Sigma Male Meme

Pubblicato il 1 ago 2021
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what it looks like to be a tried and true sigma male 😎

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  • Nosa


    Clearly he owns an air fryer 😏

  • Checkm8


    I love how everyone is "Sigma male" "Alpha ape" and "Beta Male" and the girl was just "Stacy"

  • Chrono Shindou

    Chrono Shindou

    The best thing is that he's an actual executive chef now regardless of what happened at this incident. Guy's a true Sigma he knew that Gordon was below him lmao πŸ˜‚

  • Ur_daddy_hehe


    This is meant to be ironical yet people are still taking this seriously and praising the guy who acted like a idiot when Gordon just asked him a simple question, he didn't even insult him lmfao.

  • Herzmlug


    "Do you think I'm scared" The fact that Gordon is a black belter and has bodyguard shows that no one holds him but he holds them.

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Jokes aside, it's hilarious how he tries to intimidate Gordon, but he's clearly not scared in the slightest.

  • Aaron Mendez

    Aaron Mendez

    After his appearance on the show, Joseph returned as an Executive Chef and part-owner of the American Beauty Bistro, in North Massapequa, New York. Later, he became Executive Chef at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse and is currently an Executive Chef at Taste Kitchen, which has positive reviews.

  • ImmxrtalSoul


    The fact that he lit a cigarette at the end is goldπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



    I respect that guy for holding himself up but I don't agree that this is what a true sigma would do.

  • Daquapy


    I love how Gordon just stood there unphased, I feel like this should be Gordon being a sigma for how genuine no fucks he gave at the attempt at violence

  • Jon Baker

    Jon Baker

    Some things need to be addressed:

  • Daniel


    I respect him to have the balls to stand against someone but you can't deny he just got over flustered about it. Totally agree on tell others to shut their mouth if they are not part of the discussion, still even if Gordon is very temperamental he's still their judge/chief, some respect has to be held after all.

  • szythe


    I unironically watch this every morning as a reminder of how to live

  • santiago gomaz

    santiago gomaz

    Sigma male grindset: Destroy your entire career on TV.

  • Aryan Thapliyal

    Aryan Thapliyal

    This guy has my respect

  • Just a Random Person on the Internet

    Just a Random Person on the Internet

    man is a true sigma male, gordon needs security, his grindset is strong.

  • Tsuen Films

    Tsuen Films

    3 ore fa

    ngl this guy was pretty brave for doing that, everyone against him but hes still standing and never backed down

  • Jacky Boy

    Jacky Boy

    Respect to this guy, he stood up against tyranny by sacrificing his future. Takes balls

  • Cory Frydenberg

    Cory Frydenberg

    Unironically he did the right thing, never ever let someone walk all over you. Your dignity is not worth giving up.

  • Nanof Urbiznis

    Nanof Urbiznis

    Lmao Ramsay was completely speechless, it's like he never expected anyone to ever take it this far with him.