Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll try 007's iconic Aston Martins

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Watch Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll channel their inner James Bond alongside the Sky Sports F1 team.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin
  • 1chish


    5 giorni fa

    OK great drivers all but what on earth was underneath the skin of that stunt DB5?

  • Nasha Files

    Nasha Files

    8 giorni fa

    Seb is so mature

  • VV FF

    VV FF

    9 giorni fa

    yep, this art I vote for England, A.M. time will come for the F-1, more funding in the F1 team

  • MrLefty27


    9 giorni fa

    Why the drivers had to wear the racing suits?!?
    Under Armor Polo Green with Under Armor grey sweats would’ve done the trick AND STYLE!

  • Sharon Joseph

    Sharon Joseph

    13 giorni fa

    The last shot was beautiful! Great job!

  • Bagus Dewanto

    Bagus Dewanto

    14 giorni fa

    Really really amazing car!!!! I loved it

  • Lubyanka Focke Wulf

    Lubyanka Focke Wulf

    15 giorni fa

    Sebastian Vettel will be the next James Bond.

  • alexitosrv


    16 giorni fa

    At 4:57 we all can see the Bond effect Seb had on her

  • Felipe Yukio

    Felipe Yukio

    22 giorni fa

    i bet Stroll dont know how to drive a stick shift car

  • Ovi Tube

    Ovi Tube

    24 giorni fa

    With Bmw E30 can be more fun :) Scrap this pile of shit ¬ !

  • Yudha Budiawan

    Yudha Budiawan

    25 giorni fa

    Seb : so you have a nice time in italy...
    It reminds him of

  • Anthony Marks

    Anthony Marks

    27 giorni fa

    I bet Natalie has a cunning stunt to perform!

  • Helge Krausler

    Helge Krausler

    27 giorni fa

    It is a miracle how this could be so extremely boring.

  • Maarten Nijland

    Maarten Nijland

    28 giorni fa

    Steering with the throttle ......... Great job Seb !! Thumbs UP!!

  • f1errar1


    29 giorni fa

    3:23 Seb being sarcastic :)

  • Kanat Uckun

    Kanat Uckun

    Mese fa

    Without his dad being ceo ,lance is nobody

  • Leonardo Sebastián Maldonado Hernández

    Leonardo Sebastián Maldonado Hernández

    Mese fa

    Stroll somehow manages to be an F1 driver and one of the most boring dudes I have ever seen, at the same time.

  • VanDLiszt


    Mese fa

    Still the most beautiful Austin Martin. Others are interesting, intriguing, awesome, aggressive, and stunning. None abdd absolutely none other than the DB5 has such beauty that you don’t grow tired of it. I’d drive one everyday if I could.

  • Gamaniel Silva

    Gamaniel Silva

    Mese fa

    The difference is The Seb's father don't buy your space for him can run in the F1...hahahaha

  • Rients Dijkstra

    Rients Dijkstra

    Mese fa

    F1 drivers never drift (spectacular, but slows you down...)

  • André Beaumont

    André Beaumont

    Mese fa

    Seb was obvious suprised that the stuntdriver hab a nice time in Italy instead of himself.

  • Jude74


    Mese fa

    No offense but they are not worthy.

  • Gabe Andre

    Gabe Andre

    Mese fa

    Lol I like how the V8 Vantage gets the same treatment in this video as it gets in the movie

  • Lin Ziola

    Lin Ziola

    Mese fa

    Hollywood - Lin Ziola - iconic 1 Aston Martin Year 2021 - Sebastian Vettel - iconic 2 Aston Martin Year 2021 - Lance Stroll - iconic 3 Aston Martin Year 2021 [Report Lin Ziola - Ratu Inggris - Lin Ziola - Queen England - Lin Ziola - Queen British Council - Lin Ziola - Ratu British Council - Kewarganegaraan - Inggris - Lin Ziola - British Citizenship - Lin Ziola - Inggris Romawi - Lin Ziola *Tanggal Minggu, 24 Oktober 2021) (Official Video) (Lin Ziola - Romavi)

  • Lin Ziola

    Lin Ziola

    Mese fa

    Lin Ziola - iconic 1 Aston Martin Year 2021 - Sebastian Vettel - iconic 2 Aston Martin Year 2021 - Lance Stroll - iconic 3 Aston Martin Year 2021 [Report Lin Ziola - Ratu Inggris - Lin Ziola - Queen England - Lin Ziola - Queen British Council - Lin Ziola - Ratu British Council - Kewarganegaraan - Inggris - Lin Ziola - British Citizenship - Lin Ziola - Inggris Romawi - Lin Ziola *Tanggal Minggu, 24 Oktober 2021) (Official Video) (Lin Ziola - Romavi)

  • Simen


    Mese fa


  • kang kukang

    kang kukang

    Mese fa

    anyone here, did you notice the same thing in 0:10 - 0:12, like me? the top side of the box of the trailer and the bottom side of the welcome gate was just..

  • Mani vass

    Mani vass

    Mese fa

    Perfect Donut from 4 wheel

  • Mani vass

    Mani vass

    Mese fa

    Max vs Charles the only thing coming to mind, when i see silverstone

  • thefastelephant


    Mese fa

    That Stuntman was doing those moves like its how he wakes up from his bed, no sweat. Insane skills.

  • Lee Raymond

    Lee Raymond

    Mese fa

    The repulsive meteorology proximately flap because voice namely whistle per a overrated aluminium. super, sad slash

  • Derek Bond

    Derek Bond

    Mese fa

    Full credit to Mark Higgins here, pinpoint accuracy with total control, should see his onboard lap of the IOM TT course, for a car its outstanding.

  • justin treweek

    justin treweek

    Mese fa

    Marketing overload

  • J John

    J John

    Mese fa

    I don't know where her head is, but Martin Brundle never was a good driver HAHAHAHA

  • Dead


    Mese fa

    Brundle: Half of James Bond movies have an Aston Martin
    Stroll: Yeah, every James Bond movie has an Aston Martin

  • Bujf vjg

    Bujf vjg

    Mese fa

    That DB5 has a BMW S54, just in case no one notices the beautiful sound!

  • sznejad


    Mese fa

    Double 00 Seben

  • surferdjnj


    Mese fa

    zero car feel from the guys who use all the technology to race, hahahaha

  • a single white female

    a single white female

    Mese fa

    They wore full racing suits but no helmet? Wouldn't that be extremely hot for no reason?

  • Rutledge Sander

    Rutledge Sander

    Mese fa

    the guy who would make the best Bond is a German

  • Владимир Шапошников

    Владимир Шапошников

    Mese fa

    Sebastian is on the green side and has no right to drive powerful cars if he is not a prude. Has ceased to be a fan of Seb after he began campaigning for a speed limit on the German autobahns. As a racer he makes too many mistakes.

  • M W

    M W

    Mese fa

    Nice if it had been a rally driver and an F1 driver for comparison.

  • Laughingor


    Mese fa

    dont forget the last scene...what a bokeh!

  • Jose Manuel Ramirez

    Jose Manuel Ramirez

    Mese fa

    Soros is here!!!!!!

  • Bmw 320is

    Bmw 320is

    Mese fa

    Jetzt muss Vettel , James Bond nur dazu bringen ,die maximal Höchst Geschwindigkeit von 130 einzuhalten und danach nur noch die Grünen zu wählen. ( wie so oft , Wasser predigen und Wein saufen)

  • zzz immune

    zzz immune

    Mese fa

    Anyone know the name of the color of that vantage

  • Fred MyOpinion

    Fred MyOpinion

    Mese fa

    Who is going to pay for erasing all those tire marks?

  • beanbaguk


    Mese fa

    Four World Championships against a pay-to-drive F1 driver. No doubting Stroll is a good driver, but he's not a patch on Seb. Sorry Stroll!

  • Joe Weis

    Joe Weis

    Mese fa

    Where Were You When REPUBLICONS Destroyed The World ?

  • Ssliau101


    Mese fa

    It's too hard!!
    Seb: Okay, let give a try🤭

  • Daniel Hindley

    Daniel Hindley

    Mese fa

    This video was so sick

  • Marcelo Frutuoso

    Marcelo Frutuoso

    Mese fa

    Iconic, beautiful and fantastic cars. @AstonMartin is the best, and @seb is the good driver to next 007 😎👏

  • gusmacrofago


    Mese fa

    Seb Is a fucking beast!!... Amazing!!

  • Yoran W

    Yoran W

    Mese fa

    *And I may imagine* Tesla lovers looking at it and thinking; “gosh, driving indeed requires talent”.

    It does :D

  • Andrew Bradley

    Andrew Bradley

    Mese fa

    Don't council estates look good now

  • Oscar Salvador Dávila Sierra

    Oscar Salvador Dávila Sierra

    Mese fa


  • Дмитрий Вихляев

    Дмитрий Вихляев

    Mese fa

    4:57 🍑

  • Robert Bailey

    Robert Bailey

    Mese fa

    @Mark Higgins: Did you know my pal, Gerry Crampton. Apparently, he drove the Aston Martins in the early films, even went to Newport Pagnell to pick them up. He said there were two.

  • Francis


    Mese fa

    sorry Lance, your teammate just happened to be a four time world champion 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • MWolverine1969


    Mese fa

    Stroll was about as exciting as he is in an F1 car.

  • Gran Turismo Sport VR Sim Driving

    Gran Turismo Sport VR Sim Driving

    Mese fa

    Great fun, loved Sebs efforts

  • Marc Scjo

    Marc Scjo

    Mese fa

    das ist ganz schön schwach für Formel 1 Fahrer.... Die sollten vielleicht Mal ein Drifttraining absolvieren, das hilft bei der Kontrolle von jedem Auto....

  • Vortex Equilibrium

    Vortex Equilibrium

    Mese fa

    5:06 her minds: oh god pls don‘t wreck the car, man. This is expensive

  • Shobhit Singh

    Shobhit Singh

    Mese fa

    Seb trying to control the drift with his tongue sticking out is 🥺

  • Tensho_C


    Mese fa

    5:00 that was a butt-clenching moment

  • Tonoru


    Mese fa

    James cordon and Gordon Ramsay in one person. the dhl man was wild



    Mese fa

    I want one 💚

  • Chris Santiago

    Chris Santiago

    Mese fa

    These guys are all 00s. 👌👍

  • amrinder bahl

    amrinder bahl

    Mese fa

    Everything would have been perfect abt the video without the guy with a wierd americanish accent. Mute him

  • Lukas Schnell

    Lukas Schnell

    Mese fa

    Seb is totaly my type of character would love to have a Chat with him about whatever actually!

  • Emrah


    Mese fa

    How COOL Seb just is.... 🙏

  • Jose Peña

    Jose Peña

    Mese fa

    007 also drove BMW

  • ruckspin1981


    Mese fa

    That DB5, I mean come on. That is probably the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen

  • TripleAidan


    Mese fa

    What’s the car at the end? The ultra low one!

  • Maximilian Ang

    Maximilian Ang

    Mese fa

    0:22 Did anyone notice "Max 44 tonnes"? Seems q similar to zandvoort

  • Rohan Shinde

    Rohan Shinde

    Mese fa

    A proud indian brand. Tata's Jaguar

  • A


    Mese fa

    It’s fascinating. F1 cats protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses on bright, sunny days spent outdoors.

  • Hanif Arham

    Hanif Arham

    Mese fa

    The sound of DB5 is an absolute beauty 😍i love that

  • Power House

    Power House

    Mese fa

    Sebstain is the two time winner of Indian Grand Pix . Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Adoptmefan ;D

    Adoptmefan ;D

    Mese fa

    My dream car 😍

  • B.D Kéïta

    B.D Kéïta

    Mese fa

  • Omar Hussein Chepetla C

    Omar Hussein Chepetla C

    Mese fa

    Amazing cars

  • TheEchoeman


    Mese fa

    The funny thing is, the Aston Martin Formula One car is actually a Mercedes Benz.

  • Herr M

    Herr M

    Mese fa

    Vettel go home👍🏳️‍🌈👍🏳️‍🌈👍🏳️‍🌈

  • Wolfgang Scorpio

    Wolfgang Scorpio

    Mese fa

    Why is this idiot Lance Stroll in F-1, although he, OBVIOUSLY, has zero feel for a sports car? Oh, I forgot: the FATHER, his MONEY. Just as THE BEATLES sing: you can buy anything, but ...
    And, could VETTEL just have crashed this UNIQUE and EXPENSIVE car @ 5:00 min.?

  • Meghal Shah

    Meghal Shah

    Mese fa

    Seb for next James Bond

  • Prospera


    Mese fa

    Stroll's North American accent sound so plain and boring compared to everyone else.

  • rco


    Mese fa

    The difference when you have natural talent or just money...

  • Aupi Ishmael Kairi

    Aupi Ishmael Kairi

    Mese fa

    Guys get the WRC drivers. They are awesome....😂🤣👍✌️

  • Sushma Sori

    Sushma Sori

    Mese fa

    Good 👍 job S 10 🍸

  • Michele Bianchi

    Michele Bianchi

    Mese fa

    Lance Stroll showing how much being rich helps lol

  • Alg36


    Mese fa

    They should have invited Lewis. King of doughnuts !!

  • Matteo Romenghi

    Matteo Romenghi

    Mese fa

    Legendary DB5!

  • Let’sGooChamp!!!


    Mese fa

    DADDYS MONEY can’t help lance drift 😂😂😂

  • Jimbo Bogie

    Jimbo Bogie

    Mese fa

    If I hear that damn word "ICONIC" one more time...🤬

  • AdamsApples999


    Mese fa

    I drive the DB5 in
    Forza Horizon 4 with a wheel and stick shift - I feel like James Bond for sure 😎

  • Shane Doyle

    Shane Doyle

    Mese fa

    Those donuts were perfectly concentric looking at the over head shot! 😳😳😳

  • Matthew Saint

    Matthew Saint

    Mese fa

    Stroll = Zoolander

  • chinmay shetye

    chinmay shetye

    Mese fa


  • Lukas Leutgöb

    Lukas Leutgöb

    Mese fa

    They found an available lorry driver for the shooting, and he is British - sensational!

    • Arpita Kodagu

      Arpita Kodagu

      Mese fa

      LOL The EU has a shortage of lorry drivers too. No one hears about it because the news isn't in English.