Larray - Cancelled (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2020
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Larray - Canceled (Official Music Video)
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Larray - Canceled (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by @Jake The Shooter
Co - Directed + Edited by @Larray
Director of Photography @Grantdecyk
Executive Produced by @Edgaresteves



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    • Newman & Beyond

      Newman & Beyond

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      na y

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      i love this so much and i really hope the people you were distracting didn't get offended in any way but i love it especially the part when it said "hold up can we switch the beat up.....this ain't a race but i still take first place,this ain't a race but i...This ain't a race tony lopez caught a case,nessa sharted all over josh's face , pretty b**** itty bitty tiny waist...ain't got that smoke but charli got that vape"... that is my favorite part of the whole song like...b***** did what the f*** i said shake some A** !!YEAH! @LARRAY thanks for the song .....#Canceled,....Bai LaRrAy'S FaNs AnD ThE OnE AnD OnLy LaRrAy HiMsElF bai!!!!!~

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      Remas remas

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    • always vibin

      always vibin

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  • itsveronarae


    25 minuti fa

    Ok butttt can we all agree larray ROCKS eyeliner

  • Sayori sinj Jai

    Sayori sinj Jai

    25 minuti fa

    Ayo he came for the whole hype house 💀

  • Maddie 💫🌸

    Maddie 💫🌸

    26 minuti fa

    YASS larray

  • Maddie Bullard

    Maddie Bullard

    27 minuti fa

    This saved 2020
    end of conversation

  • Madi


    30 minuti fa

    Noah’s wink🥵🥵

  • marley !!

    marley !!

    32 minuti fa

    im sorry but this song is garbage

  • Zac Miles

    Zac Miles

    34 minuti fa

    mr thick neck lol

  • •Max Mayfield•

    •Max Mayfield•

    36 minuti fa

    I love how he still uses 1st place

  • gLoOmYdUa'A


    38 minuti fa

    best song of 2020

  • BlueJays Squad

    BlueJays Squad

    38 minuti fa

    “I got that wappp and I make that s**t sink......BOOM” I love this lyrics best one

  • Gail Wright

    Gail Wright

    43 minuti fa

    i always trype these lyrics in the among us chattttttt lots of people respond with the right lyrics

  • S A T U R N S T A R L I G H T

    S A T U R N S T A R L I G H T

    47 minuti fa


  • Jeweleigh Miller

    Jeweleigh Miller

    49 minuti fa

    why do i sing this before i go to bed


  • martina martin

    martina martin

    51 minuto fa

    I swear I have seen him before the dudes in the chair fighting at a hotel and my sister was singing ain't got no wap but I got a b asss d ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Ocean Neon

    Ocean Neon

    55 minuti fa

    This ain’t a race but I still take first place 🥇

  • miyah


    55 minuti fa

    “Imma hit a lick on David Dobrik, grab his shit take his Tesla then i floor it” best part of this song😭

  • sajjad


    Ora fa

    Why am I here?

  • Ariana Burr

    Ariana Burr

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    OMG this is amazing special and you got talent girl I can't even speak girl wtf what there's no way to way to say how awesome this is omg I have no words you know how to rap sheesh I can't even omg.!

  • Maríah 29

    Maríah 29

    Ora fa

    I showed this to my ketchup now it's hot sauce 🤣🔥🔥

  • Vallerie Jesharella Cueto

    Vallerie Jesharella Cueto

    Ora fa

    anyone else came here to see when this vid came out after bryce & addison confirmed they were dating since october 13 & realized this vid came out october 18 so they were dating but larray still roasted him saying he lost the baddest bleep but they were actually already dating BRUUU lolll

  • Daniel Barela

    Daniel Barela

    Ora fa

    That shit was acually fire. Good job Larray. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Raeanne Hudgins

    Raeanne Hudgins

    Ora fa

    Yassssss bitch yassssssss🥰🥰🥰

  • Unleashed_da4k


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    Ray gun intro ngl surprised me

  • Lucas Hernández Saenz-Valiente

    Lucas Hernández Saenz-Valiente

    Ora fa

    addison looks great though

  • Lia Adams

    Lia Adams

    Ora fa

    the way this slaps-

  • Marilyn Floreay

    Marilyn Floreay

    Ora fa

    Directors: how many famous Tik Tokers
    Larry🤪: Yes :)

  • Small Bird YT

    Small Bird YT

    Ora fa


  • Georgia pollock •_• :]

    Georgia pollock •_• :]

    Ora fa

    Just me that’s watched this 6 times in a row Without getting sick of it 😇😇

  • Kalen Lindsey

    Kalen Lindsey

    Ora fa


  • Luzgrsjdriddyru Mariana

    Luzgrsjdriddyru Mariana

    Ora fa

    i love you man

  • AlaynaTheCat


    Ora fa


  • Jasmine Olvera

    Jasmine Olvera

    Ora fa

    So Addison & Bryce were actually dating while they made the music video ...

  • Jamie Avalos Leveron

    Jamie Avalos Leveron

    Ora fa

    addison is trying too hard-

  • Jessie Juarez

    Jessie Juarez

    Ora fa

    Is no one going to talk about the scene where quen looks like she’s screaming?

  • Melanie Jones

    Melanie Jones

    Ora fa

    watching it on subtitles and laughing cuz it says Nessa shredded olive oil on josh's face

  • Bailey


    Ora fa

    hahahah wait how do you know about brice hall mmmmhhhhh

  • Arianna Shouse

    Arianna Shouse

    Ora fa

    i hate you

    • Maddie Bullard

      Maddie Bullard

      25 minuti fa

      thanks :)



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  • Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith

    Ora fa

    Kill..............meeeeeeeeeeee plz

  • Ava Price

    Ava Price

    Ora fa

    danggg he really be exposing the whole damb hype house!😂

  • RetroPlayz


    Ora fa

    “DONT want the smoke but Charli had the vape” nooo don’t do Charli like that 😂💀😭😭

  • el pepe

    el pepe

    Ora fa

    toNy lopEz cAuGHT A cASe


  • Kiana Parsons

    Kiana Parsons

    Ora fa

    Please don't floor a car it's gonna break 😑

  • Mikarii


    Ora fa

    james just hit different :}

  • Yuktaa Thakur

    Yuktaa Thakur

    Ora fa

    What about bts *claps* yes bitchesssss

  • Lara Haidy

    Lara Haidy

    Ora fa

    i love it

  • Amber :D

    Amber :D

    Ora fa

    I remember being a fan before he went onto tiktok..

  • Flxral_ blush

    Flxral_ blush

    Ora fa

    I bet all of the dislikes are pressed dunkins GOODBYE-

  • Peyton Sellers

    Peyton Sellers

    Ora fa

    this is what i will show my children

  • Claire Wainwright

    Claire Wainwright

    Ora fa

    I can't stop watching this!!!!!

  • Imogen Gaming

    Imogen Gaming

    2 ore fa

    Aren’t you dating James

    • Moonlight Lixie

      Moonlight Lixie

      Ora fa

      @Sweet Like Candy Thats hes friend

    • Moonlight Lixie

      Moonlight Lixie

      Ora fa

      He is dating Brady-

    • Sweet Like Candy

      Sweet Like Candy

      Ora fa

      Pretty sure he’s dating the guy at 2:55

  • Ira Gupta

    Ira Gupta

    2 ore fa

    addison is sooooooo pretty :D
    *me relizing how ugly i am*

  • Toy W

    Toy W

    2 ore fa

    Larray I have a confession...YOU HAVE A NEW SUBSCRIBER!!🥳🥳

  • NotCharli Damelio

    NotCharli Damelio

    2 ore fa

    An this my friends, October 18 2020, is when and how Larray singlehandedly roasted, exposed, and spoke the truth about the TikTok “InFlUeNcErS”

  • NotCharli Damelio

    NotCharli Damelio

    2 ore fa

    Anyone else back LOL?

  • Zenedith Oasay

    Zenedith Oasay

    2 ore fa

    Larray this is sick I love this



    2 ore fa


  • Louiseberne Joseph

    Louiseberne Joseph

    2 ore fa

    well period poo put them in they place

  • Karina Tavares

    Karina Tavares

    2 ore fa

    Larray is the most unproblematic youtuber/tiktoker

  • Chrishon Wilson

    Chrishon Wilson

    2 ore fa

    addison better

  • Chrishon Wilson

    Chrishon Wilson

    2 ore fa

    im so sorry dixie and charlie ugly but charly cute

  • Chrishon Wilson

    Chrishon Wilson

    2 ore fa

    this shit is funny larray

  • Shelley Knott-craig

    Shelley Knott-craig

    2 ore fa

    Omg u look so good in makeup!!!! ❤️❤️ >3

  • Ivayanna Denish

    Ivayanna Denish

    2 ore fa

    You still with the hype house

  • Elissa Rivas the best at tiktok

    Elissa Rivas the best at tiktok

    2 ore fa

    They got rosted and I love you Larry can I get a shut is they got rosted 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • nina mea

    nina mea

    2 ore fa


  • michaella Raistrick

    michaella Raistrick

    2 ore fa

    Thi aint a race tony caught a case lol

  • Tyeisha Wright

    Tyeisha Wright

    2 ore fa

    I hope larray actually take David dobrik shit

  • John Frank

    John Frank

    3 ore fa

    Imagine how much hate he would’ve gotten if they didn’t clap for BTS

  • harlie Gvvjgij

    harlie Gvvjgij

    3 ore fa

    Why did u take off sun parts /: wack

  • The PlayC Fam

    The PlayC Fam

    3 ore fa

    Peep the ruler falling off the desk😁😂

  • Bella Luv

    Bella Luv

    3 ore fa

    Omg I love This song 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 it’s fire 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  • The danceing queen!

    The danceing queen!

    3 ore fa

    Question though . . . are these real facts about them?

    • name


      3 ore fa

      I think all but charli had an anxiety pen not a vape

  • Miguel xd

    Miguel xd

    3 ore fa

    Everyone talking about him roasting but the song is epic tbh

  • Shirley Guazco

    Shirley Guazco

    3 ore fa

    Your right larry

  • vasiliki yiannarakis

    vasiliki yiannarakis

    3 ore fa


    • NotCharli Damelio

      NotCharli Damelio

      2 ore fa

      He’s interesting 😜

  • Ocean Wxves

    Ocean Wxves

    3 ore fa

    James Charles Tried in the back...

  • Mere Steciuk

    Mere Steciuk

    3 ore fa

    Hey reporting live

  • keara reaves

    keara reaves

    3 ore fa

    This should be a Halloween song because it's scary

  • Shanel WILLIAMS

    Shanel WILLIAMS

    3 ore fa

    Biss I'm sooo excited

  • Serena Baldwin

    Serena Baldwin

    3 ore fa

    wonder if charlie got made at this video?????

  • poppy


    3 ore fa

    He didnt.

  • Alcir Roger

    Alcir Roger

    3 ore fa

    Ele e tão debochado mais tão debochado que ele chamou as pessoas q ele falou mal para participarem do clipe

  • Zxlie


    3 ore fa

    you gotta see funny bunnies video XDD

  • maju games mj

    maju games mj

    3 ore fa

    Eu sem entender nada 🤣

  • Y N

    Y N

    3 ore fa


  • glitch games

    glitch games

    3 ore fa

    I am the only one that new Bryce hall by Addison rae

  • Eva Nixon

    Eva Nixon

    3 ore fa

    Why does it say Cancelled and Canceled? I thought it was double L

  • Ali A

    Ali A

    3 ore fa

    This is a vibeeee

  • Megan Pierce

    Megan Pierce

    3 ore fa


  • kc hards

    kc hards

    3 ore fa

    The song is bad

    • kc hards

      kc hards

      3 ore fa

      Love this song

  • vasiliki yiannarakis

    vasiliki yiannarakis

    3 ore fa

    i am a a boy and i wont addison she is so beautiful

  • 404 Among Us

    404 Among Us

    4 ore fa

    The fact that his grandma was in this lol

  • sempai wolfsimp

    sempai wolfsimp

    4 ore fa

    Says Bts

  • jennieha colas

    jennieha colas

    4 ore fa


  • Rainbow Kitten

    Rainbow Kitten

    4 ore fa

    Addison really said: 🤩

  • Tierney Dotson

    Tierney Dotson

    4 ore fa

    Omg I'm obsessed i love this

  • Nya Cruz

    Nya Cruz

    4 ore fa

    Period bish

  • Amourxx_syy tiktoks

    Amourxx_syy tiktoks

    4 ore fa

    I'm just tryna figure out why addison and larray are dancing on the toilet LMAO
    Also I'm still here listening to this lol