"When Tommy insults Luca"- |

Pubblicato il 29 nov 2021
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Peaky Blinders
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  • Thembela Mhlongo

    Thembela Mhlongo

    Best come back of all times

  • ThitiTouch 🐻🐣

    ThitiTouch 🐻🐣

    you got me hooked.

  • Learn With Me

    Learn With Me

    In this scene Tommy was confident until he knows that there is no bullet in his gun😂




  • Benjamin Seda

    Benjamin Seda


  • Shubham Verma

    Shubham Verma

    Second ❤️




  • Canice Kosi

    Canice Kosi

    Name of background music

  • Brandon Grose

    Brandon Grose

    What show?

  • Mysorepak Channel

    Mysorepak Channel

    9 ore fa

    then what, your uncle working in upper floor construction site?

  • Maranda Lott

    Maranda Lott

    What movie is this

  • Blackazz Joey

    Blackazz Joey

    This is a dumb insult because he basically insulted a hard working man

  • CampingKing17 Baby

    CampingKing17 Baby

    I don't get it, could someone please explain

  • Praft's hat

    Praft's hat


  • arleypaints


    Sigma meets Sigma

  • GrippeeTV


    This was such an amazing stand off. Luca totally dismantles Tommy in this scene and it portrays him perfectly as the threat he was. To this day, probably Tommy’s biggest obstacle in terms of fighting against an equal. Most of Tommy’s other antagonists he was either smarter than or more powerful than, but Luca matches him in intellect and has way more power than he does. This season was the best imo.

  • kaioken



  • OhFrankieBoi


    Lmao Insult? That's why luca took one of his brothers and ruined Tommy after his death (Oops if i spoiled it for you idgaf the show's been out for years)

  • Randy Orton

    Randy Orton


  • Friliana Susanto

    Friliana Susanto