This Wood Used to Get Burned, Now It's The Most Expensive

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2021
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I make a 96" (2.5m) dining table from a slab of salvaged Oregon Black Walnut and epoxy resin. A few ups and downs through this build, but in the end, it all works out. I hope you enjoy the build, let me know if I can do better.

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Items used in this build:
Deep pour epoxy:
Table legs: flowyline-official.myshopify....
Moisture meter (similar):
Angle grinder:
Track saw:
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast):
CA glue:
Threaded inserts:
Festool sander:
Roundover bit:
Lightstick (now $55):
Mesh sandpaper:
Rubio Monocoat:
Gem buffer:
Photography light (similar):
White buffing pads:
Furniture bolts:
Cordless router:

0:00 Intro
1:17 Awkwardly unloading
2:20 Tip for working with clients
3:15 Track saw and track saw alternative
4:55 Removing bark and rot
7:01 Sealing edges and top with epoxy
9:14 Properly measuring dye
10:53 Second epoxy pour
12:00 Turtle story
12:55 Flatting epoxy table
14:35 New table base
16:00 Rotex sander vs belt sander vs finish sander
16:48 Table finishing
18:35 Rare cameo
19:01 Delivery day
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Blacktail Studio
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    3 mesi fa


    Have you ever made a fireplace mantle with epoxy accents? I would love to see a mantle that looks like this table.

    • benzonex


      Giorno fa

      Red. Great video! Thank you. Btw. How about a wheeled gigue for loading slabs on trucks 😅

    • Ken Reynolds

      Ken Reynolds

      14 giorni fa

      @I Ditarod I was using the case where they fill the voids and live edge and finish the exposed wood with normal finishes. Those will outgas and char before the wood.

    • I Ditarod

      I Ditarod

      14 giorni fa

      @Ken Reynolds the wood should not char first if it's encased in epoxy. Charring denotes oxygen presence which that wouldn't have.

    • lucas groesbeck

      lucas groesbeck

      21 giorno fa


    • Ken Reynolds

      Ken Reynolds

      24 giorni fa

      @Johan Israelsson I don’t have the chem background or the exact brand you are using to know exactly. I have seen softening at +50F over a 200F cure in my industry. Remember the cure is exothermic. You might be way hotter than the room temp depending on the mass and chemistry. So much so that room heat may have no effect



    3 mesi fa

    When I first saw this slab I wasn't expecting such a colorful texture with "RED" lines running through it. I want to say this is one of the favorites so far.

    • Sleepy Smurf

      Sleepy Smurf

      Mese fa

      @Rainbow Roger They're not popular outside Russian Slavik land though.

    • Bill Palmer

      Bill Palmer

      Mese fa

      keep the red

    • cjcmusic52


      Mese fa

      To answer your question re: "red hues" in your present table & upcoming dark 'non-red' table. Yes, this table has red hues in it. Being a woodworker in South Texas & deal mostly with mesquite wood which as also a hardwood (3 times harder than oak) & has a reddish-brown hue similar to what I see in your table. Enjoy your videos, explanations, product experiences & tips. Please continue what your doing!! Thanks!

    • Lawrence Hood

      Lawrence Hood

      Mese fa

      @rednax xd >

    • Lawrence Hood

      Lawrence Hood

      Mese fa

      @rednax xd {{{}

  • arawtgabi


    9 giorni fa

    Red. For a standard size (6 person) dining table, how thick should the wood be when making an epoxy table? Love your work, hopefully one day I can make one.

  • Nicolas Landry

    Nicolas Landry

    12 giorni fa

    The idea of a tool/shop share database is great! It would really help the new shops that are getting going.

    I watch these to learn how to make apoxy tables. I would watch a 3 hour workshop over and over.

    And yes, the table has red highlights. I'm curious to see how you make the sister slab chocolate colored.



    Mese fa

    Red. Again you’ve created one of the most beautiful tables I’ve ever seen. My friend and I are in the process of making a woodworking shop and I’m excited to start making some pieces of my own. Thank you for all the tips and pointers you include in your video.

  • Bob Collins

    Bob Collins

    29 giorni fa

    Great Video and nice work! Just a tip for handling the slabs by yourself. Use 2" PVC sections in the bed of the truck. As soon as you get the slab on the tailgate place a piece of PVC pipe under the slab and have another one already positioned in the bed of the truck. You can lift the back end and roll it into the bed. This also works taking it out out the bed.

    • Ja Nee

      Ja Nee

      15 giorni fa

      Already had the same idea. A few rollers/wheels at the top of (what do you call it : lid?) of the trunk and it slides right over. A few eye holes to be able to secure the slabs with straps and ready to go.

    • Spenser Clarke

      Spenser Clarke

      19 giorni fa

      Great idea, that is apparently how the build the Pyriamids and Stonehenge, not with PVC pipe of course, but with tree trunks! Lol!

  • Destiny Miller

    Destiny Miller

    3 mesi fa

    A database of shops would be awesome, especially for smaller shops that are hard to find and aren't in the position to advertise.

    • Brachioradialis


      Mese fa

      I’m actually moving there next year. If you end up finding a place please consider sharing the name :) either here as a comment or PM

    • John McLain

      John McLain

      3 mesi fa

      Yes please! Find me one in Austin Tx

    • HB Woodworks

      HB Woodworks

      3 mesi fa


    • Adam Vargo

      Adam Vargo

      3 mesi fa

      Definitely would be nice, where I live I cant find anyone around but I'm sure there are people. I bet other youtubers would be happy to help promote the sitea

    • Keith Mitchell

      Keith Mitchell

      3 mesi fa

      This is a great idea Cam, I hope that you can get it off the ground. Good luck with you video classes.

  • Ford GT

    Ford GT

    Mese fa

    Really enjoyed this video and the whole process as I've always wondered how these tables were made. To me I see a little reddish brown in certain areas but that adds some nice character to it IMO. This table is gorgeous though!!



    Mese fa

    Moving the heavy slabs around, have you considered using a "engine hoist". It will save your back a lot of grief later on and might make it easier for you to move them around quicker. just a few soft webbing slings and an extending bar for the slings. Might be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing your work, great job.

    • Al Rumpel

      Al Rumpel

      Mese fa

      Some Red for sure. Totally agree with Neil Hay on sparing your back, maybe some nylon rollers or captured balls attached to the tail gate as well as the hoist. Love your work and totally candid comments. Keep them coming. Binge watching due to head cold.

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    Mese fa

    Hey Cam, Absolutely beautiful table. Love your channel. For a little help in color based decisions for various builds, Google the colors the client is contemplating and find out what psychological effects they create. For a dining room table that will be used for entertaining, red is definitely your color. Red stimulates hunger, hunger increases the sensitivity of taste receptors which makes food taste better.

  • Nate Wehunt

    Nate Wehunt

    Mese fa

    Red. I’m shocked those pieces of wood come from the same tree! Thanks for the videos. Just curious, in elapsed time, how long does a table like this take? Not hours you worked, but all the different curing periods, etc…. Very cool stuff.

    • Henkka


      12 giorni fa

      He let the epoxy rest for three weeks so I would guess around four weeks if he already has the slab.

  • Leland Parker

    Leland Parker

    2 mesi fa

    Last year I wanted to build my wife a epoxy table for Christmas and stumbled across your page and I've been learning from you ever since!
    Last June my wife and I eloped in Oregon so being a follower it was mandatory I made a stop into Goby Walnut! I only went home with a t-shirt. Lol. We are from Florida.
    One day I hope to travel back to Oregon and attend one of your workshops!

  • 20 giorni fa

    I have been watching your videos for a while now and love how you talk your way through each and every step. I have learned a lot of new ways and tricks to do different things. I am not new to wood working but I am new to epoxy and so far I have only made some epoxy counter tops. I was wondering why you use liquid pigment and not power? Is the liquid better? What brand do you use and where do you get it from?

  • Kaj


    9 giorni fa

    Red. Great video and beautiful table. I just wanted to ask, when pouring epoxy to the bucket have you tried doing the swirling method? I think you can save a lot more time doing that, than just waiting 😁

  • Léopold Shielvila

    Léopold Shielvila

    27 giorni fa

    Gorgeous end result, I initially thought you left too much of a dead space on the corner to fill but the end result does look great.

  • ZE EM

    ZE EM

    27 giorni fa

    That's really cool you and your dad are still doin stuff together. I wish I knew how that felt. Your tables are so great. You should be very proud.

  • Steve Davis

    Steve Davis

    3 mesi fa

    I personally love the convenience of having a CNC for my own flattening. No loading into a truck, which I don't own, no driving, etc. A sander/planer gives a better finish, but the ease of doing everything in one location wins out for me.

  • BAY35


    24 giorni fa

    This is the exact type of work I would be happy to do for the rest of my life tbh. For someone starting with almost no woodworking tools, what gear would you recommend in regards to getting started?

  • Lee Couldwell

    Lee Couldwell

    15 giorni fa

    I’ve watched a ton of your videos and whilst all of your work is amazing, this table is definitely my favourite. That base goes with it perfectly!
    I’m a carpenter of 22 years (although changing career and in my final year of uni to be a paramedic), I just wish we had the ease, variety and ability to obtain lumber here in England and you do. I would love to learn how to make epoxy tables to even half your skill.

  • Tetreault Hank

    Tetreault Hank

    28 giorni fa

    As s long time woodworker myself and lover of walnut I believe it’s perfect and I honestly do not see the red in it myself, Only the beautiful chocolate brown and the deeper colored heartwood. In my opinion, I see nothing but complements and an awe struck customer . Beautiful table and I too love the base you chose. Thank you for letting us enter your shop snd watch you create this .
    Henry Tetreault
    Vischer Ferry NY

  • DB


    15 ore fa

    Red, but looks fantastic!

    Cam, I have a question on the timing of the sealing epoxy versus caulk for the mold. You said to pour 12 hours after sealing the piece with Liquid Glass deep pour, but you added one side and end to the mold and said to wait 24 hours after caulking those in place to avoid leaks. Also curious how you applied mold release with leaving the two sides off to make getting the table top in easier. Will the caulk still seal if you sprayed mold release on before adding the last two sides?

    I’m following your process and greatly appreciate all the knowledge you’ve shared! Also have much more respect for how heavy those slabs are as I build one for myself! Thanks.

  • the JaYoe Nation

    the JaYoe Nation

    2 mesi fa

    Red. But it looks fantastic.

  • Dave Rudman

    Dave Rudman

    27 giorni fa

    I can't see that I'll ever be in a position to make one of these so I'm happy to watch yourself and others make epoxy tables. It's part therapeutic and part just wonder at what you do. Keep up the great work 👍.

    • IronHead (ch no rectangle) Rondo

      IronHead (ch no rectangle) Rondo

      17 giorni fa

      @Dave Rudman hell yes, you know your on the right path more the harder the process is to learn and the more delayed the gratification (I bet that mask looked ugly as sin at some phase, and scared you to death, but you either started from scratch if(if in CAD) or kept works ng the material until you realized you had upped your game. That's exactly the kind of thing men need to pursue, IDGAF if you sell anything as long as your not wasting away your skill doing something robots could be and distracting yourself from reality when not (far too many live that way) keep up the art brother, you never know the ceiling until you've hit it, and comix are waning a bit in the public eye but still quite strong since the whole movie craze started. And the force will always be strong, as the cult behind that classic is of the most dedicated and least perverted (don't get me wrong, tie herself up on a replica metal bakini and my light saber will wake the neighbors; but a lot of super dedicated fanbases are pretty bad. (God help me screen shows, my boy likes FNaF, they go from kids jokes to you-dont-wanna-know in the blink of an eye)

    • Dave Rudman

      Dave Rudman

      22 giorni fa

      @IronHead (ch no rectangle) Rondo I've made a Boba Fett helmet and a spartan helmet out of EVA foam that I'm a little bit proud of. Who knows eh, one day.

    • IronHead (ch no rectangle) Rondo

      IronHead (ch no rectangle) Rondo

      22 giorni fa

      Make something though. Wood, metal, music, graphical artwork, chemicals, stories ....... I could not imagine life without making, is, it's a great feeling

  • r7j7t7


    28 giorni fa

    Absolutely gorgeous. I can't help you with the red though....I'm partially red green colorblind as well! Looking forward to the virtual workshop. Thanks for sharing your serious wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    19 giorni fa

    Love just watching you do your art and seeing how it comes out

  • Michelle Bilodeau

    Michelle Bilodeau

    Mese fa

    This is such a beautiful work of art really. Your creations are amazing!

  • btower


    18 giorni fa

    I've been watching your videos for ever it seems 😀. I've seen other epoxy guys but nothing lime the educational videos you produce! Keep up the great work.

    Can you give me your advice on using filler to save on epoxy? I have a lot of off cut from the walnut slab I bought. My wife is not a fan of seeing a bunch of small pieces just placed in the larger gaps. I was thinking to just submerge them but I'm not sure the black epoxy can be dark enough that they will not be seen.

  • Lynn S

    Lynn S

    27 giorni fa

    Absolutely gorgeous wood! Great job ♥️

  • Lerris Recluse

    Lerris Recluse

    16 giorni fa

    Red, just started watching. Saw several breadboards with epoxy inserts. It looks amazing and your videos show how simple they can be, as well as a challenging project.

  • Bentley Pascoe

    Bentley Pascoe

    Mese fa

    Red , but barely so. Personally I love the color in this slab, it's precisely what I would want in walnut if I were getting a piece of furniture made like this - lovely work!

  • Cbod285


    2 mesi fa


    Have you considered a gyroscopically stable tripod for facetiming with your clients? It would eliminate the screen shake when adjusting camera angles and make a pleasant, smooth view for them. Just a thought. I love watching your videos and I'm avidly looking for a shop to work at and make my own as well. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Donna Mealy

    Donna Mealy

    12 giorni fa

    What a gorgeous slab. I really love your work.

  • Connie Huffa

    Connie Huffa

    16 giorni fa

    Beautiful work. Love the idea of a database. Yes, the slab is red. Perhaps a different species of walnut, like black walnut would be more gray. Clara walnut is more red.

  • Tiasftw


    Mese fa

    WOW this is a piece of art! I would love to own one of these tables! You just earned yourself a subscriber!

  • Art Hilliker

    Art Hilliker

    24 giorni fa

    Beautiful job !!! I just LOVE how the piece COMES TO LIFE at the end !! AWESOME !!

  • Rust bucket 93

    Rust bucket 93

    3 mesi fa

    Red. However, the client that doesn’t want any red should just look at that table you just made and he/she will probably change their mind. Awesome work. When you said a lot of people are getting tired of the epoxy tables I got excited. Maybe I’ll be able to get one sooner than retirement.

    • debbie fox

      debbie fox

      3 mesi fa




      3 mesi fa

      I figure...if I watch enough of these videos, I might just make one of these myself. Lol

    • Jacob Cline

      Jacob Cline

      3 mesi fa


    • ithinkdoyou


      3 mesi fa

      I would not make that bet.

    • Jamie Florio

      Jamie Florio

      3 mesi fa

      Red. Agreed

  • Peter Duncan

    Peter Duncan

    Mese fa

    The table is absolutely stunning . I simply love seeing tables created from these types of woods , they become a piece of artwork all by themselves. I love seeing the grains in these woods you have chosen and how they suddenly come alive during the end product . In answer to your question at the end of the video , yes there are red hues running throughout the piece you are showing . I would love to see the other piece which is pure brown, I imagine it must be incredibly rich in color .. Beautiful work Sir, beautiful work

  • James Miller

    James Miller

    18 giorni fa

    Red. I am new to your channel, and right now, I'm about 10 videos in. Love your woodwork and love your style of filming and discussion. I subscribed, keep up the great work.

  • HeliRy


    9 giorni fa

    Red hues for sure, looks great though!
    Curious. If you were to do two pours like that with a clear epoxy, would there be a visible seam between them? Or do they meld together invisibly if done correctly?

  • Leanne Miles

    Leanne Miles

    11 giorni fa

    Your work is amazing, I’d like to see a lighter colour epoxy if that’s possible to complement the wood

  • Francesco Rigotti

    Francesco Rigotti

    Mese fa

    The end result truly astonished me. I have never seen a table as beautiful as this. I wish I lived in the US so that I could order a table from you. I discovered your channel a few days ago, and I'm really enjoying your work and your videos.

  • AngelWonderland


    18 giorni fa

    This looks amazing. I would like to buy a table looking exactly just like this one. I was wondering if I could get the price with the shipping costs to Australia? Thank you.

  • alan merritt

    alan merritt

    7 giorni fa

    red ... I've been woodworking for over 60 years, mostly in softwoods, pine etc. I've come to enjoy experimenting with the design, shape and form of the piece .... layering, inlays and blending species and color. I like your work, though I'm not a fan of epoxy but that's irrelevant .... the choice is yours and the customers' .... then it comes down to skill, care, patience and consistently improving on the final product .... keep up the excellent work and stay focussed and safe

  • Simon Jones

    Simon Jones

    12 giorni fa

    I'm curious to know. I've watched quite a few of your videos but in this one you mentioned your rules about epoxy pouring. One that stood out was planing after the pour. If you get rough lumber how do you make it so it's flat in your mold? Sorry if this is a pretty standard answer.

  • Auburn Druid

    Auburn Druid

    26 giorni fa

    Hail brother I.m a woodworker myself. loved what u did. would like to know the costs that went into it and what you get out of it? Also would love to share some pictures of my heavy timber tables I made while in Vancouver, Canada. I'm making musical instruments in NZ now. All the best:)

  • Explosify


    3 mesi fa

    I would definitely use the database for finding a shop. not going to make a table but someday I want to upgrade my workbench from a cheap ikea table to something a bit more sturdy and having a planer and such to level the wood would be a big help

    • Pedro Faria

      Pedro Faria

      2 mesi fa

      Although I live in Portugal, I also think it's a great idea! hehe

  • Michael Farrell

    Michael Farrell

    29 giorni fa

    Such a skill to be able to create a beautiful table like that! Oh and your cat is lovely too :-D

  • geebeaux


    29 giorni fa

    Red. Another great video. Thank you so much for the way you explain everything, including products to look for & tools you need.

  • Sal DeMarco

    Sal DeMarco

    Mese fa

    It's a little reddish for walnut, but hey, it's beautiful!! Had a wood stove back in the mid 70s, and when I burned walnut, it smelled like I was baking a cake!!🎉

  • Bzo


    27 giorni fa

    dude i havent done any woodworking in 17 years since highschool but im going to try to make a table like i did back then because of your videos. thanks.

  • Logan Cryan

    Logan Cryan

    2 mesi fa

    Love the size and color(s) of this build! I’m planning on moving soon and would love to build my self a new desk with box steel frame legs. This channel is definitely getting my creative juices going!

  • mullett 222

    mullett 222

    Mese fa

    Great job with a gorgeous piece of wood. It's really fun to watch the build evolve and the reveal of the wood's beauty. The commentary is informative without being dry or boring. Great vid. Great table. Keep em coming bro.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Jeff Rogers

    4 giorni fa

    Red for sure. I am not one for red but this looks absolutely wonderful. Red is usually overpowering but not in this table. I think this is the best epoxy video I have watched yet. Thank you!!!

  • W Mac

    W Mac

    20 giorni fa

    Hi Cam. I enjoy your videos & keep talking - I'm learning a lot from the video and the audio : ). Question - have you ever made a table with the bark still on the live edge? If you have not, what is the reason (or reasons) why you don't do this? Thanks!

  • Richard Giles

    Richard Giles

    17 giorni fa

    Love the look of the table 👍Just one question. How many hours did this table take to make 🤔

  • Richard Dawson

    Richard Dawson

    2 mesi fa

    About 20 years ago a fork from a forklift fell onto my foot from chest height. (The locking clip mechanism on that fork broke, so when the fork was pulled into a wider position, it never stopped sliding at the next slot & it instead kept going until it fell off.) The fork actually hit both my feet, but the end of the fork that bends to a 90°, is the thickest/heaviest end & that end came straight down on my left foot.
    I broke a few bones in that foot, but the worst part was when I took off my boot & sock, my big toe was purple & double its normal size. When I barely even touched the toe with my finger, my toe kind of popped. It split under the toenail. Kind of a gory scene.
    Luckily I didn't lose any toes, but to this day I have a LOT of pain in that big toe! I wasn't wearing steel toe boots at that time. From that moment on, I always wear steel toe boots!! The point of my rambling is this- you will never appreciate how important a single toe really is, until you have an accident & hurt/lose one! A single toe can cause you to lose balance, stability, traction & grip. I cringe every time I see your sandals!
    You're a grown man & can do whatever you choose to do, but I strongly suggest a nice pair of comfortable work boots, at least on the days when you're lifting heavy items. I've always loved my Wolverines but I also live super close to a Redwings shop & they make great boots as well.

    • David Pontius

      David Pontius

      2 mesi fa

      @Michael Engel Daaaaaam 😬

    • Richard Dawson

      Richard Dawson

      2 mesi fa

      @Michael Engel It's funny because everybody was talking about how "tough" I was, because as soon as it happened, I ran off the truck & I was kind of skipping/hopping around laughing it off, while they were all trying to get me to sit down & take off my boots. But it wasn't "tough", it was shock. After the initial pain on impact, I didn't feel anymore pain. I literally left a trail of blood into the ER & I was worried about somebody stepping in it, as opposed to acting like I was hurt. The Dr ended up having to give me 3 shots in the toe to make sure it was numb because he had to cut off the nail in order to stitch it, but when he kept asking me if I could feel it after each shot, I kept telling him I wasn't sure what I could feel. Andrenaline is a powerful drug! I remember I was fine until around 6 hours after the accident, when the shots started to wear off. Then I walked around like an old man for quite a few weeks after.

    • Michael Engel

      Michael Engel

      2 mesi fa

      I watched a guy framing with a nail gun barefoot. He fired a 3" nail straight through the tip of his big toe. Instantly fused all the bones in a straight line. He turned ghost white and tried to yell, but no sound came out of his mouth. The whole way to the hospital he was crying without a sound. I'm not quite sure exactly how the doctor removed the nail, but he definitely turned off the guy's mute button when he did it. It sounded like a horror movie from the lobby. 😂

    • David Pontius

      David Pontius

      2 mesi fa

      Composite toe over Steel & might as well add nonslip for good measure! I second the work boots, I retired my tennis shoes because I learned of damage through observing other peoples experience. Sandals only leisure and no intended work.

    • Tony H

      Tony H

      2 mesi fa

      The big toe is the most important one too. Losing one would definitely affect balance, walking, ect... Steel toes are great but I have heard of items heavy enough to crush the steel and cause even worse problems. Always be mindful but accidents do happen. Glad you were able to keep it. I lost a fight with my table saw but was able to save my thumb. For me it was just my carelessness though. Take care.

  • Luke A

    Luke A

    6 giorni fa

    Totally go forward with the tool database! As someone who just has a garage operation I would love to have a list of places where I could rent out larger tools!!

  • Michael Van Zandt

    Michael Van Zandt

    Mese fa

    I've only been woodworking for a year, so I love watching you struggle and you inspire me. Lol

  • Garry Lee

    Garry Lee

    9 giorni fa

    Ok so I've watched a few of your videos in the past couple of days and you have definitely earned my subscription..great job man you're an absolute artist.

  • K Cromwell

    K Cromwell

    Mese fa

    Would love to see that kind of database to be able to have access to large tools that are not available to the normal independent woodworker. NM. Found the link in the info. Great details. Thanks for providing this!!

  • Shooter77


    2 mesi fa

    When you're referring to 1/4in hardware fine thread is 1/4-28 TPI. Standard (coarse) 1/4 thread is 20 TPI and both are machine threads, so you were right in the narration.

  • RFC3514


    Mese fa

    There are "red hues" in most shades of brown (brown is just a generic term for dark orange, there is no "brown" part of the colour spectrum, and no brown in a rainbow), so if they want something that doesn't look too red you should ask them to clarify if that means they want wood with a yellowish (or even greenish) *hue,* or if they just mean they want it to be *less saturated* (i.e., greyer). The former will technically have a bit less red, while the latter will still have red but will also reflect _other_ wavelengths (so the red doesn't stand out as much, although it's still there).

    Also, the colour people are seeing on YouTube is affected by your local lightning, your camera, the video format, and each person's screen, so different viewers will be seeing different colours. If you want to ask a client to approve a colour and can't show them the actual wood, use Pantone colour guides or some similar system; don't rely on photos displayed on different, uncalibrated screens.

  • Maxime Paquier

    Maxime Paquier

    Mese fa

    Man I just love this video one of the best ones and you’re so funny at the beginning while struggling with the slab ! I understand the big arms now haha ! As a traditional oak carpentry carpenter i thought « damn this guy really has to workout to build tables ? » but now I get it haha ! Thanks for all your videos love your talking and explanations never ever stop to dub your videos cheers from France ! And by the way thanks for the metric translation it means a lot haha fucking inches and feet I don’t get anything when you speak American geometry

  • Martin Milton

    Martin Milton

    25 giorni fa

    I really like your videos! I am a novice wood worker and have built a couple of tables with epoxy. My first experience with epoxy was repairing a boat (Gheenoe) which I tore the keel out on rocks in a river. This gave me some basic knowledge on how to use epoxy.

    I have also built a canoe chandelier under which we placed the table I built out of Ambrosia Maple (wormy maple) with boat building epoxy. Those who are like me, can learn a great deal from your videos about how to prevent and solve problems associated with this type of wood working. I have basic tools with a table top planer and a jointer and was able to complete the task. I have experienced with the 10x 3 foot table some of the experiences you have shown in your videos.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and goofs with us! It makes me want to build something else.

  • arcoli


    Mese fa

    Red… amazing work. Very inspiring to hear you share your story! I thank you for that .

  • John Wilmington

    John Wilmington

    3 mesi fa

    I’d suggest that you show them this table. If they want, you could stain away the reds, but I’m gonna bet they’ll love it this way. Really beautiful.

  • Frank Yensan

    Frank Yensan

    29 giorni fa

    Do you ever make your own table bases? I would love to see how you would handle that task. Honestly, I find these metal bases to be cheating a bit.

  • Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson

    18 giorni fa

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  • Fabri Bonafini

    Fabri Bonafini

    2 giorni fa

    I tried my first epoxy resin table a few weeks ago... but as it seems something went wrong. The resin isnt curing completely.
    Its not really hard, but it stays kind of gummy. And it was curing over two weeks now. What could be the problem?
    The resin/hardener ratio was on point, the mixing was done acurately, and the workshop temperature was within the limits...

  • James McConnell

    James McConnell

    Mese fa

    RED! Great video. Recently retired and I am deeply interested in doing this on a much smaller scale! Thanks.

  • Dangerouss


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    RED Do you consider shaking/vibrating the mold helpful in a situation with a small piece but high chance of the epoxy not getting down into the small cavities?

  • Michael R

    Michael R

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      jarrad Moore

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    • DAKESIS17


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    • jarrad Moore

      jarrad Moore

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      & $8000 to change a few people’s lives?…..dude what year are you living in?

    • jarrad Moore

      jarrad Moore

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      @DAKESIS17 why not compare it with chipboard then?….a strange point you’re making…..this is Walnut….it was expensive before all of this years price rises…even more so now….it’s on trend….anything in demand including a skilled mans time is not going to be cheap…don’t even get me started on the price of Western Red Cedar in 🇬🇧…..

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    J Mark Koerber

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    Kevin Martin

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    Charles Edwards

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    • Neil Ballas

      Neil Ballas

      2 mesi fa

      Yeah a database would be amazing. I've been looking all around my town for a shop with a planer that can do over 26" but haven't found one. Then it occurred to me that I have sharpened planer blades that were 48" long in the past. Looked up that company and now I found a place to plane those big slabs! Sadly, it's almost 2 hours away from me.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson

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    Eric Hovdesven

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  • grunner30


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    Yep, There are red tones, it's a beautiful table top... just enough figuring and interest without being too much. Wonderfully made table and content, mister (and a fellow Toyota driver). Great advice on spreading the work around. This probably helps you love what you do a little more when you're able to avoid getting yourself caught up in the time, labor, and monotony of what it would take to mill that piece down by hand. It's always fun to interact with other businesses that may be curious about what you do, and have a great time talking with one another about solutions and problem solving while working beside another skilled person. As far as a saw guide, I use a guide, same as yours I made in my shop from drop MDF and laminate pieces, I seal every surface up with laminate, staple and glue the whole thing up and it stays straight. I saw your setup move at least one while cutting with the aluminum jig. That has to be frustrating. Just went to the link for making the saw your condensed direct style without the anecdotal BS. Mine is exactly the same, except, like I said I have covered every surface with laminate. I went a couple steps further and 1) made a dust channel, and 2) waxed the laminate and saw base so they slide over one another really nice. I an absolutely enamored with the table saw sled. I work by myself also (Custom Elevator Cab Interiors), and using this to crosscut sheet goods would be fantastic. Where did you find yours?? In mean time, I will revisit my search.



  • JB Tallullah

    JB Tallullah

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  • Tyrone Fraley

    Tyrone Fraley

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    The national database is a great idea from a community perspective. Based on my own experiences, I shoped at only one wood supply/fabrication store and found out there were several other suppliers that were so much cheaper. Ended up getting a huge slab of walnut for half the price of the first store I used to use.

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    Delta Lima

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    Pace Projects

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    Also, side note that I'm color blind as well and I vote with the majority, haha.

  • Daniel Sceberras

    Daniel Sceberras

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    Question with these tables do you still get the feel of the wood, or the wood grain is hidden below the epoxy layer?

  • jim sanders

    jim sanders

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    Red. Love all the helpful videos! Just did my first epoxy pour - white fill for a large craggy piece of Osage orange as a charcuterie board. Any tips for filling bubbles and small cracks? I tried mixing white dye with thin CA but it sets immediately. Right now I’m having to wait about 36hrs for the MAS deep pour, then I notice another small defect, then another 24-36hrs, then repeat. It’s taking forever. Thanks!