My cat's engine won't start!

Pubblicato il 2 mar 2021
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vroom... prrbbtt... vroom... 👅
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Thanks to Gez, one of our Patreon members, who suggested this title!
As you may have seen in her "Prrbbtt" compilation video (, Shorty usually does her little "hi" activation sound when I walk by and see her in her box, er, I mean, Her Royal Meowjesty's Secret Fortress. But here she does it in succession when I was playing peek-a-boo with her. Yes I play peek-a-boo with my cat so what. I thought it was funny, so I wanted this as part of the ShoKo Shorts playlist. Hope everyone's doing great out there!
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  • Lulu Stylez

    Lulu Stylez

    34 minuti fa


  • Grey Shepherd

    Grey Shepherd

    Ora fa

    To the guy who was trying to write 'Car' and it corrected to 'Cat': I'm sorry, have a better day.

  • TheBigO09


    2 ore fa

    What breed of cat is that?

  • Frank Harris

    Frank Harris

    2 ore fa

    I hope the engine is fine
    The engine:

  • J-Gamer 112

    J-Gamer 112

    4 ore fa

    Did you check the air pump? Maybe there’s not enough oxygen getting to your cats throat, (engine). Or perhaps it’s the vocal shaft? You should probably check that too.

  • SPCWakefield1103


    4 ore fa

    does it need oiling?



    5 ore fa


  • Tansy


    6 ore fa

    Omg is your cat a Chantilly Tiffany? Mine is!

  • `Pumpkin-spice`


    6 ore fa

    Have you tried Turning it on and off again?

  • Peter Oca

    Peter Oca

    7 ore fa

    Could it be the alternator?

  • Mythosician06


    7 ore fa

    She had a strip of invisible tape around her muzzle, stifling her meows.

  • Cooper Stidham

    Cooper Stidham

    7 ore fa

    all you need to do is pet it for five minutes, it should start working then

  • Ian


    8 ore fa

    Those eyes and that posture is so insistent. There's definitely something you're meant to be doing and failing miserably at.

  • smf333


    9 ore fa

    Nothing worse.

  • Cycle


    11 ore fa

    my cat did this too, you need more cat food, supply your cat with it and it should have enough energy to start up, if not, then it's probably the box,
    if the box is too small for the cat now the engine will fail to start up, that's all I got, sorry if it doesn't work bro, if not, then you probably have a broken cat

  • Iszjanae_Oreo Bean

    Iszjanae_Oreo Bean

    12 ore fa

    Have you tried turning it off then back on?

  • ClaraB


    12 ore fa

    The cat looks just like mine

  • Taylor Nixon

    Taylor Nixon

    14 ore fa

    Is ur cat marge simpson?

  • יואב רז

    יואב רז

    15 ore fa

    You can get a replacement in a shelter

  • MissKiwi


    15 ore fa

    oh yeah that's the starter motor, you're gonna have to get that replaced

  • The Random Dickhead

    The Random Dickhead

    16 ore fa

    i hate youtube

    • Earpolution 05

      Earpolution 05

      15 ore fa

      Makes sense I mean they haven't even banned Edp yet

  • BJ Boudreau

    BJ Boudreau

    17 ore fa

    Sounds like the starters gone...

  • david _

    david _

    18 ore fa

    cat engine

  • uh yeah

    uh yeah

    19 ore fa


  • MemeeBigBoy


    22 ore fa

    Sound's like a bad starturr or fuel pump.

  • Snow68


    22 ore fa

    Did you try giving it a kick?

  • Faerli Kreepi

    Faerli Kreepi

    23 ore fa

    Its the little lick at the end that gets me!

  • Brandon Mueller

    Brandon Mueller

    Giorno fa

    Me: Yeah I pulled the cord five times and... nothing.
    Repair Shop: Ah! I see, your carbpurrator is all gummed up.

  • kbotah73


    Giorno fa

    Check the spark plugs

  • Wikcentral


    Giorno fa

    2 stroke, choke it once, pull, then take the choke off and give it a rip

  • Valo-Rae Wells

    Valo-Rae Wells

    Giorno fa


  • Taylin Brundage

    Taylin Brundage

    Giorno fa

    This is even funnier because I have to get my cars engine fixed too

  • Trurl190


    Giorno fa

    Would make for fine guard hound though

  • C B

    C B

    Giorno fa

    always amazing how people forget...two strokes from the top of the head down to the tail to get your kitty going. Purrs like a champ everytime. Regular servicing twice a day at least.

  • pikachurocks317 5

    pikachurocks317 5

    Giorno fa

    Great just great

  • Mihail


    Giorno fa


  • T0nyc


    Giorno fa

    try Schrödinger's cat

  • Chukku


    Giorno fa

    I was waiting for her to go "hmbrr.." , "hmbrre..", "hmbrreemBEMMBEMMBEMMBEMMBEMMBEMM..."

  • SnoopyDoo


    Giorno fa

    This is what happens when a cat manages to break into the kitty treats and gobble down as much as possible before getting caught.

  • Leon Wick

    Leon Wick

    Giorno fa

    i think this is how they made the ghast sound

  • RokiRoki


    Giorno fa

    maybe you put the key in the wrong way

  • epsilon


    Giorno fa

    check its fuel pump

  • Tyler Connolly

    Tyler Connolly

    Giorno fa

    I think this cat needs a mechanic. its nice I saw this before a year past by like most cat videos I see.

  • Tatty_Mooncat


    Giorno fa

    Dude my cat looks exactly like that- I can’t though they’re both so cute 😩✋

  • Xx0kami


    Giorno fa

    Jeepers people saying that the cat is "scared". No. She's not. She's really happy.
    I have a cat that does this constantly, the little trill. It's a happy greeting. Said cat is right next to me right now and has done it about 6 times because I keep petting her.
    Look into animal behavior before posting, cause ya look dumb saying the cat is "scared". She's not growling, she's trilling.

    • Xx0kami


      2 ore fa

      @ronylouis I spotted them before, I can't now. Why are you letting this one comment get so far under your skin lol. Even the owner of the channel pointed out the b.s. comments with a video dude. Other people have said the exact same thing. Just move along with your day, jeebers.

    • ronylouis


      2 ore fa

      @Xx0kami I have spent- the last 6 minutes looking for one. There are none. Here and there? I've searched around when you posted your comment too. None.

    • Xx0kami


      2 ore fa

      @ronylouis There have been comments here and there 'bout it. And I didn't like my own comment lol, someone else did. Good job on assuming :)

    • ronylouis


      2 ore fa

      No one said that..? And good job on liking your own comment

  • Treenoss


    Giorno fa

    No dont cranck it its seized up

  • Arthur Filemon - Countertenor

    Arthur Filemon - Countertenor

    Giorno fa

    holy shit xDDD

  • Teasuti


    Giorno fa

    1.7 million people: interesting.

  • Daniel Michaud

    Daniel Michaud

    Giorno fa

    Love that cat beautiful

  • Matthew Brooker

    Matthew Brooker

    2 giorni fa

    They don't start working until you take them out of the box

  • OwenDaBoss


    2 giorni fa

    Needs a new carpurrator

  • A C

    A C

    2 giorni fa

    Anyone else found themselves in an infinite loop of cat videos lol

  • Human Being

    Human Being

    2 giorni fa

    Her: I'll bet he's with another girl right now

  • Ajix


    2 giorni fa


  • Named Yukinne

    Named Yukinne

    2 giorni fa

    Get your cat fixed

  • Zoe gamming

    Zoe gamming

    2 giorni fa

    SOO CUTE your poof made my day tell her i said hi!

  • Alex


    2 giorni fa

    MLB fandom... it looks llike chat noir turned into an actual cat
    tho that cat is SOOOOO ADORABLE!

  • sirstrongbad


    2 giorni fa

    Clearly not enough noms in the fuel tank, fix this at once! :-)

  • Mariam Awad

    Mariam Awad

    2 giorni fa


  • TheFireCreeper


    2 giorni fa

    cat engine

  • marmitenot


    2 giorni fa

    A new battery, maybe?

  • Cheryl Muir

    Cheryl Muir

    2 giorni fa

    Clicked on this. No regrets.

  • Hellcore 00

    Hellcore 00

    2 giorni fa

    Have you tried cleaning the carburator? or see if the choke is pulled all the way
    if its EFI try cleaning the jets, or changing the jets, they may be busted

  • Lunar Foxes

    Lunar Foxes

    2 giorni fa

    Poor guy

    • Lunar Foxes

      Lunar Foxes

      Giorno fa

      @Kreyative ramble my cats run on love-

    • Kreyative ramble

      Kreyative ramble

      Giorno fa

      Lubbo [ ] No, no, no. Try using some creamy milk, it should help with the engine.

    • Lubbo [ ]

      Lubbo [ ]

      2 giorni fa

      Yeah to bad his Engine won't start, maybe catnip will help.

  • Mr. bendy

    Mr. bendy

    2 giorni fa

    Its so cute also who else got this in there recomendations randomly

  • graywolf rob

    graywolf rob

    2 giorni fa

    Sounds like the battery is almost dead.

  • Chanpaiix


    2 giorni fa

    sir this is not good at all. please fix your cat's engine.

  • Jaden Samuel

    Jaden Samuel

    2 giorni fa

    No, that's a small, furry lawnmower

  • Demoknight TF2

    Demoknight TF2

    2 giorni fa

    I think i know how to fix this.
    Just give him a slice of salami and it should work

    • *half-decent YT name*

      *half-decent YT name*

      2 giorni fa

      Salami always works

  • Γιώργος Καπόγιαννης

    Γιώργος Καπόγιαννης

    2 giorni fa

    Have you tryed hitting the starter?

  • Antonio Napoleone

    Antonio Napoleone

    2 giorni fa

    Diesel cat.

  • Carlos Andrei Rocabo

    Carlos Andrei Rocabo

    2 giorni fa

    It must be out of gas

  • Liam Estrada

    Liam Estrada

    2 giorni fa

    Use the power of purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to start the engine

  • Epic Gaming

    Epic Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    Take it back to the mechanic

  • Roby Yuan

    Roby Yuan

    2 giorni fa

    Cat engine wont start? Try applying oil! (aka petting it) And give fuel while at it. (i.e cat food)

  • Tadas Pukys

    Tadas Pukys

    2 giorni fa

    maybe u should pull the tail realy strongly and it should start up

    • Tadas Pukys

      Tadas Pukys

      2 giorni fa

      @Dokasinius tbh that makes more sense

    • Dokasinius


      2 giorni fa

      Nah u need to give it a slice of salami and pet it

  • Loretta Richards

    Loretta Richards

    2 giorni fa

    It needs gas

  • Neko1971


    2 giorni fa

    Who didn't like this..??
    Why.... Really?

  • CaptainSkelebones


    2 giorni fa

    cats can jump really high. hes fine

  • A DT

    A DT

    2 giorni fa

    Maybe the engine is too cold to start. I think warm cuddles should help.

  • MingZiJeff


    2 giorni fa

    brrrrrrrrr, roooom

  • Proto Rhinocerator

    Proto Rhinocerator

    2 giorni fa

    I would first check the battery to see if there's enough voltage. If not, check the battery to see if it will hold a charge and also the alternator.
    If the battery and alternator are good, you may not be getting spark. Newer cats no longer use rotary distributors. It's more likely you have an electronic ignition cat. Check the coil on each spark plug and maybe change out the spark plugs for iridium. They're a little more expensive but worth it for the low maintenance.

  • Rodney Wimpfheimer

    Rodney Wimpfheimer

    2 giorni fa

    Typical sounds of: battery being to low! Haha!

  • Curious_Cat


    2 giorni fa

    I think you need to clean the catburator.

  • Mike Williams

    Mike Williams

    2 giorni fa

    "ain't got no gas in it"

  • Charlie Pilon-senterre

    Charlie Pilon-senterre

    3 giorni fa

    Have you checked the spark plug?

  • SupaT3


    3 giorni fa

    Looks like my Mr Kitty 😩😩

  • CaptainMiscellaneous


    3 giorni fa

    Have you tried turning it off and on?

  • larry robinson

    larry robinson

    3 giorni fa

    Needs tuna and oil

  • MaxxPayn3_


    3 giorni fa

    Soooo cuuuuutttteeee 😭😭

  • CDGames


    3 giorni fa

    I know that you literally uploaded a video that's just to demonstrate that she can get out of that box...
    But that box still looks like an insane asylum

    • Turtle Gaming

      Turtle Gaming

      Giorno fa

      @CDGames Yeah. That was some Big Brain moment right there

    • CDGames


      2 giorni fa

      @Turtle Gaming It wasn't a joke, it was a humourous statement If you disagree, that's your opinion, but there is a difference Jokes have a punchline. Statements are just things being said All I'm doing is saying that that is what I see, due to the lighting, the camera angle, and the look in the cat's eyes. I am not attempting to win an award for comedy by doing so. I thought it was humourous, so I said it. I acknowledge that you may not have, that's your opinion

    • Turtle Gaming

      Turtle Gaming

      2 giorni fa

      @CDGames If that's your way of a joke, that was a very bad and confusing one.

    • CDGames


      2 giorni fa

      @Turtle Gaming I know that, what part of *looks like* do people not understand? It's not even like this is r/whoosh because I explicitly stated that I understood how the cat chose whether or not to be in there, it's just that the conditions of the recording itself made it seem like an insane asylum

    • Turtle Gaming

      Turtle Gaming

      2 giorni fa

      @CDGames The cat can get *In* with no problem as well. It's not like the owner is putting the cat in the box and filming it, he/she just finds the cat in the box and decides to put it on youtube. The Dilated pupils in the cat's eyes doesn't mean she's scared(Most of the time), she's just excited. My own cat has almost the exact same look when I play with her.

  • Laeticia R

    Laeticia R

    3 giorni fa

    Ah kitty definitely needs a kiss start xx

  • supremacistdawn


    3 giorni fa

    that's a fine animal

  • Mortem


    3 giorni fa


  • xxNavyboyxx


    3 giorni fa

    It won't start that's what we call bad luck

  • monkey butt

    monkey butt

    3 giorni fa

    Get it to an engineer

  • Small Brain

    Small Brain

    3 giorni fa


  • Ashley Guthrie

    Ashley Guthrie

    3 giorni fa

    What confident cat 🐈

  • Skemij


    3 giorni fa


  • Carl Strehlow

    Carl Strehlow

    3 giorni fa

    That is toooooooo CUTE!