Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live HIStory Tour Munich 1997 HD

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2019
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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live HIStory Tour Munich 1997 HD

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Giancarlo Velazco
Giancarlo Velazco
  • 我是廖柏蟻


    3 minuti fa

    Anyone watching in 2021?

  • Лев Жиглов

    Лев Жиглов

    4 minuti fa

    am a smooth f@ckker of minds

  • Schauschütz99


    15 minuti fa


  • Hebert Folli

    Hebert Folli

    41 minuto fa

    não dava um show, dava um espetáculo cinematográfico!

  • Нафида Мухамедзянова

    Нафида Мухамедзянова

    Ora fa


  • Sayyora Hayat

    Sayyora Hayat

    Ora fa


  • M Ss

    M Ss

    Ora fa

    No futuro o mundo não entendera

  • jonk cena

    jonk cena

    2 ore fa

    This aged terribly

  • 아하TV


    2 ore fa

    • 아하TV


      2 ore fa


    • 아하TV


      2 ore fa


  • steven salisbury

    steven salisbury

    2 ore fa


  • mimizuku


    3 ore fa

    1:59 朝からちょと運動、表参道、赤信号

  • Jeslyna Pacheco

    Jeslyna Pacheco

    5 ore fa


  • Big Barking Dog

    Big Barking Dog

    5 ore fa

    Shameful fool. How is this guy still lauded in 2021 with everything we know about him ? Block the channel. End the harm caused by M Jackson.

  • Big saptha Murthy

    Big saptha Murthy

    5 ore fa


  • Wabbit Season

    Wabbit Season

    6 ore fa

    At 4:18 you can see the backup dancer on the far right almost trip on the thing I’m assuming was helping them do that stunt(or whatever you call it)

  • Photos By Mike TM

    Photos By Mike TM

    6 ore fa

    An obvious lip syncing performance lol

  • Larenz Diono

    Larenz Diono

    6 ore fa

    Is this muzan's part time job

  • Thorne Finance

    Thorne Finance

    6 ore fa

    Such a shame he molested children

  • Tɪᴛᴜʟᴀᴅᴏ Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ

    Tɪᴛᴜʟᴀᴅᴏ Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ

    7 ore fa


  • Ishaan Rocks

    Ishaan Rocks

    7 ore fa


  • Hi, how are you?

    Hi, how are you?

    7 ore fa

    There is so much energy in this

  • mopar one

    mopar one

    8 ore fa

    If you're not watching this with Emanuel Lewis on your lap, are you really watching it?

  • JL B

    JL B

    8 ore fa

    2021 Still listning to the King of Pop!

  • Theo Daniels

    Theo Daniels

    9 ore fa


  • players of the world comrade

    players of the world comrade

    9 ore fa

    Looks like he invented dancing

  • Hatice E

    Hatice E

    9 ore fa

    What a performance!! I do not think we will ever able to watch and listen something close to this again.

  • DVM


    9 ore fa

    The thumbnail reminds me of Soul King, my favorite music artist.

  • Thuggish Rich Businessman

    Thuggish Rich Businessman

    9 ore fa

    We will NEVER see or hear music like this again. RIP to the greatest to ever do it

  • ki11m3please325


    9 ore fa

    Most clutch speed run ever.

  • Christine T

    Christine T

    9 ore fa

    That was frackin' awesome. God, I miss him.

  • Keigo


    9 ore fa

    I feel so grateful that I grew up with MJ's music and dance.

  • KennyKhang1312


    9 ore fa

    I have seen worse frame rate compared to this!

  • くす


    10 ore fa

    I don’t know much about him and why he’s famous, but what I feel now is that?

  • Chris G

    Chris G

    10 ore fa

    I wish I could have seen him perform but sadly at this moment I was an infant.

  • Joshua Warren

    Joshua Warren

    10 ore fa

    It's like watching a robot dance. There will NEVER and I mean NEVER be anyone that will come close to how great this man was.

  • Dark ff

    Dark ff

    10 ore fa

    legend are watching in this video 2021

  • Fᴜ̄ᴊɪɴ


    10 ore fa

    His pose got alot of jojo reference

  • Idel Bitul

    Idel Bitul

    10 ore fa

    Annie are you ok?

  • ศิริประภา แก้วเมืองปัก

    ศิริประภา แก้วเมืองปัก

    10 ore fa


  • Chelsea Mkizee

    Chelsea Mkizee

    10 ore fa

    This don't make my friend happy. She got her account disabled

  • Karla Athena Mirador

    Karla Athena Mirador

    10 ore fa

    the fact micheal is surpassing all of the dancers while singing is impressive!

  • Timmy J. Leiser

    Timmy J. Leiser

    10 ore fa

    You can hear the drummer count in😅

  • David Haney

    David Haney

    10 ore fa

    Great artist , great showman , I don`t care that he lip sync`d most of his later concerts , he put on a great show , so , who cares .

  • jerome devecais

    jerome devecais

    11 ore fa


    • jerome devecais

      jerome devecais

      10 ore fa

      @Carlos12™ in advanced

    • Carlos12™


      10 ore fa


  • Phoenix Prime

    Phoenix Prime

    11 ore fa

    I would've loved see him live!!

  • Snapped away & Gone instantly 💨

    Snapped away & Gone instantly 💨

    11 ore fa

    Smooth criminal...😳😳😳
    Mochi u and the white girl down the hall was stalking me at the court Wednesday tho smh leave me alone and if Brian of anybody in the place gave ya ole grimey ass our birth certificates it would be their problem not mines.... To many lawyers around for me to entertain you therefore stop stalking me and move on....sitting in the passenger side of that blue car looking dumb and stalkerish as hell
    ..... Leave me the heck alone damn 💯

  • Lazlo


    11 ore fa

    Dude on the right almost falls back at 04:19!

  • Kevin Willis

    Kevin Willis

    11 ore fa

    TALENT!!! :)

  • Jack Morrison

    Jack Morrison

    12 ore fa

    Im a metalhead and fucking hate pop but i love MJ

  • b asic

    b asic

    12 ore fa

    watched in wembley,with my late wife. she was the fan. I did most of the dancing ,great night,great concert

  • Proto-FTP


    12 ore fa


  • Dont be fooled By Jumla!

    Dont be fooled By Jumla!

    12 ore fa

    Watching in 2021 and will be watching this in 2050 if I am alive.. wow "MJ never dies"

  • Derek Doucette

    Derek Doucette

    12 ore fa


  • saje17


    13 ore fa

    I've always wondered if that LEAN was real. 🤔

  • Kaishi Gamez

    Kaishi Gamez

    13 ore fa

    I really wish I had the chance to see him live.

  • Gordon Bennett

    Gordon Bennett

    13 ore fa

    pedophile tv

  • LyricalWelstrapVEVO


    13 ore fa


  • Pete L

    Pete L

    13 ore fa

    King of lip sync

  • W1CK3D G4M3S

    W1CK3D G4M3S

    13 ore fa

    4:18 dude trips on peg

  • Steve Edwards

    Steve Edwards

    13 ore fa

    Amazing talent!The goat!RIP Michael!

  • Jayden Rollock

    Jayden Rollock

    14 ore fa

    Michael jordan is better

  • Abdul Kerim

    Abdul Kerim

    14 ore fa

    Michael Jackson>All

  • Team Charaぉヴぇ

    Team Charaぉヴぇ

    14 ore fa

    A masterpiece

  • Christopher O shea

    Christopher O shea

    14 ore fa

    Jackson was a smooth criminal

  • Pedro X

    Pedro X

    14 ore fa

    Michel Jackson lançando o passinho do MD CHEFE slk 😯😂😂😂

  • Unknown


    14 ore fa

    Rip legend
    🪦 💐

  • Susannah Mertens

    Susannah Mertens

    14 ore fa

    I will always miss Michael.

  • Peure Love

    Peure Love

    15 ore fa

    It's 2021 now 👍🏻

  • Charlie Roberts

    Charlie Roberts

    15 ore fa

    No this is really crap, plus I hate him for buying the Beatles ownership I think it was



    15 ore fa

    This is where music as stopped

  • orkide mosavo

    orkide mosavo

    16 ore fa

    اینجا که مایکل به سمت زمین خم میشه چگونه هست به زمین نمی افته تردستی هست ؟

  • Frank


    16 ore fa

    Why did mj mic never seem to work?lol

  • adarsh dinesh

    adarsh dinesh

    17 ore fa

    Let's all take a moment to appreciate the background dancers

  • Xyases


    17 ore fa

    Oh, hey Muzan Kibutsuji!

  • Darth Revan

    Darth Revan

    17 ore fa

    Wish he didn’t go 😞

  • Julio Mazzini

    Julio Mazzini

    17 ore fa


  • Михаил Холодов

    Михаил Холодов

    17 ore fa

    Сууууукааа, 58 раз перематывал, аххуууеннно!!!! Вот как надо работать, чтоб на тебя шли!

  • Julio Mazzini

    Julio Mazzini

    17 ore fa

    Trick tick trick trick... anie estas bien anie estas bien

  • Денис Красильников

    Денис Красильников

    17 ore fa

    2021 год, очень жаль, что я не понимал тебя,когда ты был жив...легенда

  • Vadimka Talkov

    Vadimka Talkov

    18 ore fa

    Интересно как Он это сделал
    Я также сделал чуть ноги в задницу не ушли😁

  • Cyber Raid

    Cyber Raid

    18 ore fa

    Хореография на высоте !!!

  • Алексей Федотов

    Алексей Федотов

    18 ore fa

    Саня ты в порядке, лучше)

  • Alex Ch

    Alex Ch

    18 ore fa

    1,25 - понял,что это 3дшное гавно

  • Bat Man

    Bat Man

    19 ore fa

    Legend forever🔥

  • Aslan Grozny

    Aslan Grozny

    19 ore fa

    4:18 ))))

  • Love Dope

    Love Dope

    19 ore fa

    Был на Майкле в Москве, в 93...стоял у сцены в пяти метрах от него....Талантлив был.

  • Afif Nomey

    Afif Nomey

    19 ore fa

    4:18 front right men, spoiler the stage

  • Broella


    19 ore fa

    How on earth does he do those things with his body? So talented..So awesome..So missed..

  • Виктория Терещенко

    Виктория Терещенко

    19 ore fa


  • Jharkhand Gk Special 01

    Jharkhand Gk Special 01

    19 ore fa

    He has really unique dancing style ❤️

  • Mike Yershov

    Mike Yershov

    20 ore fa

    Черный, который всю жизнь мечтал стать белым.

  • Weston oosterhouse

    Weston oosterhouse

    20 ore fa

    Easily the best dancer of all time there are things he dose with his body that look impossible

  • Алексей Малышев

    Алексей Малышев

    20 ore fa

    Тогда смотрел 1997- супер ТИПА (под таджикскую !!пятку!! ! 2021 - посмотрели под ВОДКУ🤢🤢- ДА НУ.НАХУЙ - ЗАЛУПА !!!

  • Nkwani Sekhula

    Nkwani Sekhula

    20 ore fa

    Michael jackson = Muzan