I turn Fridge Compressor into 220v electric Generator

Pubblicato il 19 feb 2021
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Let's Learn Something, after a few days of work here is the look of our converted Electric Generator from fridge compressor and I also used 2 Stroke engine because it is easy to make.
Watch this video, you won't find the most powerful mini generator anywhere else. The greatest inventions of the universe will appear on my ITload channel.
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King Homemade
  • King Homemade

    King Homemade

    10 giorni fa

    *I make The World's most powerful mini 220v electric Generator **https://youtu.be/-3RJAVeey_k*

  • R GT

    R GT

    9 ore fa

    Nice work, you are creative ❤️❤️

  • jose dennis celeste

    jose dennis celeste

    11 ore fa

    That is not stay longer it will overheating the stator winding due to fractional horse Power rated rather than rated load

  • ناصر الشمري

    ناصر الشمري

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    Good ✌️

  • Narayan Chandra Sahoo

    Narayan Chandra Sahoo

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    Віктор Марчук

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  • Anu AU

    Anu AU

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  • Neon Light

    Neon Light

    4 giorni fa

    Utiliza un generador para mover otro generador, y la TV no hace falta conectar una antena, todo una maravilla.

  • Edivaldo Candido

    Edivaldo Candido

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  • james forestier

    james forestier

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    Danyal Cheema

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    Ермек Босжигитов

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    ilham •13

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    Cleverson Kloster

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  • Carlos Furafollas

    Carlos Furafollas

    9 giorni fa

    Great job but, you use a generator engine to move the new motor and produce electric power...why not to use the already made and working generator? It’s like using a car to tow your working car😂 I’m joking really so keep doing great ;)

  • Alexis Neira

    Alexis Neira

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    E M

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  • Alberto Ramon Acosta

    Alberto Ramon Acosta

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    Alberto Ramon Acosta

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    Alberto Ramon Acosta

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  • Gursharan Singh

    Gursharan Singh

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    magnetic doesn't work you have any another option please make video...

  • Tapan Das

    Tapan Das

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  • El Técnico

    El Técnico

    11 giorni fa

    Otro proyecto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvVKupTqAfA, es la misma persona que lo construye.
    Tengo mis reservas en cuanto al Voltaje no hace una medición posterior antes de conectar equipos y la otra son los 50/60 Hertz (Ciclos) que se deben generar por lo menos para el TV, el ventilador y la bomba son otra tecnología.

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    José javier Pereira

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    P.R. Nadh

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  • Carlos Roberto Colovini Silveira Colovini

    Carlos Roberto Colovini Silveira Colovini

    12 giorni fa

    ele ligou os equipamentos cpm fios enterrados; aquela magnetizaçao de rotor é fraca para produzir esta quantidade de energia, olha a velocidade de giro do gerador; talvez ate funcionaria se fixasse imas de neodimo no rotor; nao tente fazer; é muita enganaçao!

  • Mick Wolf

    Mick Wolf

    13 giorni fa

    Pretty neat, How stable is voltage if engine revs higher? Would it be better to convert to dc then invert it back to 220v?
    I used an old 15cc engine to power alternator but engine wasn't strong enough, wanted it to charge 12v batteries when camping. I might try it again 😁

  • Everton Quoos

    Everton Quoos

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    Muito bom..!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💪💪

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    lo del televisor no se lo creo porque no tiene antena y aun si muestra canal

  • Reynaldo Jr Chua

    Reynaldo Jr Chua

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    Nice video, how many watts?

  • Victor S

    Victor S

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  • Samuel Osorio

    Samuel Osorio

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    Watch 15:05 to 15:07 of the video

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    sergio rabelo

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    J Bravo

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      Lucas George

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      Yuhan jong

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    Alberto Ramon Acosta

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    Nature Buty

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    Matthias Wilhelm

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  • newsoftheworld


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    Magnetic Charge Works only with Iron Not with Alloy

  • Shahab Dmc

    Shahab Dmc

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    What RPMs are required to generate 220V electricity?

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    andres caneo

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    Robin Halligan

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    khaldoun abboud

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  • jerry suiz

    jerry suiz

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    its better to run directly with generator

  • Des Truction

    Des Truction

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  • REX R

    REX R

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  • John Duff-Tytler

    John Duff-Tytler

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  • Maadias Maadhy

    Maadias Maadhy

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    Haroon Rashid Raja

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  • Tomasz aka dr_dres

    Tomasz aka dr_dres

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    you have to silence the belt with a tensioner, the vibrations can damage the gear on the generator

  • Alexander Dennis

    Alexander Dennis

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    How the hell is the tv already hooked up to antenna?? Annnddd it needs 60hrtz or you'll blow any device you plug in. I call bs.

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    Katelynn Poplin

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    I always like drinking that Freon....... Puts lead in your pencil!!!!

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    Impossible to get 220v volts output from an electric motor the armature had barely enough magnetism to attract the bolts LMAO. How stupid do you think people are

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  • Jack Hutchinson

    Jack Hutchinson

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    It's not running even close to the RPMs the needed to produce the 50 to 60 Hz to run those devices, especially the flat screen TV, plus the very weak magnetism of the Armature, leaves me skeptical at best.

  • Harry Topia

    Harry Topia

    24 giorni fa

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    Buggin Out

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    Good job boss

  • John Burns

    John Burns

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    Enjoyed your video
    Blessings To All Worthy Of Being Blessed

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    That was cool, enjoyed the video

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    wolfgang boettcher

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    danyauh Monteiro

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  • Salvador W. Empent

    Salvador W. Empent

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    The way to keep magnetism at the rotor is by connecting capacitors across the lines!

  • Salvador W. Empent

    Salvador W. Empent

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    I've done a lot of experimenting with turning ordinary motors into generators even three face type the problem is you can lose the Magnetism of the rotor if you shut off the generator before disconnecting the load

  • Fabricio Barbieri

    Fabricio Barbieri

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    Isso aí funciona mesmo?

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    tv works with only power cord connected? how to see any programs without an antenna?

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    in pain

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