Restoration of a rare vintage ww2 military watch - nickel and chrome plating - Sanford AS1123

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2020
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This time I´m restoring an old military watch from the WW2-Era.
It´s a Sanford with an AS 1123 movement.
The watch is in a really bad condition. The chrome-plating of the case is heavy damaged, the glass is scratched the movement is full of dirt and stops repeatedly.
I need to grind off the old chrome. After sanding and polishing the case, it´s ready for a new chrome-plating. But i need to add a layer of nickel before. The glass will be polished and the movement cleaned. Unfortunately the old radium-compound on the hands fell off so i need to re-lume the hands with super-luminova. I will add some coffee to it to make it more "vintage-looking".
After everything is cleaned, polished and re-plated, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After that, this watch is in a good beat (+6 seconds per day) again.
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Red Dead Restoration
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    12:50 that tone is really squeaky

  • Syed Hasnain Ahmed

    Syed Hasnain Ahmed

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    excellent 👌👌👌👌👌, love this original sound with out music love this manual winding

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    20 minutes well spent

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    Papazapulus Krotus

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    Imagine: if people WW2 era can be restoration like this watch...😉😆😎

  • H Tastemaster

    H Tastemaster

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    Only a German could repair a watch with so much care and attention to detail ! Eine Uhr mit Deutschen Qualitat .



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    Часовых дел мастер!

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  • Hasan Kaabir

    Hasan Kaabir

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    Its not a restoration. Its a piece of art.

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    Grant Hendriksz

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    Picked off bones

  • Arun Raj

    Arun Raj

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    Hello sire,
    I do have one manual winding watch of my Grandpa's. I really want to restore it to its original condition.

  • Silence


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    Wow this is amazing. Im unfamiliar with craft and repair but I like this kinda videos and fine them really pleasnt. Good job!

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    Jose Sanjose Hervas

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    Buen trabajo un saludo 👋

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    fühlt sich an wie eine Operation am offenen Herzen ^^

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    Wow Amazing Work

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    Wow!!! Amazing

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    Travis McCalgan

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    The final chrome plating looks shit though?

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    What is that violet colour stone?

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

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      That's a shock absorber for the balance staff 😉

  • CPO Durnell

    CPO Durnell

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    So talented with extreme attention to detail. Bravo.

  • André Madrid

    André Madrid

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    Very fine work 🌟

  • The Galway Tribesman

    The Galway Tribesman

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    it's lovely to hear the ticking

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    Han Solo

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    Holy moly! How on earth do you keep track of all the parts and where they go?

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    Geil schreibe morgen eine Arbeit aber anstatt zu lernen schau ich mir so Videos an

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    Christopher Vercheak

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    Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful watch from a historic era... I’m impressed! Much respect from Cincinnati Ohio USA 🇺🇸👊🏻

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    Super bien travaillé

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    Ome question where is the battery

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

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      No battery needed 😉

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    Just in time for WW3

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    Miguel Antonio Rubiano Vásquez

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    Asesino de relojes viejos

  • I'm Tired

    I'm Tired

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    The best part is him putting back each parts to it's original places.

  • Dario Amara

    Dario Amara

    2 giorni fa

    Bravo! you are very skilled and a true craftsman well done!

  • Carlos Tapia

    Carlos Tapia

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    What a beautiful work, I love all the work time. Was very awe !!.

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  • John Smith

    John Smith

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    When the father finally hands this down he will have achieved Sanford & Son

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    Rare item



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    Was für eine Wahnsinns Geduld. Ich hätte da wohl schon x-mal mit dem Hammer drauf geschlagen. :D
    Wie viele Arbeitsstunden hast du dafür gebraucht?

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

      2 giorni fa

      Das hat einige Stunden gekostet 😉 Ich schätze circa 60

  • Alexander Harder

    Alexander Harder

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    Spannend! Und die geheime Zutat ist Espresso, wer hätte das gedacht ;-)

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    Thiago Costa

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    Que relógio complexo

  • Dee Dah

    Dee Dah

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    No annoying music, no talking, plenty of info,
    beautiful shots, masterful work

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    The espresso-enhanced SuperLuminova was my favorite detail! Lovely video!

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    Alexander Doe

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    Still dirty inside. Can't clean up the numbers, lazy man?

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

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      Cleaning the numbers on the dial would end in ruining them. Not a good idea 😉

  • Einar R

    Einar R

    3 giorni fa

    Amazing result! And what a piece of history to be wearing on a wrist :)

  • rfcarlson1


    3 giorni fa

    Was there a reason you didn't try and put the watch in beat? Was the balance non-adjustable or too delicate?

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

      2 giorni fa

      It's a non adjustable balance. Fixing it would be a hell of work and doesn't bring any big improvements on the watch.

  • Lil o Blackson

    Lil o Blackson

    3 giorni fa

    Hi, does chrome plating works with scratched stainless steel diver case watch?
    A local watch repairman told me it works better compared to only deep polishing the watch case, especially when the watch has more dents.

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

      2 giorni fa

      I've never chrome plated stainless steel. But I don't think you can cover scratches with the plating. It's to thin to cover anything.

  • Dharmaboy


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    Beautiful work.

  • Jennifer Larson

    Jennifer Larson

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    bea kittelscherz

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    Also das mit der Amplituden messung habe ich nicht verstanden .Wozu machst du das?
    What about the amplitude meassuring? What´s that all about? #Doofdenk
    Sehr schönes Vid! Thumps UP&Abo !

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

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      Eine gesunde Uhr braucht eine gesunde Amplitude 😉 Gehört einfach zum Service dazu und beeinflusst ein konstantes und sauberes Gangverhalten der Uhr.

  • JohnnyTurnerMusic


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    With this being a Radium based dial are you ever concerned about radon had emissions when working on them?

    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

      2 giorni fa

      Not really. Just don't lick on it or eat it 😉

  • James X

    James X

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    Magnificent work. The band is most certainly not from the WW2 era, I don't think.

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    Un toubib

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  • BlackFalkon


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    > "This broken watch should be discarded"
    > "Not on my watch"

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      Mr Waffles

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      i see what you did there

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    • Red Dead Restoration

      Red Dead Restoration

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      It's an "Elma Super Elite"

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    Richard Dyson

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  • Mc Fourth

    Mc Fourth

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    Great video sir. I just have a concern, can you tell also how those fluids, tools, and machines works/their uses on the process.

  • Mc Fourth

    Mc Fourth

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    Kevin Murphy

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    I learned how to repair watches from my dad when I was 12....did it as a side job for a few years, but haven’t in a long time. This makes me miss all of it. Thanks for the flashback!

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