Duel Ford Mustang 5.0 Convertibile VS Ducati Diavel

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2016
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The original american supercar and the original Italian Porn Bike. What happen if you are dreaming the track, while you're stuck in traffic?

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  • dirtshaman


    3 anni fa

    I'm surprised the Mustang didn't hit the crowd.

  • Asmiz Anshu

    Asmiz Anshu

    5 anni fa

    Both are my dream vehicles😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson

    2 anni fa

    Stock Mustang handles like crap. Add $10k in suspension upgrades and now you have something.

  • Jake Metti

    Jake Metti

    5 anni fa

    The diavel is being generous in this video. if the diavel opened up, it would lap the 5.0.

    • Marco Brancorsini

      Marco Brancorsini

      3 mesi fa

      @Moto Middle East I said "racing car and bike". Those are street cars. There is a literal 2 minute difference between the fastest car on the Ring (Porsche 919 Tribute EVO) and the fastest bike on the Ring (Yamaha R1 track version).

    • Moto Middle East

      Moto Middle East

      3 mesi fa

      @Marco Brancorsini bikes won’t get lapped, if you compare a Yamaha R1M to a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, the Lamborghini beat it my a fraction of a second in the Hockenhiemring track

    • Marco Brancorsini

      Marco Brancorsini

      3 anni fa

      No. And I'll explain why. Despite being much lighter, bikes have worse handling than cars, because, since they have four wheels, cars have more contact surface with the ground and are therefore more stable. Now of course a superbike will handle better than a van, but I'm speaking generally. If you put a racing bike against a racing car on a track, the bike will get lapped. But on the strip bikes have the upper hand because of their absurd power to weight ratio.

    • Lifted_Above


      3 anni fa

      Diavel does not possess superbike cornering clearance.

  • euozdil


    4 anni fa

    gorgeous video.. prefer the diavel to the xdiavel..

  • obie sario

    obie sario

    4 anni fa

    Wow Ducati gave me goosebumps

  • abel caro martinez

    abel caro martinez

    4 anni fa

    Yo me quedo con el mustang sin pensármelo

  • Jan Siepmann

    Jan Siepmann

    2 anni fa

    I really like the Dainese jacket he wears, someone got the exact model?

  • Matija Šarac

    Matija Šarac

    4 anni fa

    This was so intense...

  • samsung edgegd

    samsung edgegd

    6 anni fa

    my dream bike ducati xdiavel s !

  • 311


    4 anni fa

    A mustang vs a bike tf thought. Of that lucky it didn’t crash

  • Marco DB

    Marco DB

    3 anni fa

    Mi aspettavo molto di più.

  • Federico Sugoni

    Federico Sugoni

    6 anni fa


  • Housam Abbas

    Housam Abbas

    2 anni fa

    name of this music in background ? Help !

  • TheMacki95 TheMacki95

    TheMacki95 TheMacki95

    6 anni fa


  • 01030E06


    2 anni fa


  • etch4


    Anno fa

    1:35 Marc Marquez ??

  • jamo2006


    5 anni fa

    Duel: lol.

  • paponeable


    2 anni fa

    Un Americanata contro un Americanata wannabe!

  • Tom Germain

    Tom Germain

    2 anni fa

    Name musical please 0.25min ?

  • Kiran Pillai

    Kiran Pillai

    6 anni fa

    2 mean machine fight

  • Anton Krapivko

    Anton Krapivko

    3 anni fa


  • Zaquariu5


    5 anni fa

    Click bait.

  • jez jez

    jez jez

    2 anni fa


  • Luiz C. ma

    Luiz C. ma

    3 anni fa

    Não vi nada d mais, Brasil ok.

  • nadeem sultan

    nadeem sultan

    5 anni fa

    in short : car sucks

  • Tadaslkz


    4 anni fa

    Whats with that FUCKING MUSIC????!!!



    Anno fa

    Yeah no

  • sad


    4 anni fa

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