Trying the Mercedes F1

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2022
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Romain Grosjean Official
Romain Grosjean Official
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  • Nathaniel Wu

    Nathaniel Wu

    "I think when I'm done driving that car, I'm gonna call Toto" LOL

  • Sus Franz Liszt

    Sus Franz Liszt


  • BeanGamez


    Great race my friend, love the content!

  • Chris


    Are you trying the merc f1 in game because you didn't drive it in real life yet? Does the offer still stand?

  • bot


    Had the same observation as Romain when I first tried the car, it was too pointy on turn in. But I don't know if Romain feels that way because the Haas was that much different from the Merc

  • meditech


    Who here is chomping at the bit for Indy and F1 to start for the year?

  • Ryan O'Farrell

    Ryan O'Farrell

    One question. Why is the title English but you talk French not a complaint great video just a question

  • LePilote


    When is you're Mercedes test romain ?

  • feedmebread


    That’s nice 👍

  • Josephine Walters

    Josephine Walters

    I love your channel and your inspiring videos. Your content deserves a service like P r o m o s m!!

  • Milton Warren JR

    Milton Warren JR

    You gonna pay the copyrights to that intro song. Or give the website credit 😂

  • SNIPER-M13


    Tu joue bien

  • David Kim

    David Kim

    Totos word is trash. It’s been a year and still no Mercedes drive for grojean.