Bergwijn scores TWICE in injury time! Absolute LIMBS! | HIGHLIGHTS | Leicester 2-3 Spurs

Pubblicato il 18 gen 2022
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Watch all the highlights as Steven Bergwijn scored TWICE in injury to see Tottenham Hotspur come from behind to beat Leicester City 3-2 in the Premier League.
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Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur
Commenti: 3 487  
  • Geno Gaming 19 (AlterEgo TV)

    Geno Gaming 19 (AlterEgo TV)

    I'm not a Spurs fan, but this gives me Goosebumps

  • 433


    Madness! 👏

  • Lindo Bhungane

    Lindo Bhungane

    Wow, the commentary was superb, the football - electrfying - I mean, what more can fans ask for... what a game!

  • Wendy Scott

    Wendy Scott

    Son unos de los

  • Cloudyj Diketso

    Cloudyj Diketso

    Kane has had his best game for spurs for quite a class goal nd a world class assist....👌

  • Annie Brooks

    Annie Brooks


  • Yuwan Thayakaran

    Yuwan Thayakaran

    I know we need new players, but we need to keep him!! 🤞🏾

  • Lawrence Ogri

    Lawrence Ogri

    I'm a gunner but his was such a game! Congratulations Spurs!

  • Paris Bell

    Paris Bell

    Hermosa elección ❤️

  • MD Tafshir Uddin

    MD Tafshir Uddin

    Doesn’t matter which team you support 😋 this kind of goals and wins always gives us goosebumps and special happiness

  • Natmore Bako

    Natmore Bako

    I am a Liverpool fan, but this was an awesome display of pure class football, well done Spurs.

  • Iktader Enayet

    Iktader Enayet

    When everyone thought his time in spurs came to an end, he came as their saviour

  • THFC Comps

    THFC Comps

    Steven Bergwijn has single handedly rescued his Tottenham career with this performance

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    Gives me chills every time, very well played by Spurs. 3 Important points

  • Badal molla

    Badal molla

    What a match!!

  • Martin Phillips

    Martin Phillips

    What a game. I hoped for a fairy tale to match the Ajax game and I got it! Great performance from the team and notably Matt Doherty. Most pleasing was to see how much the win meant to the team and staff…. And the fans. Only Spurs can give you the full range of emotions over 90mins

  • Alex Kim

    Alex Kim

    Finally seeing winning mentality in players. Loved it when they were trying to take the ball to center circle after scoring equalizer instead of celebrating.

  • قناة الرعب The horror

    قناة الرعب The horror


  • Brent Crude

    Brent Crude

    This has to be one of the maddest PL matches in a very long time!! Both teams playing their hearts out, and a final twist deep in injury time. This is why we love football.

  • Zarka


    This squad now surely is crazily determinated. Conte is a massive beast