike Navs

    Mike Navs

    Mese fa

    Mike was a bull in the China closet,, he kicked ass still to this day he’s in good shape

  • Denis Dražetič

    Denis Dražetič

    Mese fa

    Sugar Ray Robinson left hook ko of Gene Fullmer. Tommy Hearns right cross knockout of Roberto Duran. Rocky Marciano right hook Suzie q of Walcott. Many knockouts of Julian Jackson cant specifiy. And any knockout by Iron Mike.

  • Gilbert Sanchez

    Gilbert Sanchez

    Mese fa

    It should have been 26 knockouts that should never be forgotten when Marquez almost killed Pacquiao.

  • mohammad hussain mohammad hussain

    mohammad hussain mohammad hussain

    Mese fa


  • Sumanth M S

    Sumanth M S

    Mese fa

    What a punch