Blueprint to Cut

Pubblicato il 3 mar 2015
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Building your dream body is about more than what you do in the gym. It's about what you do in your mind-how you visualize your success and envision your legacy. Arnold Schwarzenegger pictured himself as a champion bodybuilder, and he built a blueprint to become just that. Whether you want to shred for a competition or lose weight for life, Arnold's Blueprint to Cut will help you succeed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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    matthew tonna

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    21:36 21:23

  • matthew tonna

    matthew tonna

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    Whats the name of the interviewer please anyone?

  • Jacob Barrena

    Jacob Barrena

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    Arnold was on Dianabol + Primobolan heavily. On exogenous anabolic compunds like that you can do all that volume he talks about and not over train. Natural regular people will not benefit nor recover quick from all that volume. Basic common sense

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    LaToija’s SELF CARE

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    Saif Shaikh

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    He looks like Max Payne from Max Payne 3

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  • Wolfie


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    Arnold is pure business and it shows. wow unbelievable drive and vision, awesome video !!

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    Really motivating

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    Great information. Ty

  • JBERRY603


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    Sick chain on the pants

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    I like to listen to Arnold, but the first question this dude asks is just f-ng bullcrap.
    Alltough, @4:13 he says you lose fluids because of a WATERmelon diet? What the hell is he talking bull here, cmon

  • AmusementForce


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    I would much rather learn from Dorian Yates than from Arnold...

  • David Turner

    David Turner

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    Those kinky donkey raises, man . . .

  • Herr Wabbaloo

    Herr Wabbaloo

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    Someone: I sleep eight hours.
    Arnold: Sleep faster.

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    Infinite G

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    What was Arnold’s Pre and Post workout Meals?

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    Armand G.

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    Ughlee Gamer

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    Arnold is the best.

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    You know what I'd really like to know: Leading up to a movie role, as he said, say three months out from filming, he knows he's got to train like crazy , so my question is, did he run the cycle in the 3 months leading UP to shooting the actual movie scenes, or, did he train like crazy and then hit the cycle as the filming begins to help hold onto that muscle he's been buiding as well as to look as full as possible during the actual filming. Serious question, a good one, a question you can't just google the answer to! Thank you!

  • J. Lawton

    J. Lawton

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    Anyone who takes bodybuilding seriously knows that Arnolds tips and routines he shares in this video are scientifically outdated, but I have a story for those people, and to anyone who shits on people for following Arnold's advice in 2021. Perhaps some of you can relate.
    -I remember watching this video and being so motivated by it back in 2015. I was doing this Arnold split program from his book back in my high school days and I loved it.
    - Then I grew a little older and started researching bodybuilding more, I realized that Arnold's advice is good if you are living in the 1970s and are on Anabolic steroids and have amazing genetics.
    - I stopped following Arnold's advice/routine and switched to other modern "scientific channels" like Athlene-X and Jeff Nippard
    - I began Jeff Nippard's Push Pull Leg routine, and I was keeping myself from overtraining by resting 2 minutes in between each set, and I was using percentages of my one rep max weight to determine how much weight to use(Arnold would refer to this as "weak micky mouse training.")
    - However, after a few months of doing this new Push, Pull, Leg routine, I realized I was getting bored of going to the gym and not even working up a sweat anymore. I missed my antagonist muscle group supersets and my drop sets from my old Arnold workout. But I was discouraged from going back to it because all these sports scientists on youtube were telling me that Push pull leg or a full body split is the most optimal.
    - I got so bored of it I stopped working out for almost a year.
    -Then I decided one day I'd go back to the gym and do my Arnold split that I loved so much back in my high school days. And I forgot how much of a euphoric pump it gave me.
    - From that day on I have been doing Arnold's classic split ever since and I never get bored of it. I have gotten great results because I am consistent and i eat healthy. And I never get bored of it because I get a better pump by working antagonist muscle groups in the same day, such as "chest and back" rather than "chest and triceps." Also it just feels bad ass knowing that I am doing the exact routine that the greatest bodybuilder did.
    - Moral of the story: Pick a workout routine that YOU enjoy most, the routine is not nearly as important as your consistency, enjoyableness of the workout, and the diet. Just be careful not to injure yourself.

  • Old School

    Old School

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    He and Franco pigging out at the House of Pies a week before competition. That's when u know it's in the bag. 😅

  • Lew LC

    Lew LC

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    This advice works really well if you take steroids. If not be sensible for a natural lifter we have to account for hormonal changes due to adrenal fatigue and raised cortisol levels recovery and rest is the most important aspect.

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    9:15 Finally I understand why all guys do that. Danke dir Arnold ;)

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    Truly inspirational.

  • Roeles Nelom

    Roeles Nelom

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    SUMMARY: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
    - Have a vision how you want to look like!
    - Start with push-ups to warmup.
    - Do supper sets (POF)
    4 and more sets, per muscle group.
    - Make pull and push combinations!
    - Push yourself always
    - Do much pull and chin ups.
    (Wide to small)
    - Make an intense mind muscle connection.
    (Go inside the muscle)
    - Make use of the mirrow to see what happens.
    (Pose after exercise)
    - Shock the muscles with a new of training.
    - Train till your muscles hurts to shock your muscles.
    - Minimize rest between sets.
    - Visualise your muscles.
    - Go and stay in your zone.
    - Remind yourself why you Train to stay focused on your diet and workout.
    - Have a training partner to push each other.
    - Have a deadline!
    - Again.. Have a Vision and specific Goal!!!
    - Sit down, think and write your goals!
    - Have pictures in front of you to stay motivated!
    - Make everyday steps to turn your vision into reality!
    - Set and acomplishe little Victories to build your confidence. Before you know it, you reach massive success! 🙌🥇
    - Sleep 6 hours and be active 18 hours.
    - Don't waste your time!
    GOD BLESS! ❤️💪🏾

  • Joey Colt

    Joey Colt

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    Here's my question if anyone could honestly answer. Is any of this information useful to someone who hasn't started weight training yet but has high interest in getting started??

  • luminor007


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    Did Arnie not have clenbuterol back then... that stuff took me just a few weeks to get shredded 4:02

  • Sonic Scholar

    Sonic Scholar

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    Thanks Arnie, the first time I changed my physique was with your blueprint to cut! 😁

  • Nicholas Janke

    Nicholas Janke

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    As for my own personal bodybuilding story: I myself have found that the HIT system works best for me. I made little or no progress on heavy volume training, so I switched to a baseline HIT programm and I've made GREAT RESULTS! I workout 2 exercises once a week, two sets each, nine days rest between workouts. I don't lift weights, I do only bodyweight exercises.

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    Screw ye blueprint

  • Joseph Christian Roldan

    Joseph Christian Roldan

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    He may have a tough accent, but Arnold speaks very well. Good strong public speaker.

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    Fan de

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    Amazing man !

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    This video is so motivating!

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    This way. absolutely fantastic.

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    GREAT interview.. GREAT interviewer. Let the Great ones speak. Arnold was the MAN!

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    Arnold still have that passion, i can hear it in his voice as he spoke .



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    Legend the king

  • Salih Abdur-Rasheed

    Salih Abdur-Rasheed

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    This was interesting. Thanks Arnold.

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

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    "The worst thing is if you fail because you didn't do everything you could do....I want to be responsible for being a winner. If I lose then it's not because I screwed up. It's just because they were better. Don't fail because you didn't work hard enough."



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    I just realized I´m the Original "Mickey Mouse stuff"

  • Timothy Kim

    Timothy Kim

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    He is right about little victory’s. I want to get a six pack, I ate Popeyes Chicken, and now I have a one pack.

  • Saucy vibrations

    Saucy vibrations

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    If you PEEP throughout the video he's attempting to let you know how POWERFUL the mind is... He always says in his mind, visualize or imagine...
    Free Game

  • Nate Peace

    Nate Peace

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    I calculate that I have spent 10% of my life watching this man. Reading his books since the 1980’s. Unreal human.

  • This World Shall Know Pain!

    This World Shall Know Pain!

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    500 chair sit ups for a warm up 😯

  • Javon James

    Javon James

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    When you do something do it that's god damn right!!!!!

  • Danny Rogers

    Danny Rogers

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    This is glorified mental illness.
    Just build the muscle for health and strength and get out of the gym and on with your life

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    Whoever gave thumbs down must be sitting on a couch with a box of Ring Dings on their lap…

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    This is gold. From the man himself. Great Aesthetics.

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    Arnold's a dousche

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    He didn’t stretch 1st 🤔

  • Daniel Bowden

    Daniel Bowden

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    “You know when I was a boy and super sets came to East Germany, the communists said it was subversive.”
    [thinks and smiles]
    “Maybe they were right”

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    His suzyazum gets me fired up

  • Lemar Herron

    Lemar Herron

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    I don’t have a trainer and I’m in shape but compared to what.

  • Baltazar Ortiz

    Baltazar Ortiz

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    8:00 is what we're all looking for. 😆

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    No Matter how many times I've watched or listened to this video it always inspires me. Arnold is so intelligent and knows bodybuilding and motivation inside and out.

  • arour tutor

    arour tutor

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    I love this inspirational icon. I hope he lives forever!

  • DrBaronMunchausen


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    F my freedoms? F U Arnold. You are a globalist shill POS.

  • Don Thompson

    Don Thompson

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    I'm just a schmuck..But Still love the Golden Era

  • Haji fifty

    Haji fifty

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    10:34 I swear I saw Jackie Chan in him. He sounded and acted like Jackie Chan for few seconds. 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael dan Mosley

    Michael dan Mosley

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    MUCH more useful than a jimmy Kimmel interview 🐓

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    Thats the only guy that can tell Muscle what to do Legend.

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  • Living My Life

    Living My Life

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    Screw these weights.

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    Great interview!!

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    I like my freedom and the freedom to choose if I want to be vaccinated or not Arnold

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    Thank you Uncle Arnold.



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    Speaking the old days. when Arnold had the freedom to speak.

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    Started the gym 3 weeks ago, I started out chest pressing 12kg dumbbells and now I’m up to 18kg. Going to try and get to 20kg dumbbells soon!

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    Stick with weight s stay within your area of the knowledge lol

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    I love you Arnold!

  • Rui Calado

    Rui Calado

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    The great secret of Arnold sucess in bodybuilding,was that is mind was the most powerfull muscle he had.The conection between mind and muscle is imense.

  • hundredcaws


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    this is most sincere interview i've seen. without any show business bulshit. so inspiring.

  • J. Stump

    J. Stump

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    Long live the oak !

  • A. Ian Lim

    A. Ian Lim

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    F U Arnold. You don't belong in this country as you have no respect for individual rights and liberties.

  • Chad Muse

    Chad Muse

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    95% of this is pure gold, but he’s wrong on sleep.

  • Kirk91895


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    Commie Arnold

  • goteem


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  • Debbie Bansal

    Debbie Bansal

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    Dear Arnold great blue print video. Great 👍tips .your 💯%right you got to be in training zone .to get more muscle definition 💪

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    Grant Turner

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    Arnold is a complete knobhead

  • Shawn Smith

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    Arnold was such a beast. He would do exercises that would rip a normal man's shoulder right out of the socket, with volume levels that shouldn't have allowed him to even recover enough to build muscle. He's like a demigod.

  • Ray Sullivan

    Ray Sullivan

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    Words from the master. Amen!

  • Joseph Rohland

    Joseph Rohland

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    ...and cancel the Planet Fitness membership and find a real gym.

  • M R

    M R

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    “Man! My mom died ten minutes ago. I’m really feeling down.”
    Arnold: “Nein! You’re feeling down bc you don’t have a training partnah!”

  • Kelvin A

    Kelvin A

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    It's funny how he had so few least not any I know about. I think it goes to show that sometimes it's better to perfect ur form than to pile on more weight

  • Thegreatestman Toevrwlktheplanet

    Thegreatestman Toevrwlktheplanet

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    SUPERSETS TO FAILURE... fastest way to get big and strong!

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    He worked really hard and took lots of steroids as well.

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    pramod apte

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    Not only a bodybuilder but a great philosopher too. Philosophy of how to become a successful person in life. Salute to the Iconic Person.

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    Arnold. A walking talking inspiration for all mankind. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Harold Thornton

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    is every woman married

  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei

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    “Sleep faster!”….his most underrated comment….

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    Arnold is truly an American success story as well as an inspiration.

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    this is why Arnie was the best!

  • Moist Cornbread

    Moist Cornbread

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    Notice he doesn’t say dream he says his vision. Never put limits on yourself

  • Aaron Hall

    Aaron Hall

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    Met him once when he came to my ship when I was in the Navy. The most humble dude and has the most inspirational story.

  • Jason Kurtz

    Jason Kurtz

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    There will never be another like Arnold. Mount Rushmore worthy this man is. Truly the definition of discipline. Forever my idol.

  • Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy Ray

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    A true hero, came from nowhere, nothing, humble beginnings. He couldn't even speak proper English, to world wide fame and then to the governor's office of California. Truly inspiring.

  • userK23c5d


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    Arnold loves his numbers!, he should have done the voice for Count Duck. "I love to count, ha ha ha. ONE!.... ha ha ha.... TWO!....ha ha ha"