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Lloyd Cafe Cadena
Lloyd Cafe Cadena
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  • Lloyd Cafe Cadena

    Lloyd Cafe Cadena

    Anno fa

    Napansin mo bang walang number 11 😱😨 Anong FAVORITE part mo sa Bagong Video? comment below!!!

    • Wondering Wanderer Z

      Wondering Wanderer Z

      10 giorni fa

      Meronnn. After 12.

    • Family Account

      Family Account

      Anno fa


    • Maricel Dela Cruz Viñas

      Maricel Dela Cruz Viñas

      Anno fa

      Lahat po hehe😊

    • Sonia Evangelista

      Sonia Evangelista

      Anno fa

      @oliver celo m

    • Xantinno Francisco

      Xantinno Francisco

      Anno fa

      Papa kean lloyd paulino

  • Madam Aivan

    Madam Aivan

    Anno fa

    Laptrip! Hahaha. Miss na namin kayo mars. See you soon! 💕🥰😘



      7 mesi fa


    • Trixia Jael Arceo

      Trixia Jael Arceo

      Anno fa

      @Khan Asadil tama😕

    • Khan Asadil

      Khan Asadil

      Anno fa

      Kaso wala napong soon

    • Ariel Bulalagje

      Ariel Bulalagje

      Anno fa

      Sana all

    • Cielo Mae Camacho

      Cielo Mae Camacho

      Anno fa

      Madam Aivan condelence

  • Edmean Julius Cobilla

    Edmean Julius Cobilla

    Anno fa

    I can't believe this would be his last LC Learns😭



      7 mesi fa

      😭 💔

    • Darlene Joyce Agacite

      Darlene Joyce Agacite

      8 mesi fa


    • Nightmare and Unknown

      Nightmare and Unknown

      Anno fa

      Ito nga ung favorite kong videos nya ung lc learns

    • Yael Catibog

      Yael Catibog

      Anno fa


    • Marcuz Gaming

      Marcuz Gaming

      Anno fa


  • Cedric Kim

    Cedric Kim

    Anno fa

    regardless of his situation right now, he's still the funniest.

  • Christina Mae Quita

    Christina Mae Quita

    10 mesi fa

    I'm still watching kuya Lloyd's videos even though he's gone he's still bringing smiles to our faces through the memories we have of him in this platform❤️

  • Miya Wuh

    Miya Wuh

    Anno fa

    I've been following him for almost five years. I admired his generousity at pagpapatawa. Hindi nakakasakit bagkos mga aral na galing sakanya. He has been my inspiration it's sad that I'm not able to see him grow with us together but he's in good hands now. He'll always be the kindest, sensible and definitely even funnier than the other comedians specially vice ganda. I love you LC. You are always my favorite.

  • RyAnn's Life

    RyAnn's Life

    Anno fa

    Late akong konte Kween pero laban parin hahaha. Laughtrip yung video na to. Mejo mejo relate ng konti hahaha char! Paborito ko parin yung sa last part ng video "w.o.w". I love you always Kween.tas sobrang saya ko kasama ulit si bebe ko andrew sa video mo. 😊💞 Be safe always guys! I love you all. 💗

  • misachaeng !!!!

    misachaeng !!!!

    Anno fa

    BNT will never be the same without you kween LC.

  • Jebee Mari Medilo

    Jebee Mari Medilo

    Anno fa

    I just can't believe that this will be the last episode for LC learns 😭😭😭

  • Patrick Jerome Nene

    Patrick Jerome Nene

    Anno fa

    Just doing a marathon of watching our kween LC👑....this bring so much nostalgia💗🖤

  • M B

    M B

    Anno fa

    I thought this was a new video at first but then I remember what happened however the fact that he's still so smiley makes me want to smile too despite of what happened to him. Kween you left nothing but happiness :") thank you ❤

  • Lhet Cagutan

    Lhet Cagutan

    Anno fa

    You're always in our hearts Kween LC. Buhay na buhay ka prin everytime we watch your vlogs! 💗



    Anno fa

    He will be always remembered as the Most generous and the best youtuber in the Philippines.

  • Erickson P. Bugtong

    Erickson P. Bugtong

    Anno fa

    7:31 hahahaha i love how andrew delivered his line hahaha very consistent! Hahahaha

  • Joanne Calvo

    Joanne Calvo

    Anno fa

    sobrang nakaka goodvibes ng mga vlogs at videos nyo po..watching from Cebu city
    God bless you more Kween Lloyd and BNT..super love u all #ECQCEBU

  • Ronan Pallera

    Ronan Pallera

    Anno fa

    That Intro of LC learn was so nostalgic .I remember years ago ! LC Learns will never get old ❤

  • Johnderek Juliano

    Johnderek Juliano

    Anno fa

    Mamimiss ko yung line na ito 0:03
    We will miss you lyold cadena fly high rip the legend kween LC💔😭

  • Sophia Nito

    Sophia Nito

    Anno fa

    It's 2021 and I still watch kuya's Vids we miss you kuya ❤️🙁

  • josh.paqueros


    Anno fa

    Fan po ang family namin ng vlogs niyo 😊 since last week of May, inaabangan na po namin mga new upload videos niyo at nakaka inspire po lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Keep it up po ❤ makapagpasaya pa po sana kayo ng mas maraming tao.
    Well deserved niyo po ang mga achievements mo ngayon.

  • Chris Gozon VLOGS

    Chris Gozon VLOGS

    Anno fa

    My deepeat condolences to Cadena's family and to her wonderful Queen mother.. I feel sad this happened.. May you RIP Lloyd. An inspiration to all of us.

  • Joshua dela Cruz

    Joshua dela Cruz

    Anno fa

    It’s amazing how other BNT members, Madam Aivan and Madam Ely still managed to create short clips for LC learns inspite of quarantine and also props to Kuya Lloyd who made a smart act to include them on this video even tho they haven’t seen each other for some time!!! Love you all!! 😍

    • juiza chrystia

      juiza chrystia

      Anno fa


    • Joshua dela Cruz

      Joshua dela Cruz

      Anno fa

      We deserve the same type of friendship!!! Lahat tulungan umangat 🥰

    • Saju 👀

      Saju 👀

      Anno fa

      Sobrang solid ng samahan nila! ❤

    • Hillary Mayne

      Hillary Mayne

      Anno fa

      TRUEE ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️

    • Animayor


      Anno fa

      True as one parin sila

  • Jm Ramirez

    Jm Ramirez

    Anno fa

    Kahit malayo sa isat isa naka pag collab pa rin kayo...naka ngiti lang ako habang pinpanood ito... SS sa friendship nyo ❤️

  • Mermaid Maia Ph

    Mermaid Maia Ph

    Anno fa

    Bongga talaga ng mga video mo Lloyd! Hahahahahaha sumaya nanaman ako! Relate ako sa lahat! Hahaha Please keep on making good vibes videos. :) Thank you for making us happy. :) I love you and BNT!!

  • Kenneth Garcia

    Kenneth Garcia

    Anno fa

    The intro music is so nostalgic! I remember your videos back in 2013❤️

  • ms. yoo

    ms. yoo

    Anno fa

    gm's "susumbong kita sa dermatologist ko" at 3:15 still makes me laugh so hard HAHAHAHAHAHA
    skl: i really want to laugh so i searched "funny filipino vloggers" but then i remembered kween lc, so i came here. missing him

  • Lenebaral Tadeo

    Lenebaral Tadeo

    Anno fa

    Hi kween LC hndi talaga mabubuo araw ko pag hndi kita napapanood,sana po more videos to come!!!nakakawala po ng stress yung mga videos nyo,nkakatuwa..pati po s bnt,madam aivan at kay madam ely..ingat po kau plagi!!😘😘😘😘

  • mHe AnNe

    mHe AnNe

    Anno fa

    haha realtalk.. still nakakagood vibes ka palagi Kween LC 😊

  • Peppa Aki

    Peppa Aki

    Anno fa

    Ang ganda ng curtain ni Kween LC love it! ❤️❤️

  • nicay gabriel

    nicay gabriel

    Anno fa

    Mission accomplished Lloyd para kay Mommy! We miss you so much lalo na yung nakaka tawa mong eksena!!

  • Ryam Rose

    Ryam Rose

    Anno fa

    Hi queen LC!!!! So agreeable, i second the motion😂🤣😂😊...❤❤❤ur vlogs ever!!

  • Tarah Loverz

    Tarah Loverz

    Anno fa

    iba talaga goodvibes dala nila huhu ,, nakakamiss ibang member ng bnt huhu ,, fav ko yung 1&2 always saamen pag gising / hapon / bago matulog chismis away jusko HAHAHAAA ,, love you guys especially mader lloyd!!!❤

  • Hazel Mae Reovoca

    Hazel Mae Reovoca

    Anno fa

    Omggg!! Super namiss ko mapanood kayo in 1 video!! Sana makumpleto bnt. 💖 love you and keep safe po!! 🤗

  • glady perales

    glady perales

    Anno fa

    Love your vlogs! 😍😍😍 nka auto play na mga videos mo sa smart tv nmin..dailydose of kween LC..Keep it up 🤩🤩🤩

  • Eva Lyka Palomo

    Eva Lyka Palomo

    Anno fa

    si cendy na lang ang kulang!!! namiss ko si andrew at shenlie😁 sobrang nakakapanibago na di na sa skwater kundi sa village na ang lc learns. tawang-tawa ako kay andrew sa part na nanaginip syang nagbayad na ng utang si shenlie😂😂 true to life kasi!!sobrang saya nyo na naman dyan at nakakaexcite ang next upload para sa pinoy big beki. stay safe sa inyong lahat dyan kuya lloyd! labyu!! 😘😘

  • Raziel Argote

    Raziel Argote

    Anno fa

    Kween Lc thank you sa mga vlogs mo. Sobrang laking tulong sakin lalo nung time na naka confine ako. Yung mga Vlogs mo ang naka tulong sakin para mas maka recover. Rest in paradise Kween LC!

    • Markus - The Swiftie

      Markus - The Swiftie

      Anno fa


  • scoupstatu


    Anno fa

    Thank you kuya Lloyd for making mg quarantine happy😘



    Anno fa

    Lab yu all guys!!!keep on making us smile more power po!!!❤❤❤

  • Grace Severino

    Grace Severino

    Anno fa

    omg namiss ko yung LCLearns ni Lloyd 😍 more subscribers and viewers to come!!!! iloveyou all!

  • John Alexis Lebiano

    John Alexis Lebiano

    Anno fa

    Yay another LC LEARNS I missed these series love you kween❤❤❤

    • Magandang Balita TV

      Magandang Balita TV

      Anno fa


    • Phillip Medina

      Phillip Medina

      Anno fa


    • Romella Karmey

      Romella Karmey

      Anno fa

      Oo dito ako napasubscribe dati way back 2017 haha



      Anno fa

      @Alecreis Montañer samee

  • dani


    Anno fa

    i am here to rewatch kween's masterpieces

  • JinHee Jung

    JinHee Jung

    Anno fa

    I nominate Lloyd to be an officer for their village!!! 😂😂😂

  • Arcie's Journey

    Arcie's Journey

    Anno fa

    I love you kuya lhoyd!😭😭🤍🤍 Ikaw yung taong nagpush sa akin na magvlog and inspire me to accept mg flaws. Sobrang iyak ko ngayon na wala ka na. Even though alam ko maraming magmemessage sayo at hindi mo mapapansin to. Hindi ko na matutupad pangarap ko na makita ka sa personal, na mayakap ka sa personal, makapagpicture at one day sabi ko nga makakacollab kita. 😭🤍

  • it's me lili

    it's me lili

    Anno fa

    im so happy kase bumalik ulit yung ganyang video ang gaganda ng mga content ni kuya lc

  • Khent Mangoba

    Khent Mangoba

    Anno fa


    • Edgar Caoile

      Edgar Caoile

      Anno fa

      Year that right and loved the vid

    • Ma. Christine

      Ma. Christine

      Anno fa

      Wala si ate Cendi☹



      Anno fa

      Me too

  • Jay Anne

    Jay Anne

    Anno fa

    watching many of his vlogs, Lloyd is ssssoo creative! #genius

  • Clark Can

    Clark Can

    Anno fa

    Salamat lodi, Lloyd. You always make my day bright. Good vibe palagi. 😊😍💖

  • Taller Family Vlog

    Taller Family Vlog

    Anno fa

    Lagi ako nanonood ng vlog mo Lloyd kaya na inspire kami gumawa din ng youtube channel pati sa BNT nakakawala ng problema kapg pinapanood namin kayo..more videos to come and more saya moments with them.

  • Jamie Gaviola

    Jamie Gaviola

    Anno fa

    Game na game yung LC creations sa acting, same with kween LC. HAHA thank you for making us laugh!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Didan Alejaga

    Didan Alejaga

    Anno fa

    Lloyd deserves everything he has right now but I can't deny that I truly miss his old home, vlogging in his pink background with BNT & all the persons of LC creations. Those were the days 💗

  • Clarendy Pangilinan

    Clarendy Pangilinan

    Anno fa

    Nagkakaubusan ng plato sa bahay, laging highblood si mama,
    Stay safe po Kween🙏❤

  • Esdeath xXx

    Esdeath xXx

    Anno fa

    sayang hindi na masusundan ng part 2 ito.. pag nanonood ako sa channel na to, feeling ko buhay na buhay pa din si lloyd

  • johnlaurence dawa

    johnlaurence dawa

    Anno fa

    Solid ka talaga QUEEN LC hahaha nakakatanggal ng badvibes hahahaha ❣☝️

  • RV Rabe

    RV Rabe

    Anno fa

    As an ofw, naging parte na ng 3 years kong pag stay dito sa ibang bansa ang mga vlogs ni kween lc. After duty ko check ko agad mga vlogs niya. And now, what I can do is to watch again his vlogs. I really miss him.

  • hailie jhay de leon

    hailie jhay de leon

    Anno fa

    When you suddenly realize that queen lc can buy a lot of luxury for her but he manage to help others first. Stan queen lc everyone clap clap clap.

    • Internet and Computer Tech

      Internet and Computer Tech

      Anno fa

      Sampalin nyo ko guys , ibabalik ko rin sa inyo ng mas malakas hehehehe game

    • Pinoy Mystery Channel

      Pinoy Mystery Channel

      Anno fa




      Anno fa

      @Baby Lyn Olesco naunahan ko na po



      Anno fa

      @GUBATAN,LIANA MARIE B. pakibalik po naunahan ko na

  • 太宰治Osamu Dazai

    太宰治Osamu Dazai

    Anno fa

    Hindi parin ako makapaniwala na last LC learns na toh😭😭😭😭 makakamiss talga mga ganito na vids we will miss you kween Lloyd 👑

  • ArciG Flora

    ArciG Flora

    Anno fa

    A day without watching kuya lloyds new vlogs is so sad.
    I miss you kuya Lloyd!

  • Janwilmer


    Anno fa

    Nakakamiss po talaga mga jokes ni late kween LC 🤩

  • Almin Gracilla

    Almin Gracilla

    Anno fa

    hahahha super relate s vlog mo kuya Llyod 🤣😂 laughtrip ..more vlogs po ..

  • Joevin Catubig

    Joevin Catubig

    Anno fa

    hahaahah laptrip shuta 😂

    • JUBY


      Anno fa

      Hi mama 💖💖

  • aexxi jjang

    aexxi jjang

    Anno fa

    omg ang gandang makita kayong lahat na kasama ulittt wahhh! 💕

  • John Carlo

    John Carlo

    Anno fa

    BNT will never be the same without kween LC. 😢

  • Renee Fe Lapeña

    Renee Fe Lapeña

    Anno fa

    I will miss you lloyd. You will always be forever in our hearts ❤️

  • Cherry


    Anno fa

    mamimiss ka namin ng sobra sobra kuya kween lloyd ♥️

  • ilysince1997


    Anno fa


  • Jessica De Guzman

    Jessica De Guzman

    Anno fa

    Miss na miss Kona mga Vlog mo Kween LC 😭 love you so much

  • ONCE the TWICE was born

    ONCE the TWICE was born

    Anno fa

    Kuya Lloyd is the Vlogger na hindi lumalaki ang ulo. Your number 1 fan kuya Lloyd. You deserves everything. Sana wag maging malaki ang ulo mo gaya nang iba d'yan. Love you. Stay safe always 🌹🌹🌹

  • Alvin Trajano

    Alvin Trajano

    Anno fa

    Natutuwa ako sa pinsan ni llyod. May pagka komedyante rin sya.galing sesegway. Sana ipagpatuloy nyo ang nasimulan nya.🙏🙏🙏

  • ZMira Integro

    ZMira Integro

    Anno fa

    Grabe halos araw-araw ako nakaabang sa 2 channel mareng Lloyd! LT tlaga 😂💛

  • Amara Jelai

    Amara Jelai

    Anno fa

    Ibang iba pdin ang atake ng kween s vlog..sobrang nkaka good vibes..❤️❤️

  • Roan Corinne Peckley

    Roan Corinne Peckley

    Anno fa

    Namiss ko yung LC-Learns. Ito yung favorite ko ❤️

  • Princess


    Anno fa

    Kahit ano talaga content ng vlog ni kuya Lloyd kaya tayong patawanin.RIP kween LC

  • pinkay adbenturera

    pinkay adbenturera

    Anno fa

    Sana kahit wala na c kween tuloy nyo padin yung Lc learns please please continue his legacy🙏🙏🙏

  • Ramil Tanguamos

    Ramil Tanguamos

    Anno fa

    Pinapa ulit ulit q mga vids mo kween ... Andito ka lang sa puso q ❤️❤️❤️ ,, ikaw ang happy pill q .... Salamat Lloyd ...

  • Quil Reblando

    Quil Reblando

    Anno fa

    mga ganitong LC Learns ang mamimiss ko ngayong wla na si Kween LC 😭😭😭 RIP Kween 🥺

  • JBA


    Anno fa

    "May suso ka nga, wala ka namang iPhone."
    -Madam Aivan, 2020 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lieu Bequin

    Lieu Bequin

    Anno fa

    Ang Saya ng setup kahit malayo sila sa isa't Isa may mga entry. ♥️

  • Lourdes Ebuna

    Lourdes Ebuna

    Anno fa

    We will miss you KWEEN LC sobra miss ko grabe LC learns no. 1 stress reliever sa sobra, stressed sa mga ginawa sa mga school works. 😭

  • Andales Prince John Lord

    Andales Prince John Lord

    Anno fa

    Saya saya nanaman ako sa bahay lalo na family ko kase New LC learns nanaman!❤️ tapos kasama pa mga Friends mo po!❤️ Lalo na si Jervin!❤️ I luv Jervin napo!😂❤️

  • Nic Liya

    Nic Liya

    Anno fa

    Last LC Learns💔😭 pinakafav ko sa lahat ng vlog mo ang LC learns eh, realtalk talaga🙃 but enjoy the trip to heaven Kuya Lloyd, you will be missed maybe it takes time to heal the pain we feel right now🥺😊 In another life I hope I will meet you in person♥️ See you soon my idol♥️

  • Arlyn Natividad

    Arlyn Natividad

    Anno fa

    Miss kita sobra Kween LC..i know nmn happy kna now...paulit ulit ko pnpanuod lhat ng mga vlogs mo..