Murder Mystery Game Show | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Pubblicato il 20 mar 2020
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Josh Ruben is DEAD - and only Rekha and Grant have the sleuthing skills to figure out whodunnit.
ALLY: agbeardsley
GRANT: grantob
KATIE: katiemarovitch
TAO: tyang209
TRAPP: mikewtrapp
RAPH: chestangraphael
REKHA: rekhalshankar
BRENNAN: brennanlm
RYAN: ryguyguyry
CAROLYN: jacuzzitubbs
SAM: samreich
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Commenti: 2 431  
  • Kharn The Betrayer

    Kharn The Betrayer

    2 anni fa

    Mad props to Josh for lying on the floor for 20 minutes

  • Minalia


    Anno fa

    That smile on josh after "Who cares about josh?" made me practically DIE

  • Allison Reed

    Allison Reed

    If my coworkers made an entire Truman show murder mystery just for me I would honestly cry tears of happiness because I absolutely love murder mysteries

  • Madison Kimack

    Madison Kimack

    I’m sorry but the crew being afraid that Rekkha’s victory knife would get swapped out with the fake knife is so funny to me

  • AtThatDaniels


    Anno fa

    I absolutely love the diversion of everyone in the beginning holding a script. It sets an expectation that the only people in on it are holding scripts.

  • TinySmolGame


    Every episode I get more concerned that "Me, I've been here the WHOLE time"

  • oki


    2 anni fa

    Josh flew all the way out to california just to lay on the floor all episode

  • Garv Wadhwaney

    Garv Wadhwaney

    Anno fa

    Can we just applaud the production designer's acting skills? Also her resting face is iconic. It's like the perfect mix of bitchy yet aspirational.

  • grunjecat


    "No one cares about Josh!"

  • MToyBoy


    the way grant acted so casually while still hiding clues is fukin amazing, he diddnt have a bottle bc he was gon die so he just casually took josh's, he just conviently had batteries on him, BUT HE WAS ABLE TO PLAY IT OFF, bruh moment

  • Adam Murray

    Adam Murray

    Anno fa

    I love that Josh never broke character even when it was over.

  • EsquilaxM


    I love how the Production Designer IMMEDIATELY took on the sexy suspicious diva archtype xD

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    2 anni fa

    Me: "Oh cool Josh Ruben's here. I look forward to his hilarious antics."

  • WaxierWarrior


    Anno fa

    The production designer looking straight into the camera at any chance or to punctuate a sentence is a mood

  • Ari Caine

    Ari Caine

    Anno fa

    Why is no one talking about the clip of Rehka stabbing Grant repeatedly I was wheezing

  • Random Person :)

    Random Person :)

    I love how the contestants spent more time shipping people than actually finding things out about the murder lol

  • Van


    Anno fa

    I'm sorry but Grant just going IN on sniffing the marker is what got me. He went back for seconds.

  • Jack G

    Jack G

    It’s weird, but I can actually empathize with Josh. In a production of Julius Caesar I was in, I had to lie on the floor for 10-20 minutes after I was killed by Brutus. It is really hard to remain still and if something becomes uncomfortable you kind of just have to deal with it; no scratching or adjusting or repositioning. A worthy challenge. An annoying one, but still worthy.

  • CJ Pirtle

    CJ Pirtle

    2 anni fa

    The way that Grant and Rehka both just start yelling at the PA when they find out he’s the one who stabbed josh is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • ethreldur


    Anno fa

    "Hey, let me just pull out my own batteries, that I carry around for some reason"