Watch the SpaceX Inspiration4 Crew Send Off and Board Teslas

Pubblicato il 15 set 2021
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The SpaceX Inspiration4 Crew begin their journey to the launch pad. Watch their send off and hop into Tesla Model X's.

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  • Tarun Wakharkar

    Tarun Wakharkar

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    Are we still living in a pandemic 🤔

  • The Electric Man

    The Electric Man

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    getting in side a tesla is a must

  • Rena's World

    Rena's World

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    1:47 falcon wing doors smh 🤦

  • Michael Stasi

    Michael Stasi

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  • bardia mousapour

    bardia mousapour

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    Jeff who is crying in his basement right now😂

    • Mustapha Lawal

      Mustapha Lawal

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    • Sean Sola

      Sean Sola

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      Jeff who?

    • Snoody Chooch

      Snoody Chooch

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      Wow lol

  • Nicole Speaks

    Nicole Speaks

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    Very proud 👏💙❤