Rodtang vs. Danial Williams | Full Fight Replay

Pubblicato il 11 ott 2021
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Relive the INSTANT CLASSIC between ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon and Australian slugger Danial William at ONE on TNT!

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Commenti: 368  
  • Jmac 82

    Jmac 82

    3 mesi fa

    Well done mini T, this is up there as one of the best matchups with Rodtang. Great respect shown by both fighters.👍

    • zeekeLT


      2 mesi fa

      indeed, was one of the best matches ive seen.

  • Poom240


    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang slowed down as he saw the blood, he is a respectful warrior

  • Paul Bentley

    Paul Bentley

    3 mesi fa

    The intensity and ferocity non stop, incredible fight.

  • J-DOT


    11 giorni fa

    I love the respect the two fighters show to each other. One of the many reasons MT is my favorite sport.

  • Johnski


    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang couldn't fight with full power anymore when he saw the big cut on Williams head. That’s good, winning is not all . Respect is the most important thing 👍

    • Dark cadence

      Dark cadence

      22 giorni fa

      Then why was he pressing forward still?

    • Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanoski

      Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanoski

      25 giorni fa

      Also, I’d like to point out that a cut like this is a drop in the ocean for lumpinee. like If Rodtang, a man known for his relentless aggression, had his heart string pulled by this minor cut (relative to the ones he’s seen all his life) and an opponent who stood toe to toe till the end then you’ll all be right. That would make him some sort of merciful saint. “Rodtang the Merciful”.

    • Alex Masters

      Alex Masters

      Mese fa

      @Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanoski buddy in the video he literally gets mad at the ref for not stopping the fight. My guy it's obvious he didn't wanna hurt the guy anymore then he had to.

    • ᴅᴇᴀᴅᴘᴏᴏʟ


      Mese fa

      Only if more fighters were like this.

    • การ์ฟิวส์ ชั่น

      การ์ฟิวส์ ชั่น

      Mese fa

      me as a thai He's the same person as a tank. Let me tell you that the rules of Muay Thai are 1. to honor the opponent 2. Do not repeat or skip an opponent if the opponent falls. 3. Do not repeatedly punch or elbow at the injured opponent's area.

  • Howie Yih

    Howie Yih

    3 mesi fa

    Rodtang showed a bit of mercy in there. What a professional. William stood his ground. Showed respect. Fantastic!

    • Howie Yih

      Howie Yih

      2 mesi fa

      I agree. Love the Thais. Always felt safe fighting in Thailand. When I'm losing I'll acknowledge it...and my opponent usually just kind of throw weak shots at me or we just dance around each other till the final round ends. I do the same for my opponent if they acknowledge they're losing and does not want to engage as much anymore. Not in North America.....opponent usually want to take your head off.

    • MrKveite1


      2 mesi fa

      He knew he was winning and that's his goal. It's not to give his opponent a major injury that might end his career.Great guy.

  • Marloucco Ranzanion

    Marloucco Ranzanion

    3 mesi fa

    Rodtang is the definition of honor!

  • Slava Poel

    Slava Poel

    Mese fa

    The best anyone has ever done against Rodtang. Well done Aussie.

  • Big


    Mese fa

    That was a phenomenal display of heart from williams, both fantastic fighters without a doubt

  • Mauvais FILMS

    Mauvais FILMS

    3 mesi fa

    Danial Williams fight like a real champion he never step back !! what a fight Big respect to both fighters !! This is Muay Thai

    • Lost Buddha

      Lost Buddha

      Mese fa

      @Akash Daurte de cruz Bring Them to MMA? MMA is so boring to watch. They just lying on the floor grappling each other balls...

    • KAEL REN

      KAEL REN

      2 mesi fa

      @Akash Daurte de cruz how about you fight them? cuz you are the one saying it useless, its only fair if you are the one testing it right?

    • Akash Daurte de cruz

      Akash Daurte de cruz

      2 mesi fa

      Bring them to mma let see

    • Daniel C.

      Daniel C.

      2 mesi fa

      @Akash Daurte de cruz lol what a troll

    • Akash Daurte de cruz

      Akash Daurte de cruz

      3 mesi fa

      Muay is usesless

  • M14armorer


    2 mesi fa

    Wow! Absolutely warriors trying to kill each other, only thing better than the fight was that awesome show of respect at the end!

    1 of the best fights I’ve seen!!!

  • flikitova


    3 mesi fa

    What an Aussie worrier, much respect..... Rodtang, your the man!

  • Primitive Cooking Kh

    Primitive Cooking Kh

    Mese fa

    Wow amazing boxing rodtang,i like you my friend



    3 mesi fa

    One of the best matches ever in MuayThai!

    • Vegan Gainer

      Vegan Gainer

      2 mesi fa

      Have you seen any Dany Bill fights? The mans a technique master. The 80s and 90s is pure savage fighters.

    • Vegan Gainer

      Vegan Gainer

      3 mesi fa

      Settle down.

  • emeticart


    3 mesi fa

    A fight that showed the toughness and class of Rodtang very nicely ...

    • ผิง คําสีดา

      ผิง คําสีดา

      3 mesi fa

  • Doğan Can Çakin

    Doğan Can Çakin

    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang is the most respectful fighter I've ever seen.

  • Brian


    2 mesi fa

    Good fight and sportsmanship. Respect to both

  • WaveLord Luis

    WaveLord Luis

    3 mesi fa

    Lots of humility from Rodtang. Williams showed his toughness by hanging in the pocket for all 3 regardless of the onslaught. Awesome!

    • Dam Dee

      Dam Dee

      3 mesi fa


  • Dave Carli

    Dave Carli

    2 mesi fa

    the way they both respect each other after the fight makes me love those guys even more...

  • d'edsi


    3 mesi fa

    U rarely see long championship streaks from fighters being as aggressive as rodtang

  • Б М

    Б М

    2 mesi fa

    After this fight, Danial Williams has earned just as much respect from me, as Rodtang has had couple of months ago.

  • DR Risky Tips

    DR Risky Tips

    2 mesi fa

    What a warriors , Rodteng didn't want to hurt Williams I feel him ..guys you are my heros!

  • Chap With a Cap

    Chap With a Cap

    3 mesi fa

    Good show of grit and endurance by these fighters..
    Rodtang as always remain my favorite😍 though
    Respect for both the fighters

  • djodjino joe

    djodjino joe

    3 mesi fa

    C'est toujours un régal de regarder ses combats } Rodtang 👍👏 Quel très grand boxeur !!!

  • Reagan Timber

    Reagan Timber

    2 mesi fa

    Danial Williams you're THE MAN! Never run on the ring!

    • Nguyet Learn

      Nguyet Learn

      2 mesi fa


    • An SOLO

      An SOLO

      2 mesi fa's the nuub...not power 😂



    2 mesi fa

    Nothing but respect for both warriors....good fight

  • LL L

    LL L

    3 mesi fa

    Too brutal, RodTank didn’t want to kill the guy with his elbows.

  • Hippopotato


    3 mesi fa

    Williams showed up. Damn. That's a warrior!

    • Sky Rider

      Sky Rider

      3 mesi fa

      Agreed! Looking forward to seeing him again and someday a rematch between these two.

  • DaddyMar


    3 mesi fa

    Deontay Wilder should learn from this two humble Warriors who knows how to accept and be classy in defeat and be humble in Victory respecting each other...

    • Buzzisminibutmajor


      Mese fa

      Pacquiao should do the same instead of talking about Mayweather supposedly running...

    • Truth Seeker

      Truth Seeker

      3 mesi fa

      The whole boxing world should learn from these warriors.

  • carlos laend

    carlos laend

    3 mesi fa

    Rodtang is so strong and solid.

    • Impersonal


      3 giorni fa

      @Randy Menor who tf adiwang 😂

    • Cazulon


      27 giorni fa

      @Randy Menor Yeah sure phillidog

    • Enrico Madrigal

      Enrico Madrigal

      3 mesi fa

      319 matches, he have only 24 yo. absolutely fearless and experienced.

    • Randy Menor

      Randy Menor

      3 mesi fa

      Rodtang afraid to fight

  • long thang

    long thang

    Mese fa

    Rodtang look really concerned about William at the end of the match, this is what i want to see in a warrior, skill and respect.

  • Namgyal Sakhang

    Namgyal Sakhang

    3 mesi fa

    I like both of them. But Rotangs way of showing respect has won my ❤️

  • dare2scheme


    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang landed a combo at 2:15 in round 1, which put Rodtang firmly in control and the announcers missed it. It sounded like they were watching a different fight. Williams' leg was as beaten as bad as his face.

    • Dominggus Silaban

      Dominggus Silaban

      2 mesi fa

      4:50 this was the best but a bit scary

  • Kamarold Masri

    Kamarold Masri

    2 mesi fa

    Winning with full respect to the opponent

  • joseph Howell

    joseph Howell

    Mese fa

    what a good fight the guy stood in the paint with rodtang much respect

  • MachineGunIt


    Mese fa

    Both absolute monsters. Respect to both

  • piyawath wongkrud

    piyawath wongkrud

    2 mesi fa

    Respect the​ spirit of​ both man, Great​ fight! 👊👍👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • semja


    3 mesi fa

    What. a. slugfest! Hope to see more from Williams.

  • ᴅᴇᴀᴅᴘᴏᴏʟ


    Mese fa

    I cried. Too much humbleness, honor... OSS!

  • Phanmily


    18 giorni fa

    Williams heart is next level. Amazing 👏 fight guys thanks both warriors

  • Disgruntled Coffee Worker

    Disgruntled Coffee Worker

    2 mesi fa

    Such a nice guy Rodtang apologising for the cuts on face at end.

  • Chase Kue

    Chase Kue

    3 mesi fa

    Rod tang is one of my favorite moythai. Lots of action every fight.

  • Azizi Sakri

    Azizi Sakri

    2 mesi fa

    RODTANG the BEAST, respect two both fighter.. two great warrior

  • NEO


    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang is a beast but you have to give it up to Williams amazing resiliency.

  • Owen as mr. M

    Owen as mr. M

    3 mesi fa

    This needs to get run back. What a matchup

  • GK


    2 mesi fa

    Hundreds of sport competitions out there in the world yet this brutal scene of two dudes smashing each other manages to be the most wholesome one i have ever watched in my life

  • Coast Guv

    Coast Guv

    Mese fa

    I'm a Rodtang fan but Williams' toughness and fighting spirit is very respectable

  • kelton poh

    kelton poh

    20 giorni fa

    One word respect to Rodtang

  • Adam Adam

    Adam Adam

    7 giorni fa

    He didn't win the fight, but he won our hearts.

  • Rambo Diehard Warrior

    Rambo Diehard Warrior

    3 mesi fa

    What a great fight!

    • เก๋ นบพิตํา

      เก๋ นบพิตํา

      2 mesi fa

      He didn't want to cause further injury to his opponent. I mean, he felt pity at that moment. And it's not the best fight.

  • Hùng Kiệt

    Hùng Kiệt

    Mese fa

    Australia fighter show a lot of heart!

  • AllseeingTRIGG


    3 mesi fa

    Now that was a battle. Brilliant fight.

  • katslmt


    2 mesi fa

    I still can’t understand that Tenshin won’t fight in ONE.

  • Sanpaito Sandman

    Sanpaito Sandman

    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang The Litlle Monster💪🏽



    Mese fa

    This is the perfect fight

  • Nate


    Mese fa

    I respect your spirit William this is a good fight 👍

  • Lewis Amberg

    Lewis Amberg

    3 mesi fa

    Rodtang takes a punch to the face - says to the guy - that’s all you got ? Love it when he lets ppl hit him, then he usually punches himself in face 4/5x’s afterwards 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ceirra Butler

    Ceirra Butler

    2 mesi fa

    You can see he hesitates to hit him after that cut. He did not want to hurt him further. And his opponent could barely fight back. Man makes me proud they egos didn’t make this brutal.

  • เฟอร์กี้ สี่-สี่-สอง

    เฟอร์กี้ สี่-สี่-สอง

    2 mesi fa

    respect Williams and Rodtang.The Gentleman Fighter.

  • Suku Damai

    Suku Damai

    2 mesi fa

    in every fight rodtang always moving forward but on this fight rodtang can be seen back up sometime, william is great matchup he could win next time.

  • Adam Zack

    Adam Zack

    3 mesi fa

    First time saw rodtang struggling compete the match by his contender..congrats will beat rodtang next time..we know u can win..

    • Botond Bakos

      Botond Bakos

      2 mesi fa

      He did struggle a lot against Haggerty

  • Hendrick Acosta Ortiz

    Hendrick Acosta Ortiz

    3 mesi fa

    Well done Rodtang!!💪🏼👏🏼👍🏼⚡👊🏼🌋🎉🎈🎆

  • DYaaONg


    2 mesi fa

    Man I wish they let them clinch a bit longer.

  • See Lee

    See Lee

    3 mesi fa

    Champ Rodtang never even dinted the sprit in Williams...Go Aussie! your a champion

  • Kali SkunkOg

    Kali SkunkOg

    3 mesi fa

    Rt stopped mixing up low kicks in third round. He only punched. He would have gotten the ko if he continued to use low kicks in last round. Set up big punch with low kick like the second round.

    • Eclypse Spectra

      Eclypse Spectra

      2 mesi fa

      When he saw the blood/cut on Williams head, he started to spow down and have mercy

  • Lewis Amberg

    Lewis Amberg

    3 mesi fa

    Could you imagine Rodtang as an MMA fighter where the ground is okay as well ? The ground and pound that this dude would give out would be fun to watch. But........ this is not full MMA. 😞

    • Jupe Juluma

      Jupe Juluma

      2 mesi fa

      Isn't there soon going to be a fight Rodtang vs Demetrious Johnson, half rounds muay thai half MMA?

    • Martin Mellembakken

      Martin Mellembakken

      2 mesi fa

      I don't like to watch men laying on top of each other,, both these guys would smack most MMA fighters up to about 12kilos heavier than themselves if grappling was ruled out... the clinch game of these Mt figthers also makes it dangerous to try taking them doesn't take much skills to hammer fist a guy who ran out of energy laying on the canvas..i really don't see any point in seeing Rodtang doing that when he smack you while performing beautiful art at the same time instead... Muay Thai is the best style to watch...if you just want to see brutal violence going way too far put on the figth between Yan vs Aldo (MMA)

  • James McClarty-Miller

    James McClarty-Miller

    2 mesi fa

    Goodness the Rodtang vs DJ fight is gonna be 🔥 ...

  • 안녕하세요감사합니다


    2 mesi fa

    respect, respect, respect.
    that's a matter. nice one fight guys.

  • Henry Rowsell

    Henry Rowsell

    2 mesi fa

    Both fighters are so classy

  • Mark Krohn

    Mark Krohn

    5 ore fa

    Great effort young fella, you've boxed the goat

  • บุญ วีรบุรุษบาป

    บุญ วีรบุรุษบาป

    2 mesi fa

    จุดสำคัญของมวยไทย คือน้ำใจนักกีฬา ถ้ารู้ผลว่าชนะแล้ว จะไม่ทำร้ายอีกฝ่ายไห้เจ็บเกินกว่านั้น

  • Foil Head

    Foil Head

    Mese fa

    Amazing, what a battle,

  • David Jame

    David Jame

    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang Unable to fight at full capacity, since the opponent has a big wound, causing that concern is the generosity of Muay Thai.

  • Dark Gentleman

    Dark Gentleman

    12 giorni fa

    Rodtang took his foot off a little in round 3.

  • amir alea

    amir alea

    3 mesi fa

    Strong man rodtang 👍

  • Boris


    2 mesi fa

    Great fight 👍🏻

  • RL


    2 mesi fa

    What savages. Those 4oz gloves make this terrifying.

  • GioCyL Vlog

    GioCyL Vlog

    2 mesi fa

    The power of william is not enough to hurt rodtang

  • YoboiiJose


    3 mesi fa

    Rodtank could of k.o if the other opponent wasn’t bleeding like that

  • TheUrk


    2 mesi fa

    Both are great fighter.

  • Mr Se7enGD

    Mr Se7enGD

    2 mesi fa

    am not a rodtang fan , but that guy fight so really enjoy to watch 👍

  • IbexDNB


    3 mesi fa

    Rodtang! 🔥

  • Lehtiri Plays

    Lehtiri Plays

    3 mesi fa

    This fight is a bloody fight

  • Astro Jay

    Astro Jay

    2 mesi fa

    SHEESH Round 3 was a banger. Shoutout Williams

  • pseud- onymous

    pseud- onymous

    2 mesi fa

    RESPECT 👌👍👏👏👏👏🙏

  • Echo K.O

    Echo K.O

    2 mesi fa

    Rodtang go so chill bc the big cut of his opponent. This are true fighters and martial artists, respect one another.
    Not like the self soul selling UFC🤢

  • takuaudio Video

    takuaudio Video

    2 mesi fa


  • การ์ฟิวส์ ชั่น

    การ์ฟิวส์ ชั่น

    Mese fa

    me as a thai He's the same person as a tank. Let me tell you that the rules of Muay Thai are 1. to honor the opponent 2. Do not repeat or skip an opponent if the opponent falls. 3. Do not repeatedly punch or elbow at the injured opponent's area. 4. Do not bring Thai boxing, which is a forbidden technique. To be used in the fight in sports decisively. (The forbidden pose is a Thai boxing technique that is used in combat. to protect the country from killing in the past Because these forbidden poses are the ones that are used to destroy the important points of our body to death.)

  • Guitarith tv

    Guitarith tv

    6 giorni fa

    Danny William is a wrecking machine . With the cuts doesn't slow him down a bit.

  • たんなーお


    22 giorni fa


  • Harry Winston

    Harry Winston

    Mese fa

    Williams was wiping his blood all over Rodtang’s face every chance he could.

  • Bipolar Jok

    Bipolar Jok

    3 mesi fa

    Rodtank = TANK...Williams = FEARLESS..

    • jan smit

      jan smit

      3 mesi fa




      3 mesi fa

      pure mage vs pure carry killer.. no you cant

  • Lanchiang Lo

    Lanchiang Lo

    14 giorni fa

    Blood Sport at its finest y'all...👊💪🦶👍👍👍

  • Tung Hansen

    Tung Hansen

    Mese fa

    Wow done us very proud mate great fight against the goat amazing job

  • I


    Mese fa

    Good try by William's, I think Walter Goncalves did abit better though, that fight was too close!!

  • Marcello Sah

    Marcello Sah

    2 mesi fa

    GREAT Fighters

  • Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    3 mesi fa

    I'd like to see Rodtang vs. Volkanovski. 🙂👍🏻

    • first last

      first last

      3 mesi fa

      He’s already versing the mouse 🐁

    • Sean W

      Sean W

      3 mesi fa

      Kickboxing 💯 rodtang has it, but volko has insane grappling pressure

  • ลูกหมู ผู้น่าแง็บ

    ลูกหมู ผู้น่าแง็บ

    2 mesi fa

    This fight very brutal.

  • Thana Ang

    Thana Ang

    3 mesi fa

    They are great fighter.

    • Mosa


      3 mesi fa

      Yes. It was , eh!

  • Endang Sriyana

    Endang Sriyana

    12 giorni fa

    Rodtang idolaku👍👍❤