Morocco 🆚 Comoros Highlights -

Pubblicato il 13 gen 2022
visualizzazioni 376 363

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Commenti: 526  
  • Ayoola X

    Ayoola X

    Congrats to Morocco 🇲🇦 from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • Lozano Van Resenbrink

    Lozano Van Resenbrink

    Respect au gardien des Comores, il a fait le match de sa vie , c'est l'homme du match assurément et félicitations au Maroc déjà qualifié pour les matchs à élimination directe , je leur souhaite de soulever le trophée . yaeish almagrhib !

  • ANcha YUsya

    ANcha YUsya

    Man of the match this game, goal keeper

  • Moroccan Stories

    Moroccan Stories

    Well deserved win for Morocco 🇲🇦 Hard luck to Comoros, a respectable team, especially the goalkeeper was the man of the match 👏



    والله الشعب المغربي محترم جدا كثير منهم بيشكر في اداء الحارس ، شعب اخلاق و فخر للمسلمين، تحية من اخ صومالي

  • Ahmed Sebri

    Ahmed Sebri

    Congrats to morroco, big team, great performance as usual! 🇹🇳❤️🇲🇦

  • Stefan Itepu

    Stefan Itepu

    I am truly impressed with this year's afcon. The goals and saves by the goalkeepers has being worldclass

  • She tang

    She tang

    Comoros keeper is a hero 🇰🇲

  • Eastwood Westwood

    Eastwood Westwood

    Comoros 🇰🇲 Goal keeper VS Morocco 🇲🇦 ! All the love and respect to our Comoros people from Morocco .

  • Otman


    What an amazing goalkeeper of comoros, love from Morocco 🇲🇦



    soy marroqui y todos mis respeto al portero de cómoros es increíble bravo 👏 chapó por el es fenomenal

  • 1.B.3


    That keeper was phenomenal

  • Yousri Ch

    Yousri Ch

    Respect from Morocco to the keeper of Comoros, he really saved Comoros from an embarrassing score if it wasn’t for him standing in goal.

  • LöwenVs.


    We love our great Brothers in Comoros Islands and wish Them Hard Luck! Morocco & Comoros, One Nation One Heart ❤

  • mamon bin imam

    mamon bin imam

    Love Morocco🇲🇦 From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Yahya Oulad Aouid

    Yahya Oulad Aouid

    The goalkeeper was on roids today lol but to be fair, we lacked offensive efficiency, we could have won the game with a larger margin of goals easily!

  • faris zaqwan

    faris zaqwan

    Massive respect to goalkeeper, what a great saves..

  • Cassio Almeida

    Cassio Almeida

    This goalkeeper of Comoros bro, respect

  • waliii_ xy

    waliii_ xy

    Marruecos podría haber ganado 7-0 fácil de haber marcado las ocasiones claras

  • Heu A. L. Sales

    Heu A. L. Sales

    Era pra ser uma sacolada de gols, mas o goleiro não quis deixar virar bagunça , pegou muito