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Fishing 07
  • Arya Bima

    Arya Bima

    8 minuti fa

    Bet those fishes are depressed

  • Biggie Cheese

    Biggie Cheese

    17 minuti fa

    Get a bigger tank or just throw them back we’re they belong you don’t see humans living in the same place 24/7

  • Okse Boys

    Okse Boys

    24 minuti fa

    FISH! 😱😱😱

  • Memento Mori

    Memento Mori

    Ora fa

    Those fishes are ro big for thatvlil tank

  • laura flowers

    laura flowers

    Ora fa


  • sqls4


    Ora fa

    Ahhh peacock bass. The deadliest freshwater fish in all of the americas

  • Moulo


    Ora fa


  • Y 98

    Y 98

    Ora fa


  • Virgil O.

    Virgil O.

    Ora fa

    What an idiot

  • bagas nur adi

    bagas nur adi

    2 ore fa


  • Ghostden


    2 ore fa


  • Harper A

    Harper A

    2 ore fa

    not only is the tank too small, this isnt how you introduce a fish to water!!!!! you have to let it stay in the bag or container untill the temperatures match or it will go into shock

  • MR. SH33PO

    MR. SH33PO

    2 ore fa

    Omg, if they’re getting eating, sure, but if it’s there for display, I seriously feel bad

  • TitanDream


    2 ore fa

    They are going to die

  • DewGames


    2 ore fa

    You’re a piece of shit for having a tank that small.

  • sergio bomr

    sergio bomr

    2 ore fa

    Get a bigger fish tank, it's not fuckng rocket science to figure that out

  • Mátyás Heilig

    Mátyás Heilig

    3 ore fa


    Just fish

  • Random Person

    Random Person

    3 ore fa

    Dude this is WAY too small for such big fish
    What the heck is happening over there in china

  • Robert B

    Robert B

    3 ore fa

    Way too crowded

  • ontyam YT

    ontyam YT

    3 ore fa

    People talking about how it's inhumane for the fish but it looks like a restraunt lol

  • 박태현


    3 ore fa

    친구야 구해주러 왔구나
    아니 나도잡혔어

  • Jack P

    Jack P

    4 ore fa

    I hate that country and the way they treat animals

  • Pikatz


    4 ore fa


  • Ecoli ESRein

    Ecoli ESRein

    4 ore fa

    Why has this got do many likes.

  • Rocket Motion

    Rocket Motion

    4 ore fa

    That is just filled to shit with fish

  • Baw Bag

    Baw Bag

    5 ore fa

    Nice work man get some more in soon

  • 아시안쌤


    5 ore fa

    Yeah chinese do chinese thing

  • The Dapper Dummy

    The Dapper Dummy

    5 ore fa

    That container is way to small to hold that many fish. You need an aquarium for that many fish

  • NotYourAverageYoutuber


    5 ore fa

    Maybe build like... a pond or something?

  • Payable_gravel6 Gaming channel

    Payable_gravel6 Gaming channel

    5 ore fa

    Cool tank but it is a tight fit you would probably need 1 more atleast

  • onokr


    5 ore fa

    what in the living fuck is this music

  • Ensomma ocnamama

    Ensomma ocnamama

    6 ore fa

    Shit music

  • timothy brown

    timothy brown

    6 ore fa

    Jesus Christ dude it’s time to stop buying more fish you are filled go capacity no more fish they remain healthy by the area in the tank and it’s exercise if you are into it like it shows you are a MUCH LARGER TANK is the next move that you need to make

  • sheiikon


    6 ore fa

    Bruh im no expert but i can tell its wrong. You need to make sure that the fish gets used to the water/temp in the tank (when you get a new fish) and GET A BIGGER TANK.

  • Keith


    7 ore fa

    Fish : Please help.....

  • Shah Office

    Shah Office

    7 ore fa

    another day chinese people torturing animal

  • Aditya


    7 ore fa

    They thought it food



    7 ore fa

    That fish tank is overpopulated

  • Shubham Rajvanshi

    Shubham Rajvanshi

    7 ore fa

    Over stocked..😑

  • Ashuristan


    7 ore fa

    *I think it's time for bigger tank not more fish* 🌊🐬🐟



    7 ore fa

    Wow great idea for a tank that an idiot would do and guys he put in an arowana

  • raw trout

    raw trout

    7 ore fa

    is this aminal abuse?

  • Yindo :v

    Yindo :v

    8 ore fa

    Thats an overstocked tank

  • scott margerison

    scott margerison

    8 ore fa

    No different to how humans live. They simply believe they are no caged

  • Matteo der griller

    Matteo der griller

    8 ore fa

    Bigger Tank, and AQUAMATE THE FISH

  • samthesr20man


    9 ore fa

    Man all you people need to get a clue. Fish don't have a big enough brain for self awareness 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ no wonder everything is going to s*it yall can't even science

  • Jim Webbman

    Jim Webbman

    9 ore fa

    I mean if this is just short term storage for fresh fish to eat I guess it's OK but if you're keeping these fish for a long period of time this is cruel.

  • chiwoo


    9 ore fa


  • Sneezy Elorza

    Sneezy Elorza

    9 ore fa

    They really tried to cover the tiktok watermark

  • Saumya


    9 ore fa

    That music is hideous

  • Henri Hai

    Henri Hai

    10 ore fa

    Why would you put so many giant fishes in souch a tiny space?

  • Very sad Cat

    Very sad Cat

    10 ore fa

    I Remembered when I was looking through shorts and some tiktoker who I think was a kid at least ten they had a tank and they fill it to the brim with water than put the turtle in there I was mad because I used to have one but it died from natural causes it lived for 5 years because my older brother fed my fish soap and killed it than we fed the fish to the turtle and it died so yeah.

  • Hendrik Maier

    Hendrik Maier

    10 ore fa

    in germany we would say ehrenloser hund

  • Ryan Tilton

    Ryan Tilton

    11 ore fa

    They're going to suffocate

  • Lee Cooper

    Lee Cooper

    11 ore fa

    Covid 20 incoming.

  • Arthur Bechu

    Arthur Bechu

    11 ore fa

    He should be in there not fish. Poor crap.

  • goldkat 1234

    goldkat 1234

    12 ore fa

    What an awful guy

  • Superyolo24


    12 ore fa

    This dude does not know what life is

  • Surferskater Fanatic

    Surferskater Fanatic

    13 ore fa

    Poor fish let them go u ducking twig ugly probably snap in half in the wind

  • It’s just Dylan

    It’s just Dylan

    14 ore fa

    Red tailed catfish in what, a 225 gallon? 2? Bruh what the hell are you doing?

  • Ash Blythe

    Ash Blythe

    15 ore fa

    Those who says its overstocked
    Those fishes evolved

  • Loyal


    15 ore fa


  • Ram


    15 ore fa

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this looked kinda sad

  • Петя Петров

    Петя Петров

    15 ore fa

    Кто на новенького.

  • Chongo Bongus

    Chongo Bongus

    17 ore fa


  • M Salsa

    M Salsa

    17 ore fa

    they would

  • Gamer 28

    Gamer 28

    17 ore fa

    You fucking idiot, put the fishes in another tank

  • Rodgerwilco91


    17 ore fa

    God this is really depressing. This is legit animal cruelty.

  • reapers game

    reapers game

    18 ore fa

    To many fish

  • Chris Salander

    Chris Salander

    18 ore fa

    Y'all should watch that fish horror anime called 'Swimming to Sea'

  • BloodyTomatoes


    18 ore fa

    What did the fish do kill hitler?

  • Samtheballoon15


    19 ore fa

    Why so many in one tank?

  • moewadee


    19 ore fa

    You have some water inside a tank of fish

  • xerneas Yveltal

    xerneas Yveltal

    19 ore fa

    No Acclimation wew

  • denn7s


    19 ore fa

    animal abuse.. 500k likes...

  • Butter


    20 ore fa

    In case you didn't know, Fish don't really care about the size of their tank as long as there is enough oxygen and the right water

    • Butter


      11 ore fa

      @BackstabingDogg Gaming bruh i'm not supporting this guy

    • BackstabingDogg Gaming

      BackstabingDogg Gaming

      11 ore fa

      Bruh, that tank looks like its gonna bust

  • R Y U

    R Y U

    20 ore fa


  • Nevose


    20 ore fa

    That tank is about 1000 gallons low.

  • bleemsquid


    21 ora fa


  • Herizon Haze

    Herizon Haze

    21 ora fa


  • Caroline E

    Caroline E

    21 ora fa

    Way too small I hope he got another one

  • The Slimiest Fiberlog

    The Slimiest Fiberlog

    21 ora fa

    Too many fish for that size tank, just one red tail cat will out grow that

  • Matthew Atkins

    Matthew Atkins

    21 ora fa

    There are to many fishing in that tank

  • fuba


    21 ora fa

    Gotta love the animal abuse chamber

  • Blank Blank

    Blank Blank

    22 ore fa

    Waiting to see you in r/shittyaquariums

  • 100 k

    100 k

    22 ore fa

    did you really need another fish in there

    and im not gonna even talk about how he put it in nice way to give it more stress on top of what is going to come



    22 ore fa

    Fish be like yo bro every two seconds

  • Tristram Zeiss

    Tristram Zeiss

    22 ore fa

    Dude this is so overstocked

  • legacy37


    22 ore fa

    Too many fish in that tank.

  • 1888gp


    23 ore fa

    were gona need a bigger tank !!

  • Tely Able

    Tely Able

    23 ore fa

    Please, don't take another life unless you need to.

  • Pranoy J

    Pranoy J

    23 ore fa


  • XCell


    23 ore fa


  • Nightlord14


    Giorno fa

    Dude that tank if full and you’re STILL gonna add fish to it??

  • AChunkyDuck


    Giorno fa

    People over there are just disgusting. Their going to ruin the earth

  • Sias Steyn

    Sias Steyn

    Giorno fa

    Set them free bro

  • 새벽에새벽에


    Giorno fa


  • MUGPgang o

    MUGPgang o

    Giorno fa

    1st the tank is too small
    2nd thats not how you pour a fish into a tank first you need to let it sit inside for atleast 15 minutes so he can get used to the new environment

  • The entrepreneur Crock man

    The entrepreneur Crock man

    Giorno fa

    You are abusing those dudes