Saving Minecraft Fox From Herobrine

Pubblicato il 31 mar 2021
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Herobrine put the Minecraft Fox in prison but I helped him escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis

  • yenyan s world

    yenyan s world

    12 minuti fa

    Ping pong is sooooooooooo pro

  • Kyle Zaragoza

    Kyle Zaragoza

    12 minuti fa

    Omg this guy has the MLG skillz

  • haii hellow

    haii hellow

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  • call_me_ hi

    call_me_ hi

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  • TheOscarGamer


    Ora fa


  • Тамара Лагутина

    Тамара Лагутина

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  • trigula


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    i da know seem kinda dream to me

  • Ло Бик

    Ло Бик

    Ora fa

    Лиса: пойду поплаваю в лаве если меня спосли то здохну всеровно

  • NocY


    Ora fa

    When you can just use water to turn lava obsidian xD

  • Zenkipot


    Ora fa

    whats is that

  • Lily787


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  • zombie gamer

    zombie gamer

    Ora fa

    .... ...
    I want my precious time back
    What is the point of this

  • Francisco Vazquez

    Francisco Vazquez

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  • Steven Cubero

    Steven Cubero

    2 ore fa

    Pudo usar el balde de agua para quitar la lava

  • Таня Тевосян

    Таня Тевосян

    2 ore fa

    Жалка лису

  • Gabriel


    2 ore fa

    Plot twest era a raposa errada

  • Ysadora Nascimento maia

    Ysadora Nascimento maia

    3 ore fa


  • Angela Roque

    Angela Roque

    3 ore fa

    Boom good bye kidnapper

  • Saiful Saif

    Saiful Saif

    3 ore fa

    What is the songs name

  • Athan Alcala

    Athan Alcala

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  • Pusheen_fan_3000


    3 ore fa

    This is forced on my for you page and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

  • Marï O

    Marï O

    3 ore fa

    Wowwwww que locuraaaaaaaaaaa

  • Waggleton P. Tallylicker

    Waggleton P. Tallylicker

    3 ore fa

    You have a water bucket but you can also go in the cool way

  • Sufian Amin

    Sufian Amin

    4 ore fa

    Awww that poor thing

  • Wyni Samsuddin

    Wyni Samsuddin

    4 ore fa

    How dream saves a fox :

  • don incógnito Bv

    don incógnito Bv

    4 ore fa

    Herobrine's no se mata asi de facil XD



    4 ore fa

    Sorry but......this is cringe

  • ItzDemonicYT _

    ItzDemonicYT _

    4 ore fa

    Why just get a new one

  • Jasmin Akter

    Jasmin Akter

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  • Charan teja

    Charan teja

    4 ore fa

    Bro if he had water bucket why didn't he turned lava in obsidian

  • thekingrebzyaming – FoxBot

    thekingrebzyaming – FoxBot

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  • Mayra Sosa

    Mayra Sosa

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  • Marcos Reis

    Marcos Reis

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  • Luis M Flores

    Luis M Flores

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    Super duper godly mega ultra pro

  • pj pj

    pj pj

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    😝😎😎😎😎😎 ooooooo

  • Keely Johns

    Keely Johns

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    Ooww I have a fox in Minecraft

  • Janaina Silva

    Janaina Silva

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    5 ore fa


  • KingGohan 5554

    KingGohan 5554

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  • Sandra lorena Perez benavides

    Sandra lorena Perez benavides

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    Pobre perriti

  • Nury Espinoza

    Nury Espinoza

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  • Meminem The meme god

    Meminem The meme god

    5 ore fa

    Hero brine would’ve just been in creative and killed you

  • Sidd Gamer YT

    Sidd Gamer YT

    6 ore fa

    Which music ?

  • Akai_SAMA


    6 ore fa

    This is so cringe

  • OffRail Vlogs

    OffRail Vlogs

    6 ore fa

    That was a true work of art

  • xxmarcya kaylenexx

    xxmarcya kaylenexx

    6 ore fa

    Q top

  • Yamile Diaz

    Yamile Diaz

    6 ore fa

    You dream

  • Cleonice Sousa

    Cleonice Sousa

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  • Dena Gonzalez

    Dena Gonzalez

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  • Dena Gonzalez

    Dena Gonzalez

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  • Ikey's Adventures

    Ikey's Adventures

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    Bruhhh u had a water bucket

  • The Binding Of E

    The Binding Of E

    6 ore fa

    Toss the fox into the fire

  • Fleshka RiRaRu

    Fleshka RiRaRu

    6 ore fa

    Him: Miss hes fox
    Also him: Sees diamond guy with hes fox
    *So you have chosen death*

  • brents daily dose

    brents daily dose

    6 ore fa

    Is this dreams brother

  • Steve Shadow

    Steve Shadow

    7 ore fa

    If I hear this song again I will
    Thank me later

  • Lego gaming

    Lego gaming

    7 ore fa

    That was epic bruh

  • MARSO مارسو

    MARSO مارسو

    7 ore fa

    ديم 😎

  • Sebastián Gamer

    Sebastián Gamer

    7 ore fa


  • Adam Blandford

    Adam Blandford

    7 ore fa

    You are good at the game

  • Diyako Hashemzadeh

    Diyako Hashemzadeh

    7 ore fa

    how did he even do that

  • Talia alves hehe

    Talia alves hehe

    8 ore fa

    It is song?

  • Dani 26

    Dani 26

    8 ore fa

    And then turn it back home xD

  • حاشي باشا أبها - الاندلس

    حاشي باشا أبها - الاندلس

    8 ore fa


  • Diego Lemus

    Diego Lemus

    8 ore fa

    wigrjgq ☆

  • Sweet Roseandre

    Sweet Roseandre

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  • jamese0522


    8 ore fa

    So how do they get out and I-everyone hates this right?

  • Jaqueline Brietze Foppa

    Jaqueline Brietze Foppa

    8 ore fa

    Por que o cara fez tudo se quem estava preso era só uma raposa 🦊

  • Fares Ashraf

    Fares Ashraf

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  • ديما الفراشة

    ديما الفراشة

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    Wow Good👍👍👍

  • Tablet Huawei

    Tablet Huawei

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  • UnusualPlayer


    9 ore fa

    Hero brine gets shot by an arrow and doesn't fall of so stays paciently watching this guy free his fox

  • Angela Brown

    Angela Brown

    9 ore fa

    So sad 😓🤗☺😉😌😊😔😞😥😢👻🎆🎇🎉

  • Kaitkait Wilcox

    Kaitkait Wilcox

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    Poor fox

  • Lourdes Villarreal

    Lourdes Villarreal

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    Buenarda likeeeee

  • Neon QWQ

    Neon QWQ

    9 ore fa

    Хм... Может эт лиса в клетке... Потому что это особо опасный преступник... И получается.. Этот чел спас преступника

  • Yuli Quiñone castillo

    Yuli Quiñone castillo

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    Que binito Que lo salvara😍😍😍😘🤗🤗

  • Stori Calloway

    Stori Calloway

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  • Gaming Time

    Gaming Time

    9 ore fa

    The Guide to making this type of video, 1. Always have this music 2. Have a Goal to accomplish 3. Turn into Dream 4. Must always post it a tiktok

  • Silvia Rosas

    Silvia Rosas

    9 ore fa

    That was coool

  • JJS 21

    JJS 21

    10 ore fa

    he's bakugo

  • Izuku Midoryia

    Izuku Midoryia

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    Dream be like

  • Laura Roman

    Laura Roman

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    Bien bien

  • Preston Froggy

    Preston Froggy

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  • Zara S

    Zara S

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    I's good

  • Paulo Ferraz

    Paulo Ferraz

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  • Nathan


    10 ore fa

    -Missing sign is literally in viewing distance of the prison where it most clearly is held. The lava makes it even more visible.
    -The player has made it over to the fox... but has no way of getting it out of the lava Islands. Plus there still is a guard fully alive.

  • Maria Prieto

    Maria Prieto

    10 ore fa

    Saver de fox

  • Maria Prieto

    Maria Prieto

    10 ore fa

    De fox

  • Maria Prieto

    Maria Prieto

    10 ore fa

    Day es so cute😗😙😚😆😉😄😘😗😙😚🙄

  • Vigilante de Farinha

    Vigilante de Farinha

    10 ore fa

    Who puts a wanted sign on the side of the place where it is stuck q-p

  • يعقوب علي

    يعقوب علي

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  • Alaa Kamal

    Alaa Kamal

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  • Nett Matro 10

    Nett Matro 10

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  • h v

    h v

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    This makes me cry Hero Brian is mean scary and dum trying to kidnap Fox

  • Hocine Mahdaoui

    Hocine Mahdaoui

    11 ore fa

    Song name

  • Bryan 213 G

    Bryan 213 G

    11 ore fa

    Utiliza esa agua para la lava crack

  • Prahic Simona

    Prahic Simona

    11 ore fa

    That is so Good i love the music and the Fox is sooo cute

  • Jayden Madden

    Jayden Madden

    11 ore fa

    TnT dose not damage now I must have missed the update

  • Shola Lawal

    Shola Lawal

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  • Courtney Reynolds

    Courtney Reynolds

    11 ore fa

    Pov: your phone glitched and you didnt see the fox walk into the lava